her Devotion to Him Ch. 14

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(Author’s Note: These stories originally began as a creation for My girl, I love her with all My heart, I dedicate these works to her.)

The two Llovers had been asleep for most of the day and night when He awoke first, the crack of dawn was greeting Him, and offering to shake hands with Him, groggily He eased into the bathroom, unaware that she was behind Him, until that is, He felt the soft warmness of His breasts, pussy, and girl press against His back.

she leaned up and whispered into His ear “Let me pee with You Master..please?” He let her sit, taking His flaccid cock in her hand, she guided Him down to her, the head and shaft were brushed along His silken lips, the tip nuzzled His slit while Tthey gazed lovingly into Oone another’s blue eyes.

He felt the warm wetness of her piss begin to splatter against His cock, knowing soon enough He’d be erect, He let His bladder go, His own stream began filling the insides of His silken cunt while Tthey kissed and moaned, both Llovers beginning to get extremely horny, the kiss was broken as He murmured to her “Today, I’ve plans for Mine, to continue her fantasies”.

she shuddered feeling His piss filling His pussy, the power of that golden stream felt so nice pounding against her walls and cervix, she could almost cum from that simple pleasure at the moment, she ached all over, it was a needful ache, and to partially sate it, she began brushing herself against her Master like a cat.

He couldn’t help Himself, soon He was moaning softly, He’d never imagined Himself getting so turned on by having her pee on His cock “God, Mine, I want you, I want to fuck your brains out again, and again” He murmured softly to her, taking a grip in her hair, the warmth of her piss was quickly being replaced by the heat now radiating from His cunt.

Tthey remained in the bathroom for what seemed to be only a few short minutes to Tthem, but in reality it was a good thirty minutes, the head of His cock seeking entrance to His sweet pussy while she was desperate to get it inside her, on His knees, the head slid in first, swiftly followed by the length, Bboth moaned in satisfaction when the coupling was complete.

Lifting her from the toilet, neither bothering at the moment to wipe off, He carried her to the bed, easing her down His hips thrust against her’s, grinding His mound over hers, against His clit, Bboth needing to cum, but He had plans for her, when He’d gotten to the point of almost cumming, He pulled away much to her dismay, and inserted the double pronged vibe into her, setting it on the second setting.

“Get kuşadası escort dressed Mine, and grab one of the spare blankets, Wwe’re going to have a picnic” His voice just barely cut through the fog of intense orgasmic need, she nodded and got dressed as He did, once everything was gathered, Tthey slid into His vehicle and went first to get food, just as Master looked over, she saw the coming command in His eyes, nodding her head before He even spoke, she began rocking against the seat, she knew He wanted her needy, wet, aching, ready to be fucked, then raped.

The food was ordered, and acquired before Tthey headed for a remote location, she trusted Him with her life, so without fear, she continued to rock against the seat, trying to push that toy deeper, and deeper inside her, trying to quell the ache Master was building inside her, when Tthey reached the apparent destination, a beautiful scenic place, Tthey climbed out and searched for a comfortable spot to rest, beth’s pants were soaked with her desire, her need, and longingly she looked upon her Master.

Once the spot was found, Tthey ate, wasting no time in laying out the blanket, and getting the food ready, after Tthey’d had their fill of food, Kenneth looked upon His girl and told her “Now, Mine..strip for Me.” beth almost came from how intensely her Master was staring at her, nodding her head she complied, stripping naked for Him, once she’d finished, He too striped then drew her close.

her entire frame quivered, ached for the touch it now was receiving, His hand started at her collared throat and worked down, pinching the nipples lightly, twisting them lovingly before sliding down her stomach, over His womb, then to take a grip on His full pussy, she moaned hard in delight from those simple touches.

“Kneel on your hands and knees across My lap Mine” comes His command, doing as He asks, she thrust His ass and pussy high into the air, the toy was removed to her surprise, wide blue eyes watched as He suckled clean the prong that was thrust up into His pussy, juices dripped down to His clit and began to run down her thighs.

When the toy was set aside, she turned and looked out over the scenery, then yelped as the sound of flesh smacking flesh echoed through the immediate area, glancing back, she saw His hand raise for another smack, an impish grin crossed her features as Master began spanking her, hitting His ass, the lips of His cunt, and sometimes His clit, the spanking was delicious, and quite needed.

Once His ass was red, and quite surely stinging, he slipped under her kuşadası escort bayan into a classic 69 position, and drew her down upon Him, her gasp raped through His ears as His tongue swirled over her bare mound, then slid down to the throbbing clit protruding from it’s hood.

