Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 03

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“No!” I screeched just as the dinning room door opened.

I ran to the kitchen and hid. My mind raced as did my pulse. I couldn’t go through with it. “You are a married woman get a grip,” I told myself slowly.

Barry came in and announced he had won the last game. I heard Carl flush the loo up stairs.

“I didn’t think you would want to watch that film anyway.”

I pushed passed him angry with him, Carl, and myself.

I could hardily look at Carl over the next few days; thank god he was going home on Wednesday. Barry took him to London the Saturday before to watch a football match. But on Sunday I knew I would be alone with Carl as Barry was playing golf. Some stupid tournament thing down in Devon, and he would be away until late Sunday.

It was 7.30 when Barry left me a cup of tea by the side of the bed just before he left. I made breakfast around 9 then called to Carl. God knows how I was going to spend the day with him. He had already told me he wasn’t going to meet his friends that had come over from Germany with him. He came into the kitchen wearing the shorts he had slept in. I pulled my dressing gown a little tighter around myself; he noticed and smirked at me. I buttered some toast for him and as I put it on the table I glanced at his bare chest. He caught me looking and just smiled. As I walked past him he grabbed my wrist, not hard just in a firm manner. I should have pulled away I know but I didn’t.

“I’ve bought you a gift for looking after me,” he said without looking up.

“Oh?” I answered a little nervously.

“I’ve left it on your bed,” he explained smiling into my eyes.

I felt a little awkward finally twisting my arm out of his grasp. He smirked then began eating his toast. He followed me up the stairs a few minutes later. I just stared at the black material that lay on the bed. I felt nervous as he closed behind me.

“Try it on for me Julie,” he half whispered.

It was more of an order than a request. I turned to face him then realised just how close he was to me. I tried to look away from him, but he held me by the shoulders and just looked deep into my eyes.

“Carl,” I said trying to protest.

“Shush,” he whispered and then leant forward.

My heart was thumping as his soft lips kissed my brow. He just left me standing there like some kid. My mind raced with what he wanted. Several times I went to move but my legs just wouldn’t work. I looked down at the black material on the bed. I heard him in the shower. Then a few minutes later he was on the landing smiling at me. His tanned body still with droplets of water and the towel tied around his waste. I couldn’t help but glance at the bulge his cock made, it wasn’t hard but it pushed the towel out.

“Do you need to be directed?”

“Directed?” I replied not understanding what he meant.

“Get dressed,” he insisted.

I still didn’t move.

“Dress now and put on make-up.”

The force of his tone made me jump a little. He finally smiled and went to his room as he saw me pull the cord on my dressing gown. This was new to me, how could he control me? I was always the dominant one, and yet here I was letting a young boy take over my every move, my every decision. God was I going to give up my mind and body so easily? I knew I was mentally stronger than most men I had contact with. But this was so alien to me, but at the same time so exciting.

An hour later I stood looking at my reflection, I was almost in disbelief with what I saw. I had put everything I thought he, Carl, would like. I wore my green court shoes with the 3 inch stiletto heels, barely black tights, and a tight green and black lacy top with a deep round neckline that showed off a large amount of braless breasts. But the skirt, the skirt that Carl had bought for me. It was only 11inches from the waist to hem, and the material felt so lightweight like I was barely wearing anything. It sort of flared from the hips, and as I turned this way and that the hem danced around my legs. It was almost like a delayed reaction of a second or so, and it took ages to stop moving. I walked to the door and looked back at sakarya escort the mirror. The skirt was still flicking around my nylon clad thighs. I took a deep breath asking myself if what I was doing was what I really wanted. Carl was waiting downstairs for me. He would know that under my top my tits would be braless, as they would surely bounce with every step I took. I hadn’t put any panties on under my skirt, so all that guarded my fanny would be the thin material of my barely black tights. If Carl just put his hand up my skirt like he did when he played cards the other night. I closed my eyes just the sensation of his hungry fingers gliding over my tights made me whimper.

I walked into the lounge. Carl smiled at my nervousness; he had finally won his prize, my submission! His eyes watched my firm tits bounce lightly.

“Come here,” he ordered.

I felt scared stiff but already my fanny was dripping with anticipation. I walked slowly to him as his eyes ran over my body. I tried a nervous smile hoping he would tell me things were OK, or ease my anxiety in some other way. But he didn’t, he just looked at the nervous wreck of a woman that stood before him. He was revelling in the power he had over me. This18 year old held some sort of magic spell over me. Was he going to crush me by telling me I was a stupid and too old for him, or was he going to ravish me like I dreamed he would? He stood facing me. My legs were shaking and I was close to tears because of my emotional state.

“Oh Carl,” I said with a whimper.

