Leila’s Descent Pt. 02

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Reminder that this story series is a fantasy. All characters are of the ages 18 and up. It contains unconsensual sexual activity. If you are uncomfortable, please find another story.


I crashed down onto my bed, sighing deeply. It was night, and my room was pitch dark with only a small digital alarm clock glowing from my desk. I was wearing a soft black skirt that reached the top of my knees, and a blue shirt that wrapped neatly around my upper torso. However, I still omitted my undergarments, not liking the tightness of them on my body as I slept.

My mind flashbacked to earlier in the day, remembering how I was trapped by my older brother and fucked by him. He told me to not say a word to our parents before we headed to separate bathrooms to shower. I spent a long time trying to rinse out his cum from inside of me, going as far as to dig my fingers into myself to carefully scoop it out. The stimulation from my fingers and the fact that I was still sensitive from being fucked at the time made me horny, and I eventually finger fucked myself in the shower.

I blinked, and then screwed my eyes shut and shook my head.

What he did was wrong, I reached down and craved my blanket, pulling it over myself, It was horrible. Disgusting. I rolled over to my side, facing towards the door of my room. Across the hall would be my brother’s room.

At dinner, I didn’t speak much. Silently eating grilled salmon, I watched my brother speak casually with my parents about his achievements on the sports team. He didn’t betray any emotions that would suggest something had happened between us. Most of all, he didn’t even look my way the whole time.

Asshole, I rolled away and faced a wall, pulling my blanket closer to me. Wasn’t even sorry about what he did. I didn’t even enjoy it.

My mind suddenly pulled up my memories of how much I was moaning with pleasure at being fucked by my brother. I could almost feel his cock sliding in and out of me again, stuffing me entirely as my pussy juices would sprinkle out. I went through three orgasms within those ten minutes before he would finally cum inside of me. The feeling of his sperm splattering deep into my pussy, filling me almost entirely, was still there.

A tingle ran throughout my body from my pussy. I slowly slid my hand down to my crotch and pressed my skirt over it. Keeping my hand there, I clamped my thighs together. I could feel something wet between my thighs, and I immediately knew what it was. Silently cursing myself for being wet, I clamped my thighs tighter around my hand and tried focusing on sleeping.

However, as memories of my older brother ramming his cock into me continued playing in my mind, I grew wetter and wetter. My pussy tingled as heat rose up from within, followed by a familiar feeling or horniness. Subconsciously, I was rubbing my hand over my crotch and squeezing my legs together even tighter.

Stupid, I shook my head and forcefully stopped myself, Just stop. Don’t even think about it. It won’t happen again.

And right on cue, I heard my door creak slowly open. Light from the hallway flooded in for a brief second before my door closed again. I opened my eyes just in time to see the light come and go, and I froze. I heard the sound of my door being locked, and I held my breath. Shortly after, the sound of footsteps could be heard behind me, growing louder and louder and someone neared my bed. My heart was beating heavily as I could hear the rusting of something behind me.

“Leila?” Kean whispered to me, and I tensed slightly, “You awake?”

I stayed completely still, not daring to move even one bit. The rustling noises continued for a bit longer until it suddenly went dead silent.

What’s he doing here? My heart was hammering away in my chest.

Suddenly, my blanket was slowly being lifted up from around my legs behind me. I tensed even more as I could feel my slender legs Magosa Escort being exposed and someone glaring at them. I heard heavy breathing behind me as my blanket was tossed over slightly to fully reveal my legs and skirt.

After what felt like hours of silence, I felt a hand grab one of my legs. Its warm, rough fingers wrapped around my calves and shin, gently squeezing my flesh. It slowly moved up towards my knee before stopping at the hem of my skirt. After a few seconds, it slid under my skirt, running up my silky thighs. I heard a groan behind me, and my entire body shuddered from the touch.

The hand explored my thighs, gently squeezing them and rubbing them. It went higher and higher until it reached my bare ass. A light gasp echoed from behind me as the hand discovered that I was not wearing any panties. It gripped my ass cheek tightly, pulling it away from the other before letting go. It curved around my hip, feeling the front of my thigh before lightly touching my hand that covered my pussy. It felt my lips, rubbing my juices across the inner sides of my thighs before feeling my hand over it.

“Leila…?” My brother whispered behind me as he felt my hand over my crotch. Then, his hand pulled away, and I could hear something smacking behind me. It sounded soft and rhythmic, and it was followed by a soft groan from behind me.

“Turn around,” Kean hissed at me as the smacking noise continued, “I know you’re awake.”

