Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 08

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Thanks for all of your comments about the first few chapters. I hope you enjoy the rest.


Well I couldn’t explain could I?

The divorce came through 6 months later. So I had to plan for a new life. Moving to London with my uncle until I sorted myself out was one alternative. Uncle Alan was always sweet on me when I was a kid. He never married, and people thought he had a gay streak. But that was just gossip by some because he was a successful solicitor.

Clive suggested I went to stay with Uncle Alan, one of his better ideas, besides I had a few scores to settle with several people, and I needed a quick way out.

My house was right on the verge of being sold. Barry had moved out long ago and had found himself a new girlfriend. She was a little older than he was and quite plump, still if they were happy together then I didn’t care.

Barry and I still talked to each other about the house sale and things. We agreed to split the money down the middle, and I got half of his redundancy money too.

Now when I knew Barry was coming to see me I would wear short skirts and pantyhose. He would seem to find anything to talk about just to stay for a few more minutes. I would bend over in front of him, appearing to do it quite innocently. But the flush on his neck told me all I needed to know.

We had argued over the phone several times about money. I told him I wanted my half of the house sale £14000 in cash before I moved out. Well I didn’t want something to happen which would leave me high and dry with no money. I had an ace up my sleeve and now was the perfect time to use it.

After a day of pestering him at work by phone, my parting shot was that if he didn’t pay me, I’d send his girlfriend the pictures he had down loaded. I slammed the phone down, and then spent the next hour listening to it ring.

The frantic knock on the door had me grinning. There he stood looking flushed and scared.

“This had better be good I’m going out soon,” I said.

“Julie you can’t send those pictures,” he gasped out of breath.

“Why not Barry, surely trout face should know what a pervert she’s going out with?”

I moved away from the door letting him in.

“God please don’t, can’t you just let me alone?”

“Then get my money and I’ll be out of your life.”

He looked perplexed. I watched him take a deep breath.

“Do, do you promise not to send them if I do?”

I slowly trailed my hand down his face. He jerked away.

“All I want is the money. I’m going to London to live, but I need the money now.”

“London?” he said a little shocked.

“Yes, why will you miss me?” I said with a chuckle.

“OK, escort bursa I’ll get the money, but I need time,” he said after a few moments thought.

“Good but what are you going to tell trout face?” I teased, and then slowly turned away watching him for a reaction.

“Don’t call her that,” he mumbled.

His eyes trailed up the back of my legs. He couldn’t hide the shock even if his life depended on it.

“Oh aren’t my seams straight? You know I don’t think trout face would like you ogling my legs.”

I know he was trying his best to resist, but he just kept gazing lustfully at my chiffon coloured tights with the red seams running up the back. He was shaking and trying not to look, but he had no chance, especially as I pulled the hem of my short skirt up very slowly.

“God you are going to miss me. But you wanted the divorce didn’t you?”

He didn’t answer.

I let go of my skirt and smoothed it down, I ran my hands down my thighs watching Barry blush. Even now I had him by the balls. I moved close to him.

“You know, for an extra 1000 I’ll give you a nice going away present,” I whispered softly.

I took his index finger and dragged it slowly up the seam on my thigh.

He was breathing sharply. Then he pushed his hand right up my skirt. For a couple of seconds I let him feel my pantyhose encased ass, and then I pulled away.

“Oh Barry, what would your girlfriend say?” I said softly mocking him.

“No damn it! You can’t control me now.”

I laughed and slowly pulled the hem back up, only this time he was treated to a full frontal of my shaved cunt!

“Fine, walk away if you can. But this is a once in a lifetime offer. For £1000 you get to do anything you want, apart from fucking me.”

“No, you’re mad,”

“Go on. I’d never tell trout face. I mean wouldn’t you like to cum on my tights?” I moaned.

His mouth hung open, and he had a nervous schoolboy look on his face. He shook his head but even so I knew he was thinking about my offer.

“Hurry up or I’ll be late. I don’t want to keep my friend waiting.”

He was still fighting with himself. I could imagine the saint and the devil in his head trying to sway him. I walked slowly towards him rubbing my thighs together so the nylon could be heard.

“You know I had to get the bus home this afternoon. It was quite crowded and I had to sit on the seat that faces sideways. You know the one that is raised up? Well I couldn’t control the hem of my skirt. It was so high on my thigh the control tops of my pantyhose became exposed.”

“I, I don’t care,” his voice trembled slightly.

“Not a little bit?” I said in a hurt little girly voice.

“N, no,” bursa merkez eskort he squeaked.

