Fun and Games for John Pt. 03

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This is the third and concluding part of my story. Please read parts one and two first.


“Hi, guys. I was so looking forward to us getting together. Jim is out by the pool getting the grill going. Come on in.”

“Nice place,” my wife Jill responded.

“Thanks. It actually belongs to Jim’s parents. An investment. No way we could afford it, you know, with California house prices. Jim, John and Jill are here.” She led us through the great room and to the patio.

“Hi. I’m just getting the charcoal going. Just take another minute and I’ll fix some drinks.”

“Nice pool,” I observed.

“My parents added it after they bought the place about ten years ago. Also did the patio area. We like to spend time out here. You did bring suits, didn’t you?”

“Oh, Jim, I forgot to tell them. Maybe we have something they can use.”

We sipped our margaritas while the charcoal burned down. Two more margaritas after dinner and I wasn’t feeling much pain. Jill was giggling at some of Bobby’s high school stories, a sure sign that she was getting halfway looped.

“How about trying out the pool,” Bobby suggested. “Jim, go see if you have an extra swim suit. I’ll check for something for Jill.”

Jim returned. “All I have is this older suit. I should have thrown it away years ago. Too small. But it’s all I have. John, you want to try it on? You can use the cabana over there.”

I came out of the cabana. The suit barely fit, tighter than trunks should be.

“Well, honey, you don’t leave much to the imagination,” Jill said with a laugh. “Come over here.”

The trunks had a noticeable bulge. “Showing off, aren’t you. Well, I guess if Bobby and Jim don’t mind, I don’t either.”

Bobby held out a small bikini. “I threw out all my old stuff, planning to buy new. I just have this one bikini. Why don’t you see if it fits you, Jill?”

Jill came out of the cabana, holding a towel in front. “Bobby, this is the skimpiest bikini I have ever worn. Do you actually wear it?”

“Just around here. The guys like it.”

“I expect so. What do you think, John?”

The top barely covered her nipples, the triangle at her crotch was teeny tiny. Good thing she shaves her pussy.

“You look ravishing, Jill. Don’t you think so, Jim?”

“God, yes. Sorry, I can’t stop staring.”

“That’s the only suit I have so I’m just going to wear panties,” Bobby declared.

She peeled off her clothes and stood before us, virtually naked, just panties. I stared at two perfect breasts.

“Jim, you are one lucky guy,” I finally managed to say. Nice boobs, nice slender body.

“Enough gawking, I’m getting into the pool.” Bobby made a clean dive into the deep end. “Come on in, the water’s perfect.”

Jill and I made equally nice dives. Jim walked in from the shallow end. We horsed around for a few minutes.

“I need a drink. You want to get it, honey?” Jim held up his empty glass.

“Sure, same thing? Anyone else?” She pulled herself up onto the pool edge. Her panties were totally transparent from the water. I couldn’t help but stare at her pussy.

“Honey, those panties aren’t doing much,” Jim cautioned her. She looked down to see her pussy lips clearly defined through the wet material.

“You’re right. Bad idea.” She bent over and pulled them off. She twirled around, displaying her nearly perfect body. “You guys have already seen everything I got. Do you like my shaved pussy? That’s new. Guys would always complain about loose hairs.”

Jim laughed. “If you haven’t already noticed, Bobby is a bit of an exhibitionist. At most of our pool parties everyone is nude. We all know each other very well.”

“What Jim is saying,” Bobby added as she fixed drinks, “is that we have sex with some of our close friends. We are hoping that you guys might be interested.”

Jill and I looked at each other.

“Well, we, that is to say …”

Jill interrupted. “Until the reunion it had been, what, six years since we last saw each other. I’m curious why you would think we would want to participate. Was it something we said?”

“Not really, just a feeling I got when I told you about that fraternity party. You took it in stride. I’m so sorry if I misread the situation. Please forgive us.”

“Nothing to forgive, Bobby. John and I thought that might be why you invited us. We wondered how you would steer the conversation. We are very adventuresome and have shared our bed with others. Just weeks ago we attended a sex party. We are ready to have some fun with you guys.”

Jill removed the borrowed bikini and stood nude before her friends. “I agree, Bobby, bare pussy is better. OK, guys, your turn,” she commanded.

Jim and I looked at each other and pulled down our trunks. Half-hard cocks sprung out.

“Two big cocks for two horny girls. Bobby, can I try out your man?”

“Be my guest. I like what your husband has between his legs.”

