Friend , Mistress Ch. 01

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Jim was out of town on business the entire week that I was suppose to be going out to gain more members for our struggling church. But after carrying out to the car an extremely heavy box of leaflets, I had slipped and fallen on the icy steps and broke my leg. Suffering much pain with the cardboard box atop me a neighbor boy and the youngest member of the chore comes to my rescue. Following in his sharp red mustang the paramedics to the local hospital.

I didn’t inform Jim about the accident until two days later, day before he was to return home. Knowing Jim would have caught the next flight out of Phoenix and miss his chance of landing an account with a major steel company that would have been devastating to an already struggling stove company. So after my release a few hours later, I caught a ride in the old red mustang that has a distinct odor, one which resembles not only mildew, but also sex in the back seat.

Adam of only eighteen assisted me into the tiny shanty, a three from cabin that Jim and his father built twenty-one years ago with their bare hands. Adam was the star running- back for the ‘rams’ that I would often go see that hasn’t won a game all season. But there was still one game left.

Adam stayed with me the entire evening to see if signs of complications or pain would reoccur, allowing me the opportunity to learn more about this bright kid and where he was headed once his high school days were completed. Knowing he was offered a scholarship to Yale, Minnesota, and even a road scholarship to Oxford, which was actual-ly mighty impressive for a small town boy.

I learned a lot that night from a lad across the street, especially how he plans to become a star running-back in the NFL. Then wanting to make an honest living as a businessman in the highly congested stock market.

Adam made me a stiff drink to ease the pain, which allows me to enjoy the rest of the night talking about his future and eventually his love life. Realizing that this stout young man was very much still a virgin, especially when I spoke of my own sexual pleasures that made him quite uneasy. Often turning his righteous head when I would either cross my legs levent escort slowly or staring up at the clock on the far wall to avoid seeing me raising my short silky dress up.

After a few more mixed drinks I begin to feel at ease with myself and extremely weak to what Adam was saying about his last girlfriend. Ronda, which so happens to be my one and only niece. Going on about how they kissed under the bleachers and how her braces had gotten caught in his lower lip that I suddenly found amusing and romantic. Offering the mere lad another sip of my Rum & Coke, allowing him to reside next to me on the cozy sofa that seems to bother him until he took yet a larger sip of the drink that was al-ready weakening my brain cells.

“Do you love her still, and did you two have sex?” I said, unconsciously raising up more of my flower printed dress of red.

Once Adam replies no to both of my harmless questions. I felt this uncomfortable desire running through his head, searching for a way out of this predicament he seems to be struggling, and noticing once again my shapely legs that were being to spread farther out.

“Adam, do grab a pen to sign my cast,” I said, yearning to study the lads stern muscle as soon as he stands up.

Realizing I was involving myself in something that I rarely never do once the boss is in- deed away and allowing the mice to play. Then once I’d seen what I needed to see; as I felt excited and tremendously respected once Adam had mixed me up another drink and came forward with yet another confession. Informing me with a slurred tone and most likely a blurred vision that if given another chance that he would probably engage in oral sex and foreplay.

I was simply astounded and certainly taken in by his pleading cries for someone to give a little of their time and energy. Lying here in the dark with my back against the cushy arm, where I felt his eyes focusing on my inner tan thighs and a host of demon seeds about to come forward.

“How would you feel about engaging in oral sex with a much older woman, hum?” I said, trying to excite him more with my seductive voice.

After he’d beyoğlu escort thought for a second or two Adam said. “I guess I could, since she would be of most importance and experienced.”

After that, I became more interested and involved, as I begin to encourage him to observe and carefully massage up the tender leg that I was pretending still hurts. Feeling most vulnerable once I capture the look on his face, in his courageous eyes, and how his spirit-ual hands slowly moves up the tender skin. Allowing my sore leg to remain on his lap with his passionate eyes working harder than ever to see more up my ailing limb. Stalk-ing the lad plenty when let down my guard to feel his exciting hands gaining ground and onto my sacred garden.

“How do you feel now, my darling Adam?” I asked, complimenting him for his bravery through my weakened and weary stares, which fell gracefully to his tight jeans that were unsnapped.

“Okay, I guess.”

Suddenly I begin to feel the beast of Satan under my tight calf that was growing as effort-lessly as possible. Tremendously stimulated by his touches and stern fingers edging ever-so closer to my now, wet panty. Gauging his lofty nails that were exciting me so, often in a lasting sigh.

My entire young built begun to feel the tension as Adam saw in my lusty eyes the longing of my attention, bravery, being that of a woman sexual deprived. Forcing his young fingers over the wiry thick shrubbery, which too begins to feel the excitement and glory of wanting to mount this young soldier with a heavy gun. Sword, strong and standing tall that I yearn to see and feel buried deep within my soiled and tender folds.

“What do you feel like doing to me?” I cried out, allowing my emotions to stray directly onto his massive sword.

“I feel like strumming it,” Adam said slurring, “Then filling ‘it’ with the seeds of life that has been building up inside of me for years!” he cried.

Suddenly I begin to arch my back once I felt his naughty fingers halfway inside my black thong and strumming vigorously, while I begin to sway. Rotating my narrow hips in tiny little circles before begging kağıthane escort and assisting Adam’s largest finger to feel the void in my wet and passionate hole.

My warm juices begin to flow, spilling down my energetic thighs that were not only ex- cited about his finger, but his hard penis too. Working my bad heel over his harden shaft, while my hips begins to move more rapidly once I begin to feel more powerful as each harsh pant grew heavily to what was inside the damp panty.

“Oh damn! Come on Adam, do screw me now!” I scolded, realizing for the very first time that I was capable of swearing.

Dramatized by Adam’s taste in women and the power he obviously possesses that gave me the strength to redeem myself. And to force him to release more of my, too, demon seeds through his rambunctious and sultry eyes, as well as Adam’s forceful taste buds, I still felt lingering long after he had seized the momentum.

“Please darling don’t screw with me,” I scolded, forbidding the young and talented player not to relax his vital organ before I could explore more of it.

“But—No buts, except mine in your hands,” I interrupted, promising Adam a good time as we had gotten more drunker.

Before I could react on his behalf, Adam was between my legs and holding his erection, which I only saw momentarily due to the darkness. Forcing himself into me against my will in order to obtain something special and obviously real to him.

Adam was a real spitfire that fine evening alone, where I swallow more than my pride to gain what Jim could never give me or any other pretty woman. Sometimes I would fantasize in my sexy bra and panty in our bedroom. To study the way Adam would mow our lawn in a tight pair of cut-off jeans shorts that made me proud to be his neighbor or perhaps even more. Often in the privacy of my own bedroom I would more often then not fondle myself in his presence and stew over what could be.

After Adam had gone off to Yale to pursue a career in business management I would feel him inside of me, often lying awake thinking about that wonderful evening alone with him with the lights down low and the blinds shut tight. Making-out on the sofa with his charming hands all over me when the boss was away. Allowing him to make his mark in my free womanhood and to feel his warm gentle kisses, while his soft fingers were rummaging through my short black hair. Tasting me, as I would lie before his warm lap to touch and taste him as well.

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