Fund Raising with Sex Ch. 03

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Ch 03. Al. and Beth

Dame Judy was making her morning coffee when her door bell rang.

She opened the door and found a large, upright man with a crop of springy white hair, bright blue eyes, and a rather aggressive stance. He was immaculately dressed in well-ironed trousers, crisp blue shirt and shiny brogues.

“Good morning,” he said “Are you the lady who is running this dating game in the complex? I am Albert Harris from number 11, and I would like to talk to you about it.”

“Certainly,” said Judy, opening the door and stepping back. “Do come through to the kitchen. It is a sunny room. Please sit down. I am just making Coffee?” She passed him a cup and pushed the sugar and milk towards him. “Now Mr Harris, how can I help? Is your unit the one with all the lovely flowers? I always have a good peek as I drive past.”

“Please call me Al. Yes, that is mine. Gardening is my passion. I grow all my own vegys too, but the colour is what I really like. Now about this dating lark. I am impressed with the project you are doing. It will be such an asset to the town, and I would like to make a donation. Also, the difference it has made to the Hen Coop, as I call our village, is immense. The whole place is vibrant, with people laughing and chatting to each other and buzzing around with the latest gossip in a very positive way, not behind closed doors and whispers behind hands. It is like the dawn chorus here in the mornings with everyone calling Good Morning, Ki Ora, and Lovely Day to each other.”

“Well, thank God for that’ laughed Judy. “I thought you were going to be the big stooge and report us to the fun police.”

“I am sorry if I came across aggressive. I am rather a shy bloke and was very nervous about coming to see you. The ladies all adore you, and as I say, I would like to support your cause and make a donation, but I was not sure how you would react to a man taking part. I certainly can’t date any of the women in the complex. Think about the gossip and carry on if I took one of them out! God knows the place might catch fire!.”

Judy laughed. “I take your point, but the donations are made for service given. What is your bucket list, and how can we put you up there with the cackling hens? Come on. You are fit and active, and must have some secret dream we can help you bring to life.”

“Well, I do like to dance. Proper old fashioned ballroom, not this gyrating and bumping they do in the pubs these days. That is not my cup of tea. I tried line dancing and square dancing for a while, but I like to hold my partner and feel her follow the music with me.”

“Right. Leave it with me. I am sure our committee will come up with a solution and have your toes twinkling in no time.”

Most of the committee had lived all their lives in Townsville and knew everyone and their histories, so it didn’t take them long to suggest Steve and Beth. They had a lifestyle block just out of town, and Steve had been badly crippled in a tractor accident. Beth was devoted to him, and they were still very happy, but Beth had been an active member of the local musical theatre before the accident and had loved to dance and sing. It was suggested that Jamie drive out to the homestead and over a couple of drinks with Steve and Beth, put the suggestion to them about the project and if Beth might accept a night on the tiles, with Al at the RSA-Tin Hat bash that was strictly old time dancing. Jamie mentioned that emotions got rather high sometimes, and all things being equal, a bit of nooky was quite on the cards.

When Al called out to the farm and introduced himself kaynarca escort to Steve and Beth, they had a good discussion about the Service Club project and found common ground.

Steve was all in favour. “She would love it.”

Steve was in agreement because he had been unable to service Beth since the accident, and he understood that she still had needs, which were unmet. Beth showed interest in both the dancing and a night out enjoying herself with a different company.

“If you can help her other needs, all the better. I will be totally OK with that, but that will be entirely up to her to decide. After all, it’s lady’s choice.”

Beth’s eyes lit up with excitement, and she did a wee twirl around the kitchen.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind Steve? I haven’t danced for years. I wonder what I will wear. I will have to have my hair done, and my legs shaved.”

The men both laughed at her reaction and took that for a yes, and so it was all on for the Saturday a fortnight hence.

When the due date arrived, and Al called out to the homestead to collect Beth for the evening, he was met by Steve in his wheelchair.

