Layers Ch. 05

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Pleasure in darkness. My brain is foggy and I can feel myself struggling to wake up. Struggling because it feels like I weigh a ton. Fragments of the night before flash teasingly through my brain like a kinetoscope without a soundtrack. Sex. Claws. Fangs. Fur. Little flashes of memory whirling ’round and ’round as I try to make sense of things. There’s a … there are two pinpoints of pleasure hitting me as I wake – my chest and crotch. I crack my eyes, moaning at the weight on me. Elaine is on top of me, one hand on my lower stomach and another on her right breast, eyes closed, hips gyrating. My right hand is on her left thigh. My left hand is tussled in Stephen’s hair, fingers twined through strands as I hold him to my chest, massaging and rubbing him. His mouth is warm and wet against my nipple and that, more than Elaine, is making my toes curl. He’s rolling and licking the nipple, making little “mmmm” sounds as he does. I reach for his dick and he hunches, moving himself closer so I can grab it’s thickness in my hand. He murmurs his approval and I can feel a small bit of pre-cum on the head of his dick. My mouth waters at the memory of sucking on him the night before. He kisses me briefly before bending back down to my nipple.

Elaine feels amazing. Her lithe body like a dancer focused on her moves, alone in a crowd. I watch her body flexing as she rides me.

…as she rides me…

No. No!

“No!” I yell – out loud this time. They both freeze, almost comically. I grip Stephen’s hair and pull, hard. My nipple comes out of his mouth with a wet pop, his dick slipping through my hand as he backs away. I start to push Elaine off of me but she gets the hint and pulls off to sit on the edge of the bed near my legs.

My dick slaps against my lower stomach, wet from Elaine’s pussy. I can feel it throb against me. MY dick. Goddammit! I scramble back, hugging my knees to my chest, face to my knees and my eyes closed. I should tell them to get the fuck out of my house but I can’t even look at them. Can’t even talk. They saw. They saw me as a man. I feel sick. I kissed Stephen. As a man. Held his dick. Wanted to suck his dick. As a man. My stomach clenches, hard muscles tensing, threatening to empty itself. Yeah, I see the logic problem here. I was the same person last night, just different looking. Different equipment. That doesn’t make what I’m experiencing right now any different. I can’t help it.

“Why?” I gasp, still curled into a tight ball. I want to vanish. I’m crushing my body against my legs and it hurts a little. My balls ache and I wish I could crush them into non-existence. The nipple Stephen was sucking on aches dully.

I can hear them both move slightly. Possibly looking at each other? There’s a slight pause but then Elaine answers. She sounds unsure. “Why what?”

Now it’s my turn to hesitate. “You remember last night, don’t you? You remember me. How I was then. Why? You see me now. Why are you two doing this?”

Another pause as she or they consider it. Stephen shifts his weight on the bed and it feels like he’s moving towards me. I lean away from him and he stops whatever he was doing. Elaine answers again. “Because. You’re… you’re you.”

I lift my head and look at her, taking care to keep Stephen out of my peripheral vision. Elaine is sitting with her legs crossed, hunched slightly, arms crossed with her hands on her ankles. It hurts me to look at her for some reason. She looks completely honest and open and pretty. She has a sprinkle of freckles above her small, perky breasts. I can’t help but look at her slightly hairy pussy. She was neatly trimmed last night. She’s obviously wet and the scent from her pussy is keeping me hard – I can smell her on me.

We watch each other for a moment. “I don’t get it.” I tell her, finally. “Look at me. I’m not me. I’m not the woman from last night. Don’t lie to me. Just fucking look!” I’m kneeling now as I yell at her. She flinches from my voice but she looks – head to knees to crotch to head.

She blinks and shrugs. “I know. I know you’re not the woman from last night. But, you are. I… I don’t know how to say it but… you smell the same. Only not exactly like that. Not exactly like a smell. But I know it’s you. And, yeah, I’d like to know how the hell that happened but when I woke up, all I saw was you and something moved in me and … I just wanted you.” Her voice is quiet at the end. Like a small child. She’s looking down at the bed as she continues. “And it doesn’t make sense but it is what it is. Even now I want to touch you and feel your arms on me. I have this urge to make you happy and I can’t help it. I know you’re different. You’re not a woman now but you’re still you. That’s what I mean.”

My heart aches looking at her. I want to hold her, too. It’s not that we’ve had sex. It’s not even completely that she looks like a sad chastised child. There’s something else that I can’t put my finger on. Something that makes me simultaneously want to comfort and protect her and something that makes me want to take her. To mount her and fuck her until I’m Ataşehir Grup Escort filling her with my cum. Elaine looks up, almost as if she can feel my desire. Her eyes are small and hopeful.

