Fuckdolls Ch. 02

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The Interview

Just as Svetlana said we got a letter inviting us to an interview. A few days later we arrive at Fuckdoll offices and show the interview letter to the receptionist.

“Please take a seat over there and someone will come for you.” she says.

We sat down in a corner of the reception area. It was like any waiting area in a big company with a couch, chairs, and a table with magazines and newspapers. As I sat down I saw a big screen TV advertising pictures of available Fuckdoll slaves. I was surprised to see boys were also being offered. I was a bit surprised because I’d not imagined the idea of boys as sex slaves but why not?

I felt a bit weird as I watched the pictures and videos on the TV and tried to imagine my pictures up there. I might soon be shown on the same TV as an available slave, what if someone who knew me was to see it? Imagine if someone I knew were to buy me!!

These thoughts were interrupted a few minutes later when Svetlana arrived to take us for the interview. I could see immediately she is a Dom, just as I thought the first time we met her; her tight vinyl top and pants 10″ high heeled shoes left no doubt about who was in charge.

“This way.” she snaps, obviously making the point that we’re talking about slavery here.

We follow her behind the reception desk and she swipes her badge at the security door opening the glass doors on to a long corridor. She leads us down the corridor until we stop in front of a conference room.

“Parents in there please, you’ll be able to watch everything on the TV screen.” she says, allowing no further discussion.

“Leticia, you come with me.”

A bit further down the corridor we enter a room where 2 girls and 3 boys are already sitting around a meeting table. They look at me as we enter the room, but no-one says anything.

“Sit over there.” she says to me, pointing to an empty chair near the front. Then she takes her place at the top of the table and begins to explain.

“The contracts are for 3 years and you are paid $100,000 a year in advance. You can renounce the contract at any time. Renounce it in the first year and you have to repay everything; in the second and third years you repay $50,000 and lose all educational privileges. In all cases you have to make you own way home.”

“All other details are in the contract and you can examine it with a lawyer before signing,” she continues,

“If we make you an offer, you must return the signed contract within two weeks. Clear?”

“Yes” we all replied.

“Good!” continued Svetlana, “Now let’s be clear what you are signing.”

“It is a contract to become sexual slaves for whoever wants to buy you. Sexual slavery means: -Ready to fuck at all times, in all places with anyone your owner chooses -No taboos, you will do anything -Punishment without reason or explanation. There are limits to prevent permanent physical or mental damage and these limits are enforced by our quality inspectors. -Total obedience. Failure to obey will result in severe punishment and may result in cancellation of your contract. In this case you and your family will have to repay everything.”

“Is this understood?” she asks, “Does anyone want to leave now?”

She looked at each of us in turn as if daring us to leave. I do not know what the others were thinking but I was scared. I could imagine all sorts of painful and embarrassing situations with such strict rules. What if my owner suddenly wanted to fuck me in a crowded restaurant? Would he just fuck me over the table? Would he make me strip? Would he punish me if I was too slow or too embarrassed?

I can’t remember who the first to accept the rules was, but finally we all agreed. No-one wanted to leave.

Svetlana gave a sort of evil self satisfied grin and said, “Right then, first the medical examination. Follow me.”

We got up and followed her to the medical room. It was a large doctor’s office; white walls with cabinets of medicines and medical equipment. Against one wall was an examination table; on the other wall were a gynaecological examination chair and a desk opposite the entrance. Just in front of the medical room was the waiting room, it was bare, just six wooden chairs lined up against the far wall. No other furniture.

“Undress, I want everyone naked in 5 seconds,” said Svetlana “Give your clothes to the attendant; you won’t need them for the rest of the day.”

We all looked at each other, stunned. This was an interview after all, not the first day of slavery. I was red with embarrassment at the thought of stripping in a corridor in front of the others, even worse the corridor was full of people who worked in the offices. Looking at the faces of the others I could see they felt the same as me.

“Total obedience at all times,” said Svetlana “undress right now or leave. The last person naked will choose between leaving immediately or being punished”

We slowly started to undress, the girls trying to hide their tits and cunts as much as possible and the boys trying to hide özbek escort their cocks. But it was impossible. As our clothes came off we started to furtively check each other out. I glanced at Nadia; she was shorter than me, and about five foot four with long blond hair, blue eyes. Her cute little tits were so small that she had almost the body of a boy. In fact she had almost no fat on her tightly muscled body. Then I saw Mark staring at me, he’s also shorter than me, with brown curly hair and a round boyish face. He’s slightly overweight which gives him a sort of “cuddly” look, not really my type but I guess from his stares and his hard penis he fancies me.