He waited just holding my eyes. Then it happened, he grabbed me forcing his lips on me. I responded in an instant. My hands roamed feverishly all over his body. I felt clumsy and awkward as I let out a little pathetic gasp. I wanted to touch him all over, as soon as my hands left his shoulders they wanted to be back on them, but I had to explore the rest of his fit body. If only god had blessed me with a thousand hands I could hold all of him at once, but would this overload my sense? I’d probably cum in my tights unable to stop. God that tongue, his tongue, my tongue, they were both in my head. I hadn’t been kissed like for ages, not since before I married Barry huh that fool! If he only knew what he had started? Carl was controlled in his groping, me I just went for it like a condemned woman. Christ his body was hot. His tongue danced around my mouth like it belonged there. I sucked it back in every time I thought he would withdraw. Eventually he had to force me away. We both gasped for air. In a few breaths I was ready to lunge again but he stopped me. He just grabbed my tits and held me back by them. He just mauled them as he looked deep into my eyes, and I just stood there letting him like some thick teenager! He was measuring me, my reaction, he didn’t have long to wait until he found out just how weak my will power was.

“Carl don’t tease me, please don’t,” I said almost stamping my foot in frustration.

God I was having a tantrum like a 5 year old who was not allowed her favourite toy. He just grabbed me by the waist and pulled me tight to him. I felt his hand up my skirt his fingers tickled at my fanny lips causing me to groan loudly. They began slipping into my pussy pushing the thin material of my tights in too. God was that hot feeling his fingers pushing the nylon right into my fanny. I whimpered again, closing my eyes to concentrate on the feel of his fingers working the nylon into my cunt. He pushed me up right away from him several times until I got the message. I stood there while he fingered my soaked cunt. He said something in German.

“What?” I moaned through my panting.

“Stand still,” he spat.

How the fucking hell could I! My legs quivered. I tried to reach for him but he just pushed me back. I moaned and groaned as I stood there, our only contact being his fingers under my skirt, rubbing my sodden fanny to a mind shattering orgasm!

“Oh Carl,” I moaned as I came and came.

He pulled my still shaking body to my knees then pushed me onto my back. His mouth once again covered mine as he ripped my tights open.

“Oh samsun escort yes! Fuck! Ouch!” I screamed.

His cock buried into me. Christ he was big, thick big I mean.


“Yeah,” I panted, “You’re stretching me.”

He began giving it to me with deep thrust. Several times I cried out but each time he ignored me, he just kept fucking me hard. Soon the pain gave way to another orgasm. I shuddered clinging to his jerking body. I don’t know what he was saying, something in German. But I could tell it was something crude. He kept up his frantic fucking and finally shot his load around 20 minutes later and around 4 feet away from where we had started!

We lay together panting and coming back down. He pulled out of me which caused me to wince. I gradually pulled myself together. I stood up my legs still shaking, and looked at him for the first time in a while. It was now I felt embarrassed and guilty.

“Are you OK Julie?”

I nodded not really sure if I was.


He reached out for my hand, and then he started pulling me to the door. He was up 3 of the stairs before I pulled back a little. He looked at my expression then laughed.

“Surely you didn’t think we had finished?” he asked surprised.

“Oh fucking hell!” I gasped under my breath.

He fucked me twice more in my bed and licked me to an amazing orgasm. After we slept for a while then had a shower together. He pushed me down and with the water cascading over our bodies I sucked his thick cock, and finally tossed him off over my breasts.

I lay back on the bed and slept until 3. I made dinner and we cuddle on the couch. I played with his cock noting how incredibly thick it was, slightly thicker than the cans of energy drink you can get. No wonder I had struggled to get it in my mouth.


OK you lot, before you run off to see if you can get a can in your mouth, just remember I’m a woman OK? ………………………..

Anyway it’s not something I really liked doing not with anyone. Well Barry anyway. I mean why the fuck should I? He’d just pop his load too quick and besides I never really liked the way he tasted. So there I was slurping over Carl’s cock, when I suddenly realise he’s gone and put his hand on my head.

“Mph,” I groaned trying to pull up but he just increased the pressure on my head.

Then to my horror I noticed a pair of trouser legs stood in the lounge doorway. My eyes roll up and Barry is looking down at me, with an expression like he’d been shot up the ass with an elephant gun. I just kept still with Carl’s cock blocking my mouth up. Not that I could move because Carl is still gripping my head.

“Why don’t you sit down and watch?”

Now this is an 18 year old telling my husband to sit in the chair, while his wife has got a mouth of young German cock! Oh did I mention I was naked? Well I don’t suppose that makes too much difference.

“Finish me,” Carl whispered.

