His Friend’s Mom Pt. 07

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No question about it, something was wrong. That thought nagged at Dan for the better part of a week. Just 5 days before, Dan woke feeling like a million bucks even at 4:00 am. Early that morning he had drifted off to sleep with Deb tucked under his arm and his limp cock resting against her thigh. He was in heaven as he nodded off.

Of course in the dark early morning he knew she would be gone but still he hoped as his hand roamed the other side of the bed. No matter though, he knew he would see her again and hopefully soon. Their pattern was to get together on Tuesdays so all he had to do was get through the rest of the week and then anticipate holding her again. Making love to her was all he thought about whenever he could mentally break away from the grueling schedule of a Resident. He tried not to think too much about her while at work or studying. She was distracting and oh so sexy and although he didn’t want to admit it, he was in love with her.

So on Monday evening when he hadn’t heard from her since early Wednesday morning, he was bothered. No, more than that, he was worried. Usually she answered his texts with sexy ones of her own throughout the week. They didn’t usually talk on the phone but often sexted and shared erotic photos. There was nothing from her all week.

Dan’s imagination was nothing compared to Deb’s but his began to work overtime that Monday evening. Pacing the floor of his apartment, he glanced out the window often, hoping to see her approaching even though it was unlikely she would be able to get away. He wanted so badly to hear from her that he held his phone constantly, willing it to ring. Although he knew he was acting like a love-sick teenager, he couldn’t help it and didn’t even try to stop. Late into the night Dan paced until he fell on the couch, exhausted. Sleep finally overtook him although even in his sleep he continued to hold the phone tightly against his chest.

Waking at 7:00 the next morning, Dan forced himself to eat some breakfast and do a little studying until 9:00. He knew she would be alone by then and had made up his mind to call her. He was determined to connect with her and try to get together.

Dan placed the call, butterflies fluttering in his belly. “We’re sorry but that number is no longer in service. Please check the number and try again.” The computerized voice said. Dan shook his head at his mistake and tried again. “We’re sorry but that number is no longer in,” Dan disconnected the call and then sat leaning forward, dumbstruck as the words sunk in. His hand clutched his phone so tightly that it went numb and suddenly he realized that he was crying.

Frustrated, Dan sat dealing with raw emotions and eventual anger. Why didn’t she talk to him if there was something wrong? Why would she change her number and not tell him? What if she was found out? Was she ok? Did she need him? Should he call her at work? Would she contact him again? A million questions ran through his mind but there were no answers.

Not knowing what else to do, Dan waited another week. It was a miserable week for him. He obsessed with thoughts of her and was often distracted at the hospital. More than a few times, colleagues had to nudge him to bring him into the present and twice the attending physician chided him for not being ‘all there’. It was a problem.

That Tuesday Dan decided to act. He had to know why she disappeared and why her number was changed. He waited until he knew she would be alone and drove over to her house. In the early weeks of their affair, Dan had looked up her address and driven by the house a few times. He was curious about how she lived and secretly hoped to catch a glimpse of her coming or going. He fantasized about seeing her out in the front and being welcomed into the house. It never happened but the fantasy played out in his mind often as he stroke his hard cock in bed.

By 9:30 that morning Dan was driving into her neighborhood. He was nervous and questioned whether or not he should take her by surprise. Worse, he worried that she wouldn’t be there. Even worse than that, what if her husband was there? Questions and doubts filled Dan’s mind but he had to know so he continued on.

The large house was quiet and the driveway was empty. He had been impressed with the grandness of the house before when he drove by, and struck with the thought that as a doctor he would probably have something similar eventually. In the irrational part of his mind, he imagined Deb living with him in a beautiful home, but he knew that was only fantasy.

Dan collected his thoughts after stopping his car. Then, determined to get some answers, he walked boldly up to the door. He could hear the doorbell chime and then the door opened. Deb stood behind the glass storm door, a coffee cup in her hand, dressed in jeans and a sweater. Her feet were bare and Dan’s first impression was that she looked so small and vulnerable. She stared at him and her face reddened in frustration.

“What are you doing here? You Ankara travesti cannot be here! Just leave!” She said firmly.

