Into the Abyss Ch. 05

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Ricked gathered up the implements he thought he might want and placed them strategically near at hand. Then he stood beside the bed where she was tied spread eagle and removed his clothes. His motions were economical, but unhurried. He carefully creased his slacks before draping them over the footboard. His silk shirt was hung by the neck on the foot post. He vaguely wondered where he’d left his jacket. It did have her panties in the pocket, after all. Italian loafers were carelessly toed off and socks tossed casually in the direction of the shoes.

He didn’t give his body much more thought than his clothes. He knew that women found him attractive. He was tall with broad shoulders, narrow hips and a long thick cock. He worked out regularly and ate right — well mostly, but that was primarily so his body could serve him. He needed to be strong enough to lift a woman of any size. He needed to wield a whip for long periods of time without tiring. Those were the things that were important to him. Other than that, he took no particular pride in the package — it was just the luck of the genetic draw.

The slut tied to his bed had been fortunate in the genetic draw as well. She was cute rather than beautiful, small of stature but with large breasts. However, it was her submission that drew him, the openness of her heart, the quickness of her wit. But above all he was drawn to her unflinching courage. She knew on a visceral level what submission meant, but she had no actual knowledge except what she’d learned from him in the past 24 hours. But here she was bound and helpless, spread-eagle on his bed…dangling over the abyss of her desires.

Rick believed that his role as a Dom was to pry her fingers away from the ledge of her fear, one by one so that she could free-fall into her submission. He would need to convince her to release everything… her fears, her desires, her expectations, her pride… all the traits she believed she needed to function in the world. It would take time for them to build the necessary trust. At first it would seem that she needed to trust him, but she would come to see that she actually needed to trust herself. And when she did finally let go, she wouldn’t fall down at all, but would soar.

He shook his head as if to clear it. It was time to get down to business. He sat beside her on the bed and reached out to stroke her face. “Do you remember your colors?”

She smiled up at him, “I don’t need colors,” she said, “you’ll keep me safe.”

“Yes, I will,” he agreed, “but you have them nonetheless,” he reminded her as he reached for his newest little toys. They were circular nipple clamps and he was very happy with them. By turning the screw, he brought 2 small bars together at the center allowing him all the control in choosing the amount of pressure he wanted to apply to his slave’s tit. And because they laid flush against the skin instead of sticking out, xslot they rarely fell off.

Patty’s nipples were already aroused, but he rubbed the tit between his fingers elongating the nipple as much as possible before applying the clamp. He slowly tightened the screw just until she began to moan, then he stopped and repeated the process on the other side.

By the time he had both clamps in place, his bitch was clearly aroused, eyes dilated, hips gently undulating on the bed. “Yes, you eager little slut,” he said rubbing her wet pussy, “I will fuck you before we’re through.” His whore moved her hips as much as possible trying to rub his hand. So he withdrew the hand giving her pussy a little slap.

Rick went to the foot of the bed and loosened the chains just slightly. He had decided he needed to put a pillow under his slave’s ass so he would have a more clear access to her cunt. Sliding a firm pillow beneath her hips, he realized this was much better. Then he took a moment to tighten her nipple clamps. She pulled at her bonds and writhed as he did this, moaning loudly. His lips closed over her slutty mouth and he kissed her hungrily until she was moaning deep in her throat. “Not much longer now, you’ll feel my cock soon.”

“Yes sir, please sir,” she moaned.

He picked up a light weight crop with a leather slapper on the end. It was a small slapper, about 3 square inches of leather on the end of his crop. He began to just bounce it on her naked mons. He knew that it didn’t hurt, but was startling. His slut gasped and moaned. He kept up the gently bouncing motions simply allowing her body to become accustomed to being struck. Slowly, carefully he began to allow the blows to become stronger. He kept a very close eye on Patty’s face, gauging her reactions as he gradually moved from a bouncing motion to an actual slap.

Rick enjoyed the way her mons turned a lovely shade of pink, but it was not his intention to cause her any injury. He used his prodigious skills and his rigid self control knowing that he was playing in this woman’s most tender area. He ordinarily would not have chosen such exacting play so early in their relationship, but her comments on the phone this morning had not only aroused him, but set his mind thinking and planning. How could he satisfy that desire in his slut safely and without scaring her away. He was sure this was the perfect technique to achieve his goal, but he watched very carefully nonetheless.

“Look at me, slut,” he commanded. Her eyes found his and he was pleased to see her pupils were dilated and she had a glazed and unfocused look. He allowed his blows to become slightly stronger and while his bitch moaned, he noticed that the sound came from deeper in her throat. Her breathing had slowed and become deep. He observed her diaphragm expand with each breath, rather like a long-distance runner he thought.