Over the next hour Jim and I fucked both women.

“I think they did pretty good, don’t you, Bobby?”

“Not tuzla escort bad at all. My pussy’s full.”

“Mine too. John, come over here. You know what I want you to do.”

Jill bent her knees and spread them, opening her engorged pussy. I knelt down and licked the dripping cum. The first would have been mine since I fucked her after Jim. As she pushed more out I tasted a subtle difference, his cum.

Bobby and Jim watched open-mouthed as I slurped away at my wife’s pussy. “Jim, would you do that to me? That is so bad. I want your tongue. Please.”

“Sorry, honey. I tried tasting my cum one time. Never again.”

“Damn it, if he can do it, you can too.”

“That’s OK, Bobby, I’ll loan you John after he finishes with me. He likes to eat pussy.”

I brought Jill to a rousing climax with my tongue. “Now do her, honey.”

I scooted between Bobby’s legs and used my tongue and mouth to clean her up. She mashed my face to her pussy as she came, squirting a new burst of juice into my mouth.

“God, that was great. No one has ever eaten me out after sex. Where did you ever learn to do that?”

“I had a really good teacher when I was younger.”

“He is good, isn’t he? Sometimes he will eat my pussy, then fuck me. Then eat me again and then a second fuck. I cum as many as four times. I think he’s fantastic.”

“I totally agree. Wow. Would you guys like to come to our next pool party? There will likely be about thirty people. Later after most have left, we do some swapping. Nice people our age and I guarantee you guys will fit in!”

“Sounds good,” I responded. “Let us know and we’ll come if we can.”

“Great. You know, it’s gotten really late. Rather than drive all the way back to your place tonight, why don’t you stay over? We have extra bedrooms, toothbrushes, and so forth.”

Jill laughed. “You are a hussy, Bobby. You just want to have another go at my husband.”

“Damn right, I do. Both his cock and is tongue.”

“OK, we stay. Provided, of course, that Jim joins me in my bed.”

“We have a deal, don’t we, honey?”

The more sex we had, the more we wanted.


Jill’s sister was having a birthday party.

“Hey Sis, you guys still go to those parties,” Jill asked her when she and her sister next got together.

“That group broke up.”

“Oh, what happened?”

“A couple of divorces, not surprising there. One moved away, others I really don’t know. But we are now part of a new group.”

“What’s that like?”

“A little smaller, five couples plus us but not everyone shows up every time. We are the oldest, most are about your age. Sometimes someone new is invited, like when I took John that time.”

“And you do all the same things?”

“Yeah. One thing a little different. With the old group once a couple hooked up they went to one of the bedrooms. In this group most do it in front of everyone else. I suppose it’s my exhibitionist nature but I like this better.”

“I think I would too.”

Barbara looked at Jill sharply. “Are you implying that you want to come to one? Lots of sex. What about John?”

“We have kept it quiet, but several times recently we have swapped with another couple. We both like it very much.”

“Damn, sis, you sure have come a long way from your days as a high school virgin.”

“I’m just like you. I like sex. I like my husband’s cock and how he uses it. And I like trying different cocks while John samples other pussy. And you remember we did go to one of your old parties. We didn’t have sex with anyone else but it was still very exciting.”

“Yeah, but that was back before you were married. So you and John would come to one of these parties?”

“Probably so. He and I talked about it but had assumed the old group was still active. Do you think we would fit in now?”

“Oh, definitely. As I said, most are about your age. I know the guys will just eat you up and John will have plenty of pussy. Well, I can let you know when the next one is. One other thing to consider, however.”

“What’s that?”

“Larry will want to fuck you. He’s always had the hots for you. At the party I’m sure he would like to get his cock into you. How do you feel about that?”

“I guess OK. He’s a handsome man. Sure, why not. And what about you? It’s been several years since you last fucked John. Still want to?”

“Absolutely. He was really inexperienced back then and it would be fun to see what he’s learned since. I assume he’s really good in bed?”

“God, yes. The best. Even though I’ve had a few other cocks in me since we got married, no one would entice me away from him. I actually would like to watch him fuck you, maybe while your husband is fucking me.”

“Damn, Jill, you are quite the fox. OK, we’re on.”


We were both nervous as we pulled up to the party house. Barbara put out the word a new couple was joining so all but one couple showed up. She didn’t tell anyone Jill was her sister. Drinks and the usual small talk lasted almost an hour. pendik escort Her husband made the first move.

“Jill, I have been looking forward to this for years.”