She started to close the door but Dan pulled the storm door open and placed his body against the heavy door. He carefully pushed against her, not wanting to hurt her but determined to get inside. She yelled out and pushed with all her might but he easily moved into the room and shut the door behind him. Frustrated and angry she moved back and grabbed her phone off of a small table.

“Dan, I don’t want any problems and you cannot be here. It’s over. Please leave! I’m calling Scott.” She said loudly.

Dan was stunned. He said softly, “I’m so sorry, Deb. I just had to see you. Your phone is disconnected and I haven’t heard anything from you. I just have to know what’s going on.”

Again, Deb said he needed to leave. She moved to the door and started to open it, ready to push him out if necessary, when he reached his arms around her and pulled her to him. Deb struggled against him but Dan held on tightly and began to nuzzle her neck just as he knew she loved. His hand firmly held her hips against his as if his hard cock could convince her to surrender to him. For a moment Deb seemed to calm against him and Dan felt a twinge of hope but then with renewed strength she pushed him back with her fists, opened the door and forced him out. Startled, Dan didn’t know how to respond as he saw the anger in her face just as the door shut in his. Standing on the welcome mat, Dan clearly knew he wasn’t and would never be.

Deb staggered into the breakfast nook of the kitchen and weakly sat down. Placing her hands on the coffee mug for warmth, she softly cried. Why did he show up? Should she have contacted him to say goodbye? What was the correct etiquette for breaking up with a much younger lover? Deb held her head in her hands and sobbed.

The previous couple of weeks had been difficult and trying. She and Scott were working through a process of reconciliation, complete with counseling, but it was difficult work and would take time. Just when Deb thought there was progress, something would come up that caused division again. It was like two steps forward and one step back except that sometimes it seemed as if they continually were moving back. Still both of them were committed to the marriage and were willing to do what it took to stay together.

She had never invited Dan to her home. It was easy enough for him to find her, she supposed, but she never considered that he would do it. Too late, she realized that she should have talked to him and ended things.

In shock, Dan drove away from Deb’s house. He was hurt and angry and didn’t know how to respond. The rational side of him knew that he may never have the chance to talk to her and the thought made his heart ache.

Scott’s cell phone buzzed through two patients before he glanced at it. When he had a few minutes to himself, he shut the door to his office and returned Deb’s calls. She was mostly incoherent so he told her to relax and that he would come home as soon as possible. Not knowing what the crisis was this time, he was accustomed to her emotional outbursts since the night he caught her cheating. Working through the problems and issues was hard work and she often lost it over small things.

When he got home, however, she threw herself into his arms, sobbing and shaking. When she was finally able to tell him about Dan showing up at the house, Scott began to shake as well. The anger that built in him was intense and he had to consciously breathe deeply to control his response. The psychologist they were counseling with had warned them, ‘There will be good days and days when you feel like your hearts are being ripped out of your bodies. Accept both as normal but hold tightly to each other and talk about your thoughts and feelings. Then move on together.’ Scott held Deb tightly, enduring the heart ripping day.

Dan drove aimlessly. It was his study day, his day to see Deb and make love for hours with her. At least that’s what it had been. Frustration and grief distracted him until he ran a red light, almost causing an accident. Pulling off into a parking lot, he shut his car off and sat quietly. Questions filled his mind. Why couldn’t she have at least said goodbye? What happened that changed things for her? How could she stand being without him? How could he stand it without her?

Without a doubt, Dan was a very smart young man, brilliant, even. He excelled in college and med school and was a first rate Resident. He had a promising career as a Doctor all planned out. It helped that he had a fat trust fund set up for him by a doting grandmother so he could concentrate on his studies and not worry about money. Of course, for the past months he had also been concentrating on Deb but he managed all the areas of his life surprisingly well. The thought of having no contact with her was eating him up inside and he worried about that affecting his work as well. Konya travesti The rest of the day Dan tried to concentrate on work. Mostly, he failed. He missed her, he missed who they had become together, and he didn’t know how he was going to stay away.