He judged xslot Giriş that it was time and introduced a second stroke. He allowed the top of the slapper to come in contact with her exposed labia. She was so deeply aroused that her cunt lips were engorged and her vagina was leaking fluid. She didn’t scream; the sound came from too deep in her chest to be considered a scream. Her back arched thrusting her cunt toward him.

Excellent, he thought and began to use the two strokes together. He brought the slapper down on the top of her mons and then up into her cunt. Slowly and gently at first…rather like painting, he thought… down, then up… down, then up. As he settled into a rhythm, her hips matched. He watched her use the strength of her back muscles to rock her pelvis. She relaxed on his up stroke and arched with his down stroke. She was greeting the slapper, not resisting. He was very pleased and allowed his strokes to become harder. The slapper made a slight thunk as it landed on her mons and then more of a slap when it struck her pussy.

They settled together into his rhythm…thunk slap…thunk slap…her pelvis rocking in time to his crop. Gradually he allowed the blows to land heavier. She responded by thrusting harder into his cunt stroke… still rising up to meet the pain. He rewarded her by giving more…giving more of the pain she clearly sought. It was a gift, really. It was his pain and he was offering it to her. She accepted greedily, hungrily…soaking it in, drawing the pain into herself.

Each of her breaths became a moan and his breath synchronized with hers. He began to speak to her now, knowing that his voice would heighten the experience for both of them. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” he asked. “You couldn’t be more exposed…you couldn’t offer me anything more precious than your glistening cunt,” he continued. He didn’t expect any verbal response from her, but he believed his voice would anchor her to him as she floated in subspace. “Take my pain,” he commanded again increasing the strength of the blows. “Take it,” he commanded. “Drink it up, my greedy whore. You’re drunk on it now, aren’t you slut? Drunk on my gift — the gift of my pain. Take more,” he commanded again.

Her entire pussy was a fierce red color now, her cunt continuously leaking the fluid of her excitement. Her breathing was harsh and raspy and although her cunt continued to rise obediently to meet his crop, her body began first to tremble and then to shake. He heard her orgasm building in her moaning cries, saw it building in her shaking, heaving body and needed to feel it with his throbbing cock.

He threw the crop aside and rammed himself deep into her with one powerful stroke. Sinking his fingers into the flesh at her hips he pounded her wet throbbing cunt. Brutally, his hips moving like a piston as he fucked her. It felt as if her entire body xslot Güncel Giriş was cumming. She vibrated and then spasmed, heaving and thrashing against the ties that bound her so firmly. Her cunt clutched and drew on his cock until it was unbearable and he exploded deep inside her. The feel of his hot lava flow lifted her yet again and her orgasm continued on and on. They bucked and heaved together until he was finally empty and with a last shuddering gasp was still.

He collapsed heavily onto her still trembling body and felt the nipple clamps dig into his chest. Damn, he’d forgotten all about them. He raised up enough to spin the screw and release one and then the other. She did scream now as the blood rushed painfully back into her tits. He allowed the weight of his chest to rest fully against her breasts, knowing that would mitigate the pain slightly. His hands slid up her arms until they found her hands and he allowed her to grasp him, knowing that she needed to be able to hold on. As soon as he could find the strength, he roused himself enough to unclip her wrists and ankles. Then he wrapped his arms and legs firmly around her drawing the down comforter up around them as he held her still trembling body as tightly as he could. He stroked and pet her, crooning softly, “You’re OK. I’ve got you. I’m right here.” Over and over again he called her back…back to him, back to herself. He leaned across her to the bedside table and grasped the gelatinous package. He squeezed it until he felt the inner membrane rupture. When it became instantly cold in his hand he brought it between her legs.

“Mmmm,” she moaned her thanks and raised her face to his. Gently, tenderly he covered her lips with his own. Slowly he pressed the kiss opening her mouth and spilling his overwhelming pleasure with her into her soft mouth. On and on he kissed her telling her wordlessly how proud her was of her and what an amazing slave she was going to be. Then he drifted lazily down to her breasts. In spite of her gasp and the fact that she cringed slightly, he pulled first one nipple and then the other into his mouth. He didn’t really suck her tender tits, he just gently explored each one with his tongue making sure they weren’t injured. He hadn’t used these new clamps much and he wanted to be sure they hadn’t damaged her. He ran a hand over her ass, checking the place where his crop had punished her just to be sure the skin wasn’t broken. Similarly he checked her hands and feet to make sure they were warm and getting good circulation and that the cuffs hadn’t marked her skin. He didn’t expect to find any marks — he knew the cuffs were excellent, but he had long ago developed the habit of checking. Then he pulled the ice pack away from her pussy. He gently checked for any breaks in her tender skin and then decided that the cold would probably feel good for a few more minutes.

“You’re examining me,” she said as he finished.

“You’re my slave. It’s my job to make sure you’re OK. I used you a little harder than I planned tonight,” he ran his hands up her back drawing her close to him. He waited until felt her breathing deepen and her body slacken into sleep before he drifted off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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