Stephen’s presence weighs heavy to my left. I can feel him there. Hear his breathing. There’s something almost like a heat coming from where he sits. I feel myself tugged by him as well. Something that makes me want him. I gnash my teeth against it. A small growl bubbles up. It shouldn’t bother me. I mean, it should. On some level, it should. I was physically a woman last night but still me. That should’ve bothered me – that I’m still mentally a man and I was sucking a guy’s dick. And me touching him this morning should bother me. Then there’s this ache in the pit of my stomach. The way my mouth waters at the thought of tasting our cum on him… that should sure the hell bother me. This fucking body! It’s making me want it even though it’s wrong. It’s MAKING me.

My voice is harsher than I’ve ever heard it. There’s an edge to it and I feel the anger in my body. “You want to make me happy? You want that?” Elaine nods at me, eyes lowered. “Then come here and give me your ass.” She doesn’t hesitate. She crawls to me and then turns, presenting herself, ass in the air and head down, hands gripping the sheets.

“Please.” Is all she says.

I grab her ass and lean in to taste her. She’s wet and I feel her shudder against my mouth. She pushes into me and I suck at her cunt. I don’t notice Stephen move until his hand touches my shoulder. I recoil from him and pull off of Elaine. My eyes are wild and angry as I finally look at him. This man that outweighs me by at least 60 lbs and all of it muscle. This naked man with a hard dick bigger than mine.

This supposedly completely straight man.

“Get the fuck away from me!” I yell at him. I shouldn’t be this angry. I’ve never been an outwardly angry person. Ever. I expect him to get angry. I expect both of them to tell me to eff off and then leave. I welcome that. They don’t. Stephen scrambles back, pushing himself into a corner, knees pulled up. Elaine whines slightly and wriggles her ass at me, reminding me that she’s there and waiting. Her back is strong. I want to run my fingers down her. I want to touch her and nuzzle against her. I’ve never had a woman as beautiful as she is. Something about her makes my heart ache in this strange way.

I take my mostly hard dick into my hand and push into her. She cries out and pushes hard back, impaling herself on me. Something about the extra movement – the unasked for movement – pisses me off and I grab the back of her neck hard, pushing her down on the bed. If anything, she gets even more wet. I lean forward on my left hand while holding her, digging my toes into the bed as I fuck her. Growling, gnashing my teeth, so damn angry at nothing and everything at once. My loss. The situation. That fucking man.

Her orgasm pushes my dick out and I’m ashamed that I’m not even completely hard. I just pop out of her as she cums. All that rage, all that anger and I can’t even stay hard while fucking a woman. Jesus wept.

“Can… can I touch myself?” Stephen’s voice is unexpected and hesitant from the corner of the room.

Oh Christ. I can’t… this is just too much. I sit back as the anger drains out of me. Eyes closed with my hands pressed against them. “Just go.” I tell them. “Don’t say another word and just go. Please. I can’t deal with this. I can’t. I just fucking can’t.”

They go. Quietly. Without a word. I hear them gather their clothes and keys and who knows what else. They could be robbing me blind and I wouldn’t care. The front door opens and closes and I still sit in the same position.

I can’t even cry about it. I just stare at the bed thinking about nothing at all. Purposefully thinking about nothing. Pushing away any coherent thought when one threatens to rear its ugly head. I feel empty and nauseous at the whole thing. My clock glares at me – a little after 7 AM. Too damn early. They must’ve turned off my alarms because nothing is screaming at me right now. I contemplate just going back to sleep but I don’t think I can. I’m tired but unsettled. Keyed up. Goddamn chest hur…

My fingers pause mid-scratch on my chest. Fingernails that I shouldn’t have brushing against a very, very slight swell that shouldn’t exist. Just inches away from a fat nipple still slightly wet and happy from Stephen’s mouth. Was that what he was sucking on? It’s not gone completely this time? I look down and see both of my nipples are exactly like they are when I’m a woman – brown and large. Odd on my nearly flat hairless chest. My dick aches and the sight excites me but I can’t seem to get completely hard.