“Come in and have a beer with me while we wait for Cinderella to be ready. She has been getting ready all day so surely she won’t be much longer. Now I have done a wee check on you and find you are a really genuine bloke; hope you don’t mind about that, but I am trusting you with the love of my life, and I need you to be very careful. My brother will be taking me out to his place for the weekend shortly. This is partly so Beth won’t be worried at me being alone, but also the house will be empty till I get home again on Sunday afternoon, so should you two be compatible, and both willing, the house is available for you to enjoy each other for the night and morning. She is a wonderful person, so please be good to her. Oh! here she is now.”

Al stood up as Beth walked into the room, and he felt his crotch tighten, and his mouth fall open. She was ravishing in a soft sleeveless apricot coloured silk dress, draped artfully over her gorgeous D cup breasts; hinting at a cleavage without actually showing it. The waist was nipped in to allow the dress to flare over her rounded hips and swirl invitingly to her calves. She wore matching strap sandals which were just twinkling to dance. Al just stood there, staring with his mouth open.

“Do I take that look as being approval?” chuckled Beth.

“Too right! You are something else! I feel like Prince Charming.”

Beth gave Steve a loving kiss on his lips. “Goodnight my love. Thank you for this. I will see you on Sunday and tell you all about it.” She took Al’s arm and led him out to the car.

Al and Beth were fairly well known in the town, so there were catcalls and cheers as they walked into the hall, but Beth tucked her hand into Al’s elbow and made it quite clear she was with him for the evening.

They danced all night, and still had breath for more. The Valetta and Maxina were right up their alley, as were the Foxtrot and Waltz but when they tried to do the Pasa-Doble, they found it out of their league. Al did not make a very good Toreador, and when Beth tried to be a toreador’s cape, she failed badly. They ended up holding each other up and laughing madly in the middle of the dance floor. Beth knew how to dance the Tango, and Al found himself responding to her sensual movements. The Last Waltz came all too soon, and they held each other very close but refrained from kissing in the crowded hall.

The trip home was friendly but quiet orhanlı escort as neither was quite sure of the other. When Al turned the ignition off, Beth took his hand and said: “You will come in, won’t you.”

“I would love to.”

The lights were low in the lounge, and there set up on the table were a bottle of wine and two glasses waiting for them.

“Would you care for a wine, or would you rather have coffee?” asked Beth.

“I would rather have a kiss and a wine,” said Al, pulling her into his arms.

Coming together Al gently pushed a wisp of Beth’s hair off her face and started kissing her with passion to which Beth responded.

Beth filled the two glasses and handed one to Al and proposed a toast. “To the ‘Project’ and exciting sex. They both must go together.”

Beth said “Please take me slowly, It’s five years since I last made love with a man; my fingers don’t count, but I am very randy and I need fucking properly. Steve has given us all night to satisfy our lust, and he told me I had to give you breakfast as well.”

With that Al started by sliding the zipper down the back of Beth’s dress and moving it off her beautiful shoulders, Al was gobsmacked when it slipped down showing her Victoria’s Secret bra and panties with lots of pale blue lace over her skin. Beth stood up, and her dress slipped onto the floor. Poor Al became speechless. Up to now, he had not let on, but he also had not had sex for a very long time, and he was worrying that he may not go the distance and give satisfaction to Beth. The first thing Al did was to remove his shoes and socks thinking I won’t need those for a while.

Al’s cock stood straight up, making his trousers very tight. Slipping his belt undone he pushed his trousers down with some difficulty over his 7” erection whereupon Beth laughed and asked innocently “Did I do that?”

Al smiled to himself and put his arms around Beth, and as he kissed her deeply, he slipped her bra undone releasing Beth’s gorgeous D sized tits, then took one, lifted it and suckled the stiff nipple as far into his mouth as possible. As he caressed her tit with one hand, he stroked her back with the other. Together this sent ripples of sensation down her body right to her womanly centre.

As they stood together, Beth unbuttoned Al’s shirt and then pushed his trousers and underwear down off his legs, leaving him totally nude.

