I Need It

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I am an editor at magazine publishing company called “Tits, Pussy and Ass”. I have been doing editing for two years now. I moved up from photography.

We are having a meeting today about who we wanted to put in the magazine.

Let me tell you about my boss. Her name is Kelly. She recently bought the west wing of the building and made it into her office and home. She asked me to help her design mostly everything she wanted.

From the floor that we worked on was her office. Once you go up the coded elevator your in her bedroom and bath. Only two people knew the code to get on the elevator, that was her and me.

Downstairs is her living room and kitchen. She also has a nice size fireplace where she likes to lay in front of on her fur rug.

She adıyaman escort bayan only wears braless and crotchless teddies under her same colored two piece mini skirt outfit with matching thigh high stockings and high heels.

She came in today wearing a dark blue mini skirt outfit. She walked by grazing her hand across my neck and sitting next to me in the meeting.

After everyone was in we started talking about the models that we were going to use in the magazine. An hour later we were finished and I walked to my desk and got to work.

I had went to go make copies of a paper that I had finished and took it to Kelly. I got back to my desk and saw that I had mail online. So akkent escort bayan I went through it and saw one from Kelly. It read ” Meet me downstairs in my house at 6 “.

So after I finished going through my mail, I went to lunch for about an hour. Came back and did some more work.

I looked up at the clock and it was 5 o’clock. I noticed that my co-workers were getting ready to go home. I browsed through the last issue of our magazine. I looked up at the clock again and it was 15 minutes til 6. So I made my way to her office and went to the elevator and punched in the code. Got on and rode down the doors opened. Kelly was standing near her couch wearing a dark blue silk lingerie gown. She was holding gaziantep anal yapan escort bayan two glasses of wine. I walked to her and grabbed a glass and we walked around and sat on the couch.

We sipped on the wine while we talked about many things. I noticed that she finished her wine rather quickly. She was telling me about how she felt when I took her pictures a couple years ago.

She ran her hand down the bottom of her gown and pulled it up while she was telling her story. She laid her legs up in my lap and continued with the story. She was telling me about how the eight inch dildo felt in her pussy while I was taking picture after picture. I took my hand and guided up her thighs and slowly inserted my pointer finger in her. She moaned softly. She said ” its been a while since a guy fucked me “.

I took my finger out and licked it. I stood up and took my clothes off and Kelly stood up on the couch. She wrapped her arms around my neck and slid her pussy on my dick. I carried her to the elevator and went up to her bedroom. I gave her what she has been needing for a long time, a good hard fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32