One Summer

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Author’s note; there is a tiny, and I mean tiny, piece of male on male masturbation in this story. For those that find these things offensive…


Bob and Alice Hall parked their car outside the train station and with their daughter, Laura, they went to look at the arrivals board. As the train pulled in they craned their necks, silently playing a game of who could see him first. Laura won. She sprinted along the platform and leapt onto her brother.

“Jack! Oh my god I’ve missed you!” she squealed.

Her parents caught up and hugged Jack. They chatted as they walked to the car and drove home.

Jack Hall was twenty four years old. He had been away at university and was now back home for the summer vacation. He had just finished his second year at uni having travelled and worked a bit since leaving high school.

When they arrived home Alice fixed dinner. As they ate Jack asked the question that had been bothering him for a few weeks.

“How’s Nan?” he asked.

Nan was his grandmother. A few weeks ago she had suffered a nasty fall while out shopping and had broken several bones. She had been in hospital ever since, but was slowly recovering.

They chatted about Nan and Jack also asked his seventeen year old sister, Laura, about school.

Laura was thrilled to see her big brother. She missed him a lot when he was away, even though she had been dating a boy called Darren for about ten months. She was looking forward to school finishing and spending the long summer with both her boyfriend and her brother.

A week later Laura celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Her parents took her and her brother to a fantastic restaurant to treat her.

A few days later, Bob took his son aside and asked him a massive favor. Bob’s father, George, Jack and Laura’s grandfather, was struggling a bit at his home with his wife in hospital. George didn’t drive and the hospital was in the nearest big town, about twenty miles away. Bob asked Jack if their was any chance if he would mind spending the summer with his grandfather, helping out. A massive favor, and Bob knew he was asking a lot, but Jack agreed. Unfortunately Laura was very upset at not seeing her brother during the summer.

“Why don’t you go too?” suggested Alice.

“Could do. Would you mind Jack?”

“It wouldn’t bother me. It would be nice to have a bit of company from someone born in the same century as me! But what about Darren?” asked Jack.

“Oh I know but he’s got a summer job so I wasn’t going to see him much. Besides if he loves me he’ll understand. “

So it was agreed that Jack and his little sister would spend the summer with their grandfather, George, who was thrilled to hear the news.

Their grandfather’s house was an old cottage perched right by the sea in a deserted part of the country. It was a four bedroom cottage with a small garden that led onto sand dunes and down to the beach. There was a tiny inlet to the right of the house with just an old upturned rowing boat. Their was a village with a bar and a couple of shops about twenty minutes walk away. But the nearest town was twenty miles away and the buses were not very frequent, so George was having great difficulty doing the shopping and visiting his sick wife in hospital. Nan had been told by doctors that she probably would be in hospital for about three months.

Jack and Laura drove up on a Sunday morning. The drive was about three hours. George was thrilled to see his grandchildren, as he still thought of them, even though they were twenty four and eighteen.

Laura took the small bedroom, at the top of the stairs next to her grandparents room. Then after that there was a big double room, then at the end of the hall, at the opposite end to Laura’s room, an even smaller room that Jack was going to sleep in.

Laura hadn’t been here in over two years and as she checked around, loads of childhood memories came flooding back. The family had often stayed here when she was younger. One thought that hit her was the night time. She remembered that out here by the sea the nights were very dark and this old cottage seemed even darker. Often at night she had got spooked by the slightest noise in the pitch black and had crawled off to the double room where her parents slept or the room where her brother slept. She would climb into bed with them, cuddle up and feel so much safer.

So when she went to bed that first Sunday night she was already nervous. She put on a t shirt and shorts and lay still in the darkness, afraid to lie on her side or close her eyes. That first night seemed an eternity and at breakfast she told her granddad and her brother that she had slept badly.

“I kept expecting you to come into my room. I knew you’d be scared,” laughed Jack.

Laura had thought of doing just that several times during the night, but didn’t because she thought her big brother would think she was still just a kid, and also because it might be a bit awkward. They weren’t children any more, after all.

