Fun with My Cousin Terry

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When I look back on it, all of this started years ago when we were both very young. Our family was very close, which meant getting together for every holiday and special occasion possible. As the only male, it would be incredibly boring for me had it not been for my cousin Terry. She took a liking to me right away. So growing up, we were always on the same team so to speak. And I got to watch her grow from a little girl into a beautiful woman over the years.

Due to deaths in the family, we grew apart. I moved on with my life, moving to another state. I always assumed she moved on with hers too; at least as much as you could in the small town we grew up in.

One day out of the blue I received an email from my Mom. She told me that Terry was coming to my town for a job interview, and she asked if I could put her up for a few days. I immediately said yes. It would be great to have someone around the house for a few days, and I’d have the chance to catch up with her.

She arrived a few days later. When I answered the door, I was blown away by how my cousin looked. 20 years old, tall and blonde and drop dead gorgeous. I knew I’d have issues, even with her being my cousin. When a girl walks in wearing shorts and a t-shirt, that catches your eye. And the 36D breasts under that shirt didn’t help any. Still, I was a gentleman and helped her settle in. It was shortly after that I found out she had a problem.

My cousin Terry drank. We’re not talking just a little; she drank a lot. Every day. I would wake up and find her out on the deck enjoying the sun. She would always be wearing very little, and had a large glass containing a strongly mixed drink in it. I thought about dating something to her, but to be quite honest it just didn’t seem worth it. After a few drinks her clothes always seemed to slip and get more revealing. And I’ll admit I was enjoying sitting there watching her top gap open, giving me a wonderful shot of her nipples.

This went on for a couple of days. Finally one evening, things came to a head. We’re were sitting on the deck enjoying the warmth and talking gerçek porno about our favorite TV shows.

“My favorite has always been Rosanne.” she said. “I loved that one episode where she got a boob job.”

“Really? I never watch that show. What happened?”

“The part I remember the best is when her husband walked in. He put his hands on her waist, and she took his hands, moved them up and told him they were up here now. She put this hands on her tits, right on TV!”

“Really? I never heard about this.”

“Yeah. She just reached down, grabbed his hands and did this!”

And grabbing my free hand, she put it right on that wonderful firm warm breast. My God it felt great, even if she was my cousin. Thinking fast, I came up with a way to see how far she’d go with this. After all, I could always blame it on the alcohol, right?

“Damn. That would have been great to see. But it would have been a lot more fun with me as the director.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’d have done it like this. Sit up facing away from me.”

She did, and I continued.

“Now, if it was broadcast TV, like it was, she would have just put both hands on her tits.”

And I slid both hands up to cover those fantastic mounds.

“Now, if they were just a cable show, they would have had more room to make it hotter.”

“What do you mean?”

“Imagine this. His hands are at her waist, like mine are right now. But instead of sliding up and just cupping those tits, he does this.”

My hands slipped under the waist of her t-shirt, and slowly slid upward. After a few seconds, I had both hands full of her tits. I could feel the nipples hard under my palms, and that inspired me further.

“You see, being on cable, he wouldn’t have had to stop when he reached them. He could have done this.”

My fingers went to work on her nipples, playing with them, making them harder. I could feel her breathing getting heavier to as I played with them. And she want stopping me, so I went further.

“My favorite of course would genç porno izle have been what they have done on Cinimax. Of course it would have to be later night.”

“Tell me what would have happened on there. Please.”

“Well, first of all, they could show skin. So he would have taken her shirt and done this.”

I slid the waist of her shirt up slowly, making sure she had time to stop me if I crossed a line. But she didn’t, and within seconds those wonderful tits were exposed to the night air and my hungry eyes. My hands slipped back up cupping them again. I tweaked those hard nipples again, and then said.

“Then I would have had him do this.”

My right hand slid down, sliding across her smooth belly, reaching the top of her shorts. She didn’t even protest, so I moved on.

“Then the caller would have seen this.”

My hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts. Then I very slowly moved toward my goal: my cousins hot wet pussy. I could feel her heat right through the skimpy panties she was wearing. Taking the final plunge, I whispered in her ear,

“Then he’d have done this.”

My probing fingers slid under the elastic, and I found the hottest wettest pussy there. As my fingers slid into her, Terry surprised me by saying,

“What would she do? I mean, while he’s playing with her like this?”

That was easy.

“Imagine this. A nice close up of her hand moving to his thigh.”

She never hesitated.

“Like this?”

I could feel her small hand stroking the inside of my thigh. God it felt good.

“That’s exactly what she would do. But only for a moment. Then her hand would move up until she was stroking his hard cock.”

She shivered when I said that, but her hand moved up and she started stroking me through my jeans.

We stood there for a few minutes; each of us enjoying the sensations. Then Terry asked,

“What would happen next?”

Thinking quickly, I replied,

“I would have get turn around to face her husband. Sitting, like you are.”

She immediately hdx porno spun around, and I was facing a goddess. Firm young tits exposed to my eyes, and a hungry look on her face.

“What would happen then?”

This was going a lot farther than I thought it would, but I went along with it. I stood up in front of her.

“I’d have him stands in front of her like this. Then the real fun would start. I can see the camera on her face as he slowly unzips his jeans.”

She had a hungry look on her face as I did just that. Reaching into my jeans, I took out my hard cock and said,

“Then the real fun would start. Can you imagine her sitting there staring at his hard cock? That is until he did this.”

I moved closer to her; my cock inches from her mouth. And then said,

“I would have had him tell her, open that mouth. I want to feel it on my cock.”

She obeyed without hesitation, and my cock was treated to the first touch of my cousins mouth. She was good too; i could tell she’d had some experience. I watched that blonde head as she took the length of my cock in her mouth. She played with her nipples as she sucked. I love that in a woman.

I thought about cumming in her mouth, but seeing as this might be my only chance, I wanted more.

“Finally, I’d have her do this. I’d have her stand up and bend over the railing. Then the real fun could begin.”

She did, and I couldn’t resist. I told her exactly what I’d direct him to do (while doing it of course).

“Then I’d have him walk over and slip off the shorts she’s wearing.”

Her shorts hit the floor. And then,

“Then I’d have him walk over and fuck her where she stood.”

I didn’t hesitate. She was so fucking wet, my cock was buried in her with one easy stroke. She was so and wet! And apparently so willing. I knew I wouldn’t last long fucking my hot little cousin. She didn’t either. I could feel her cum just before I did. And the feeling of hot cum filling her pussy set her off again.

We both collapsed to a nearby chair. After recovering, she looked at me and smiled.

“I’ve got to tell you something. I’ve had fantasies about you for years.”

“Does that mean we have more to live out?”

She smiled.

“Oh yes. Many more. That is, if you’re up to fuck your cousin again.”

I smiled, and felt my cock getting hard again.

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