I continued speaking childishly to him, “All the men just kept staring at my legs. One even bent his head a little. Then when I got off the seat my hem caught on the rail, as I stepped down into the aisle everyone could see what they shouldn’t have, all those men, and women too.”

He was silent for a few moments. I think he was genuinely lost for words.

“You, said the bus was, was crowded?”

“Packed,” I said softly.

I walked away from him again rubbing my legs together. I picked up something not letting Barry see what it was.

“I think you should go home now, or I’ll be late for my date.”

“Who are you meeting?”

His words were a little breathless.

“Just a friend and yes, it’s a man before you ask.”

I just locked eyes with him. Then I held out my hand and let a black pair of tights unfurl, until they dangled swinging from my index finger. Barry just gazed at them swallowing hard. I played the stretched nylon through my fingers.

“These are the tights I wore on the bus.”

I let his mind roll over the thought of men leering at me wearing the tights I held.

“I laddered them, they are no good to me now,” I whispered.

I moved towards him, and then gently pushed them into the top pocket of his jacket.

“Could you throw them in the dustbin for me?” I cooed.

He nervously licked his lips.

“I’ll phone you tomorrow,” he panted.

“I’m sure you will,” I grinned and opened the door.

He half stumbled out into the cold December night, no doubt eager to play with my worn pantyhose.

“Barry, love to trout face,” I called after him.

He half turned about to tell me off I suspect. But he put his head down and hurried away. We both knew he would be back, especially as he had a souvenir that would remind him of what he might miss out on.

I spent the night amusing myself with thoughts of my ex-husband hiding in the loo. I’m sure he would be sniffing, and exploring my tights. Hell he probably had them wrapped around his pencil dick. I bet he tossed himself into some tissues, or down the toilet. After all it wouldn’t take him very long!


Oh that bit about me exposing myself on a bus? That was bollocks. But I had worn the tights that day, so they had my scent, and a few dollops of Barry’s favourite perfume.

I mean he loved me wearing that particular brand. He would sniff behind my ears and tell me how he loved the smell.

I know you probably think I was going too far with my plans. But women are far more bursa sınırsız escort cunning than you think. The women out there will know what I mean, we know what to do. It could be just a cute smile, or a finger trailing innocently across our breast, or like me that perfume my ex likes. The pantyhose were obvious to all, but the perfume was sly, very sly.


He phoned me the next day. I was so confident I didn’t answer until the third call.

“Sorry I’ve just got up.”

“But its 10.30,” Barry replied.

“Yeah well we had a late night,” I said suggestively.

I smiled at the silence. He wanted to ask, but could he?

“Did he stay, all, all night?” he asked in hushed tones.

“Oh yeah,” I said dreamily.

He was silent again.

“Are you playing with yourself?” I asked softly.

Several times I heard him take a breath, as if he was going to respond.

“Go on, you can tell me Barry. I was married to you long enough to know when you’re hiding something,” I cooed.

“Yeah, Julie….”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“I, I’ve got your tights on my, my dick.”

“Really,” I replied in an encouraging tone.

I heard him panting but he didn’t answer.

“The tights I wore on the bus?”

“Yeah,” he said with an excited gasp.

“How do they feel soft and silky? God Barry all those men on the bus, I bet they would love to have those tights. Are they stretched a little, where they have been worn?”

“Oh yeah,” he panted.

“You better hope you don’t get caught then. You’ve only been there a few months.

Oh just think if some sexy, young secretary comes in, and she finds you with a hard on?” I said slowly, letting him savour every word.

“She, she might not notice,” he panted.

“Notice what?” I asked a little bemused.

“You know, because, I’m, so…..”

“So small,” I said finishing his sentence.

I smiled at the phone.

“Maybe she would laugh if she saw you with my tights on your tiny dick. She might tease you about being so small.”

“If it was you, would you laugh at me?”

“Hey Barry I laughed at you when I was your wife. In fact, I was only laughing about you with my friend last night,” I said sexily.

I knew he was close to blowing his little load.

“Was, was he better, than…..”

I laughed at him.

“You don’t really need to ask do you?” I said chuckling.

“Oh you cruel bitch,” he spat panting hard.

“Aren’t I just, pencil dick,” I whispered.

“W, will you be a bitch when I come, round?” he stammered.

“You give me the 1000 and I’ll bitch at you all you want.”

“Oh god, and humiliate me too?”

“Barry I’m going to make you toss yourself off into my pantyhose, I’ll even wear them for a few days first!”

“Oh! Oh fuck I’ve…..”

“Ring me tomorrow when your brains in charge of your dick!” I spat and put the phone down.

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