Jason Mows My Lawn

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It was a brutal day to be out in the yard mowing, but Jason was out there anyway, pushing the lawnmower like he had been doing for us every week or so for the last couple of summers. It was a sight that I had always enjoyed, and one that would likely not be seen again, because Jason was going off the college soon.

Watching Jason grow up before my eyes was enjoyable, and although he was no longer the awkward kid with the skinned knees and braces, he had never changed from being extremely polite and well-mannered.

“He’s now a man,” I said aloud as I watched him from the door that led out to the deck, and although he still had his boyish good looks, there was no mistaking the fact that he was now an adult physically as well as chronologically.

Jason must be about 5’10” and maybe 140 pounds soaking wet these days, I figured, and soaking wet he was, his lightly tanned body glistening with sweat as he worked. He had taken his shirt off before he started, and as the perspiration ran down his smooth chest I felt myself getting warm myself.

“Cute body,” I said as he passed by where I was standing, and as he returned my smile with one of his own I wondered whether he had any idea what was going on in my filthy mind.

His long, dirty blonde hair was about the same length as mine, just touching his nicely defined shoulders, and as I watched the muscles in his biceps reflect the exertion as he turned the mower around I fought the urge to do what I had done the week before. Stick with the plan, Marie, I told myself.


It had been almost as hot last week when Jason had mowed, and I swear that it was accidental when I went out to offer the boy a glass of ice tea. It wasn’t until I saw him staring at me that I realized what I had done, but by then it was too late.

I had been doing some housekeeping, and was wearing a pink tank-top without a bra underneath. While that’s something I do around the house when I’m alone, I never go out in public like that. I used to, back in the 70’s, but this isn’t the 70’s and my breasts aren’t 19 anymore either.

They’re not only small, but they have a bit of sag to them as well, so it wasn’t like I was flaunting my limited assets when I gave Jason the drink. He looked though, long and hard, which was how I realized that I was revealing way more than a 57 year old woman should.

Flustered, I excused myself and went back inside, hurrying to my bedroom to change my top before Jason got the wrong idea. As I passed the dresser mirror I stopped when I saw my reflection.

Banana boobs. I posed in front of the mirror, wishing that Jason could have seen them back when they would have pointed at him instead of my feet. Still, he looked, and as I watched my fat nipples try and tear through the fabric of my tank-top, I felt a tingling from within me.

The same tingling I felt when I chatted with my readers and fellow writers. The wetness that appeared between my legs when Blaine and I would exchange naughty e-mails, when John would write with naughty suggestions, or when Becky or Ralph or Bobby and Bina or Tim or…

I went over to the window and yanked down my shorts and panties while peeking through the blinds to the backyard, where Jason had resumed mowing. I was going to get my toy, but I was too inflamed to bother. Instead, my finger went inside my cunt, and as I worked over my clit I looked out at Jason.

His nicely toned body was so smooth, save for the sprinkling of golden hair on his calves, and as I wondered what was underneath those shorts I saw him look over to the deck. Was he looking for me? His hand went to his crotch, briefly rearranging things under his shorts. Was he hard? Did I somehow excite him? Did seeing my swollen nipples through my blouse actually arouse him?

I came, making the blinds shake wildly when I bumped into them while riding out my orgasm, and after I regained my composure and my eyesight cleared I looked to see if Jason had noticed the movement of the shades, but he was just doing his job. He did rearrange his goodies again for me though before he was finished, which was why I was prepared when he arrived this week.


This week I checked my reflection in the mirror BEFORE I went out. No pink tank-top without a bra this week. It was yellow, and while I was planning to tease my nipples so that they were popping out when he saw me, there was no need because they were so taut that they were throbbing against the cotton.

Lifting my short white skirt, I examined the triangle of golden fur that I had trimmed for the occassion. My labia were so clearly visible, pouting outwardly and even more obvious with the thinning of my pubic hair, and they were already moist with my inner cauldron percolating like it had back in my younger days.

Moving out to the kitchen, I grabbed the pitcher of iced tea I had prepared along with the glasses, using my hip in nudging the sliding glass door open wide enough to ease out onto the deck. Jason was almost done, bayan escort gaziantep making my timing exquisite, and I arranged things on the deck just the way I had planned.