I still refused to move. However, the smacking noise became louder as I could hear my bed creaking slightly. Someone climbed onto my bed, and the noise made it close to my ear.

What… What is that…? Curiosity and anxiety took me over as I turned myself over to see what my brother was doing.

“Kean-” I opened my mouth to speak when suddenly something warm and hard entered my mouth. My eyes widened as I could see a bush of hair and a pair of testicles in my face.

My brother groaned as he slowly pushed his eight inches into my mouth. I accepted it all as I stared wide-eyed at him. He was fully naked, from head to toe. His crotch smelled of the body soap he uses. The hair around his cock brushed against my lips as he slowly fucked my mouth.

Reaching out with a hand, he kept my head still as he built up a slow, sensual rhythm with his thrusts. He was breathing heavily, glaring down at me with his gray eyes as drool streamed out from the corner of his mouth.

“You have such a good mouth, Leila,” He whispered, before rolling his head back and gripping the back of my head tighter. His thrusts became a little more forceful, and I quickly reached out with my hands to grab his legs. My eyes widened and tears built up in them as I could barely breathe from the deepthroating I was giving him. I could feel the tip of his cock push against the back of my throat, and I could taste the precum leaking from it.

This was the first time I had ever taken a person’s cock in my mouth. I had sucked my own fingers before after using them to fuck my pussy, but this was different. His cock was thicker than my fingers.

After a minute or two of fucking my mouth, my brother pulled out. I let out a gasp, breathing in and exhaling out deeply before coughing.

My brother pulled my blanket off my entirely, and he threw a leg over to the other side of me. I tried to push him off, but he forcefully grabbed my skirt and rolled it up to my waist, exposing my soaked thighs and clit.

“Holy shit,” He breathed, grabbing my wrists and holding them down on either side of me as he sat on legs, “You’re so fucking wet.”

He looked me in the eyes, and I turned my head away. My pussy tingled even more, aching for it to be touched.

“G-Go away Kean…” I mumbled, squirming a little, “Please stop.”

He slid forward until his remained crouched over my thighs. His long, hard cock dangled over my stomach as he pushed Kıbrıs Escort his face towards mine.

“And you want me to leave you here?” He whispered, his warm breath washing over my cheek, “When you’re clearly asking for someone to relieve you?”

“I don’t… I don’t know what you’re talking abou-” I was cut off as one of his hands reached down to touch my pussy, causing me to gasp. I arched my back, pushing my tits out as my entire body shuddered my his touch.

“You’re asking for me,” Kean murmured as I looked at him. Cupping his hand around my pussy lips, he brought his lips to mine.

I moaned, my eyes wide as he forcefully shoved his tongue into my mouth. It wriggled around, slathering itself over my own tongue. His hand that was over my pussy dug one of its fingers inside of me, causing me to let out another moan. His other hand reached down to squeeze one of my tits as my own hand gripped tightly onto the covers of my mattress.

As he began to finger fuck me while kneading my nipple through my shirt, I started to build up to my first orgasm. I thrust my hips up, trying to get more of his finger inside of me as I continued to moan into his mouth.

His hand left my tits and traveled down towards the hem of my shirt. Grabbing he, he slowly pulled it up to my neck, revealing my smooth stomach and breasts. He grabbed one of my exposed tits, squeezing it gently. His cock pressed against my belly, rubbing against it and coating it with his precum.

I arrived at my orgasm, once again arching my back and pushing my chest out as my entire body shook violently. My bare tits pressed against my brother’s chest, and the entire length of his cock lay across my stomach with his balls resting over my pussy. Two of his fingers were lodged inside of me as I creamed his hand with my juices. I moaned deeply into his mouth, my eyes rolling back.

Oh my God… My brother broke away from our kiss, letting my tongue hand out from my mouth as I continued my orgasm, Oh my God… Ohhhhh….

“I can’t hold back anymore,” My brother growled, pulling his fingers out from my pussy, causing me to cry out. He grabbed my thighs, gripping their soft flesh tightly as he pulled them apart.

He retreated back slightly, now sitting on his knees between my legs. His cock rested against my pussy, bathing itself in my juices as I still have not calmed down from my orgasm.

“What are… You…” I looked over at him as he lined the tip of his rod against my pussy lips. He suddenly thrust forward, shoving all eight inches of his thick, throbbing member inside of me

I let out another cry filled with pleasure, and my brother quickly covered my mouth. He moved closer to me, and leaned over with his head inches away from my face.

“Don’t make too much noise,” He growled at me, “Mom and dad will find out.”