On fixbet the Monday they all went for a walk in the morning before driving to the hospital to see Nan after lunch. On the way back they bought some supplies before Laura cooked dinner. In the evening Laura spoke to her boyfriend Darren on the phone, before they all headed off to bed. Laura read for awhile, wearing her t shirt and shorts. She switched off the light and lay in bed, again terrified if the dark. Eventually she gave up, swallowed her pride, and walked down the hall to the room her brother was in. Jack looked up when he heard the knock on his door. His sister opened it and stepped in.

“Is it Ok?” she whispered.

Jack smiled and pulled back the sheets. Laura climbed in and rolled over onto her side, her back to her brother. With Jack there she felt so much safer and was soon asleep. Laura woke up the next morning, with sunlight beaming through the curtains. Her brother was lying next to her, his arm draped over her stomach and his hard cock poking her ass. She realized that he had an erection and she gently pushed herself away from him, before getting out of bed. She pulled back the sheets and smiled as she saw the tent in his boxer shorts. She quickly left the room, not wanting granddad to catch her in the same bed as her brother.

The next night Laura again read a book in her own bed. She was feeling horny and thinking about Darren who had phoned her that evening. She slipped her hand into her panties and rubbed herself to an orgasm, as quietly as possible. After that she went to her brother’s room to sleep. It was a hot night and Jack was just wearing boxers. Again she fell asleep quickly. She woke up during the night, when it was still dark, and was surprised that to find that she was still horny. She quietly slipped her hand into her panties and began touching her pussy. Terrified of getting caught, she crept out to the bathroom and masturbated there.

“What’s wrong with me? I feel so horny here,”she wondered to herself.

Back at home with her boyfriend Laura enjoyed a very enjoyable sex life. She was surprised that Darren had opened up a side to her that she didn’t know existed. She was a horny little devil and also quite perverted. She couldn’t get enough sex. Now here at her grandparents house she wondered how she was going to cope for four or five weeks without a cock to satisfy her. Oh well lots of masturbation.

She went back to Jack’s room and got into bed.

“You Ok? I thought I heard you get up?”

“Sorry just needed to pee,” she replied.

The next morning Jack and Laura went for a walk along the beach. They met a man who introduced himself as Henry Meed, their grandparents nearest neighbor. He pointed to his house which was about half a mile from their grandparent’s house.

“I remember you two. Jack and Louise isn’t it?”


“Sorry, Laura.”

They told him they were staying for the summer.

“Oh you must meet Megan my daughter. She’s about your age . It will be nice for her to meet someone her own age and she can show you around if you want.”

They agreed that would be great and carried on walking. In the afternoon they all went to visit Nan. That night Laura again spoke to Darren on the phone. She went to bed, read, and masturbated before going to Jack’s room. Wearing a vest and panties she climbed in next to him. Normally in the morning she would get up before granddad and go back to her own room. That morning however she slept through. A knock on the door woke her up. Jack was already awake. George came in, carrying a tray with two cups of coffee.

“You scared me this morning, I went in your room and you weren’t there. I guessed you’d be here,” their grandfather laughed.

“Sorry, got spooked I guess,”she blushed.

She got up and went to the bathroom. Her brother and grandfather stared at her panty clad ass as she left the room. George looked at his grandson curiously. She came back in. George had gone downstairs. She got back into bed and chatted to Jack as they drank their coffee.

“Do you mind me coming into your bed?” Laura asked her brother.

“No it’s fine. Hopefully it won’t last all summer though,” he laughed.

Laura kissed him on the cheek as she got up and skipped to her own room. The next night Laura received a text picture from Darren. It was a photo of him naked with an erection. She sighed dreamily as she stared at it. In bed she stripped naked and rubbed her cunt furiously, enjoying her best orgasm since coming here. After reading for a bit she put on a vest and panties and went to Jack’s room. He was still awake. She climbed in and they cuddled. He was just wearing shorts and she was sure she could feel his semi hard cock against her leg.

Jack looked at his sister as she entered his room. Damn she looks hot again. That morning she had got out of his bed and he and his grandfather had stared at her ass in her tight little panties. He had no idea she only wore panties and a vest in his bed. fixbet giriş After she had gone back to her room he had jacked off thinking about her ass.

Jack had no proper girlfriend but at university he enjoyed a fairly decent sex life involving one night stands, drunken fumbles and a couple of very drunken threesomes. His little sister was just that. His little sister. He still thought of her as a little kid. And with her needing to sleep in his room because she was still scared of the dark, well that seemed to confirm she was still a child. But then he saw her fine panty clad ass. Oh my!