The mower cut off, and after Jason put the machine into the shed he walked over toward me, wiping the sweat from his brow with his shirt, which he had taken from around his waist where he had tied it.

“Here Jason,” I said, handing him a fresh towel. “This might work better.”

“Thanks,” Jason replied, and what I really wanted to do was to offer to towel him down with it myself. Either that, or licking his lithe and limber torso from head to toe would have been an enticing option.

Instead I watched him rub the soft terry cloth through his scalp and over his chest, the beige skin losing the glaze of perspiration but none of the attractiveness. Jason smiled as he continued to dry himself off, running the cloth under his arms to dry the little wisps of hair that were nestled in the deep pockets of his armpits, as I felt myself start to sweat myself.

“I took a shower before I came here,” Jason said apologetically. “I’m a mess. Sorry.”

“Nonsense,” I said as I handed Jason an envelope and motioned for him to sit down in the lawn chair opposite from where I planned to sit. “You look wonderful. Sweaty men are sexy. Here.”

I placed a large tumbler of iced tea next to him, and a shiver went down my spine when Jason’s eyes went to the scoop neck of my tank top, which had bowed out just like I had hoped, exposing just about all of my little titties to him.

When I straightened up he turned away and blushed just a little, having been caught in the act. If that got him a little flustered, I wondered what he would be doing in a couple of minutes if all went according to plan?

“Wow!” Jason exclaimed when he looked at the little card I had handed him. “What’s this?”

“A little token of our esteem,” I said, explaining away the check that was inside the card, and while the words inside the card was in my writing, the check was written by my husband, making me feel less creepy than I would have otherwise. “You’ve done such a wonderful job over the years with the lawn.”

“Gee thanks. This will help with buying books next semester,” Jason explained as he placed the check back in the card and set it down.

“Going to miss you around here,” I said, and I wanted to add that he would be missed in more ways than gardening, his presence providing me with a lot of luscious eye-candy this past summer. “I guess I’ll have to do it myself from now on. Just as well though. It’ll help get me into shape.”

I eased down into the high back lounge chair and lifted my arms and grab the back of it. My titties responded, raising up a little bit and forcing my engorged nipples into the tank-top.

“Oh, you’re in great shape now,” Jason blurted out.

“Flatterer! Oh brother, no wonder all the girls chase you around,” I said as I felt a trickle of sweat slither through my silky smooth underarm and down my side under Jason’s careful observation. “Are you still seeing that Mason girl I saw you with at the Fair last month?”

“Karen? No, we kinda broke up.”

“Her loss.”

“She was fun but she’s only a junior in high school. Kinda immature.”

“She didn’t look it,” I threw in, remembering when we ran into them on the midway that she was hanging out of a blouse in a way I never could. “But now that you’re an adult, well I guess you college men prefer more mature women.”

“Well sure – I mean, older girls are way cool.”

“Sure is a scorcher out here today,” I said, casually lifting my right leg onto the little table just in front of me.

Perhaps the way I rolled my left leg to the side was a little overkill, but I wanted to make sure that Jason didn’t miss anything. Sweet Jason was way ahead of me, his eyes not-too-subtly going downward with my movement, probably expecting a peek up the skirt at my panties.

When he did a double-take, nearly setting his glass down where the table wasn’t, I knew that he could see fine. I knew that I looked silly – maybe even desperate – exposing myself like this with my skirt having ridden way up, but I didn’t care.

Oh sure, the thought crossed my mind that he could bolt on me and go run and tell all his friends that old lady Provost showed him her pussy and her banana tits, but I took the chance that he found me more attractive than – well, than I thought I was.

“Uh – can I have…”

“Help yourself,” I said as I gestured toward the pitcher of iced tea. “I’m too comfortable to move right now.”

Jason stood up and did a shaky job of pouring the drink while I looked for a tell-tale bulge, but the shorts he was wearing were so baggy that I couldn’t really tell. I did notice that under his navel, there were a few golden hairs that stood out against the untanned area just above his belt.

I would love to follow that little furry trail cim cif gaziantep escort bayan with my tongue, I thought while I watched Jason sit down and go back to looking up my skirt, clearly neither offended or repelled by what I was showing him.