Suddenly I hear,

“Leticia, everyone’s naked except you. Leave now or be punished.What’s it to be?”

I was shocked and could not answer. I hadn’t really thought about the idea of punishment, it seemed unreal even though Svetlana had explained it was part of the contract.

“Five seconds to answer or you leave.” I heard. My mind raced. The fear of being punished against the chance to earn money and go to university. Until now I had almost enjoyed following Svetlana’s orders.

“Now or leave,” said Svetlana.

“Punishment,” I blurted out.

“Good choice,” said Svetlana, “you will be punished in front of the others after the medical examinations.”

We handed our clothes over to the attendant who took them and left as if it was perfectly normal to leave six naked teenagers in the middle of a busy corridor. The boys stared at us girls like they’d never seen a naked girl before. I guess they liked what they saw, their cocks were rock hard. My eyes fell on Henri’s cock. It was huge! More than ten inches and so thick! It looked more like a fence post than a cock!

I started to check out the rest of him. Tall, more than six foot, with the tight muscular body of a footballer. He saw me staring at him. He looked straight in my eyes and gave me a wry smile as he stroked his cock. I looked down at the floor so as not to blush as I imagined him coming over, taking me roughly in his arms and fucking me over the nearest piece of furniture. Suddenly these thoughts were broken.

“Leticia comes with me,” said Svetlana, «the rest of you wait in the waiting room.”

I follow Svetlana into the medical room.

“Sit here said the nurse,” as she pointed to a chair against the wall. “No need to ask you to roll up you sleeve,” she laughed as she took out a blood sample needle.

“The sample is to check for any illness or disease that makes you unsuitable as a sex slave.” she said as she took the blood samples

“Now, go over to the table and lie on your back.”

I quickly went over and did as I was told: I lay down and spread my legs wide, even though I wasn’t told to do this. The doctor came over and to my surprise it was a woman. She took my blood pressure, my pulse and checked my reactions without saying a word. Then she put on vinyl examination gloves.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” she asked suddenly.

“Yes” I replied.

“Does he fuck you?” she asked in a matter of fact way.

“What!?” I said surprised.

“Understand we do not repeat questions here,” she snarled, “Does he fuck you?”

“Yes” I replied meekly.

“How often?”

“Four or five times.” I replied.

“Has he fucked your ass?” she asked.

“No.” I replied immediately.

With no further questions she started examining my sex; rubbing my pussy lips, sticking her fingers in my cunt, squeezing my clitoris.

“Turn over”.

I turned on my stomach and she started checking my ass.

“Good,” she says, “no problems, we can check for size. Tie her down and bring me the cocks.”

Two male nurses next to me tie my arms legs to the sides of the table and my waist to the table with a belt. I start to panic, what are they going to do?

I see immediately, as a nurse arrives with a selection of plastic cocks starting from huge to gigantic. The doctor lubricates my ass, picks a cock from the selection, and starts pushing it into my ass. I resist, tightening my muscles.

“Stop wasting my time,” says the doctor, as she calls over a male nurse holding a thick leather strap.

“Explain to her what disobedience means.” she says to the male nurse.

A big grin covers his face as he stands next to the table and raises the strap way over his head. I hear the “whoosh!” as the strap screams through the air and feel the pain as it lands, full speed, on my virgin ass. I scream like I’ve never screamed before.

“Only another five,” says the nurse as he raises the strap again.

That horrible “whoosh!” again and my ass shakes with the shock as I cry out again in pain. He moves behind me, again that sound. This time the leather hits my right inner thigh, “whoosh!” again and my left thigh burns with pain. The next two land on my buttocks and it’s over.

I lie sobbing with pain on the table.

“Now, do you understand?” asks the doctor.

“Yes.” I sob.

She azeri escort takes the plastic cock again and starts shoving it into my ass. This time I know better than to resist, and I feel the head of the cock pop over my muscles. The doctor continues to push as it fills my ass. It seems to go on forever.

