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Chapter 2: Veronica

“What brings you home, Ben?” my brother asked as he handed me the second beer. It had been opened.

This was the part I had been dreading most. Where to begin? Should I start with the sad news that I was out of work, warn him that I had four credit card companies on my tail or should I appeal to his sympathy and tell him I had broken up with my girlfriend?

I took a long swig of beer, stalling.

Seeing that I was still pondering his questions, Ed struck again. “Any marriage plans on the horizon? What’s your girl’s name?”

“Veronica,” I said.

“Oh yes, Veronica, sexy name. Sexy woman, too, from the looks of her in the picture you sent.”

“Veronica left me. I’m out of work, too.”

“Oh,” he said, contemplatively. “Did losing your job have anything to do with her taking off or was her leaving inevitable?”

“Both, losing my job and it was inevitable,” I said, looking at my brother, admiringly. He had a knack for getting right to the heart of the issue. Next, I predicted, he’d ask how bad it really was.

“How bad is it?”

Saved by the bell, a car horn interrupted his cross examination. “Aw, there’s my sweetie now,” Ed said, rushing to the side door without inviting me to go along to greet Jen.

He called her ‘his sweetie’, I thought, watching him open the car door for her. Jen got out, looking more stunning than I remembered. Her hair was shorter, controllable; not flying in all directions like it did when we were a couple. They kissed and she looked up at the porch as they hugged. Her face was next to his, but her green eyes were directed at me. She lifted her head from his shoulder and scrunched her lips, the lips I knew so well, into the familiar half-pucker, half-pout. I felt a tingle in the pit of my chest.

At that moment I loathed them both for the same reason; they had ruined my life. I loathed my brother for stealing my girl and I loathed Jen for not waiting. I loathed myself too, for making the two worst decisions of my life.

Their letters arrived in mid-November, nearly four years ago. They wrote, almost word-for-word, ‘it just happened.’ Hell, they could have used one envelope and saved a stamp. I stayed in my dorm room for a week, brooding.

I didn’t come home that Thanksgiving and completely ignored their wedding announcement the following spring. Ed continued to send checks for my tuition until he discovered I wasn’t cashing them. I took out student loans and used the harvest money to pay for incidentals. When it was gone I got my first credit card. I needed money because I had met a girl.

Looking at Ed and Jen walk hand-in-hand toward the house, with the six new homes in the background, I stood up and, feeling my heart beat rapidly, tired to make myself presentable.

Jen handed the bag of groceries to her husband and came to me. We embraced, both talking nonsense about how long it had been. She pulled away, smiled nervously and excused herself, disappearing into the kitchen, leaving me reeling.

I can’t do this, I thought. She feels the same, smells the same and looks the same as four years ago. But where could I go? I had no prospects and a reputation to mend.

Ed must have warned Jen not to pry about my life. The conversation at dinner was guarded. I praised Jen on the meal, avoiding remarks of a personal nature. olgun porno Ed informed me that Jen kept the company books. “We’ve converted the guest room into a home office. That’s why we had to give you our old room,” he explained. I politely told them the old room would serve my needs, avoiding the mention that I wouldn’t be here long.

I didn’t offer to help with the dishes because I knew being near her would be torturous. I watched television with Ed until Jen joined us and then excused myself, saying I needed to unpack my bags. But after finding a place to store the casual stuff from the small bag, I left the other bag containing my work clothes, suits, shoes and ties, packed.

I got into the upper bunk that I had occupied so long ago and found I couldn’t sleep.

Seeing them at dinner had been excruciatingly painful. The little winks and nods looked put-on. Were they really that happy? I lay awake listening, first to the printer spitting out financial statements in the next room, followed by my brother and sister-in-law taking turns using the only bathroom on the second floor. Even after they went to bed I listened for sounds coming from their room. Were they making love, or just talking? Making love was what Jen called it. Did she ask my brother to make love to her or did she say, “Fuck me?”

Amy, the farm girl, was no help on this night. Not daring to think of Jen, I let Veronica invade my mind.

We met at a New Year’s party. She was unlike any girl I had known before, not that there had been that many. Veronica knew I was on the rebound. We took long walks and told each other everything about ourselves, or so I believed at the time. She was very sympathetic and as I eventually discovered, she was also cunning.

One of the things that attracted me to Veronica was that, besides her beauty, we had something in common; she had severed all relations with her family too, but I soon discovered we were estranged from our families for different reasons. I refused to go home because my brother had stolen my girlfriend. Veronica had been kicked out of her home for what amounted to stealing from her family. She said she only wanted what she had coming; her parents called it fraud.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune; the petite, dark haired sophomore returned my kisses with the same abandon I used my credit card to take her to fancy restaurants. I had no way of paying the statements, but I didn’t care. Veronica was worth going in debt. Being with her made me feel special and I began to notice others, both men and women, looked at me differently than ever before. We were so close to having sex it was driving me crazy. She was agreeable. Finding a place was the problem. Her roommate was like Oscar, always in their room.

I was becoming desperate. Veronica said she was too. Finally, knowing that Oscar had an eleven o’clock, we cut our classes and went to my room. She wore a short skirt for the occasion.

I started by pulling her down on my bed and kissing her until we were lying down. We had been in this position before, dry humping until we were interrupted by Oscar or by a noise in the hall. This time was different; he was in class and the door was locked. I began unbuttoning her shirt.

“Don’t do that,” she said.

“Why not?” I asked, deflated because I’d never seen her breasts, outdoor sex only felt them outside her clothing.

“Oscar might come in.”

“He won’t, he’s in class,” I reminded her.

“He might cut, we did.”

