How Did I Get Here?

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When did it start? Hmmmm Well, I actually ate my own load the first time I’d ever cum inside a pussy; the pussy of a slightly older girl I met talking on a chat line.

Fortunately, my Mom and sister were out of town for the weekend, so there was no danger of any one interrupting. And I was finishing my third can of beer before my mystery girl arrived in a taxi about 11:00 PM. As I recall, we each had a beer, but there was nothing else to wait on, so we headed into my Mom’s bedroom. Heck, she had a queen-sized bed; there was no sense in losing my virginity in a creaky, old twin bed.

We got started with some kissing and bodies rubbing together. I’d already read some erotic books like The Happy Hooker, so I knew it was good to get out of my clothes and help her take hers off. I was dying to squeeze her boobs knowing it was a prelude to finally having intercourse.

Before I knew it, I was climbing on top of her into the missionary position with a cock so hard it could have cut glass. Fortunately, I’d warmed her pussy using my hand as foreplay, my cock slipped into her waiting opening with an ease much like a straw pressing through the “X” cut into a plastic lid on a soda cup where the “X” had previously had a straw pushed through it.

I had a good buzz and was fucking for the first time in my life. I was happy; I was excited. Although I have no idea how much time had elapsed, I’m sure I couldn’t have gotten her off when I exploded inside her. I kept pumping until there wasn’t a spasm or drop of cum in my body.

Here’s where my inexperience came into play. Caught up in the moment, not wanting our session to end, and feeling the need to check another sex act off the list of firsts, I slide down to meet my first pussy up-close and personal. Without hesitation I started licking her glistening, sloppy pussy. A pussy that I’d just filled with my own cum.

I wasn’t turned off by the taste because I’d tasted my own cum a few times when I masturbated. My load didn’t taste like much of anything to me, though the slick, sometimes blobby texture didn’t excite me. Regardless, I continued to lick her for a while longer.

I can’t tell you what caused us to stop, but we did and we took turns cleaning Gaziantep Olgun Escort up in the bathroom. By now it was after midnight, and the beer and sex had taken its toll on me. I know it wasn’t long before I fell asleep, which resulted in another male sexual first. I quickly fell asleep on a woman without her having an orgasm.

We awoke early; shortly after 6:00 AM. After she’d called a cab, we exchanged an awkward goodbye. Then she slipped out the back door and cut across the fenceless, neighboring yard to meet the taxi. We never connected again; I have no clue as to her name.

In parallel, I’d been collecting porn any which way I could. That sounds funny to say these days, but in the 70’s there weren’t many places to buy anything raunchier than Playboy. My friends had nicknamed my stash “The Library”, though I rarely shared. I felt like a pervert when others knew about it. Turns out I was… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

One kind of sex act depicted in the hard-core magazines that captured my fascination was anal sex. My dick twinges just thinking about it.

As time passed and I read more explicit porn and saw the loop films at adult book stores, I was occasionally exposed to double penetration with two guys simultaneously pleasuring a woman. One in her pussy and one in her ass was my favorite. It still is. It felt taboo, yet, because there was never any male/male contact, it felt safely heterosexual.

I did get to experience a double penetration once when my first wife and I had a night in a hotel with our friends, another married couple. Long story short, the hotel messed up on the accommodations so we all slept in a king-size bed where things turned amorous. Although it is its own story, I will tell you the guy slipped his cock into my wife from behind while she sucked my cock. I felt a little awkward for a few moments, but something about tight lips wrapped around my rigid member caused my brain to stop thinking so much and I stayed in the moment. For one of the few times in our marriage, she swallowed my entire load without a complaint.

Although there wasn’t any more extra circular activity in my marriage, I continued to read & view pornography. And porn continued to get more and more explicit. Double penetration became more commonplace, which was great for me.

Then I read some sex stories about guys that encouraged their wives to have sex with other men. Sometimes it was so the husband could watch his wife experiencing pleasure; he might jerkoff in the closet while peeking through a crack. Other times the husband enjoyed the humiliation his wife would lay on him as she described in detail how her lover used her in nasty ways. Humiliation isn’t my thing, so I generally skip those videos, but I was intrigued by the thought of licking my own nectar from my lover’s flower.

Now a fetish has evolved where husbands enjoy sucking cum from their wives. I have to admit I’ve wanted to clean my wife up for a couple of years after seeing a video online where a husband willingly licked up a huge amount of cum ejected from the huge cock of a black guy. I’m not sure I’m prepared to do that, but it seemed so taboo to purposefully shoot my cum into my wife’s pussy, and then watching it drip out so I can lick it up.

Turns out its more easily fantasized than done. As I’ve read, most guys might be excited about the idea of lapping up a load but once they cum, the desire is gone. I’m no different.

Sure, I tried many times over the last year. One time I licked some of an impromptu facial off her cheek and into her mouth. Another time I licked her clit after I’d filled her pussy so that it was obvious to both of us that my tongue had licked some of my cum. My wife said it was okay if I wanted to lick it. But I still couldn’t dive into that sloppy pussy.

A couple of times I suggested that I should taste my cum because she does and she agreed. We’d mention that we’ve kissed after my face got covered in her cum or I’ve drank her G-spot gushes to avoid drowning. We just hadn’t really shared my cum.

Lately the desire has been really strong. I’ve been giving my wife regular creampies and wanting to watch it drip. And I’ve been licking and sucking her clit more often after filling her. I just wanted to do it so it was behind me, whether it was a one-time thing or more.

That’s when I got surprised. We were in bed enjoying a raucous romp on a recent Friday evening. We are both giving lovers, so we don’t worry about who cums first or how many times, because we enjoy pleasuring each other. This time I filled her pussy and plopped on my back onto the bed to catch my breath when she asked, “What do you wanna do now?”

I responded, “I don’t know. What do you have in mind?”

Quickly she said, “I could squat over your face and let your cum drip into your mouth?”

Without hesitation I replied, “Okay.”

She asked me, “Really?” but I think she knew I wanted it because she wouldn’t ask me to do something she thought would upset me.

Blurting out “I dare you” left no doubt in either of our minds that we were both okay with playing this game.

From there, she stood on the bed and pivoted to straddle my chest with her pussy full of my cum staring down at me. I saw all the white as I’d seen in videos. It started to move with gravity, which told me my mouth needed to be open right now! Opening my mouth wide, the first drips splashed on my face and shoulder; then the bulk of my load spilled from her like pouring hot water for tea out of the kettle into a cup, except this time it was my mouth as the receptacle for my own cum. I swallowed and savored losing another virginity. I mean, I’ll never have my own cum fed to me for the first time again. This was it.

Realizing the bulk of my load had fallen, I had her sit on my face so I could clean her. As I slide my tongue inside her, I felt a different viscosity than from any of her bodily fluids. It didn’t feel like when I’ve tried to rinse my cum off my hands using water. It was slippery, which was all I cared about.

I knew it was my cum and I sucked her so that I’d get it all. If I was gonna do this, I was gonna do it right, dammit! My tongue darting in, out and around; my lips suctioning to her vaginal lips like a wanton vacuum

I felt so nasty. And I felt pleased to finally have enjoyed the reality of this fantasy and found it better than I even expected. As we started to pull apart for some recovery time, I knew we’d do this again. It only took about 9 hours to find out how right I was.

I was so horny the rest of that weekend that I ate another load the next day, though I showed some restrained by skipping one opportunity. I didn’t want to seem like a pervert. Right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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