Seducer or Seducee?

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Tessa attends a costume party and is seduced by a beautiful woman.

Every year a city about an hour away from where I live hosts a big charity costume party that coincides with Mardi Gras. I had decided to attend the event as my female persona, Tessa. Since I don’t get many chances to go out in public I decided I was going to go all out for this event. For the last two months I had been on a strict diet, more like starvation but I knew the results were going to help me with my transformation. I lost fifteen pounds and some muscle mass too. I had limited my exercise to walking, yoga, and repetitions of butt lifts, sits ups, etc… that would help my body look more feminine. During this time I have also kept my body completely smooth. Ample amounts of body lotion daily have left my skin soft and smooth.

A couple of days before the party I visited the salon that was going to do my nail, hair, and makeup and I got a spray tan, nothing dramatic just a little color to make my legs look better. I really wanted my face to have a smooth flawless look so over the last few months I also had laser hair removal on my neck and a couple of treatments on my face. The treatments did not completely get rid of my beard growth but it lessened it enough to where I only have to shave every three days. With less beard shadow I knew the makeup artist could use less foundation and therefore it wouldn’t look like I had makeup layered on like plaster.

The days before the party seemed to drag. When the day finally arrived I shaved my entire body completely smooth. I love the feel of softness this gives me. I was excited to be going to a salon for a day of beauty. I had a late afternoon appointment so I tried to relax and made sure I had all the items I needed. My plan was to pack everything I needed in a couple shopping bags and go to the salon dressed in my male clothes. I knew I would be walking out with a new hairstyle, a BCBG dress that showed ample cleavage, and Gucci Ormandi platform sandals. I had some help creating a feminine figure with a body shaper and a VS push up bra. I had tried taping my chest to create more cleavage and chest size but I had found that the bra and some small cutlet inserts underneath my own pecs/chest really gave me the look of real breasts. I suppose the cut of the dress helped to create this look too. This combination left me with a very realistic feminine chest, maybe an “a” cup or small “b” cup size boobs. I was looking forward to showing this off as I knew I would get some second looks from people who thought I was a guy in a dress.

I thought I would be more nervous walking into the salon but I found myself quite at ease and excited to see the results. Deciding to cut my own hair into a feminine style was going a little overboard but I knew I could just get it cut short after so I really did not worry about it too much.

The women who were handling my transformation were all aware of the party I was attending and they were all happy to help. I removed all my male clothes, put them in a bag, put on my gaff to tuck away my dick for the day and night, added some panties then put on a robe and said goodbye to my male self and began to let Tessa emerge. To start the makeover process I had a relaxing facial. A pedi followed and I also had a full set of nails put on my hands. I was surprised how feminine my hands looked with the long nails. The hairstylist showed me some pictures of some cuts that would look good on me. A few other women conferred with the stylist and they decided a long layered look with bangs would look best. I told them I was leaving it up to them so I agreed with whatever they chose. Before Amy, the hairstylist, started her magic she waxed and shaped my eyebrows. I knew I would have some thin arches for eyebrows for a while but Tessa did not care, she wanted to have more feminine looking eyes. The women in the salon thought I should be surprised by my final look so they did not let me see my new hairstyle. However, as Amy dried and brushed it I could see and feel it surround my shoulders. It looked very wavy and felt soft. The final step before getting dressed was makeup. My makeup artist spent a lot of time working to get the look she wanted. She had looked at my dress and jewelry and said she was creating a sexy, smoky eye for a great nighttime look that would look hot with the dress. She also placed some lip plumper on my lips while she worked on my face. She told me to keep applying xslot it periodically throughout the night and it would keep my lips looking full. I could feel the difference in my lips as she continued to work. After what seemed like an hour or more she stepped back to look at me and admire her work.

“I must say I did a good job on you. You look very pretty.”

She called another woman into the room and she looked at me and exclaimed, “Wow. You are hot!”

I was now very anxious to see myself. However, the women had other plans. They walked my to a back room that had no mirrors. They had placed everything I was going to be wearing in the room. They told me to get dressed and then I could see the result. Getting dressed without a mirror was a bit of a pain. I took my time, enjoying the feel of my dress hanging on my smooth legs. I looked down at my chest and saw two small boobs. I knew someone looking at them from the front would see two small mounds and the cleavage of a woman’s chest. I strapped on my heels and put on all my jewelry and stepped out to see myself completely made over to Tessa. As I walked out of the room, I almost bumped into Amy. She stopped dead in her tracks.

“Oh, my god. That dress is awesome. You are beautiful!”

She then guided me over to a mirror and I saw the results. Staring back at me was a very pretty Tessa. I could not believe how feminine my face looked with arched eyebrows and long lashes, and my hair was gorgeous, totally female. I did not know what to say but I knew I was elated and looking forward to going to the party as Tessa. I gathered my long coat and purse and thanked everyone immensely for all their help. After several pictures I walked to the door to leave.