I didn’t argue because we were both nervous and I didn’t want to spook her. I settled for dry humping, pushing her skirt higher with each thrust. Time was wasting; we only had an hour. I pushed my tongue past her lips and heard her moan. Taking this as a good sign, I moved my hand down to her thigh and up to her panty covered pussy. She moaned again when I pushed the gusset to the side and stuck my middle finger into her pussy. She was wet; another good sign.

Veronica’s legs were spread wide and my finger was inserted to the second knuckle. Everything was progressing nicely until she heard my zipper being lowered.

“What are you doing?” she asked with alarm.

What the hell did she think I was doing? “I have a rubber,” I said, thinking that would console her. It didn’t.

“I’m not ready yet,” she said, suddenly moving her ass back to dislodge my finger and clamping her legs together.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were,” I said, wondering what to do. Based on my limited experience, she was ready ten minutes ago.

“I need more stimulation.”

“Okay,” I said, moving my finger inside her panties. She grabbed my hand.

“Not that kind.”

“What…what kind do you…what are you saying?”

“Use your mouth.”

“Cunnilingus?” I knew the word, but not how to perform the act.

She nodded, timidly curling her lips into a smile.

“Let’s get these off,” I suggested, rising to my knees while reaching for the elastic band that held her panties in place.

“NO!” she practically shouted, slamming her legs closed. Then, seeing that I was confused, she relaxed. “Leave them on. They’re…old. I wore them special.”

This I understood. I was to move the gusset to the side again, something I was happy to do. The panties were indeed, old and loose. She opened her legs and I got my first look at her pussy. It was covered with curly, dark hair, wet and matted. I looked at Veronica’s face. Her upper teeth were covering her lower lip, cautiously waiting. Her dark eyes were open wide, watching me.

I bent down and had to lift my head immediately because the aroma was overpowering.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Not…nothing,’ I stammered. Maybe you had to become accustomed to the smell.

Trying again, I leaned down and made contact, my tongue to her pussy lips. She squirmed, like an electric shock had gone through her. I had a new toy. Having no idea what I was doing, I was surprised when everything I tried, worked. I pushed my tongue deeper and Veronica shoved her pelvis upward, begging me to ‘do it like that…more…just like that.’

I don’t know why I didn’t pull my pants down and shove my cock into her. She was certainly ready. I guess I was having too much fun. I had never experienced anything like it.

Twice, she stopped me by holding my head immobile while she recovered. “Okay,” she said, releasing her grip as if she were moving a gearshift from neutral to drive. I complied, resuming my effort to pleasure her, lapping the constant flow of juices and pushing my tongue deeper. Her response was a guttural growl that I found public agent porno encouraging. I lost track of time, but Veronica didn’t.

“We have to stop, it’s five before twelve,” she said, holding her watch in front of my eyes.

“That’s plenty of time,” I said, reaching in my pocket for a condom.

Seeing that I wasn’t to be denied, Veronica shook her head. “That’s…not necessary.”

Frantic to dip my wick, I hurriedly pulled my pants down and stabbed blindly, just as she pulled the gusset of her panties to the side to accommodate me. My cock plunged into her slick tunnel, surprising us both when our pelvic bones collided. The entry had been so smooth that it took me a few seconds to realize we were joined. Her inner walls surrounded my cock like a silk glove. Because of Jen’s obsession with protection, this was a new feeling to me.

Grinning, Veronica wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me down for a kiss. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I felt her pelvis grind into me. I instinctively began to move, slowly at first, taking short strokes. She removed her tongue from my mouth and lay back, still grinning. We picked up speed and lengthened the strokes until the bed was skidding with each thrust.

Veronica sensed I was about to cum before I did. She tightened her leg-hold on my ass. “Stop fucking,” she said, grinning up at me as she massaged my cock. I held it as long as I could, enjoying the way she was squeezing me.

“Shit!” she exclaimed as we heard the key in the lock. Oscar opened the door before we made it half way to the bathroom, Veronica scurrying ahead and me waddling behind her with my pants around my knees. I turned to scowl at him. Oscar, unfazed by my irritation with him, gave me a thumbs-up.

Veronica was attempting to put herself into somewhat presentable order. Her face was flushed and her hair was in total disarray, otherwise she looked fucked and beautiful.

“What are you doing?” she hissed as I picked her up and sat her ass on the counter.

“I didn’t cum. Pull your panties to the side,” I said.

“The door isn’t locked,” she objected, her voice just above a whisper.

“He wouldn’t dare come in here now,” I said.

She grinned and obeyed me, pulling the gusset to the side and opening her legs. I entered her and we were soon fucking again. It only took six or seven thrusts for me to empty my balls into her womb.

“God, that was good!” I said, knowing I had selfishly gotten my rocks off with no regard for her.

“You say the nicest things,” she said. . We made ourselves as presentable as possible and left the room, ignoring Oscar’s lewd whistles.

“That’s too dangerous,” Veronica said as we walked to the cafeteria. “Keeping one eye on my watch is distracting. Not knowing when Oscar is going to come back is scary.”

“We’ll get a motel room next time,” I suggested and watched her eyes brighten.

“It has to be a nice room,” she cautioned.

After that, we spent every Friday night in the same motel room and Veronica was always ready. It was a nice room, but expensive. The credit card company was very understanding. Each time I approached the limit, they increased it. When I became concerned about the debt I was accumulating Veronica interjected her own brand of logic. “You can always get another card.”

I followed her advice and when I graduated the amount I owed on the two cards was more than I would earn in my first year at my new job.

Veronica offered to leave school and come with me. How could I turn her down? Having her near kept my mind off of losing Jen to my brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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