Well I couldn’t believe that. So I keep perfectly still waiting for Barry to blow his top, or haul me off Carl’s dick. Then out of the corner of my eye I notice my husband move slowly, and then his knees bend and he sits in the chair. Remember I’ve still got this thick German cock wedged in my mouth so I can’t speak, not that I would know what to say. Then there is a little shove on my head which causes me to gag. I closed my eyes and then start to suck him, all the time waiting for my husband to jump in and stop me. Before I know it Carl starts grunting. I tried to pull off but he just holds me down, and his cock starts spewing out cum into my mouth. I swallow and choke then swallow some more, making rather un-lady-like gurgling noises. At this point I’m sure it’s not only Carl that I hear groaning.

Got him I think to myself, my husband that is. Well I’ve already started to formulate a plan to ease my guilt and possibly get me off the hook. Finally Carl lets my head up and my jaw feels like its locked open. I turned round slowly to see my old man tugging his cock. Now I must have looked a right vision, şanlıurfa escort cum dribbling down my chin and the sides of my mouth. Barry just stared at me, Carl’s cum all over my mouth fuelling his excitement. As I turn to get up Carl grabs me by the arms twisting me back to him. Then to really add to my amazement Barry starts fiddling with his cock near my cunt. He shoves himself into me and starts to fuck me from behind. If I’m honest I can’t really feel it but he’s grabbing my hips and doing his best. I glanced up at Carl who just smirks down at my spunk stained face. Not long into my husband’s excitement he starts mumbling about coming. Then he pulls off. Carl gets up and disappears out the front door. Leaving me to explain to Barry, or so he thinks!

“Enjoy yourself did you?” I snapped as I reached for the tissues to wipe Carl’s cum from my face.

“Well it looks like you did.”

“Oh is that what you think? Didn’t it occur to you that he was forcing himself on me?”

“What?” Barry groaned.

I could see his mind working overtime. He was aware now that he had probably made a very big error in judgment.

“But you are naked?”

“Well fuck me am I?”

“You don’t need to be sarcastic,” he snapped.

“Did you plan this with him, did you Barry? Did you tell him I was gagging for a good fucking?”

“No don’t be so stupid.”

“How dare call me stupid!” I yelled throwing the box of tissues at him.

“Well you didn’t say anything?”

“Oh and just how the hell am I supposed to say anything? I had a fucking cock in my mouth!”

“But, I, well you looked like you, um, were.”

“Enjoying it? God! So when did I ever suck you off?”

“Well, once or twice.”

“Fucking hell! You’re unbelievable, Barry he was forcing me,” I screeched looking daggers at him.

“But did he, did you and he, fuck?” Barry asked timidly.

It was a cup that flash passed his ear this time.

“You bastard! I’ve just told you he raped my mouth, and now you want to know if he fucked me. God you sat there pulling your pencil dick while he forced me to give him a fucking blow job. If I ever find out you were behind this, well let’s just say you’ll find out what it’s like to shit in your own nest!”

We were silent for a while.

“So what do you want to do report him to the police?”

“Don’t be fucking stupid! He’ll say we planned this, I mean just imagine it, him telling the police I was gobbling him off, and then you just happened to turn up and slip your dick into me as you tried to fight him off!”

I let him think of that for a while. I picked up my dressing gown and slipped it on. I crawled on the floor to Barry pulling my dressing gown around me.

“Look maybe it is my fault as much as yours. Oh baby I think I cut you’re ear,” I said retrieving the tissue box and dabbing at a spot of blood.

He looked puzzled at me.

“I mean you had this fantasy about Carl and me. But you saw him holding my head down didn’t you?”

“But how did this happen, I mean you are naked?”

“No don’t say a word yet honey. Sorry I threw that cup at you, I liked that set your mum gave us it was sweet of her. No Barry I know you got all excited when you saw me giving him a blow job. But you know I don’t like doing it don’t you honey?”

“Well yeah of course I know.”

“Then why didn’t you stop him honey? Surely you could see his hand holding me?”

“Well he did have his hand on the top of your head.”

“See so you saw him holding me down, and obviously I couldn’t speak.”

“Well maybe a sign or something?”

“Sorry Barry I’m a little rusty on what the international sign is to ‘hey husband this mans making me give him a blow job’. Then of course by this time you had your dick out, and every woman knows a hard dick means men can’t think straight.”

“Julie I, I’m speechless,” he gasped in shock.

“I’ll forgive you, it’ll take sometime but I’m your wife, and I’m sure deep down you know I could never be unfaithful, well only in our fantasies,” I said, and somehow forced a tear to roll down my cheek.

“Sorry Julie, I’m really sorry.”

I cuddled him to my breast which I had exposed slightly.

“Well it’ll take a little time but maybe I can forgive you Barry, I mean I’m not a hard nosed bitch am I?”


Well did I manage to get myself off the hook?

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