Laura climbed in, but instead of lying down to sleep, she cuddled her big brother. Shit this was hot thought Jack as his cock responded. After a brief cuddle they lay down to sleep. Jack could hardly sleep, thinking about the scantily dressed teenage girl next to him. He was missing sex, and feeling horny.

Laura couldn’t sleep. She was still thinking about Darren’s naked photo, and despite her earlier masturbation, she was feeling horny. She slipped her hand into her panties and began to rub her pussy. As she got more turned on she thought of going to the bathroom, but she realized the act of playing with herself while her brother slept in bed next to her was adding to the excitement and making her even hornier. She slipped her panties down, and off, kicking them onto the floor next to the bed. She thought if she was quiet and calm enough she could get away with doing this while Jack slept. Damn that was a hot thought.

Jack lay awake, aware of slight movement next to him. His sister was breathing hard and fast. The increasingly rhythmic movement and a little moan confirmed what he thought. His hard cock twitched as he realized she was masturbating. He listened, feeling so horny. Had he ever felt hornier, he wondered. My little sister! Finally he could stand it no more. He silently slipped his hand down inside his boxers and around his cock.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing?” he whispered.

Laura stopped, shocked. Oh fuck!

“Err…no. I mean no, of course not.”

“What are you doing then?”

“Nothing, I was just…”

“It’s Ok. I’m doing it too.”

“Huh?” asked Laura.

“I’m playing with myself.”


“It’s hot, I’m horny and I’m missing having any sort of sex life, just like you.”


“What are you thinking of?” Jack asked.

“Jack I can’t. Not with you here. It’s embarrassing. “

“Just tell me, what are you thinking about? “

“Darren. He sent me a nude picture.”


Jack pulled his shorts down and stroked his cock, much more blatantly now. Laura looked at the sheet above her brother’s waist moving in time to his stroking. She resumed her own rubbing of her pussy. Brother and sister lay together, masturbating under the sheets. Finally Jack grunted as he came, shot after shot of sperm hitting the sheets. Laura came moments later, moaning and shaking. Jack climbed out of bed, in the darkness, and went to the bathroom, still naked, to get some tissues. When he came back in Laura was standing by the bed. She had switched the bedside lamp on, and was standing wearing just her vest. Jack looked at her naked pussy as she stared at his nude body, in particular his limp cock.

“Oh. Now this is awkward. I just wanked in front of my brother, ” she laughed, blushing.

“Err? I’m not sure how that came about. Sorry.”

“It’s Ok. Err, what now?” Laura asked.

“Sleep,” replied Jack, climbing into bed still naked.

Laura climbed back in, wearing just her vest, as her brother turned off the light. Satisfied by their game the two siblings fell asleep. Laura woke up hearing her grandfather going downstairs. Remembering where she was and what had happened she got up and ran to her room. A few minutes later her grandfather appeared with a cup of coffee.

“You keep me guessing where you are! I went into your brother’s room first but you weren’t there,” he laughed.

“Sorry granddad, I slept in here last night. Must’ve been too tired to get scared!”

She sat up and took her cup. Her grandfather left her room and went downstairs to prepare breakfast. After he had gone Laura got up and went back to Jack’s room, having put on a pair of shorts first.

“Morning bro,” she smiled, climbing into his bed.

“Morning. You Ok? “

“Yeah, you? “

“Sure. I just remembered what happened last night. Are you Ok with it. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you,” he told her.

No it’s ok, honest. Anyway I started it,” she laughed.

“I know, but it’s a bit weird. Jacking off in front of each other. Maybe we shouldn’t have.”

“Don’t worry. I know it’s a bit weird. Let’s just put it down to experience. I know it’s wrong, and I don’t want you to think I’m a bit slutty or anything, but it just happened. “

“I would never think that about you.”

“Thanks Jack.”

“We’re bad aren’t we?” he laughed.

“Very. You probably think I’m a real dirty bitch.”

“No, you’re ok. Besides it’s not the first time I’ve jacked off since I got here,” Jack said.


“No, I did it yesterday morning too.”

