Niece’s Weekly Punishment Sessions

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The first time she did not know. Now she did as she laid out the instruments her Uncle would use on her. It had become a weekly ritual, every Friday after dinner. It had started shortly after her mother and she had moved in with Uncle Bill. Violet was happy growing up, she had just graduated from High School. While not extremely smart, she did manage to get into the state university, though she would have to pay for most of the school tuition. Then the unexpected, Violets father had died. He had very little life insurance and with no job skills, there was not much hope for her mother being able to support them. Her brother, a very successful businessman had offered to let them live with him, with her mother taking care of the house and meals as payment. In addition, he agreed to pay for Violet’s college education as long as she lived with them and kept up her grades. While he was successful in business, he was not with women. He wasn’t ugly, but he just wasn’t attractive. He was the type of person that you saw but did not notice.

Her mother noticed the leering glances and knew what was going to happen. She knew because the same thing had happened to her when she was young. Her Uncle had punished her weekly for over a year until she moved out. She knew it was Melissa’s turn and she could not do anything about it. It was her brother’s turn now to carry on the family tradition.

Melissa did not like confrontation, avoiding all conflicts by giving in quickly. It was a trait she learned from her mother. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, big innocent blue eyes and a pale complexion. She wasn’t beautiful, just average with a modest figure. Her breasts were smallish, but were capped by large brown nipples. Her ass was rounded and firm, with a nice pair of legs.

After a month at her Uncles house her mother sat her down to discuss their new life. “Melissa, since your father died, things have been bad. If it wasn’t for your Uncle Bill we would be out on the street. I know it isn’t like it was before, but we must make the best of the situation. Maybe in a year I will have enough experience to be able to get a better job and we can move, but until then we must do whatever Uncle Bill wants. It is important that you go to college, otherwise you will end up with no skills like me.”

“I’m doing well in school, Momma and I’m a good girl, Momma. It will be all right,” she said naively.

“I don’t think you understand, Melissa. You don’t know much about boys and men yet. They have some strange ways about them. Strange things that they like to do to girls. It happened when I was a girl, and I am afraid that it will happen to you with Uncle Bill.”

“I don’t know what you mean Momma, what type of strange things?” Melissa was perplexed.

“Uncle Bill is going to punish you every Friday after dinner. That is the tradition in this family. When I was growing up, my Uncle did the same to me. There is nothing we can do about it, it is just the way it is. Soon, we will be able to move and get away from all of this, but for now, you will just have to submit to it.”

Melissa’s eyes opened wide in shock, “punish me, why Momma, I’m a good girl, don’t let him do that, please Momma.”

“Hush, Melissa, it has nothing to do with you being good or bad, it is Uncle Bill. Men like to punish girls, men especially like Uncle Bill. It is the way they were brought up. There is nothing I can do about it so you are just going to have to bear up to it. Just remember, you are to do exactly what Uncle Bill wants. Everything he says! Do I make myself clear young lady?”

Her mother had never raised her voice to her before and she was now ordering her to obey her Uncle. It didn’t make sense, why would she want Uncle Bill to punish her. “But Momma…..”

“Enough Melissa! That is enough, just do as I say or you will find us out on the street. Now I don’t want to hear a thing about this again. Whatever happens between your Uncle Bill and yourself is to be kept between the both of you. I don’t want to ever hear about it. Do you understand, I don’t want to hear about it again?”

“Yes Momma,” her eyes lowering to the ground, knowing that it was now her problem. What was going to happen to her on Friday night?

The First Friday Night-Learning to Obey

“But Momma, why this clothing?” Melissa was stumped, her mother had given her a white cashmere sweater, plaid skirt and a pair of black shoes with white socks to wear as well as a pair of black silk bra and panties. The outer clothes were something a younger girl would wear and the bra and panties were definitely something for someone older.

“I’m not going to tell you again, I don’t want to hear anything about this. Those are what your Uncle Bill requested. Now hurry, you have to be downstairs in his library in ten minutes. I don’t think you want to be late. Don’t forget do everything he says and I don’t want to hear about anything tuzla escort that happens. I am going out for a while so you will be alone with your Uncle. Good luck Melissa and I love you,” running from the room, ashamed at her inability to stop what Bill was going to do to her little girl.

