Fun For Three Ch. 02

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(I thank you all for your encouragement to continue. I hope this satisfies your appetites!)


Sally continued, “How silly of me! Of course you hesitated before licking Jeff. You two were working all day and then moving furniture. You must be all hot and sweaty. A shower will fix that. Come on; up with you both. With that, Sally grabbed our dicks and led us to the bathroom like “pull toys.” She brought a small stool into the bathroom and told me to sit down and led Jeff into the shower. The curtain was left open so I could watch as Sally took the bottle of soft soap and squirted it all over Jeff. She then began to wash him, paying particular attention to his dick and his ass. Jeff was in ecstasy as she worked his dick in her hands. She finished with him and told him to get out. She stayed in the shower, looking at me as I anticipated my turn. Then she told me to dry him off.

I grabbed a towel and started drying Jeff from head to toe. I knew Sally was watching so I made good and sure his dick got a thorough drying. When I finished I stood up and awaited my next instruction, which I expected to be, “Join me in the shower.” No such luck.

As the water continued to cascade over her luscious body, she looked at me and said, “Now that Jeff is clean, give his dick another lick. Jeff, on the stool; Chris, on your knees. Be sure I can see!” Jeff smiled at me as he took his place on the small stool and I knelt in front of him. He grabbed his dick and waved it at me and whispered, “It’s all yours, buddy!” I repeated my earlier performance and, starting at his balls, gave him one lick up the underside of his cock finishing with his tip and then I sat back waiting for more instructions. To my relief, Sally said, “Very good; short, but good. Now, into the shower with me. My heart leapt as I walked into the shower and prepared to be washed down. But, again, Sally had other ideas. “I take it you were paying attention as I washed Jeff. I want you to wash my body.” With a big smile I said, “As you wish.”

I knew Jeff was watching in envy as I applied a liberal amount of the soft soap on Sally’s body and began a slow massaging rub to “clean” her beautiful body. She sighed as I slowly worked her hand-sized breasts with my fingers, paying close attention to her now hardened nipples. Slowly I turned her around to face away from me and I leaned her body back into mine, running my hands down her stomach and beyond. Carefully, I “washed” her pussy, making sure she was clean. She was certainly wet! She began moving her cute little ass against me. My dick was pressing into the top of her ass and the small of her back and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I turned her around and pulled her toward me and she wrapped her arms around me as I washed her back and ass. I glanced at Jeff and saw that he was totally mesmerized by the scene before him. I knelt down in the shower and washed her legs and feet, taking every opportunity to gaze at her perfectly trimmed bush. She grabbed my head and pressed it into her crotch and I nuzzled in and began licking her cunt very slowly and deliberately. Bayan Escort Gaziantep Her moans and gyrations told me she was going to cum soon, so I increased my tempo just a bit and she pressed harder with her hands on the back of my head until her knees buckled a bit and her body shook. She pushed me away and said, “Very good. Jeff, I hope you were watching. There will be a test!”

Sally then took control and washed my body, top to bottom, applying extra care to my dick and ass. When her finger went up my ass I thought I was going to lose it, but some how managed to avoid cumming. After rinsing me off, she knelt before me and started licking the tip of my dick and then she lowered her mouth around my shaft and started sucking while playing with my balls. I was really enjoying myself when she abruptly stopped, stood up and said, “Jeff, I hope you were watching. There will be a test!”

We got out of the shower and ordered Jeff to dry us both off. I noticed he took a bit more time with Sally than he did me, but I suppose I’d have done the same thing. After drying off, Sally once again grabbed our dicks and led us into her bedroom.

We were instructed to lie down face up on the bed. Jeff and I took our places side by side wondering what was next. “No, Chris,” Sally said, “You turn around so your feet are on the pillow next to Jeff’s head.” I reluctantly complied fearing her plan was going to be for Jeff and me to suck each other off while she watched, but I was wrong, at least for now.

She got on top of me, facing my feet and placed one knee on either side of my torso. She then scooted her cute little ass until it was inches from my face. A more beautiful site I’ve rarely seen. I reached out to play with her ass and she wiggled with pleasure at my touch as my hands moved across her cheeks and my thumbs alternately brushing across her asshole. She took my dick in her mouth and started to give me a wonderful blowjob. I knew Jeff was getting an eye full. Then she stopped, looked over at Jeff and said, “Don’t just lie there, help me with this thing.” Jeff hesitated only a moment and then joined Sally in licking and sucking my dick and balls. After a few minutes I felt my balls start to constrict and I knew I was going to blow a wad. I started yelling, “I’m going to cum; I’m going to cum!” But they continued to suck and lick until I exploded. I never felt a mouth come off my dick, so I assumed Sally took my full load as I unloaded. It was the best orgasm I have ever had! They continued to lick and suck and milk my dick until it was dry. I felt spent.