“Hell, it’s almost at my stomach,” I think.

Suddenly it pops out and the doctor is pushing an even bigger one into my ass. This time it is really huge as in inches painfully into my ass. I feel as if I’m splitting in two when it suddenly pops inside. Apparently satisfied with the result, the doctor pulls it out.

“Max, number 7,” she says writing something in my file.

“Go back to the waiting room and join the others.” she says, as I’m untied from the table.

I return to the waiting room and one by one the others leave for the examination until, several hours later, we’ve all been examined and Svetlana comes into the waiting room,

“It’s lunch time, but before lunch it’s time for Leticia’s punishment.”

We’re led to an area where employees take their coffee. It’s in the middle of the building next to a circular glass stairway leading to the other floors. It’s midday and the area is full of people. Svetlana pulls out a wooden punishment horse as if this were a perfectly normal thing to find in a coffee area. She puts it in the middle of the space.

The punishment horse has a rounded top with four legs, things to adjust its height and width and leather straps to attach the person being punished.

“Leticia, go and lie over the horse; your arms and legs against the legs.”

This time I obey without question. Svetlana comes over and starts to adjust it. She raises it until my toes just touch the ground, then my legs and arm are tied. She cranks a handle to spread my legs and thighs to their limits. I feel horribly exposed, the most intimate parts of my body stretched and open for all to see. Even worse a crowd of people is gathering in the coffee area, all staring at me with big smirks on their faces. I hear comments like,

“God, I’d like a piece of that.”

“Poor bastard, Svetlana uses the paddle like an Olympic champion.”

“Maybe we’ll get lucky; Svetlana sometimes leaves them for us to play with.”

I see Svetlana take a paddle from a selection of punishment tools. I stare at it, terrified. It’s wooden, quite thin, springy and about 12 square inches.

“Leticia, you are being punished for disobedience. Obedience is the most important rule a slave must follow. Do you accept your punishment?”

“Yes.” I reply in a half hearted voice.

“You’re new, and this is only your interview meeting, so I’ll be lenient. You’ll receive 12 strokes.”

With that she takes the paddle and raises it way over her head. That sound again “whoosh!” and then the agony of the impact on my ass. She moves mercilessly from one cheek to the other as I feel the pain and the heat build after each impact. After six, she stops and waits. The pain tears through my whole body! Suddenly “whoosh!” I scream as the pain of the impact hurts ten times more than before. Then again, again, again, again and again.

Svetlana has mercilessly beaten all around my ass and inner thighs and I’m sobbing like a baby. I’ve never felt so much pain in my life. But at least it’s over and I’m released from the punishment table. Svetlana looks into my eyes with a mixture of coldness and pleasure. She enjoyed thrashing me, I can see it.

“On your knees and thank me for your punishment” she says.

I drop to my knees before her, “Thank you for punishing my disobedience Svetlana.”

“From now on you will refer to me as mistress” she says menacingly.

“Yes mistress.” I reply rapidly.

Then we’re all led off to the canteen for lunch. A table labelled “Interview Candidates” had been prepared in the middle of the room.

“Over there,” said Svetlana, as she pointed to the table. “You have 1 hour for lunch which will be served by our in-house slaves and you are free to talk.”

Having said this she left. Strange as it may seem, having a group of naked people taking lunch in the middle of the canteen seemed perfectly normal and no-one took much notice of us. Of course there were the “If only” lustful looks from people who stared hard at naked bodies and exposed sex.

Lunch was served to us just as Svetlana said. We enjoyed a delicious three course meal. At first we just ate, not saying much but slowly we started to talk. I learned the two others were called Susan and Andy. We were all here because we needed money. We had different reasons; education, travel, save up to marry.

We talked about our medical examinations; they were more or less the same for everyone. The boys’ cocks were masturbated by the nurses to see how big and hard they got and to see how quickly they cum. They had their asses measured just like the girls; they were even asked if they had boyfriends who had fucked them! All three said absolutely no!

Suddenly kazank escort Svetlana reappeared. “Lunch is over, it’s time for work.” she said. “Follow me”

We were taken to a large area with showers, beds, toilets, pillories, punishment horses, chains, in fact all types of BDSM equipment.