So, I do cry now. It’s not like yesterday where I have no idea why it’s happening. At least, I hope I’m right about why. Yesterday it took a while before it started. Today… perhaps today I woke up to these nipples. Maybe tomorrow I wake up as a woman. And then maybe I stay that way. It’s maddening. I don’t know what the Ataşehir Manken Escort rules are. I don’t know why this is happening, how long it’ll last or anything about it. All I know is, I want it back. I want it back and I don’t want it to go away. I… I don’t even care about the werewolf stuff. At all. If it was just the woman… if it was just her… I would like that. I’ve never even had a fetish about it. Never even been curious. But, having experienced it – having felt what it means, I want it. Badly. I’d give anything for it to stay. All of that goes through my head while I shake quietly from the tears.

And so, when I can feel a slight tug on my ass, I smile tremulously. It feels like some has their fingers in my skin, directly massaging the nerves and muscles. It surprisingly doesn’t hurt but it makes me wriggle a little. I can feel myself filling out. I can see the skin pushing out when I look down. Smoothing out the few little wrinkles and folds in my skin. My thighs are next and I can’t seem to control them – little tiny muscle spasms tug and pull at me and all I can do is watch. Thickening. Muscles growing under the slight padding of fat and skin as they grow to match my larger ass. I feel the way the new muscles connect to the ass cheeks. There’s a slight itch as nerves and muscles combine, pulling the ass firm, fitting the way my hips flair out as – there’s a muffled cracking sound that makes me gasp. Bones rearranging. It does hurt now. That dull ache is back inside of me and my dick immediately goes limp. I’ve never seen that happen. One moment it’s semi-hard, throbbing and leaking pre-cum and the next it’s just down and smaller as if a switch was flipped.

My balls shrivel up like it’s suddenly freezing. The skin contracts within seconds and I almost feel like I’ve been kicked in the nuts. But, no wonder. I watch in semi-horror as one side of my sack dimples in and there’s this sensation like… like… a bit like sucking a grape hard through a straw. Only the straw is somewhere in my pelvis and the grape is one of my testi… there goes the other one. Fuck. That’s not pleasant. Not at all. My ball sack hangs empty like a deflated balloon, close to my crotch since it’s still shriveled. It’s actually really gross to see. There are things going on in my stomach. Moving around. Things that – oh, yup, that’s… yup.

I lean over the side of my bed and puke, stomach heaving. I can’t help it. Whatever is happening in my stomach or pelvis or whatever the fuck it is hurts bad. Very bad. And there’s this sudden rush of something all over my body that makes me feel extremely queasy. Cold sweat shaking kind of queasy as if I just took a huge amount of some drug or something. My nipples brush against my blanket and I wish they’d stop because even though I’m puking, they’re distracting me.

But then the whatever-it-was is gone and I’m feeling too happy. Manic almost. Everything is suddenly funny and bright. I’m still shaking and sweating and dry heaving but laughing in-between it. Like a crazy person. It’s just… it’s just… I don’t fucking know… everything… But then it all drops out and I’m crying. Sobbing. It’s terrible. Like my whole family died in … no, now that’s passed. It’s ping-ponging back and forth but getting shorter between peaks.

“Fuuuu-!” Crunch. My throat goes bad and it hurts. Fingers to my throat and I’m gasping through a furnace of pain. I need to throw up again but I can’t. I can’t even breathe. Nothing is coming out and I’m gasping for any air at all. Tossing and flopping on the bed because I didn’t get a good deep breath before it… oh, fuck. There it goes. I can breathe again. Thank fucking god. And the weird emotional stuff has passed, too. My stomach clenches again and it hurts but it’s empty and the nausea is starting to pass. I bury my face in the bed, smelling the sex from last night. All of us mixed together. My ass is in the air and the memory of what that means stirs things inside of me. Things that weren’t there this morning.

When I’m sure I won’t suddenly throw up again, I sit back. I think my legs are longer. Somehow along the way it looks like they’ve stretched out. My thighs aren’t quite as thick as just a minute ago and I have calf muscles again. My feet are about the same size as a man but the toes are … longer? Skinnier? I can’t tell but something is definitely different. More feminine in a subtle way. All of it smooth. The skin from ass down is a creamy white color with a hint of a tan.

My ball sack is still hanging loose and shriveled. I touch it gently but feel nothing. I can’t even feel my own touch. Like there’s nothing there. I push harder and my finger pushes the skin inside me. THAT is fucked up. My pussy is in place and waiting. It doesn’t hurt so I push all of it inside. While I can’t feel my scrotum anymore, I can sure the hell feel my pussy and it makes me gasp. My fingers slide around inside with the skin. There’re no pussy lips or anything – it’s just this long hole leading into me. But then, my scrotum separates and reattaches. While I’m Ataşehir Masöz Escort touching it. That almost pushes me into throwing up again but I hold it back. A wave of prickling heat burns along the walls of my pussy and then my fingers just press all the way inside. Deep inside, I’m wet but it’s dry just at the entrance of my pussy. For just a moment and then I’m completely wet. And warm. So warm.