Sally spun around and looked me in the eye and said, “That was fun! Let’s do it again.” I couldn’t imagine getting it up again so soon but before I could protest, she hopped off me and jumped on Jeff, sticking her ass in his face and going down on Jeff’s throbbing dick. One or two licks and she looked up at me and said, “Well?” I looked at her, then at Jeff’s dick, then back at her and thought, “What the hell!” I positioned myself to help her take care of Jeff like they had done me. She went down and started sucking his balls leaving his dick pointing right at me. My tongue went to the sensitive spot just under the tip of his dick and I started flicking it lightly. I could taste the pre-cum leaking out of his dick and I decide to go for more. I began milking his dick with my hand and as the clear liquid began to stream out I quickly lowered my mouth to his dick and begin sucking and licking so I wouldn’t lose a drop. I lowered my mouth on his dick slowly. It felt strange in my mouth, but from his reaction I was doing something right. After a few bobs, I let it go to join Sally in licking the shaft and balls. She looked at me and said, “Hey, he took your load; you take his!

I was stunned. Jeff had sucked my dick and let me cum in his mouth. For a moment I felt a little queasy, but Sally wasn’t about to let me off. “Come on, big boy; get to work!” I took a long slow lick from the base of his balls to the tip of his dick and then slowly lowered my mouth on his dick. I worked my tongue on the underside of his vein while sucking and bobbing. I could see Sally continuing to play with and suck his balls, just like she must have been doing to me. Before I knew it I was in a rhythm and then I felt Jeff’s dick strain and then start pumping load after load into my mouth. I wasn’t prepared for the volume and some leaked out of my mouth. Sally kept telling me to swallow and I did as best I could, but I could not keep in all in. As Jeff spent himself and began to relax, Sally bent down and began to clean up the excess with her tongue until we had milked Jeff dry.

By this time, I had gotten hard again. Jeff was recovering and Sally was ready for her turn. She pushed me back on the bed and jumped on top of me, spreading her legs to accommodate my hard dick. She began humping me, and gyrating her hips, squeezing her pussy around my dick and rubbing her body against mine like a woman out of control. With a frenzy she fucked me like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes of intense movement, she collapsed on my chest, grabbed my arms, constricted her body and convulsed with pleasure as she reached her climax multiple times. She looked at me with wild eyes and smiled as she fell back to the bed, breathing and sweating like she had just run a marathon.

Jeff was also smiling. I am sure it was a wonderful show. As Sally caught her breath, she motioned for us to come along side of her. Jeff on the right, me on the left. We cuddled with Sally for a few moments, rubbing her breasts and legs as she recovered. By this time Jeff was hard again as well. Our dicks were resting on Sally’s legs and she paused for a moment, thinking. Jeff broke her train of thought by asking if he could do us both. She agreed. We sat up, side-by-side and Jeff first dove her muff, licking her juices and rubbing his face in her crotch, then he shifted over to me and started licking and sucking my dick while playing with my balls. He went back and forth several times; it was one of the hottest things I have ever watched. Then I wanted a turn. I changed places with Jeff, taking his dick in one hand and placing the palm of my other hand on Sally’s pussy. After a few moments of playing, I pointed Jeff’s dick toward my mouth and lowered my head to lick and suck his dick while I played with Sally’s pussy. Then I moved over to lick the pussy while continuing to jack Jeff’s dick. I was loving every minute. Then Sally had another idea…

“I want to be filled by you both,” she said; “One in my ass and the other in my pussy at the same time.” She reached over to a stand and grabbed a tube of lube and applied a liberal amount to my dick and then had me lie back. She positioned herself over my dick and then began spreading her ass cheeks and lowering herself on my dick. I felt the tip of my dick pop through her asshole and slide right in. I heard her moan a bit as she rotated her hips to work me in. Then she leaned back and invited Jeff to enter her pussy. Jeff carefully positioned himself above Sally and then slowly lowered himself into position to penetrate from the front. I didn’t think we’d be able to do it, but Jeff touched his dick to the opening of her cunt and began slowly pressing in. Sally moaned and so did I! I could actually feel Jeff’s dick pressing against my dick! Once he was in he started moving back and fourth and both Sally and I were going crazy. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of having her ass squeezing my dick with Jeff’s dick rubbing the underside of my dick through Sally’s pussy. In fairly short order, Sally was gyrating her hips and soon we were all getting close to cumming again. I came first with an upward thrust that must have hurt Sally a bit. She screamed a bit, tightened her ass grip on my dick and then she started to cum. Jeff quickly followed suit and we collapsed once again in orgasm heaven. Once we separated, Sally sent Jeff and me off to the showers to wash up while she relaxed in the afterglow of a good fuck.

The water felt good cascading down my body. Jeff reached for the soap and started washing my chest and my arms. He washed down my stomach and eventually reached my dick. he grabbed my dick and started soaping away. My knees buckled a bit at the pleasure I felt. He told me to turn around and I did. He reached around me and continued to soap my dick while soaping my ass. When he stuck a finger up my ass and I responded by pressing back against his hand. It felt great. I pulled away from Jeff, spun around and took the soap and began washing him.

I washed his chest and arms like he did me and then I worked my way down to his dick, using both hands to work his balls and his dick. I spun him around and did the same thing to him he had done to me, soaping up his ass and sticking a thumb up his hole while reaching around and stroking his dick until he pushed away. When we finished, we got out, dried each other off and found Sally asleep on her bed. She had the contented look of an angel on her face. We climbed into bed with her, one on either side, turned the lights off and went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with a set of lips sucking my dick and thought to myself, “This is going to be a great day.” I opened my eyes, expecting to see Sally, but she was nowhere to be found. Instead, it was Jeff giving my tool a workout. What happened next will have to be told in another story.

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