Happy Birthday Jinny

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Jinny, a very tall and rather muscular Asian woman, was on her hands and knees pretending to scrub a probably imaginary spot on the kitchen floor. She was wearing a black pleated skirt with a number of layers of white fabric that was short enough to expose her white cotton panties in the position she was in.

When Jack came in, she turned her face to look at him and smiled, her long black hair cascading to the floor.

“Good evening Master Jack.” She said in a voice that was oddly both apathetic and seductive “I’m just about finished with the kitchen, and then I’ll be done for the day”

She turned back to her imaginary work and flexed her muscular thighs to push herself forward, and show her panties even more.

“JINNY!” A scream that Jack knew belonged to Amanda, Jinny’s girlfriend, came from the bedroom of the corner apartment.

“Coming Mistress Amanda” Jinny responded with the same apathetic and seductive voice, got up, and walked to the bedroom with Jack in toe after he slipped off his loafers and pulled off his dress socks.

“Jinny, you didn’t do the laundry, and you did a terrible job making the bed” Amanda barked, sitting on the end of the bed that had probably never been made.

Amanda, an average height woman with round hips and thighs, and naturally tight brown curls that hung to her shoulders, was sitting on the bed cross legged, kicking her top leg back and forth. Her position, rocked back and resting on her hands, made her black, over the knee socks and brown slip on shoes more prominent than her white sweater and c-cup boobs. Her black skirt, that hung tightly to her milky white thighs, was barely noticeable.

Jinny stood with a blank expression on her face, and Amanda turned to Jack.

“Well, is this acceptable?” She demanded from him

“No, totally unacceptable” He answered with a slight smirk on his face as he began unbuttoning the sleeves of his white dress shirt.

“I think we should fire her” Amanda threatened, looking into Jinny’s eyes, obviously struggling not to look at Jinny’s chest. Jinny’s boobs weren’t very big, but the black faux-corset that made up the top of the maid’s uniform, made the bronze mounds very prominent.

“No, I need this job” Jinny answered, half-playing along “I’ll do anything. Anything” Jinny put emphasis on the word ‘anything’ and ran her long, thin tongue across her dark red lips.

“Well, we definitely have to punish you” Jack stepped forward and put one of his hands on the inside of one of Jinny’s exposed thighs and started to run his hand up until he was lifting the layers of her skirt and exposing her panties.

“Oh my, I don’t know if I can do that” Jinny teased as she bent forward, thrusting her tight, muscular butt out and pressed her arms together making her breasts more prominent to Amanda. Amanda licked her lips, uncrossed her legs and spread her thighs.

“OK, come here.” Amanda said, her voice weak “Let’s see what you can do”

Jinny had a fierce walk to Amanda, flexing her hips as she went so that her skirt lifted and exposed flashes of her panties for Jack’s lingering gaze.

Dropping to her hands and knees, Jinny took a gentle bite of the hem of the black skirt and lifted it above Amanda’s hips and ran her button nose down Amanda’s black cotton panties, before running her tongue up them. She gave a few licks of Amanda’s pantyed pussy before using her mouth to lift Amanda’s skirt all the way over Amanda’s round hips until she could see the band of Amanda’s panties.

Jack, meanwhile, had noticed the leg spreader, leather cuffs, and rope sitting on a dresser while he took off his dress shirt and white under shirt. While Jinny was using her tongue to pull Amanda’s panties down, Jack was coming up behind her and securing her ankles into the brown leather cuffs. That is when he realized that Jinny was wearing white knee socks without any shoes on, and also noticed the small dark spot on the crouch of her panties.

Jack lifted the layers of Jinny’s skirt over her slim hips and pulled her panties off. Squeezing her ass and spreading her pussy lips with his thumbs, Jack leaned forward and reached his tongue into Jinny’s moist cunt, enjoying the sweet taste of her juices, and dragged his tongue out along the bottom most of her pussy’s opening. Jinny leaned into Amanda’s cunt and cooed while flexing her hips toward Jack.

Jinny had returned to eagerly licking Amanda’s vulva and clit when her legs were pushed apart and secured into the leg spreader. She was flicking Amanda’s clit with her slender tongue when her wrists were secured into more cuffs.

Jack began to rub Jinny’s back while trying to use a series of facial expressions and head jerks to figure out what Amanda wanted to do with Jinny. After jerking her head towards the ceiling a few times, Jack looked up and saw an eye screw hanging from the ceiling and another on the wall next to a step ladder.