“We’re going to check if you’re capable of being a sex slave,” said Svetlana with a smile. “We will check you against each of the rules I told you earlier, I hope you remember them.”

She turned to Susan, “What’s the first requirement?”

“Ready to fuck at all times.” replied Susan in a trembling voice.

“Yes” snapped Svetlana, “Ready to fuck at all times.”

“Let in our guests.” she says as the door opens and a group of about twenty men and women enter the room.

“These people are the lucky winners of our ‘Have a sex slave for half a day’ competition.” she explains. “Each month we run a completion in the shops and restaurants around our office. Contestants tell us what they would do if they had a sex slave; we pick the ‘best’ ideas and invite them to live their fantasies on you.”

“For the next four hours you belong to them. Oh, and if they have any complaints…. well I’m sure you can figure that out for yourselves by now. I will be observing you along with your parents.” With that Svetlana turns to the crowd, “They’re all yours, enjoy; and remember they’ll do anything.”

Then she turns to us, laughs as she leaves, locking the door behind her.

I just stand there trying to take it all in.

“What the hell am I doing here?” I ask myself. “I must be insane. I’ve been pushed, poked and prodded like an animal, thrashed with incredible ferocity and I’m still standing here. I should go right now before it’s too late.”

I’m shaken from these thoughts by the sounds of five people standing around me. A short middle aged man suddenly pushes in front, grabs my hair and pulls my face down towards him. I look at him horrified; he’s overweight and his belly hangs over his jeans, worse, he’s at least three inches shorter than me. With his shoes on! I suddenly realise that the owners of sex slaves are not all handsome princes!!

“God this is awful!” I think.

“Suck my cock slave!” shouts the short man.

I’m tempted to pick him up and throw him across the room but say, “Yes sir”, instead.

“Master to you” he growls.

“Yes master.” I reply as I get on my knees to open his pants. “I’ve come this far, I might as well see if they offer me a contract,” I think to myself as I pull out his cock. “I’ve always been a winner and not being offered a contract would be almost like losing.”

His cock is pretty small too! “I’m going to have to work hard to satisfy him.” I think as I pull down his pants and start licking his balls.

He makes low moaning sounds of pleasure as I take his balls in my mouth and start caressing them with my tongue. All the time I look up into his eyes, just like I’ve seen on porn movies. His cock starts to grow and harden as I put my lips over it and start licking the tip with my tongue. I’m just starting to enjoy the sensation when he cums! He shoots his load, if you can call it that, into my mouth and I swallow it easily. He pulls away and heads off towards Susan.

As I look up I see Nadia pinned between two guys as they fuck her ass and cunt. She looks so tiny between them, like a tiny doll being reamed out by two power tools! But God are they all enjoying it! She has a huge smile on her face and from the looks on the two guys she sure knows how to use her muscles to squeeze their cocks. I’m sure they picked her because of her small size and tiny tits.

Two women next to me say, “OK, it’s our turn now. We want some of her pussy!”

But the remaining guys just push them out of the way and drag me to a fucking machine. They bend me over and tie me to the machine so that my mouth, cunt and ass are all available.

“Let’s warm her up, make sure she really feels us when we fuck her.”

“I’ve dreamed of doing this with my wife and now I can really try it.” says one.

With this he stretches me out a little more, adjusts the angle of my ass so that he can see the nice pink of my pussy and picks up a pussy whip. The first blow hits my pussy like an electric shock – I almost scream but manage to control myself. He just keeps whipping me and whipping me until I’m sobbing in pain again. He stops when he sees my pussy is all swollen and tender. The whole time his cock and that of the other guy just got harder and harder until now they were both like stainless steel bars.

He throws away the whip, grabs my thighs, puts his engorged cock in my cunt and drives it in with all his power. The pain is excruciating as my swollen cunt rubs against the full length of his rock hard cock. I try to control the pain in my mind as I concentrate on giving him pleasure, squeezing my pussy muscles against his cock and pushing against him even as he pumps faster and faster.

The pain turns to pleasure as my pussy juices flow and I start driving as fast as him. Every movement of is cock reaming out my pussy becomes an exquisite mix of pain and pleasure until suddenly he grabs my tits really hard and I feel him pumping his cum into my pussy. My hips pulsated against his body as I cum in unison. I feel drained, but it’s not over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32