Before I got to the door Amy walked up to me and said, “You do know that as long as you use a feminine sounding voice that most people are going to think you are a woman so you might need to be careful.”

I wasn’t sure if that was true. I assumed people would think everyone was wearing a costume so even if from a distance I looked like a woman I assumed people would figure it out. However, I did take that as a compliment. Then I thought about what she said about being careful and what that meant. I had no intention of being with a man but what if one tried to hit on me? I decided I would play it off in a fun way. Even though I was going out as Tessa I still desired to sleep with a woman. I guess I was going to have to find a lesbian tonight!

Before I stepped out of the salon I told myself that I was now Tessa and was going to walk, talk, and act like Tessa. I stepped confidently out of the salon, walked, to the parking lot, and got in my car. I checked myself in the mirror and told myself how happy I was with the transformation.

The party is held at a very nice hotel. I pulled up to the valet station and waited for a valet. I was curious if he would be able to tell I was a guy but then I reminded myself I was Tessa now. I stepped out of the car and the valet handed me a ticket. I thanked the valet and he replied, “Thank you, Ma’am” as I handed him a tip. I checked my coat at the coat check but kept my purse. I also kept the black shrug on over my dress, for the time being. I was okay with exposing my arms but I thought the ballroom where the party was being held might be cold.

As I walked in I saw, as you can imagine, all sorts of costumes. I walked over to one of the bars to get a drink and was served by a woman dressed as Red Riding Hood. She handed me my martini and told me she loved my dress. I moved around the room a little and it was not long before I saw a strikingly beautiful dark haired woman dressed in a skimpy devil’s costume. I tried not to stare but as I glanced over in her direction I noticed that she was looking at me, more specifically she was looking at my shoes and legs then my breasts. This got me very excited but I tried to play cool and strike a pose that would give her a better look at my chest. I was dying to know if she was still looking my way but I didn’t want to be too obvious. As I was planning how I could approach this devil, a man dressed as Charlie Chaplin walked up to me and said, “Hello.”

“Hi, Charlie, or is it Charles? I love all of you movies. What brings you to an event like this? I thought you would be in Hollywood.”

“I go where all the beautiful woman like you go.”

“Oh, thank you. That’s so sweet of you.”

Before xslot Giriş we could talk anymore a woman dressed as what I guessed to be Hillary Clinton, swooped in and grabbed the man’s arm.

“Excuse us but I need a dance with my husband.”

The woman gave me a “you bitch” look as she grabbed her husband’s arm and lead him to the back of the room where the dancing was taking place.

As I was smiling to myself I heard woman’s voice say, “She was jealous of you.”

As I turned to find the voice I giggled out loud and said, “Maybe.”

The voice said, “No maybe about it.”

At that point I had turned and found myself looking at a woman slightly taller than me. I instantly recognized her costume. She was dressed as Carol Costello, the newsperson from CNN. Actually she was basically wearing a nice dress and heels but she had the same glasses that Carol wears and the same hairstyle so I knew whom she was impersonating.

“Do you think that’s really true, Carol?”

“Oh, thanks for recognizing me.” Carol continued but not before she got a good look at my chest. “Oh, yes. She was pissed that her husband was flirting with you. I guess some things will never change for Hillary.”

I laughed at her comment. I finished my martini and searched for what to say next. Carol got the conversation started.

“I love your dress. I have those same shoes. Don’t you love them?”

“I do.”

“They go great with that dress.”

I flicked my hair back and worked hard at being Tessa. “Thank you.”

“What size do you wear?”

“Usually a ten.”

“Me too. I wish my feet were a little smaller but I guess that happens to us girls who are this tall.”


Carol then grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s get another drink.”

As she touched my hand she commented on my nails.

“Nice nails. Did you get them done for the party?”

“Yes. I spent almost the entire day at the salon.”

“You must have got your hair done too. It looks great.”

‘Thank you. I didn’t know what I wanted so I just let the stylist choose.”

“Well, it looks great. Did it take you a long time to grow it that long?”

Before I could answer Carol turned to the bartender and ordered us two drinks.

“That was a silly question. Of course it did.”

“Oh, oh, a bad question from a reporter, how surprising!”

That caused Carol to laugh. As she handed me my drink she shot another look at my chest. Being a little taller she got a good downward look at my boobs as she got closer to hand me my drink.

“Thank you for the drink.”

“You are welcome.”

I realized I did not know Carol’s real name so I introduced myself.

“I am Tessa.”

“Nice to meet you, Tessa. I am Carol.”

I smiled and wondered if she simply wanted to stay in character or if her name was really Carol.

“I don’t mean to be forward…I am not sure how long you have been here but I have been here a while and could use a little peace and quiet. Any chance you want to go to my hotel room for a quiet drink or two?”

I tried to keep my jaw from hitting the floor before saying, “I would love that.”

“Great. But are you sure you don’t want to stay and get hit on by some more men?”

“Was he hitting on me?”