After quickly threading the rope through the eye screw in the ceiling, Jack took off his gray dress pants and returned to the görükle escort girls. Amanda was now laying on her back, fingers woven into Jinny’s hair, her hips flexing up into Jinny, both of their faces were screwed up in concentration.

Soft moans were coming from Amanda’s lips when Jack came over and grabbed one of Jinny’s wrists. She lifted her head to try to figure out what Jack was up to, but he pressed her face back into Amanda’s warm cunt and lifted the wrist to her back. She didn’t look up when Jack grabbed the other one and started to tie the two of them together with the end of the rope.

Amanda started groaning and flexing her hips into Jinny’s face.

The groaning stopped and Amanda flexed her chest out, locked her jaw open, and pressed Jinny’s face into her cunt.

Amanda’s legs lifted and pressed into Jinny’s sides, before her body went limp and she went back to her low moaning.

Jack put his hands on Jinny’s hips, picked her up, and helped walk her back until she was under the eye screw. Amanda’s body twitched slightly a few times as her fingers worked her cunt and her orgasm continued to work through her.

Reaching both hands around Jinny’s waist, Jack nuzzled Jinny’s neck and ear lobe. He kissed the base of her warm neck and slowly worked his way up until his nose was buried in her sweet smelling hair and he was kissing her hairline. He reached his hands up to squeeze her breasts, and her hands finally figured out where his cock was. One hand squeezed firmly, but not tightly, onto his shaft and started to slowly jerk him through his boxers, while her other hand groped for his balls, and on finding them gave a firm squeeze as well.

Jack was gently nibbling at Jinny’s tiny earlobe when Amanda cleared her throat.

Her panties were on the ground, and she had kicked off her shoes. She was sitting her bare butt on her bed, her skirt now completely over her hips. Her hair was as disheveled as it could be with how tight her curls were.

“I thought we were going to punish her” She demanded of Jack “Not fuck her”

“Just teasing her.” Jack answered, giving Jinny’s breasts a hard squeeze that caused a slight bulge of her eyes. “I didn’t want to start the fun without you”

Amanda got up to unsteady legs while Jack stepped back and tightened the rope through the eye screw and walked to the eye screw on the wall. He passed the rope through and began to slowly pull it taut while Jinny began bending over. Amanda was stroking Jinny’s face and petting her hair while looking lovingly at the tall sub. When Amanda was satisfied, she looked up at Jack, and he tied it off, leaving Jinny’s upper body almost parallel to the floor, her hips flexed back and her arms held up.

While Jack was stroking one of Jinny’s muscular thighs and kicking off his boxers, Amanda walked up with a ball gag and pet Jinny’s hair before securing the gag. Amanda was smiling as she walked back to the dresser.

“Now,” Amanda began while picking up a riding crop and walking around to Jinny’s butt “let’s have some fun with our dirty, lazy little slut of a maid!”

She punctuated her sentence with a firm crack of the crop onto Jinny’s tight butt, and Jinny bucked forward as best as she could and gave an aroused and pained moan.

“Alright Amanda, what do you want to do now?”

What was allowed had been agreed on, but not any kind of order, and this was much more Amanda’s show than Jack’s.

A glow covered Amanda’s face, and she darted under Jinny’s chest and began working at the front of the faux-corset. When Jinny’s shapely mounds hung free Amanda began sucking and biting at the lovely nipples in front of her, while offering the crop to Jack. She slinked her way up and around so that she was on her knees in front of Jinny, her arms wrapped around Jinny’s neck, their faces pressed close together, Amanda gently kissing Jinny’s cheek.

“OK Jack” she started, and looked over Jinny’s head at Jack “Whip the shit out of her”

Jack positioned himself behind Jinny, his right side towards her, and the crop in his right hand. He pulled the crop back to his left side and brought it into Jinny’s exposed butt with a sharp crack, and Jinny jerked forward. Amanda lifted off her sweater, half-facing away from Jack.

When Amanda dropped her sweater aside she quickly brought her hands back around Jinny’s neck.

“Those are lovely, by the way” Jack told her before another crack filled the room. Amanda smiled and ran her finger’s through Jinny’s hair.

There was another crack as the crop landed on Jinny’s butt one more time.

Amanda was undoing her bra and tossing it aside while Jack whipped Jinny’s ass a few more times, and she was undoing her skirt when Jack began to gently stroke the inside of Jinny’s thighs with the end of the crop.

Jinny’s right butt cheek was a nice shade of red, and as Jack crossed to her other side, he began to gently stroke the darkest area with the crop. He pulled back and cracked into her. A red spot glowed where the görükle escort bayan crop had landed. Jack pulled back and cracked it into her. Her body kept jerking with each crack.