The rest of the week somehow crawled by with some extremely long shifts at the hospital. On Friday he was just finishing up some notes in a lounge when Tracy entered the room. Tracy was a tech from Radiology who had become somewhat of a friend. They talked at work but never saw each other outside of the hospital. Dan knew little about her other than that she was married, but separated, with a couple of kids. She filled her coffee mug and asked him, “Is this seat taken?”

Dan glanced around the empty room and smiled as he said, “I think it may be available for you.”

Tracy sat and stared at him over the rim of her cup. Finally she said, “Dan, are you ok? You seem stressed, more than the usual, the past couple of weeks.”

“I’m fine. I just have a lot of work and other things on my mind.” He answered.

“Well, I think you could use a little stress relief. I’m almost done and it looks like you’re almost done, so how about we go grab something to eat. Please?” Tracy almost pleaded.

Surprised at the invitation, Dan thought about his options for the evening. He could drive aimlessly past Deb’s house again or he could go home and mope by himself. He looked over at Tracy’s pretty face and decided quickly. “I think that would be great. Thanks. Should we meet in the lot, say 30 minutes?”

Tracy smiled broadly and patted his hand as she agreed and left the room. Dan had always seemed so unattainable, almost aloof, but she was happy he had agreed to dinner with her. She grinned as she walked down the hallway, wondering if she could get him to do anything else that might relieve stress for them both.

Raising two adolescent kids mostly on her own was causing much stress for Tracy. Her estranged husband had checked out, for the most part, only seeing the kids on the occasional weekend. She worked hard to pick up the slack and was proud of how her girls were doing. Sure, they missed their dad and idolized him whenever he made the smallest effort, but Tracy knew that raising those girls to be strong women was all that mattered so she made every effort to include him in their lives and never bad mouthed him. So far, so good, she often thought.

Tracy loved her daughters and had wonderful extended family to help her, but often she was lonely. With her schedule at the hospital and all the girls’ activities, she didn’t have much time to concentrate on her. She seldom dated but occasionally enjoyed a quickie with a variety of med students. Finding private space in the busy hospital was challenging but possible.

At almost 40 she enjoyed them young because they could usually go a couple of rounds in a short amount of time. Since separating from her husband she had also discovered that she had a curiosity about women. Tracy surprised herself by acting on that just a month earlier when a female med student came on to her. The memory of sitting on a counter with her legs spread wide as the woman fingered her pussy, never failed to stir her and make her panties wet. Although they hadn’t had much time, being eaten by another woman was an experience she loved and hoped to enjoy again.

Tracy’s thoughts made her extremely horny and she thought Dan would be the perfect fuck. As she hurriedly finished her work and changed into jeans and a sweater, she fantasized about being with him. Now, she thought, how to make it actually happen. Quickly she closed down her work area and hurried to the staff parking lot.

Dan followed Tracy to the restaurant. It was new and trendy with a dance floor used mostly on the weekends. Tracy was impressed with Dan’s expensive car and began to wonder if there was more to him than she previously thought. He was dressed in jeans, a button up shirt and an expensive leather jacket. Again, she wondered about his ability to buy high-end things. Most Residents she had been out with could barely afford their burger.

They talked and laughed as they ate. Dan was very much a mystery as he skillfully turned the subject back to her every time she asked him a personal question. Toward the end of the meal, all she had gotten out of him was that he lived in a brownstone on the west side of town and that he was originally from Vermont. As they split a decadent dessert, Tracy said boldly with a giggle, “So, am I too old for you?”

Dan looked up and gulped, “Too old for what?”

“Too old to fuck.” Tracy answered with a grin, knowing she had caught him completely by surprise.

Dan stared at her, wondering if she was serious. Her eyes never wavered from his and he realized that she was expecting a serious answer. It wasn’t that he hadn’t noticed her before. She was flirty and friendly with everyone, even the woman, and Dan had thought a time or two about what it would İzmir travesti be like with her. She was older, heavier and curvier than most of the women Dan had been with and she was nothing like Deb. That thought took him by surprise as he heard himself saying, “No, not too old. I think you look like the perfect woman to fuck.”