He was also shy, and while my seducing Randy at the Farmers Market had been effortless, the equally young African_American was far more wise in the ways of the world than Jason, and caught on rather quickly to what I wanted. With Jason, it was clear that I would have to be more the aggressor.

“Bet you don’t see too many of these around,” I said as I moved my splayed thigh over even farther into the arm of my chair. “Ones with hair around them.”

Jason’s face was now beet-red but although he was flustered by my actions he didn’t run.

“Of course, I could have you mow it for me,” I suggested. “You do such a nice job with the lawn. Ever shave a girl down there?”

Jason shook his head no with such a brisk motion that I was afraid that he was going to give himself a concussion, but then spoke, saying, “No. I – uh – like girls with hair down there.”

“Ah! A true Renaissance Man!” I declared, which made Jason smile and go back to staring at my pussy.

“No – it’s just that I like girls that look like – you know – women.”

“Well said,” I noted, and then amped up the pressure on my young gardener. “I shaved it once, a long time ago, but it itched so badly when it grew back that it drove me crazy. Can’t be walking around fiddling with myself all the time, can I? It’s such a hot day, and the breeze feels so nice on it. I’m kind of steamy down there right now.”

As I spoke, fiddling around was exactly what I was doing, letting my fingers rake gently through my lightly trimmed bush, working them in between the lips of my sex. Any pretense of coyness was long gone, because now I was sitting there with my legs wide open and my skirt up to my waist, playing with my cunt in front of this man-child who was sweating more profusely than he had been when he was mowing.

“You know Jason, I’m showing you mine. The least you can do is show me yours,” I cooed, unable to wait for this young lad to make a move on me.

“Right here?” Jason squeaked, his voice rising a couple of octaves over the course of two words.

“Why not?” I asked. “Nobody can see back here. You know this yard like the back of your hand. Nobody on the back or one side, and trees on the other side block the view. Of course, if for some reason you’re ashamed, or if you’d rather not…”

“No, I’m not,” Jason said, standing up and dropping the plastic tumbler off of the edge of the table for real this time. “Oh. Sorry.”

“It’s alright, honey,” I responded, when what I really wanted to say was fuck the glass and let me see your cock.

I didn’t know what to expect as Jason tried to get his belt open. This new Marie had hit the penis jackpot with Jason and his Dad, but Jason here was so boyish looking that his build suggested a much more modest package.

When the belt came loose and the shorts fell to the deck, I was rather shocked at the large bulge in Jason’s snug white briefs, but those came down so fast I didn’t even have a chance to guess what was beneath them.

As the soggy fruit-of-the-looms got yanked down, Jason’s cock sprang out like he was a human jack-in-the-box, and after he stepped out of the underwear and his dick stopped bouncing around, I smiled wide.

“Ooh!” I cooed as I looked at his sizable erection, which was certainly nothing like Randy’s father or even Randy’s, but it was a whole lot more than I was used to looking at. “That’s a gorgeous penis you’ve got there, Jason.”

Indeed it was. Jason’s cock was very thick around the base and tapered down to where the glans of his penis was more like an acorn, making his cock look like a spear. A spear that was twitching and pointing right at me.

“Do you – um-mm – want me to make love to you?” Jason asked, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he spoke.

“No honey, but there’s other things we can do,” I informed him, beckoning him to come to me as I straightened up in my chair.

He looked so adorable as he took the three steps to me, his erection waving around in front of him like a sword, his balls swaying loose and low in a long wrinkled pouch that was virtually hairless. When he got to me I wasted no time, grabbing the shaft of his cock and giving the sleek weapon a slow stroke.

There was a bead of pre-cum on the tip of the little crown that I got rid of with one swipe of my tongue before I moved my lips down his stiff dick. Jason was doing a little soft-shoe, bouncing from foot to foot as my mouth went down as far as I could before I felt the tip of his dick hit the back of my throat.

“Nice,” I commented as I drew my lips off of him for a second, the aroma of his fresh perspiration acting like an aphrodisiac as his manly musk filled my senses.

His cinsel bilgiler cock, probably close to 8″ long, was wet with my spit almost 3/4’s of the way down, the two bulging veins seeming to pulsate under my grip, and when my lips swooped back down on it Jason moaned.

“I can’t,” Jason cried out.

“Can’t what, babe?”

“Can’t hold it,” he whimpered, and the pained look on his expression spoke volumes.