“Do you want to know a secret? I’ve done it nearly every night. I go to bed, read a bit and then play with myself before I try to sleep. “


“I know…”

“So my little sister cums in her bed then just after that comes into my bed?”

“Err…suppose, yeah.”

“Laura, I’m feeling horny right now.”

Laura looked down at the sheet and saw the tent.

“Shit, you’re still naked aren’t you?”

He nodded.

“Do you want to do it again? Now?” she asked.

He nodded.


“Yeah I guess. “

Jack slipped his hand around his cock. Laura hesitated.

“Wait. I can’t. Not here with you. Not with you watching. Sorry I can’t. “

“It’s ok.”

“I want to but you’re my brother, it’s just too weird. I’ll go to my own room and do it there.”

Before he could say anything Laura got up and left the room.

They had breakfast then shortly after they had both showered there was a knock on the door. It was the neighbor, Henry Meed, with a short, pretty looking girl. George answered the door. After the two men had chatted briefly Laura and Jack were beckoned to meet Megan.

“Hi, Jack. Laura. This is my daughter, Megan,” Henry told them.

Megan held out her hand shyly to greet them. After a bit of small talk the three of them went for a walk down to the beach. They talked about the area. About school. Megan told them she didn’t have a lot of friends. About how her mother had died when she was four leaving just her and her dad in the house. They had noticed a massive scar running up her left arm.

“That’s ok. Everyone looks at that. I got a bit too close to some farm machinery when I was two. That scar seems to be the only thing people notice about me,” she sighed.

The three of them got on well and agreed to go into the village one evening for a drink. After lunch Jack and his grandfather went off to visit Nan in the hospital. Laura stayed and baked a cake and some giant cookies, one of her special talents. That evening the three of them watched a movie on tv, sharing a bottle of wine. Laura wore a short cropped top with thin spaghetti straps, and a pair of shorts. They went to bed. Laura read for a while before going to her brother’s room. Jack was still awake, sitting up reading. She climbed into bed with him. After a while he turned the light off and they cuddled together. Laura felt his semi hard cock brushing against her leg.

“Hey! Are you horny again?” she laughed.

“Sorry, it’s just, you know. Out here in the middle of nowhere I can’t seem to think of anything but sex!” he joked.

“Me too. Do you want to?”

Without answering Jack rolled onto his back and slipped off his shorts. He began to stroke his cock. Laura pulled off her shorts and began to masturbate as well. Halfway through she pulled off her top, so she was naked, like her brother, although their nudity was hidden by the sheet. They both came, panting and really turned on.

“I guess that’s twice now,” laughed Jack.

“We must be really bad people,” Laura replied.

Without putting their clothes back on they tried to sleep. Jack turned his back on his sister. She wriggled to get close to him, pressing her breasts against his bare back and draped her arm across his chest. They fell asleep. Laura woke up sometime later. It was still dark. The room was pitch black. She was now facing away from Jack and his cock was nestled in between her ass cheeks. His hand was across her stomach. Feeling horny again, she pushed her ass back into his cock, which began to stiffen. He didn’t wake. Feeling really turned on and naughty, she grabbed his arm and laid his hand to rest on her right breast. Still he didn’t wake. Finally she rolled onto her back, leaving his hand on her tit. She reached down and began to touch his now hard cock. With her thumb and fore finger she played with his sensitive tip.

Finally Jack woke up. He became aware of his sister’s hand messing about with his penis, also realizing he was touching her boob.

“Mmmmm, feels good,” he whispered.

Laura began to stroke his cock, and at the same time, with her free hand, she started to rub her pussy. Soon Jack was getting close. His breathing quickened and he moaned. Laura sat up to get a proper and firm hold on his shaft. Then he shot out several jets of semen. The first two or three landed on his stomach. The rest dribbled out onto his sister’s hand. Laura brushed her hand over his stomach to wipe off his seed. Jack sat up a bit then leaned over to turn on the lamp. He was greeted by the sight of his sister sitting up naked. He looked at her breasts for the first time, and at her pussy, open and gaping as she sat with her legs folded under her. Her hand was on his stomach. Laura looked at her brother. His cock was still semi erect. He had cum on his stomach.

Jack leaned across and kissed Laura’s tit. He then began licking and sucking them. Laura started to rub her pussy furiously, in full view of her brother. She came soon after and they lay together.

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