Melissa was stumped by her mother’s reluctance to discuss it and this made her frightened. Would it be so bad that Momma did not want to even fathom that it could be happening, choosing to ignore it and let Melissa suffer her fate by herself? She pulled off her clothes and slowly put on the silk bra and panties. They felt so cool and sexy on her naked skin. Why did Uncle Bill request them, she pondered? The skirt was next. It was wool, with a zipper up the back. When she put it on and pulled up the zipper it clung to her ass like a second skin, the bottom of the skirt not even going down halfway down to her knees. If she bent over her ass would show. She pulled on the cashmere sweater, loving the luxurious texture against her skin. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad with Uncle Bill. She looked in the mirror, surprised at her appearance. She knew that she would never be the cheerleader type but her reflection showed her a side she never saw before. She looked like a twelve year old girl. And while her build was nothing spectacular, her breasts looked so nice in the sweater and her ass and naked legs were really accented by the short and tight skirt. I better hurry and get to the study and get this over with, running from the room to get to the library before 7:00. She heard the front door slamming, knowing that her mother had left, leaving her to solve her own problem with Uncle Bill.

The library door was open and Uncle Bill was sitting on one of the black leather chairs, situated around a coffee table and the leather couch. The chairs were massive, with large padded arms with wooden corners. Melissa always hated them, they were always cold and clammy. In the corner of the room was Uncle Bill’s desk, a large ornate desk with wooden legs. Around the room were various other pieces of furniture including a couple of padded benches that seemed out of place. They looked like they needed a piano to accompany them.

Bill looked up, hearing the clock chime seven, knowing that Melissa would not be late. He had heard her mother going out the door and knew that he had won, his sister’s submissiveness giving him complete control over her beautiful young daughter. He hoped that she showed some reluctance, liking a bit of challenge, liking to break the will and make her submit to what he had planned for her. He would begin slowly, having every Friday for his own. He would not hurry her, wanting to submit her to the humiliation as he slowly forced her to submit to him. And he would so love the punishment he would inflict on her.

“Come in Melissa, come in, let me see what you look like.” He watched as she walked in the room. His cock instantly sprang to attention, straining his pants, the bulge clearly visible. She looked even better then expected. She looked just like a twelve year old girl, all the way down to the pigtails he required her mother to put in her hair. His hand reached down to his crotch, grabbing his erect cock, making sure Melissa saw everything. He saw her blush, turning quickly to avoid his gesture. “You look very beautiful, do you feel that way, Melissa?”

She turned back to look at Uncle Bill, glad that his hand was not in his lap anymore, but her gaze did notice a large bulge in his pants. “I look like a little girl,” she said.

“Yes, you do, like a very sexy little girl. That is how I want you to act, can you do that?”

“I guess I could. Are you going to punish me Uncle Bill?”

“Do you want me to punish you, Melissa, has my little girl been bad?”

“I’ve been good, Momma says I have to do everything you say, so I will, but if I do, will you not punish me?”

“I’m glad you will learn your place Melissa, but I will punish you. Tonight and every Friday from now on.”

“How are you going to punish me, please don’t hurt me, please,” she begged.

He picked up a fly swatter, a leather fly swatter and slapped it sharply against his palm. “With this and my hand, I am going to punish your lovely pink skin with this. And each week we are going to progress on, with you submitting to more extreme punishment. I am going to enjoy our little weekly punishment sessions. And you are going to assist me in enjoying them.”

“Why, I’m a good girl?”

“No, Melissa, you are my bad little girl and you must be punished. Now come over to me so I may see you better. But first close the drapes, I want us to have some privacy.

Melissa became more frightened. Her mother was gone and now the drapes were closed, nobody would know what would be happening in the room. Here she was, dressed like a little schoolgirl, with her Uncle ready to punish her.

“What are you going to do to me, Uncle Bill?” Melissa waited for an answer, afraid of what she might hear.

“It tuzla escort bayan all depends on how cooperative you are, Melissa. If you show any reluctance to my demands, the punishment will get more severe. Are you going to be a good little girl and obey your Uncle Bill?”

