Getting Stuffed on Thanksgiving

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Juliana pulled into the long driveway at Carol’s country home with the sun lighting the forest trees. She was happy she’d accepted the invitation to attend the Thanksgiving gathering. The relaxing drive from the city was so much better than the stress and expense of airline holiday travel. Not to mention the unavoidable anxiety associated with family gatherings.

Carol loved to entertain and was a relaxed hostess. There would be an interesting mix of about twenty people. Juliana knew half of them and Carol’s parties always included at least a couple unique and entertaining characters. She looked forward to meeting and interacting with some new and interesting people. There would be a large buffet instead of a formal sit down dinner. Guests were welcome to walk the large property, enjoy the hot tub and sauna, explore the stables, watch football, or chat while enjoying the well-stocked bar.

When Carol greeted her with an enthusiastic hug, and genuine pleasure, Juliana felt the work week tension slip away. She gave her hostess a bottle of local red wine. Taking in the seasonal decorations, she relaxed into the warm holiday festivities. Juliana was ready to get into the playful party spirit of the season.

After hanging her coat in the hall closet, she ran a hand through thick, shoulder length brown hair. Juliana wore a silken, three quarter sleeve blouse in light periwinkle over a softly layered black skirt on a bias cut.

Helping herself to some mulled cider, Juliana cruised the house and chatted with friends. Drawn by the sun and the comfortable temperature, she wandered out to the stone patio and stood by the fire crackling in the raised pit. The dancing flames riveted her attention.

After a few minutes, another guest approached the fireplace. He said, “I love the smell of wood smoke.”

Juliana agreed, “Yes, it reminds me of when we used to rake and burn leaves.” Extending her hand, she added, “Hi, I’m Juliana.”

Shaking her hand, he replied, “I’m Scott.”

While they exchanged typical introductory pleasantries, Juliana checked him out. Athletic, short dark hair, well dressed, but not flashy. He had an easy laugh and a relaxed demeanor.

Juliana didn’t want to interrupt the pleasant conversation, but when Carol circulated nearby, she offered to help put out the food. Carol accepted and they walked to the large country kitchen. She could feel Scott’s eyes follow her, so she put an extra swing in her hips.

Carol explained that Scott was an associate at the law firm that handled her business affairs. Picking up on Juliana’s interest, she added that he was single and had come solo to the dinner.

The mouthwatering aroma of the food filled the house and added to the congenial atmosphere. The combination of catered and homemade dishes was plentiful. With everyone pitching in, it was swiftly put out.

Juliana had switched to wine and it gave her a light, party buzz. As she picked at appetizers and talked with people, she kurtköy escort occasionally caught Scott’s eye and gave him a wink or a flirtatious flick of her hair.

When it was time for the main course, they connected at the buffet table and paired up to eat. They talked work and mutual friends and compared recent travel adventures. Juliana enjoyed his wit and his wide range of outdoor interests. She was also excited by his obvious attraction.

After dinner, they each got another glass of wine and decided to walk around the property to stretch and work off some of the calories. When Scott touched her arm or lower back to steady her on the uneven ground, Juliana felt a welcome spark. They chatted and laughed about nothing in particular while exploring the estate’s beautiful grounds. Their flirtation included playful sexual banter about the size of drumsticks and the proper way to stuff a bird.

After such a filling meal, Juliana would normally be lethargic and want to settle into a welcoming sofa. However, the unexpected sexual tension had her alert and wired. When the hometown football game started, most people drifted into the great room and settled before the big screen television. Juliana sat in an over-stuffed leather chair. Scott was looking at her from across the room. Pretending to be immersed in the game, Juliana uncrossed her legs in a manner that allowed Scott a view up her thighs. She held the position for several seconds then recrossed her legs. She hoped no one else saw her slutty move. When she looked back at Scott, he smiled, tilted his head and raised his eyebrows in approval. Encouraged, Juliana looked around furtively and made a few other subtle sexual gestures: slowly rubbing her breast to dust off non-existent crumbs; sensuously licking wine from her fingers. Scott was trying to act nonchalant, but, he was riveted.

When she again scanned the room for unintended observers, Juliana was startled to see Carol watching her. Juliana almost spilled her wine. Carol gave her a salacious look and silently mouthed ‘naughty girl’. Flushing a bright red, Juliana tried to melt into the chair and turned her eyes to the screen. She knew Carol would approve of her seduction. But, she was still embarrassed at being so carelessly caught.

The football game was getting exciting and the crowd was becoming noisy. Despite getting caught by the hostess, Juliana was getting seriously excited for other reasons. After a few minutes, Juliana raised her eyes and confirmed no one was watching her except Scott. Assuring herself that Carol was otherwise occupied, she dropped a napkin on the floor. Juliana spread her thighs wide to pick it up and gave him a long upskirt view of her red lace lingerie. Across the room, Scott shifted to accommodate the growing stiffness in his trousers.

As soon as he could walk without revealing his erection, Scott approached her chair. Waving his glass, he asked, “Would you like a fill up?”

Juliana licked her lips aydıntepe escort and replied, “A strong one would really hit the spot.”

Scott’s eyes blazed with desire, “I think I have just what you need.”