After a few more cracks, Jack looked up to Amanda. She had a content and pleased look on her face as she leaned forward and kissed Jinny’s forehead.

“Hard.” Amanda instructed, without looking away from Jinny. “Whip her hard. I want to see what she looks like when it hurts”

And that was when Jack realized why they had asked him to participate in Jinny’s birthday present, it wasn’t just that Jinny missed being fucked by a dude: Amanda wanted to enjoy the looks on her girlfriend’s face when this was happening.

Jack crossed to Jinny’s other side. Holding the crop on his left hand, he pulled back most of the way and brought the crop down onto Jinny’s reddened butt. The crack was loud, and Jinny’s body surged forward as far as she could, her head flexed up and a rain of spittle came from her mouth while she moaned through the gag.

The looks of pain and arousal and submission and anger on Jinny’s face were a beautiful painting that Amanda took in as much as she could. Amanda’s own face passed through curiosity, to arousal, and back to curiosity with a slight flex of her cheeks on her slackened face.

Jack lifted the crop off and examined the bright red mark that was starting to form on both of Jinny’s butt cheeks from the crack. He waited a moment to make sure there was no blood coming. He pulled back and hit her again, but aimed slightly lower.

There was another wave of spittle and pained surging. The beautiful painting that Amanda enjoyed was different, she saw more arousal and submission in the twinkle in her eyes, and more pain as a few tears spilled over and began to run down her cheeks. Jinny began to blush and Amanda licked her lips, while some of her fingers went into her pussy and started probing for her g-spot while other fingers started to fiddle looking for her clit.

Jack began to caress Jinny’s butt, but stopped at the way her warm skin twitched and her body flexed away.

Jack put the crop on Jinny’s back, and began to do his best to sooth Jinny by rubbing her outer thighs.

“I’m not 100 percent comfortable with any more whippings” Jack told Amanda. “Got any other ideas for what you want to do to our lazy slut of a maid?”

Amanda jerked herself out of her hypnotized state and looked up at him slightly confused, before smiling her answer.

“She has tits. And a stomach. And really nice thighs. Whip them too!”

Jinny’s right thigh partly gave way when the crop landed on it. Amanda walked to the dresser that had had the leg spreader and cuffs on it. In the top drawer she pulled out a cord that was probably three feet long and covered in clothes pins, along with a pair of nipple clamps attached to a chain.

Jack stepped to Jinny’s side and rubbed the end of the crop on one of Jinny’s nipples. He admired the puffy nipples on Amanda’ small, milky white breasts. When she noticed him looking at her with a small, admiring smile on his face, she gave him a glare and turned around and undid the tie off point on the wall, taking her boobs out of his sight.

“They really are lovely, you know” He tried to reassure her before flicking the riding crop onto Jinny’s nipple.

Jinny’s body slowly slackened until she was resting her knees and then side of her face on the faux-hardwood floor. Amanda walked over and untied Jinny’s wrists while Jack stroked the inside of Jinny’s thighs with the crop. Amanda rolled Jinny onto her back and then tied the of the rope to a d-ring on the leg spreader. A sharp crack filled the silence as Jack brought the crop down onto the inside of Jinny’s thigh. Jinny’s body convulsed before her legs were brought up. When her legs were all the way up Jack brought the crop down onto the back of one her thighs.

Amanda stood over Jinny’s face and slowly sat down to her knees with her pussy directly above Jinny’s face. Amanda reached her hands out and began to gently stroke Jinny’s soft tummy. Jinny flexed her knees and hips and Jack sat down between her legs. He kissed the flexing muscle of Jinny’s calf and began to work his way towards her pussy. Just above her knee he kissed a drop of Jinny’s cum and looked to see all the streaks of cum that had been running down her thighs a moment ago.

Jack bent down and began to lick the warm cum from Jinny’s pussy while Amanda gently stroked the bronze vulva. Jinny began to gasp and coo through the gag, and Amanda started to work her cum-covered fingers through Jack’s full brown hair before gently pushing his face off Jinny’s pussy. A frustrated groan came from Jinny as her near-orgasm was denied. A pained groan came when the crop landed hard on her cunt.

Amanda picked up the rope and clothes pins and put one end of the cord and clamped a clothes pin on Jinny’s side, just below her ribs. Jack brought the crop down on Jinny’s moist pussy, and Jinny’s whole body convulsed and a pained bursa escort cry erupted from her. Amanda stroked the bronze tummy before attaching the other end of the clothes pin rope to Jinny’s other side, also just below her ribs.