“I know. Too bad you had to wait so long but now is your opportunity. I want to do it right here, in front of everyone.”

She slowly removed her clothes, the rest of us watching with interest. Once down to panties, no bra, she stopped and motioned for him to strip. He quickly got down to his shorts.

“Take them off, Larry. I want to see your big cock.” It popped out, stiff as a board.

She turned to me. “Honey, take down my panties. I’m ready to be fucked by his big cock.”

I slowly lowered her panties. Several of the guys murmured appreciation for her sexy body. She lay down on the sofa, propping one leg up on the sofa back, the other dangling towards the floor. This had the effect of putting her pussy on wide-open display. Larry stood before her, stroking his hard cock.

Looking at me, she asked “Honey, is it ok if he puts his big cock into your wife’s little pussy. It’s so big it might stretch me out. But I really want it. Please, can he do it?”

I almost laughed at her little girl routine. “Sure, honey, he can do it. We all want to watch.”

Larry straddled her, positioning his cock at her hole. One thrust and he was mostly in. The second thrust buried him in my wife’s pussy. I had never before watched another cock enter her. What a sexy wife I have.

“They look so good together, don’t they,” Barbara whispered into my ear. “I want to fuck you,” as she unzipped me and pulled out my cock. “Just as big as I remember it. Come on, let’s fuck.”

We quickly shed our clothes as others did the same. Barbara got on her hands and knees next to the sofa, her sexy butt in the air. “This way you can watch my husband fuck her.”

When Larry finished, Jill lay for a minute catching her breath. Her pussy was engorged and glistened with juices. She sat up on the sofa and watched me slam into her sister. We came virtually simultaneously, as I hoped would happen.

“I’ve missed that cock. Maybe later we can do it again.”

I took Jill by the hand and we went to freshen our drinks. We were nude but so was everyone else by then.

“You looked so sexy with his cock in your pussy. You came, didn’t you?”

“Oh, yeah. He’s good. I did that thing with my pussy muscles that you like. He filled me with lots of cum and I think some is dripping down my leg. Feel my pussy.”

I ran a finger between her lips. She was sopping with her pussy juice and his cum.

“Let me taste.” She sucked on my finger. “Mmm, tastes like sex. Here, you try it.”

We leaned against the bar, sipping our drinks. Two couples were fucking and one girl was giving a blow job. Another couple had just finished and were sitting in a chair, watching.

“You want to do more?” I asked Jill.

“You bet. But it doesn’t seem like there are any guys still able to fuck.”

“Well, I’m not either. I need fifteen minutes, maybe more.”

“Poor thing. Us girls are always ready. You guys want lots of pussy but when it’s available you can’t get it up,” she said with a laugh.

We walked out to the patio. The backyard was secluded with a tall fence. Fortunately, it was a warm evening since we were still nude. Jill sat on my lap, fondling my limp cock next to her squishy pussy. Another couple wandered out and sat on adjacent chairs. The woman watch Jill play with my cock. “My, that’s pretty big. How big does it get?”

“Oh, about eight inches, and fat,” Jill responded with a smile. “I just love how it fills me up.”

“I’ll bet. I’m Nancy and this is my husband Bill.”

“Nice to meet you. My husband is John. I’m Jill.”

“You guys are new, aren’t you? You both put on quite a performance. I wanted to keep watching but another guy pulled me away and I was soon on my back. Bill was playing with another girl.”

We chatted for a few more minutes.

“Honey, would you let your man fuck me? My pussy is juicy but I want some more.”

“Fine with me. John?”

“I need a few more minutes. Keep playing with me, Jill.”

“And Bill, when my husband is ready you can do me if you like. I hope to try out most of the guys tonight,” Jill declared.

“Damn, baby, you are a real sex machine. Great body. I also need a few minutes but, yeah, I would love to fuck you.”

Jill got up and sat on his lap and Nancy on mine. Ten minutes of cock fondling and our cocks were ready. Jill got up, shifted her position, and sat back down, positioning his cock at her hole. She wiggled until it was fully embedded in her pussy.

“Oh, that looks like fun,” his wife said as she slid onto my cock.

“I want to do more,” I said after a few minutes of lap fucking.

We got up out of the patio chair, staying coupled. She bent over the table so I could continue to fuck her from behind. A moment later my wife and her husband joined us. We were side by side, fucking.

“Switch?” I asked him.