“Yes, Uncle Bill. Momma told me to do whatever you say. She would be mad if I disobeyed her.”

“Good, you will only receive a light slapping with my hand and the fly swatter. But I will find some nice tender spots to slap, your stomach and your thighs. I will pay particular attention to your tender thighs. I expect you to stay still and accept the punishment.”

Melissa was scared, afraid of the pain that he would inflict on her, afraid that she would not be able to stand it.

“Now come here little girl, and let me see you. You must have to chase the boys away from that lovely body,” his finger beckoning her towards him seated in the chair.

“I don’t have any boyfriends, I’m not as pretty as the other girls. Do you think I am pretty, Uncle Bill?” Her eyes lit up, no one had ever complimented her on her looks, even her mother. She always said she was average and she better do well in school because she would probably not get a man that would support her.

“Of course, you are a very beautiful girl, Melissa. So you’ve never petted with a boy before, never let a boy touch your body?”

“Don’t embarrass me, Uncle Bill, no I never have done anything like that, that’s yucky,” she said with a scowl on her face.

“You would please a man very much with such a lovely body. Your tits are not very big but some men like small tits. Like me, I don’t like big titted woman. You just have to learn how to please a man.”

“Don’t embarrass me, Uncle Bill,” cringing when she heard him call her breasts tits.

“What, you don’t like the word tits?”

“No, that sounds terrible.”

“Tell me you have small tits, Melissa, say the words to me.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Are you already beginning to disobey me, is that what you are doing?” He raised his voice, emphasizing his displeasure with her. This would be the test of her obedience.

Melissa looked at him, seeing the look in his eyes. She had displeased him. “I have small tits,” she said with a murmur.

“I didn’t hear you, Melissa, what did you say?”

She cleared her throat, he was going to make her say it aloud. She could hear her own voice saying, “I have small tits.”

Bill smiled, he had won, she was his now, his to do anything he desires to do. And he desired much. But he would go slowly, making her cross the line of decency each time and do things that she would never consider doing. All to please him. Just like a little girl should do.

“I like your small tits, Melissa, I like they way they look in that nice cashmere sweater. And you have lovely legs, especially in that nice short skirt. And an adorable ass. Your skirt is just molded over your tight ass cheeks. I like that. I like your ass.”

Melissa was confused. Uncle Bill was going to punish her, but he kept complimenting her on her body. It made her feel strange and also uncomfortable. Why did he keep talking about her body? “Thank you Uncle Bill,” not sure what to say, but he looked like he was expecting some kind of response.

He stood up and his hands grabbed her around the waist, pushing her back towards the big desk in the corner of the room. It was usually cluttered, but this time the top was cleared off.

Melissa jumped when his hands first grabbed her waist. This was the first time that he had touched her. She felt a sudden thrill and also the fear of the unknown. She felt her ass hit the edge of the desk as she was pushed backwards. She saw him put the leather fly swatter on the empty desk beside her.

“I will need that soon. Raise your arms up, Melissa, above your head. Hurry, now don’t make me repeat everything twice. I expect your complete obedience.” He watched as she first hesitated then her arms rose up, higher and higher until they were up over her head. He saw the cashmere sweater rise up her stomach, a patch of naked flesh appearing. She looked down and watched as his hands grabbed the bottom of the sweater and slowly drew it up, revealing more of her naked stomach to his gaze. She wondered how far he would pull it up, afraid that he would uncover her breasts, leaving her half naked, a bra the only clothes from the waist up.

He stopped when he reached the bottom of her bra. He wanted to give her a false sense of security. His hand began to run over her flat, tight stomach, his cock straining in his pants, threatening to pop the zipper open if it got any harder. Melissa would have to do something about his erection before she left. He slowly let his hand rub her naked flesh, feeling her stomach muscles tighten as he did. He let his hand lightly tap on the flesh, his cock twitching when he heard the smack, smack of flesh on flesh.

That’s not so bad, she thought escort tuzla as his hand lightly tapped her stomach. Except for the uneasiness from having a strange hand touching her so intimately and Uncle Bill being so old, it was not as bad as she thought it would be. His hand lightly slapped her flesh.