Amanda used both her hands to rub Jinny’s tummy and caress her breasts before attaching the next two pins at the same time. Jinny’s body convulsed again when Jack brought the crop down on her pussy again. When Amanda put the next two clothes pins on, Jack bit into one of Jinny’s calves. While the next few clothes pins went on he began to work his way down, biting towards Jinny’s beat red ass. Amanda finished putting the clothes pins on while Jack bit his was up Jinny’s other leg until he was at her other calf.

Jack was stroking the light bite marks he left on Jinny’s thighs and admiring the half-oval on Jinny’s tummy, that stretched from just under her ribs, down her love handles, and in front of her small pouch before working it’s way up the other side.

Amanda was working Jinny’s nipples. The groans from Jinny started to seem exhausted and Amanda stopped, and unstraddled Jinny’s face. Amanda looked lovingly into Jinny’s face for a moment and smiled. Amanda took out Jinny’s ballgag and walked over to the dresser again.

Jinny hung her mouth open and panted, flaring her chest out with each inhale. A shocked scream came when Jack whipped her pussy again. Jinny looked up at Jack with a surprised look before dropping her head back and murming to herself “that was a good one”.

Amanda came back with a different gag, one with a big black dildo on the outside while Jack was putting on a condom. Amanda put the new gag in Jinny’s mouth and smiled at her girlfriend and stroked the side of her face. Amanda slapped Jinny’s face and straddled it, her big round butt sitting over Jinny’s eyes. Amanda slowly worked her way down until she was sitting on the dildo. She attached the nipple clamps next and held loosely onto the middle of the chain while she started riding the dildo.

“It’s OK.” Amanda said, her eyes closed and her face screwed up in concentration “Fuck her. Just make sure she finishes first”

Jack spread Jinny’s pussy lips and guided his dick into her, her juices spilling out over him. He grabbed her ankles and began to slowly thrusting into her.

Amanda kept opening her eyes to look at Jinny, especially her raw cunt and pinched stomach. The sight of Jinny’s beautiful body and the lovely marks the two of them had left kept her arousal high, but she was having a hard time masturbating with her eyes open.

Amanda’s free hand reached up to pinch and pull at one of her nipples. She rocked back and felt the dildo stretching her cunt slightly, and the tip of it rubbing against her g-spot. A wave of pleasure shot through her body making her hair stand on end and curling her toes. Surprised at the force of it she let out a gasp and opened her eyes just in time to see Jack leaning forward and kissing her chest between her breasts. A warm loving feeling filled her chest and she rubbed his head.

Jack leaned back and kissed Amanda’s hand before going back to his work. He rocked himself back and felt Jinny’s pussy tighten around his dick. Her whole body seemed to tighten and he began to methodically thrust into her, holding her ankle with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. He began to feel a tightness rising in his lower stomach.

Jinny’s whole body was filling with a warm feeling, Amanda’s cum was running down her cheeks, and Jack was hitting her g-spot, each time causing a rush of pleasure through her body. Though pinned under her body, Jinny’s fingers kept flexing and twitching, her toes were spreading and squishing together. After a Amanda leaned back, her plump butt was so close to Jinny’s face that she could see the tight butt hole easily. An odd desire filled her as she hoped that Amanda would force her face into that plump ass so she would have to lick Amanda’s cute butt hole.

Amanda began gasping and groaning, she leaned back further and felt her butt checks being spread by Jinny’s button nose. Amanda was grinding hard on the dildo, her belly tightened and her already stiff nipples seemed to harden more. Her body warmed and filled with pleasure, her ears started to feel hot and breathing started to feel difficult as her chest tightened.

Amanda leaned forward, curling her body over Jinny’s stomach, her tight brown curls dangling in front her of face. She slowed her thrusting and did her best to keep the dildo from stretching her pussy’s opening.

Jack was feeling a tightening in his stomach and his balls began to feel almost painfully tight. His feeling of pleasure was stretching through his body and his orgasm was becoming hard to contain much longer. Exhausted from the thrusting he started to pant and began to slow down, but kept doing his best to work her clit.

Jinny had been struggling to hold off on orgasming, liking the pre-orgasm feeling and wanting the most intense orgasm she could get. Her body was clinched and her toes started to cramp. When Amanda leaned further back Jinny’s view of her lovely butt hole got even better, and she was disappointed when Amanda rocked forward. A wave of Amanda’s cum rushed down Jinny’s face and Jinny realized she was holding off on cuming until Jinny had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32