He nodded. aydınlı escort We pulled out our cocks, swapped positions and pushed in, this time into our wives. Another couple of minutes and we switched again. Finally, while I was in his wife she started to cum. I sped up and shot my wad soon after. He suddenly thrust deep into Jill, squirting cum deep in her pussy. He pulled out, his cock coated with cum.

“John, stick your cock back in me. I’m so close.” A few thrusts and she came with a squeal.

We sorted ourselves out and agreed the sex was great. Back inside not much was happening, most likely because the guys were worn out.

“I guess I’m ready to go home, John. How about you?”

“Yes, I won’t be able to get it up for a while. And it doesn’t look like you are going to get to fuck again.”

“Honey, when we get back home will you eat my pussy? I’m so full of cum. Next time I want to try two cocks, one in my pussy, one in my ass. One big cock and one skinny cock. I think that would be fun. You could be the guy in my pussy. Or maybe we find two other guys.”


“Well, what did you think about the party?” I asked the next day over coffee.

“I liked it. You got to fuck Barbara again.”

“Yeah, I enjoyed that very much. It had been, what, four years since the last time? She taught me so much.”

“I’m glad she did. And Larry finally got to sample my pussy. All these years he never said anything but I know he wanted me. He has a nice cock. His was the first cock you have watched go into me. What did you think? Did it turn you on?”

“Very much so. My wife’s pussy being stretched by his big cock, I watched every inch slide in. So did everyone else at the party. And when he pulled out, his cock coated with cum, that was awesome. Your pussy hole stayed open for a few seconds and his cum dripped out. Pure sex, I have to tell you. I wanted to stick my tongue in.”

“I’m glad you like sharing me. Most guys wouldn’t.”

“Actually I like showing you off. You have such a sexy body and I want guys to want you. And sometimes have you. I’m the lucky one since I get to fuck you every day.”

“And I feel the same about you, John. You have such a big cock, far bigger than most guys. At least an inch bigger than Larry, and he’s the biggest other than you. And if you want to know the truth, you eat pussy so well. My friends are all jealous. Most of them would gladly let you fuck them if you promised to eat creampie afterwards.”

“Do you want to go again to a party like that one?”

“Yes. It was fun but I really wanted to do more fucking. Too bad the rest of the guys all pooped out. They need to invite some single guys. Maybe I’ll mention it to my sister.”

“What about Bobby and Jim? You want to see them again?”

“They were fun, don’t you think? She said they planned to have that other couple over soon and would invite us. Between them and the parties, we should have enough extra fun to keep us happy.”


“I am looking forward to this,” Jill said as we walked into the next month’s party. “Barbara liked our idea of inviting some single guys. She said a couple of the other women were also wanting more. If you don’t mind, I would like Larry to do me first.”

“Sure, no problem.”

We recognized several other couples from the last time and four apparently unattached guys.

“Jill, let me do some introductions,” Barbara said as she steered my wife over to the guys.

“This is Jill. Her husband is over there,” she pointed at me.

They returned to where I was.

“I know one of the guys, Don, the tall dark-haired one,” Barbara explained. “I’ve fucked him several times. He’s very good, Jill. The other guys are his friends. Jill, you ok with Larry fucking you again? He really enjoyed your pussy.”

“Yes, he is very good, as you well know. You going to do John?”

Barbara looked at me. “Of course. I was thinking, John, how about if I give you sloppy seconds this time. And then would you eat my pussy?”

“Sloppy is fine. I don’t know about eating creampie in front of everyone.”

“Well, let’s just see how it plays out. You go have fun and we’ll get together in a bit. Oh, here’s Larry.”

“Jill, you ready? Your pussy is so tight and that thing you do with your pussy muscles is unbelievable.”

One other couple had already disrobed and were fucking away. Jill and Larry quickly shed their clothes. I watched as she guided his hard cock between her legs. A few strokes and he was balls-deep. While they were fucking, the girl I fucked last time on the patio, Nancy, took my arm.

“Honey, your wife looks so very sexy with that guy’s cock pounding away. How about you putting your big cock into me?”

“Sure. Is your husband here?”

“Over there, working on seducing that sweet young thing.”

Nancy got on her hands and knees on the carpet. I rubbed my cock head up and down between her already slippery pussy lips. I continued for several minutes, then thrust into her.

“Oh, baby, so big. So much,” she gasped. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me.”

My cock glistened with her pussy juice as I slowly thrust into her. I looked over at Jill, who had changed positions. Larry was now pounding her from behind. I tried to match my thrusts with his. Jill looked over at me and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32