He attacked that nub with an intenseness she’d never experienced before, causing her entire form to writhe atop Him, seeing His cock standing straight up, looking up at her it seemed in her mind, she longingly gazed upon it while moaning out to Him “Master! Master! Oh my God! Master! May she suck Your cock?” His moan was her answer, soon she began swirling the head with the tip of her own tongue, sliding that organ the entire length of His cock, down to His balls to bathe them, then back up.

He moaned her name out hard when her lips and warm, moist mouth engulfed His cock, precum instantly flooded her mouth as a reward for her, yet she didn’t swallow it just yet, regulating her breathing, which she found hard to do since He’d suckled His clit into the warmth of His own mouth and was now attacking it even more with His lips, teeth, and tongue, she slid His cock completely into her mouth then swallowed rapidly, milking the shaft and head for more of that reward.

His teeth were nipping the tip of that nub after every few passes of that pink, moist tongue, soon He released the clit and buried that organ into His pussy, intent on eating His girl, intent on making her cum hard for Him, or at the very least, again flood her body with His cum, in all holes, she was doing a damned good job of teasing her Master, He was quite ready to cum in her mouth, and she could sense this.

her head was drawn back, clean off His cock only to murmur between her moans “Claim Your slut’s mouth again Master, make her eat Your cum” she then plunged back down onto His cock, sucking hard, swallowing rapidly while holding and playing with His balls, her eyes remained open, despite the need to close them, so she could watch to see when He was going to cum, she’d never watched that before, and now was the perfect opportunity, she drew back as His balls contracted, just the tip now in her mouth while she stroked His length, two seconds later she tasted the salty fluid as it began filling her mouth, her hips fucked down onto His face harder, and harder as He flooded her mouth.

After sucking Him hard again, she sat up and rode His face, stroking His cock slowly to keep it erect, she felt Him tap her clit and raised up to hear Him murmur “Fuck Me, Mine, fuck Me *hard*” she shuddered at His words, escort kuşadası especially how He’d put the emphasis on the word hard, she straddled His cock and *slammed* down on it, then pressed herself fully against Him.

Riding her Master hard, using up and down strokes over His cock, she bit into His shoulder and latched on while He held her head by the hair in a firm grip, soon she felt His two fingers slide up into His ass while she pistoned over His cock, she’d been ready to cum for an hour, maybe more, but didn’t beg it, she’d beg after she’d been flooded by Master’s cum, and give Him the hardest orgasm she’d ever had, the muscles in her walls rippled, and contracted over the shaft with each motion of her hips.

With both hands occupied, His teeth found her neck to bite and suckle while He pistoned His hips and cock up into her, matching her motions, the feel of her like this, so deliciously different from when Tthey’d first met and made love, now she was His slut completely, and He knew He could reawaken that in her anytime He desire, the very thought caused Him to roll her over, removing His fingers from His ass in the process, gazing lovingly down into her eyes, He began thrusting as hard, and as fast as He could, the marks on Ttheir shoulders would last, and be bruised for awhile, her fingernails scraped down His back even as He pressed into them harder.

Caught by surprise at His renewed attack inside her, she couldn’t hold back begging, soon the air was filled with her pleas of “Please, please,pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease, oh God, oh Master, please let Yours fucking CUM!” she arched under him, walls milking His cock hard and fast, mimicking the organ’s plunge and withdraw from those walls repeatedly, soon she was rewarded with the feel of His cum flooding her, flooding His pussy, her name echoed again, and again in the air.

her body anticipated being granted release and began to do just that, yet it never came, and He was still thrusting into her rapidly “Oh God no! No!”

she bit down hard on her lip and tried her best to refrain from cumming, but each stroke of His cock inside her was making it increasingly difficult to do so, milking Him still, even harder due to her body wanting release, she felt Him cum another five times before He arched and moaned out hard “CUM FOR ME, MY GIRL, GIVE MASTER YOUR CUM!!!!!!!!!” That’s all it took, she began shuddering hard, calling His name to the space around Tthem, only she and He existed in that moment as far as she was concerned.

Finally, after laying there for a long while, He atop her, Bboth catching Ttheir breath and coming to Tthemselves, Tthey gathered Ttheir belongings, dressed, and headed back for home, grinning impishly Tthey stopped at a fast food restaurant and ordered take out, then Kenneth pointed the truck back toward the hotel…

(to be continued)

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