I’ve missed this feeling. I missed it so much. The feeling of a pussy. I can’t stop touching and rubbing myself, even as I watch extra skin grow from the edge of the pussy. Lips. I wish I could see them better but at least I can feel them. Extra skin from the outside of the pussy is pulled and bunched into my labia and I feel another rush of heat as they fatten, becoming engorged. It’s intense. I’m aching in a good way now. It makes my breath catch and my heart starts fluttering. I remember. I remember offering myself to Stephen last night. Forcing his dick into my wet pussy. Feeling the way he opened me. Feeling the way my pussy eagerly pulled him in. And then, oh Jesus. The knot. Fuck. My hips buck and roll, rocking at an imaginary dick pushed deep into me. My fingers go to my mouth and I suck at my fingertips, feeling the hard long nails against my tongue. Moaning as I lick them. Tasting myself. Eyes closed, remembering myself being mounted and the way the hard knot hurt and felt amazing at the same time.

I don’t notice when my dick is pulled in or the way the skin folds around, forming my clit. At least I don’t notice until I touch myself and that wire goes live against. Goes straight to the pit of my stomach with an electric pulse, making my legs jerk and pull in. Making me open my pussy with two long, feminine fingers hooked into myself, scratching lightly against that one particular spot. Feeling the way my ass moves as I grind my hips against my fingers. The pressure builds inside of me as I push harder and harder, faster, no longer trying to touch anything specifically – just fucking myself with my fingers. More and more and more – I want it all. And then, release. I scream and the voice is the woman’s voice. Shrill and high and loud until I bury my face in my pillows, still screaming. My body is shaking like it usually does and my hand is completely soaked in my cum. My thighs as well – warm liquid completely covers my upper thighs and my ass. I’ve squirted again. Oh god. Please. Please let this stay. Please let me stay like this. I’m not religious but I say that small prayer as I’m shivering and quaking from the orgasm.

When my body work again, I sit up and back against a pillow. The smell of my cum is strong. I can see the way it looks on my pussy and the area around it. Slick. I love the way my thighs feel and how sensitive they are after I cum. The way it feels to scratch my inner thighs with my long nails, raising and lowering my thighs as I sit with them open and down. The way the air feels on my cunt and the way it feels inside: warm and hungry and wet.

My chest is still mostly flat. I can see myself in the standing mirror and my face is caught half-way between man and woman. I look away – I can’t see myself as a man right now. I can’t deal with it. Not right now. Instead, I grab where my tits should be and pinch my nipples. Oh Jesus. That’s fucking amazing. It’s the same thing as always but every time the feeling screams down my spine and stomach to dig into my cunt and make me want to be fucked. The skin around the nipples is loose and itchy so massaging them feels really good. The itch is deep but I grab and knead at the flesh to try to reach it. My shoulders and neck tickle, sending goose bumps down my arms. My hair is growing out. I feel it sliding against my scalp and ears and neck. Thick and blonde again.

There’s slight popping sounds around my shoulders and back. I can feel movement all over but I don’t want to look at what it’s doing. In case the male part of me is still looking back. My shoulders are twitching so something? As a woman I was bigger in general so maybe I’m… haha… filling out? Speaking of that, I feel my tits now. Small. Rounded. Slightly rounded under my hands. I’d probably get sick again if I could see what was happening under the skin. Different things growing and forming. Glands or stuff? I should read about it. Fat tissues? They feel good. Really good. Soft even at this size. A small contented growl escapes my lips as I arch my back, stretching new muscles and luxuriating in the feeling of my tits. They’re moving under my hands, rasping slightly as they grow larger. The itching intensifies and I watch the aureole grow as my tits become C cups. And then larger. Heavy. My chest in general has expanded from this morning. I AM bigger as a woman. Stockier but still curvy and sexy as fuck.

When I look in the mirror this time, she looks back at me and we both grin. It’s done. Not even 8 AM and she’s back. I’m back. I feel perfect. Happy. Incredibly happy and confident and like everything is going to be all right. I stretch, back arched, hands back, legs all the way out and toes pointed. And then to my hands and knees, head down, arms all the way out, wriggling side to side with my hips. And laughing. My breasts pull at me. The position is too tempting and I masturbate again with my legs spread, ass up and arm under me, rubbing at my clit and inside of myself. And again. It’s a rush every time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32