Juliana rose and followed him from the room. At the foot of the stairs to the balcony, Scott paused to confirm that they were alone. He pulled Juliana close and kissed her hard. She was flustered, thrilled and dazed. His hot lips lingered. Scott hugged her close letting his hand slide down her back to her behind and pulled her hips close to his. Juliana felt a delightful warmth in her loins and moved her body to grind them together.

When he released her, his eyes were boring into hers. He nodded his head toward the stairs. Without hesitating, she took his hand and lead them quietly up to the second floor. The balcony overlooked the great room on the right and was lined by bedrooms on the left. The crowd below cheered some action on the field and hadn’t noticed their departure.

Juliana felt exposed and wanted to move into one of the rooms. Instead, Scott pulled her close again for another intense kiss. Juliana’s innate shyness caused her to hesitate. However, she melted when Scott squeezed her breast through the soft material of her blouse. Her nipples hardened and her breathing deepened.

Scott hungrily increased the contact. Juliana’s arousal become passionate. She shifted away from the exposed railing and slid inside a guest bedroom. When she moved to close the door, Scott kept it open by pressing their bodies against it.

They pawed each other greedily and wrestled in rising heat. Scott lifted her skirt to better massage her thighs and behind. Juliana simultaneously covered his face and neck with rapid, wet kisses. As Scott tenderly massaged her breasts, she released his belt.

Juliana feel like a sex-starved school girl. The crowd downstairs was shouting as the game approached a climax. The sound made it seem they were in the middle of the tumult. She blushed from fear of discovery, but the risk was also an aphrodisiac. Her body and mind floated on a wanton sea of desire.

Scott nimbly shook off his pants and pulled his shirt over his head. Juliana removed her blouse. Scott released her skirt and let it fall. His eyes were wide with lust. Nonetheless, he paused to admire her blood red lingerie and flushed skin. “You. Are. Gorgeous.”

Juliana felt as though he could devour her. It pushed her higher. She pulled him toward her and pressed her lips into his. She gasped as he swept her up and carried her to the bed. When he placed her down, she squirmed erotically.

Scott laid next to her and his hand traced a warm line from her knee, along her thigh, and lingered at her underwear to deliver an electric jolt. Then, it moved over her belly, continued up her body, and settled on her tits. While he worked with increasing urgency, Juliana groped his stiff penis. They explored each other oblivious to the nearby tuzla içmeler escort crowd. Murmurs and moans were interlaced with raunchy comments and whispered praise. They were locked in an all-consuming cocoon of physical attraction and need.

Juliana’s panties were damp from his stroking and the excitement. Her bra slid down her shoulders. Precum from her desperate squeezing marked his boxer briefs. She wriggled them down his thighs and freed his throbbing dick. Her panties quickly followed.

Spreading her thighs in invitation, Juliana wanted him with animal need. He mounted her and the welcome weight triggered a carnal response. She moved beneath him to increase and direct the amorous pressure. Scott slid his member along her damp pubic hairs. The delight was exquisite. She was near the edge and squeezed her thighs to keep him close.

With jagged pants, she pleaded, “Now. Please now.”

Without hesitation, Scott drove his shaft forward. Parting her swollen and eager lips, he plunged deep into her temple. As her hard clit lit, Juliana lifted her rear and pushed up against him. After the slightest pause to enjoy the penetration, they began to rock in an accelerating rhythm. He moved down as she pumped up to engulf his swollen cock. With each deep joining, their breathing increased and their fire swelled. Juliana urged him on. She kissed his face, bit his lips, and grabbed his hair. Her nails flicked his body. Juliana held tight as they both thrashed on the bed. Her moist vagina tightened on him and her clitoris buzzed.

They writhed and tangled together in mindless passion. With a breathless squeal, Juliana climaxed in a spasm of bliss.

Scott smiled with pleasure that she had come. He pumped with muscular force until with a final hip jam his stiffened body pinned her to the mattress and he filled her with his essence.

Juliana’s body was helpless: limp, soaring, satisfied and glowing. They lay together with synchronized breathing. After a few minutes, her eyes refocused. She regained a sense of where they were and how exposed. “We’ve got to get dressed” she whispered with a flighty giggle.

They quickly gathered their clothes while exchanging surreptitious glances and uncontrollable grins. They were half-dressed when Juliana heard footsteps on the stairs. She quickly buttoned her blouse. Scott had his back turned to fix his zipper when the Carol walked by the open door.

Carol paused and assessed the scene: disheveled bed, barefoot feet, mussed hair. Juliana was shot through with embarrassment at her tawdry behavior. She looked as healthily and obviously fucked as she ever had in her life.

Rather than be angry, Carol smiled indulgently and in her warmest hostess voice asked, “Is there anything you two need?”

Juliana sighed in relief at her friend’s tolerance and kindness. With a lop-sided smile and a touch of chagrin, Scott answered, “No, I’ve got everything I need.”

Juliana looked at him with affection. She turned to Carol with a grateful expression and added, “I’m completely stuffed”. They traded knowing looks. “By the way, this is the best holiday party ever.”

Carol nodded and said, “That’s why it’s called Thanksgiving.” As she closed the door, she added, “I hope you enjoy dessert.”

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