He felt a little self conscience saying that so boldly but, hell, she was the one that initiated the ‘fuck’ part of the conversation and as long as she defined the parameters, he was happy to play within them. As he paid the bill, Tracy went to the ladies room and Dan had a moment to think privately. He knew it was too soon to get involved with another woman, he simply wasn’t ready, but his cock was telling him he was more than ready to fuck this voluptuous, willing woman.

As they walked to their cars, Dan took Tracy by the hand. She said she would follow him to his place. Dan stopped abruptly saying, “No, we can’t go there.” Realizing that her house was off limits, Dan suggested, “Are you willing to go to a hotel? There’s a nice place just up the road.”

Tracy agreed but wondered why they couldn’t just go to his place. Obviously he wasn’t going to explain so she followed him to the hotel and called her mother as she drove. Explaining that she was going out with some friends from work, she asked her mom to stay overnight with the girls or at least until she got home. As she knew she would, her mom encouraged her to stay out as late as she wanted and not to worry.

The hotel was clean and comfortable. Their room was on the second floor but within sight of the reservation desk because of an open stairway. Feeling a bit on display, both Tracy and Dan casually walked to the room, anticipation growing. Dan opened the door and once inside their tightly held passion exploded. Releasing all the frustration from the previous couple of weeks, Dan pushed Tracy up against the door. Her head hit harder than he expected and he pulled back to apologize but she grabbed his shirt and pulled him into her.

Her lips found his and as her hands wandered over his body, her tongue pried his lips apart desperately. He quickly caught up, smothering her mouth with his. Their tongues began a hard fast dance as his hands began moving over her curves. Tracy soon fumbled with his belt and went to her knees to finish the job of exposing him. The room was dark as she quickly unbuttoned and unzipped him and finally released his hard cock. She sighed as she took the shaft in her hand and leaned in to lick around the large head. His hands supported his weight on the door as she began to kiss and tease his cock.

One hand tangled in Tracy’s hair as Dan tried to slow his desire. She was bobbing up and down on his cock, hitting the back of her throat with his throbbing member, as he began to thrust his hips. She was relentlessly deep-throating him, bringing him on a fast track to cumming. For the next five minutes he fucked her mouth deeply as she gave him the best blow job ever. She moaned around his hard cock and drove him to the edge. His cum came too quickly but was incredible. Letting her control the whole exchange was freeing for Dan and as he came down from the high, he whispered, “Oh baby, that was just what I needed.”

Taking her by the shoulders, Dan helped Tracy to her feet and led her over to the bed, turning on a lamp as they moved. They had been in the room only about 7 minutes and already he had been treated to a mind-blowing cum. It was her turn next. Dan sat on the edge of the bed while Tracy unbuttoned and removed his shirt. They exchanged long, cum flavored kisses as he began to undress her. Her sweater unbuttoned down the front and Dan slowly opened her like a present. She wore a simple black bra that barely contained her 38D breasts. He was mesmerized as he ran his fingers over the soft globes, his lips following close behind. She smelled of soap and he breathed deeply to memorize her scent.

Naked, Dan motioned for Tracy to lay on the bed. He slipped the sweater from her shoulders and slowly pulled down the straps of her bra. He buried his face between her breasts and began to lick her passionately. Her fingers curled in his hair as he reached behind her, releasing the clasp and freeing those beautiful tits to him. He began to kiss and fondle the soft flesh and tease the large nipples to hard points. Tracy’s breathing deepened as he started sucking on her hard nipple. His weight on her, he began to suckle with earnest. His imagined drinking milk from her, wondering how the sensation would feel if she still had milk to offer him. Keeping his eyes closed he sucked on her nipples with devotion until she begged him to stop.

“Dan, they’re getting sore. Please touch me,” she said, taking his hand and bringing it to her crotch. He quickly opened her jeans and pulled them down her legs. Her panties were simple boy shorts and his fingers began to slip in the side of the elastic. Kissing her passionately, he slowly fingered her wet slit. So slippery and soft, he easily entered her with one and then two fingers. She bit down on his tongue when he jammed his fingers deep inside of her. She began to tell him she was sorry but he stopped her with his tongue and the unmistakable taste of blood passed between them.

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