To Make a Foreskin Longer Pt. 04

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Two weeks later Jen and Aiden were boarding their flight to their tropical island holiday. They had both put in leave and decided to try and conceive and just relax for 2 weeks away from all other distractions. Aiden was always a little nervous about flying but usually made it through by having a few drinks to calm his nerves.

“This is great!” Jen said once they were in their seats.

“I’m so glad we took the front row, you really do get way more leg room.”

“Hmm yea, should be convenient.” Replied Aiden.

“Relax honey, we will be fine. Besides the most stressful part was getting past security with all the new ‘toys’ in my bag.”

Aiden just smiled and shook his head. “Yea! Don’t know how you talked me into bringing them all along.”

At the suggestion of their doctor they purchased some dildos to use to try and get some of Aiden’s sperm deeper into Jen in order for her to get pregnant.

They only played around with the one smaller dildo so far but didn’t have any success yet.

“They’re gonna get some good mileage from this trip.” Jen said with a mischievous smile.

Jen didn’t admit it to Aiden yet, but using that dildo was far more convenient than his now long foreskinned penis, and she came a lot faster as well.

After take-off Aiden ordered a drink straight away, so did Jen. Aiden drank them both.

After some slight turbulence, Aiden had another drink.

Luckily the flight was only 4 hours.

After trying to nap for a bit Aiden eventually gave up as his Bostancı Olgun Escort full bladder was keeping him awake.

Just as he decided to take a trip to the bathroom an announcement came on saying that they will be starting their decent.

Aiden tried to get up and head for the end of the isle, but an air hostess stopped him and said that all passengers need to remain seated at this time.

A reluctant Aiden sat down next to Jen again.

“What now love?”

“Apparently we need to stay seated.” Aiden grumbled irritated.

“Alright, well can you hold it?”

“Yea, I’ll be fine.” Aiden lied, but didn’t want to admit to how seriously he needed to pee!

Aiden tried to nap for another few minutes, but his bladder was getting uncomfortably full.

“Jen, I really need to go, do you have a bottle or something?”

“Don’t tell me you really want to do that?” Jen asked shocked.

“I NEED TO GO” Aiden tried to whisper between clenched teeth.

Aiden started rising again but the air hostess waived him down sternly as she walked past on her way to her own seat.

Aiden surveyed their surroundings. The bathroom was all the way at the other end of the isle.

Luckily there was one open seat next to them and he had the corner seat against the window.

“Sorry honey, I don’t have a bottle with me.” Jen said with real sympathy in her voice.

“It’s fine, I have another plan. Just cover for me.”

Jen looked worried but turned around to try and Bostancı Sarışın Escort block Aiden some more from the passageway.

Luckily Aiden was wearing shorts in preparation for the warm tropical holiday and he chose to wear boxers to be more comfortable during the flight.

Aiden pulled his pantleg up on the one side and snaked out his penis and 7 inch foreskin through the opening.

He pinched closed the tip of his foreskin tightly and started to pee into his foreskin as slowly as he could. This was called ballooning and Aiden had done it a few times when he was messing around in the shower.

Jen glanced back after hearing Aiden sigh loudly.

“O my goodness! Babe, what are you doing?!” Jen asked alarmed by the strange sight before her.

“It was the only way. Now I can hold it until we can get up again.”

Luckily Aiden’s long foreskin was spacious enough so that he could empty his entire bladder with ease. Now he just had to get to the bathroom in the near future. The sooner the better, because he was literally holding the pee in his foreskin now with his fingers keeping his foreskin closed at the tip.

Another 15 minutes passed, and they had still not landed.

“Jen, I might need some help here. My fingers can’t hold this much longer.”

Aiden was holding back a skin tube filled with pee the size of a small balloon.

“What on earth can I do?!”

“Give me your hair elastic.”

“What?” Jen asked not yet following Aiden’s chain of thought.

“Just Bostancı Şişman Escort give it here, your hair will be fine loose.”

Jen handed Aiden the elastic band and he started wrapping it around the end of his foreskin balloon.

After doubling up the elastic twice he felt pretty safe letting go with his fingers.

“It seems to be holding… This will have to do until I can make it to the bathroom.”

Another announcement came over the intercom saying that they will now be landing.

Aiden’s plan was to make it for the bathroom as soon as they landed, but that did not happen so easily.

Everyone rushed to the door first thing when they could move around again, and Aiden couldn’t exactly jump up in his current position. He had an overinflated foreskin balloon in his pants.

So they waited and eventually when the path was clear all three air hostesses stood watching them and waiting for them to leave as they were the last ones left.

Aiden had to skip the plane bathroom and hope he could make it to the first one in the airport.

Jen’s face was red all the way from the plane, through to baggage and to the end of all the security checks to where they could find a restroom.

Aiden walked very slow and awkwardly with his full foreskin sloshing around in his shorts, but at least he made it without incident.

Once inside the safety of a cubicle Aiden released the hair elastic and let loose a torrent like a firehose from his foreskin.

He spent a few minutes drying his now floppy foreskin and met up with Jen outside.

“That was crazy!” She said. “Don’t ever do that again!” she said with a smile on her face.

“What else could I do?” he replied simply laughing as he shrugged.

“You and that long appendage of yours Mr!” Jen threatened playfully.

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