My eyes widened and he pulled his hand away from me. I tried to sit up, but then he suddenly grabbed my hips and starting fucking me. I let out a deep moan, rolling my head back into my pillow as my fingers gripped my mattress cover. My bed creaked as it shook from my brother ramming into my pussy. He lifted my lower half up and pulled it towards him as he thrusted into me, forcing his cock to reach deeper and deeper into me.

“Leila, your pussy is so fucking good,” He breathed, leaning forward to lick my stomach, “Let me fuck you as much as I want. I know you like it too.”

I groaned, and started panting with my tongue out and my eyes rolled back. Once again, the feeling of his thick cock sliding in and out of me sent ripples of pleasure and ecstasy throughout me. Pussy juices splattered out from me and stained my bed as my brother’s balls slapped against my lips. His mouth moved from my stomach to my breasts, and he licked each nipple as they jiggled.

“Everytime I see these things,” He breathed, smiling at me as he ruthlessly pounded Lefkoşa Escort away at me, “I have such a strong urge to just bury my face into them.”

“Hahhh… Huh..?” I looked down at him, my vision blurry. He then pressed his face into my chest and shook his head. He ran his tongue across my breasts before biting down on one of them and sucking on it.

“Ahhhh- Ohhhh…” I cried out as what felt like electricity racing throughout my body. With that, I arrived upon my second orgasm. I squirted all over my brother cock as he pistoned in and out of me. His hand came up and covered my mouth, and I moaned loud and deeply into his hand, screwing my eyes shut. My body shuddered and my breasts jiggled as I climaxed, but the my brother kept on fucking me.

He moved onto my other nipple, biting down on it and sucking on it as well. His hand still covered my mouth and it smelled of my pussy. Subconsciously, with my tongue still out, I licked his hand as I continued moaning into it. At this point, his cock was reaching into my deepest places, gliding through my inner walls and almost pressing against the back of my womb. Slowly, I wrapped my legs around him, and pulled him closer. I wanted to feel him as deep as possible within me.

Taking my actions as a sign that I was accepting it, he quickened his pace and rammed me with even more force. Lifting his mouth from my nipple, he replaced his hand over my mouth with his. We kissed against, and this time I reciprocated it. Our tongues slathered themselves against each other, and his saliva pooled into my mouth. His upper body fell forward, pressing itself against my small body. My breasts pushed against his chest with my fully erect nipples tingling from the sensations. Reaching out with my arms, I wrapped them around him and hugged him tightly as he slammed his hips into me.

“I… Fucking… Love… You…” He moaned into my mouth, causing drool to stream out from his mouth and down around my face.

I was building up to my third orgasm, and I could feel my brother’s pace quickening as he started to near his. My fingers dug into his back and I wrapped my legs around him even tighter.

“Ohhhh… Ah… Ohhhh…” My eyes rolled back against and my vision started to blacken out.

And then, he rammed his cock into me as hard as he could, pushing me over into my third climax. My pussy clamped down around his hot, throbbing rod as my body shuddered violently. He groaned into my mouth as he started blasting his sperm into me, filling me up once again.

“Leila, I love your pussy…” He breathed as he pulled away from my mouth, and then went to go suck on my nipples again. I was still climaxing, my pussy still squeezing the cum out from his still hard cock. I could feel his sperm flowing throughout my insides, mixing with my pussy juices again.

After a few seconds, he slowly began to thrust into me, running his cock along my inner walls and spreading his sperm everywhere. As I was calming down from my orgasm, he sat up and help my hips, squeezing them gently.

“Please,” He murmured, still slowly thrusting into me, “Please let me fuck you as much as I want. I’ve been waiting for years for this… I’ve seen you masturbate many times, walk around without panties and bras under your clothes, and even go out of your way to watch porn.”

He leaned forward, his face inches away from mine.

“Let’s keep going,” He whispered, grinning. I blinked tiredly at him, my brain barely processing what he was saying. I could still feel his cock inside me, and it was still hard as a rock.

Wha… How…? I turned my head away from him, breathing heavily as I could feel him slowly building up another rhythm, Did… Did he take something…? A drug…?

He leaned closer and started kissing my neck as his slow thrusts became powerful once again. I let out a gasp and closed my eyes, my body too weak and sensitive to even fight back against him.

“I hear mom put you on pregnancy pills,” He murmured, licking my neck and cheek, “So, let’s keep going.”

And, again, he started to fuck me. My bed creaked, mixing with the sounds of his waist clapping against my ass and the sounds of pleasure from our mouths.

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