“Oh, god yes.”

“Hmmm…there are some cute guys in here…just kidding, I would love to go with you.”

I told Carol that I needed to get my coat and we walked out to the coat check area together and then moved over to the elevators. As we walked my mind was racing. I was having a great time being Tessa and now a beautiful woman was interested in me as Tessa! As we stepped on the elevator Carol looked at my rear. “God, you have a great body.”

“Thank you. So do you.”

“I am glad you like it.”

In the elevator Carol said, I might have to try on your dress. What size is it? Never mind, don’t tell me it’s probably smaller than what I wear.”

Was Carol trying to imply that I was more feminine than her because I was more petite?

“Oh, I don’t think it will be too small for you.”

We stepped off the elevator and in the mirror I saw two women (us) walk off the elevator and down the hall. Carol let me into her room and told me to sit down while she went to the bathroom and then made us drinks. She returned in a minute. She handed me my drink and sat down close to me. She kicked of xslot Güncel Giriş her heels.

“If those shoes are hurting you feel free to take them off. I had enough of mine for now.”

“They are fine. I am surprised how good they feel. I could spend the whole night in them.”

“Yes, I bet. You did an awesome job with your look tonight. You are quite pretty.” Carol brushed my hair back and looked into my eyes. Before I could reply she leaned in and kissed me. The feel and taste of our glossed lips was wonderful. Carol broke the seal of our lips but continued to kiss my cheek.

“I love your perfume. And I have been wanting to touch your girls ever since I first saw them tonight.”

This sent shivers through me.

“I bet those nipples are dying for some attention.”

I let out a deep sigh. Carol knew she was getting to me. She stood up and grabbed my hands.

“Let’s go lie down in the bedroom, girlfriend.”

I stood up and Carol wrapped her arm around me and led me to the bedroom. She walked me over to the bed and had me lie down on my back. She spread my legs and straddled me. She looked down at me and started kissing me. She broke the kiss but started feeling my body through my dress.

“You are so pretty. I bet you loved going to the salon today. Getting your nails done, and your hair cut in such a feminine style. Your eyebrows are perfectly shaped.”

Carol began to feel my smooth arms.

“And you are so smooth and soft. I love it but I bet you love it more. Your inner self really came out tonight. You are so at ease as a woman, yes?”

Carol’s talk was driving me crazy. It was all true and she knew it. She started rubbing my legs.

“Your legs are gorgeous in these shoes especially. Wearing heels is awesome, isn’t it? God, so smooth. And let’s not forget your girls. I am betting I can make you come just by playing with your nipples.”

Carol now had me so worked up even though me dick was still tucked it felt like it could explode. Carol had me slide up further on the bed and then she lied down beside me. She kissed me and placed her hand on my necklace. She then moved her hand slowly down to my breast. I let out a little gasp in anticipation of her touching my breast.

“Carol cooed, I knew it. You are dying for me to play with those.”

She then placed a hand in my dress and began to softly and expertly play with my tits. I closed my eyes. I was in heaven. Carol’s touch felt so good. She was right; she was going to get me to come without touching my dick. I reached down to feel her vag but she took my hand away.

“This is your time, girl. You can help me later.”

She began sucking my nipples and I writhed in ecstasy. She straddled me again and started pulling down my panties and shaper. My cock sprang to attention but she ignored it.

“I told you my girl was going to climax without me touching you there.”

She ran her hands up my smooth legs and felt my ass.

“Hmmm…I wonder if a pretty girl like you wants what most girls want. We like softness and smoothness and licking vag but we also need penetration sometimes. Are you that kind of girl, Tessa?”

I then felt one of Carol’s lubricated fingers go in me.

“Oh, Tessa. You do look so sexy tonight. I can’t wait to get you into one of my teddies and lay with you all night arm in arm and feel your femininity. But right now I need to make you my girl and fuck you.”

I picked my head up to see that Carol was wearing a strap on. Carol must have sensed my nervousness.

“Ssh..lie down Tessa. You look so pretty lying here. Relax. You are going to love it.”

I felt the head of Carol’s strap on poking at my entry. A second later the head of her dick slipped in me. I gasped. Carol played with my hair and kissed me. She slowly pushed her dick farther into me. She reached down and fondled my nipples. Another push and she was fully inside me. She slowly started fucking me. I loved the feeling and she knew it.

“There, see. I told you. I knew my beautiful girl would love getting fucked. And I love fucking you, honey. Now I am going to let you feel what a real climax is like.”

Carol continued to slowly fuck me. Then she began thrusting a little harder, in and out. As she thrust in she must have hit my prostate. After a few more times I felt my whole body explode and my dick spewed cum. My whole body actually shook. I had never felt such intense pleasure. Carol leaned over me and gave me a wicked smile.

“Thanks for being my girl tonight.”

Carol stayed inside me a little longer and as I tried to recover I knew this was an awesome experience I was hoping to repeat with Carol many more times.

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