Now, Al held Beth close and started kissing and licking behind her ears as well as gently pulling on her hair at the back of her head. Al had, had many years of sexual experience and was pulling out all stops for Beth tonight. He set out to make a memorable night for both of them.

Beth having only her panties left on, Al said: “I can’t leave you over-dressed, so I am taking these off.” He bent down, and while removing the panties, he leaned forward and kissed and licked Beth’s twat, sending shivers up her body. She moaned ” Oh! God, I have never had that done to me before, but I like it very much! More! More! More! Please! I hope you don’t mind my juices?”

At this point, Beth decided that they should go along to the master bedroom so that they could get more comfortable. Entering the room, Al lifted Beth in his arms and placed her in the middle of the king-sized bed, and started to gently but firmly caress her sexy body. When kissing her, their tongues danced together and gently licked each other’s lips. Moving down her chest, Al fondled her breasts and sucked each nipple alternatively. Beth especially liked him gently squeezing her tits, making each nipple tepeören escort protrude, and then sucking them deeply into his mouth.

Beth had never experienced this type of slow lovemaking before. Placing her hands around his head and drawing him close, she let out a squeal and said, “God, this is wonderful. I’m coming; I have never come from my tits before.” Al continued on her tits some more, and she came again.

They went on trying to find all of the erogenous zones on each other’s bodies; a most beautiful feeling for them both.

Although their 66 and 61-year-old bodies couldn’t match the athleticism of 25-year-old bodies, their sexual session was intense; pure ecstasy. While they were still on a great big high Al moved down to her muff, gently pushing his tongue between her legs. He latched onto her clit and was rewarded by the loudest moan he had ever heard. Within a very short time of him sucking her lips and clit Beth erupted into a very strong orgasm, and she arched her body off the bed and rubbed her cunt all over his face and mouth.

By now, Al was the hardest he had been in many years. Moving up over Beth, he got himself into position and drove his hard cock deep into her. She reacted by wrapping her arms around him and clawed his back, drawing blood.

Beth screamed out “My God Al what are you doing to me. I have never been fucked like this in my life.”

Al kept on stroking for a few more minutes and then five years worth of cum erupted out the end of his cock deep into Beth’s vagina as she came too


They both lay there on the bed until full consciousness returned.

The couple drifted off to sleep with the lights still on, and when they awoke some two hours later, they fucked again to exhaustion. This time before going to sleep, Al turned the lights off.

With the dawn, our lovers woke and kissed each other awake.

Al asked, “Do you want some more sex, or would you rather shower?”

Beth elected to have a dawn breaker, which Al fully agreed to. This became a gorgeous, slow, sensuous coupling where both orgasmed together then held each other tight, remarking as to how the night had been the greatest pleasure both had had in vast countless years.

Al and Beth showered separately because both were sexually exhausted and they needed to have breakfast finished before Steve returned to discuss the exciting night just gone. Both were still bubbling from the experience.

When Steve and his brother returned about 11 am Beth rushed out to wheel him into the house and as arranged beforehand, Steve’s brother left saying that he had further family business to attend.

Beth brought Steve into the kitchen, telling him “I love you so much for giving me this night with Al. Although I have never admitted it, I did need this sex. My fingers do not really do the job properly.” She also added, “I do sincerely hope this session does not affect our marriage.” Beth was glowing.

Steve smiled “I don’t believe it will. From what I know about Al, I am sure he will not come between us so long you tell me all about your sex life each time you two get together. Al can come and service you when you need it. From the look of your glow Beth, we have done the right thing by all of us and the project. I will make a big donation to the Townsville Service Club.”

Al smiled and said, “I’ll match it because meeting up with you both through the Service Club has made my life.”

Turning to Al, Steve said “I know that physically I am getting a bit much for Beth to handle. I am getting heavier, and she is getting older. We need some help at times. I would appreciate you staying a close friend, and in return, Beth, if she wishes can give you benefits with my blessing. Keeps her happy too.”

Al shook hands with Steve saying, “I’ll help you, and this is one threesome that will work well.”

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