“Why would you want to?” I asked just before going back down on him. “Besides, I want it.”

Jason tried to control the inevitable, but I showed him no mercy. Soon my nose was grazing the little tuft of hair above his dick, and my mouth was stretching out wide to accommodate the amazing girth of the base of his cock.

My lips felt his seed race through his manhood, and then he exploded, sending jets of cum down my throat while I struggled to keep from choking. Just when I thought he was done, his cock spat out a couple more morsels that I left in my mouth to savor.

Bittersweet was the taste of Jason’s semen, and as his long spear turned into a long limp tube, I let go of his cock and looked up to Jason, opening my mouth to reveal a lot of expensive dental work that was drowning in the sea of cum he had deposited there.

I felt a little semen drool out of the corner of my mouth as it occurred to me that I hadn’t even touched myself, having been so occupied with other things, but Jason – sweet Jason proved to be less naive than I had suspected.

Without a word he dropped to his knees and buried his face between my thighs. I let out a startled gasp, but since my legs were already spread all I had to do was throw my legs over the arms of the chair.

It made for a charming sight, I’m sure, with my skinny legs hanging over the arms of the chair and my dripping wet pussy spread open as wide as the Grand Canyon, but Jason wasn’t looking, he was licking. Lapping. Chewing. Devouring me.

Jason’s mouth had been around a pussy before, and as he tucked his face between my over-sized labia he swabbed my clit like a pro. His tongue danced inside of me, sending my body into spasms as I clawed at my tank-top, yanking it up and biting into it while my fingers stretched my swollen nipples, twisting and yanking them as Jason brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

I felt Jason’s hands clutching my hips in an effort to keep me from either sliding off of the chair or catapulting myself over the back of it. With my mouth full of my blouse, it muffled the scream that I would not have been able to stifle otherwise as a powerful orgasm roared through me. A series of mini-quakes followed, and by then I was nearly on the floor, with only Jason’s face and arms holding me up.

“You are so hot!” Jason said as he eased me back up onto the chair a bit. “I’ve wanted to do this for years.”

“NO!” I cried out when I realized what he was doing.

Jason had climbed up against me, his cock very hard again, and was in the process of putting it into my pussy when I stopped him.

“Why not? You know you want it,” Jason protested.

He was right. I did want it. I wanted him to stick that stiff spear into my pussy and fuck me like an animal, but I just couldn’t. I didn’t know how to explain it to Jason – this distorted sense of moral right and wrong I had come up with. The only thing I knew was that as much as wanted that beautiful hunk of meat, I couldn’t let him put his dick inside of me.

“I can’t, honey,” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck, nuzzling into his neck as I spoke. “Not with anybody. I just can’t. I know it doesn’t make sense.

I could feel Jason’s body relax, although his cock was still hard and poking me in the stomach, but he seemed to accept it.

“I’d love to suck on your cock again though,” I whispered in his ear, biting the lobe as I talked dirty to him. “You liked that, didn’t you? I love sucking on big dicks like yours. Loved the taste of your cum too.”

“I guess,” Jason said, and as he spoke he looked down and my eyes followed his.

Jason’s erection was laying on the opening of my sex, the underside squarely in the fold as my labia surrounded the side of his cock, and then he started moving his dick up and down like he was fucking me, only with him being outside of me.

“This feels good,” Jason said, and I had to agree, even though I was pushing the envelope here because while his cock wasn’t inside of me, the lips of my pussy were certainly acting like the meat curtains they had been referred to by a lover years ago, surrounding his swollen manhood in their wet fold.

“Ooh,” was all I could add, because it felt really nice to me too, even as I struggled with my semantics.

“Didn’t that hurt you before?” Jason asked as he kept sliding his dick while his hands came up and cupped my tits. “When you were pulling on your breasts so hard?”

“A little,” I admitted, and since that one time when I looked down at what I was doing to my poor titties, stretching the loose flesh out grotesquely as I pulled hard on my nipples, I could understand his concern. “Kinda lose control sometimes, but I like them treated a little rough too. Go ahead, if you want to.”

“No,” Jason said, taking the cones in his palms and kneading them gently. “Can I just do this?

“Absolutely,” I said, relaxing while experiencing this very different way of making love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32