“I think I need you in a better position, Melissa. I can’t use two hands when I have to hold your sweater up. Ask me to pull it over your head, Melissa, ask me to remove your sweater. You’re still be wearing a bra, so your tits will be covered.” He watched her face, the look as she realized that he would be undressing her.

The realization came over her. He would be undressing her, which is why he made so much talk over her body. He wanted to see her. He wanted to see her naked. He had every intention of forcing her to undress in front of him. She knew she had lost, she would have to do as he said. A tear began to fall from her eye as she spoke, “please, pull off my sweater,” a look of resignation etched in her face.

Bill smiled as he slowly let the sweater slip up her body, her black silk bra revealed for the first time to his eyes. They were not very big, her tits, but they would be his to do as he please. And he had some many ideas, some of them very painful. He pulled it up her arms until it pulled from her body and threw it over onto the leather couch. He marveled at her body, his body to do as he pleased. “Good girl, now we need to get you into a better position. A position that would make your stomach very prominent. Sit on the edge of the desk, from the side, I want you to be able to stretch out.” He grabbed a large pillow from the couch. First put this beneath you back as you lie back,” taking the large pillow and positioning it in the center of the desk.

With resignation, Melissa sat on the edge of the desk, pulling her skirt down as far as she could, the material insufficient to cover much, most of her naked legs showing. She felt Uncle Bills hand push down on her naked stomach, pressing her back onto the desk until her lower back hit the plush pillow. She could feel the strain in her shoulders and back as her head and shoulders bent further back, arching her stomach up into the air. She could feel the cool air on her legs, knowing that the short skirt was not hiding much.

“Good girl,” moving to the desk behind her, “now pull your hands over your head again, yes, like that. Stretch out,” watching as her tight body strained, her stomach pushed out, her tits arched up to the ceiling. He grabbed both of her small hands, would she be able to get them around his cock, they were so tiny. “Grab these handles in the desk,” pushing each hand into the corner posts, black iron circles rising up from the desk. She had never noticed them before, though they must have been there. “Both of them, grab them tightly and whatever you do, don’t let go. Do you understand, Melissa, under any circumstances are you to let them go.”

She stretched her arms back and grabbed the hard, unyielding metal rings, her small hands clamped tightly around them. Her back already began to ache, the pillow forcing it to bow. She shut her eyes, not wanting to see Uncle Bills face, afraid of what she would see in his eyes. She heard him moving around, and then felt his hands on her naked knees at the foot of the desk.

“So lovely, your naked legs, Melissa. Your short skirt has ridden up a considerable distance, showing me a lot of naked flesh. As soon as I finish with your stomach, I will be working on your inner thighs. I am going to enjoy that,” his hands running up from her knees, running over the naked flesh on the tops of her legs until it reached the hem of her dress, only inches from her panties.

Melissa squirmed on the desk as she felt his hands taking liberties with your young body. Her eyes tightened as she imagined him leering at her exposed body, his clammy hands running up and down her naked legs, his eyes trying to look up under her short skirt.

“I need to get closer, open up your legs so I may stand between them,” his hands pushing out on her knees, bending her legs outward, watching as his continued pressure finally forced her to relent, the gap between them widening. He caught a quick glimpse of black silk panties.

Her hands gripped the handles until they were white as she allowed his hands to open her legs, her body trembling as she imagined how exposed her sex was to his gaze. She felt his hands continued to explore her naked legs and now she felt her legs graze his hips as he stood between them.

Bill stood between her white thighs, his hips keeping her spread open for him. Her skirt had ridden up so high, he could catch a glimpse of the black panties tucked up beneath. His cock twitched in anticipation. He grabbed the leather fly swatter. “Now don’t let go,” watching as her mouth clenched tightly. He let the fly swatter hit her taut stomach, a rush of air shooting from her mouth, her eyes opening wide in surprise as she felt the sudden rush of pain emanating from her stomach.

“God,” she yelled out, her hands fighting to let loose from their self imposed bondage. She sucked in another breath before the fly swatter came crashing down again, a sharp pain rushing to her brain.

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