Lil One Ch. 04

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Chapter One

We have been at the ranch for about two weeks. We’ve stayed here because we were trying to stay away from lil one’s old Master. She had finally told me that he had been very cruel to her and abused her in every way. When I tried to find out more about him, he kidnapped her and was probably going to kill her.

We have been convalescing while her wounds had been healing. I had taken her as my submissive but we have been only having vanilla sex since we’ve been here. Its not that I didn’t want to, it’s just that I didn’t feel that lil one was ready yet.

She had fallen into a nice routine. She would clean and take care of the domestic chores, while we both shared meal preparations. We both had time to ourselves, but most of our time was spent together. She really enjoyed riding horses again, so much of her free time was spent doing that.

I was really enjoying watching her get stronger and happier everyday. She seem to have boundless energy, almost childlike. Her excitement for things had no boundaries, and her quest for new things was limitless.

On morning, lil one came to me after breakfast. She dropped down to her knees and asked why I never used her or continued her training as a pain slut. I told her I wasn’t sure she was ready. I didn’t mention that it was I who wasn’t ready.

I had thought several times about initiating pain play back into her routine, but after seeing her restrained and being caned by her old Master, I just couldn’t make myself follow through.

So I have asked a long time friend of mine to come for a visit. If it worked out. she would be staying for an extended time. It would be as much for lil one as it would be for me.

So when she presented herself that morning, I informed her that someone was coming to visit. And that she would be working with her on her training. I explained that Ms. Jill was a long time friend and well versed in pain play. She was strict, demanding, and would test her in every way.

Lil one seemed very happy about this, but asked if I would still be part of her training. I told her that I would be, but not at first. There would be some time set aside for her to get use to Ms. Jill’s training.

I ran my fingers through her hair. She nuzzled my thigh. The stirring of my cock told me that I had missed using her body. I could see where she had been missing being used as well. So I let her service my cock. As many times as she had pleasured me with her mouth, this time, I felt it to my core. She asked permission to cum twice with my shaft in her mouth. We, or rather I, needed to get past my fears.

Jill arrived two days later. I had lil one greet her in a proper fashion. She was in a standard presentation position. She was on her knees with legs spread (displaying her sex), back arched (enhancing her breasts), hands behind with her left hand supporting her right, and eyes down. I could tell she was excited at the thought of being used.

I answered the door and escorted Jill inside. We went to the great room where lil one was. She was in the center of the room awaiting us. Jill and I both took a seat and got caught up on what had been going on in our lives since the last time we had seen each other.

To this point, Jill had never acknowledged lil one, and to her credit, lil one never wavered in her presentation. She held her pose with her eyes down. Displaying her breasts, and her pussy. The fact that her juices were dripping down her thighs was a testament to her readiness for play.

Finally Jill stood up and began circling lil one. She admired her skin, cupped her breasts and let them fall, swaying to a stop. She gave her ass a few smacks to test their ability to color. I let her take control.

“What’s your name slut?”

“My name is Candy Ma’am but Master calls me lil one.”

Jill stops in front of her, “I will call you slut until you prove worthy of any name.”

“Yes Ma’am. I look forward to proving my worth to you Ma’am.”

“Stand slut.”

Lil one gracefully stood and presented herself as she had been trained. Her legs spread about shoulder width apart, hands behind her head with fingers interlocked and her eyes down.

Jill moved around her body, checking on her marks, and wounds. She noted that all of her wounds were healed well. There were no current marks. When she got back around to her front, she lifted one of the shells on lil one’s leather.

“What are these slut?”

“They’re my Master’s symbol of ownership Ma’am.”

“I do say that you make them look becoming, but I will have you in a collar for your training.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Jill starts walking around her again, running her hands on her smooth skin. Lil one’s nipples begin to crinkle with excitement. Her breathing was becoming more ragged. Jill dipped her hand to her ass and gave them Starzbet a squeeze. A gasp escaped her lips.

“You like being used don’t you slut?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Jill reached from behind and cupped lil one’s breasts. Her more that a handful tits were squeezed hard. Jill gave no quarter, pulling her nipples, twisting them severely. Lil one bit her bottom lip but did not shy away from Jill’s ministrations.

“I’ll bet that you’ve been able to get your way with most Doms with these lovely tits, haven’t you slut?”

“No Ma’am.”

Jill slapped her breasts hard, sending them swaying. “I think differently slut. You had them eating out of your hand, just so they could play with them. Isn’t that right slut?”

“No Ma’am. I’m a good slave. I only want to please him.”

Twisting her nipples, “well, we’ll see about that won’t me slut?”

“Yes Ma’am,” gasping.

Jill moves over to her chair and sits. She raises her skirt and reveals her silk panties. She rubs her folds through the fabric, watching lil one as she does.

“Come here slut and get to know your Mistress’s pussy.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Lil one bends down and kneels between Jill’s thighs.

“Stop. You will begin at my boots slut. You have to earn the taste of my pussy.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

I have to say, I was a little turned on by seeing Jill take charge of lil one. Most of my fears have been assuaged but I’m still not ready to participate.

Lil one starts to kiss Jill’s boot, licking up the sides. Jill is still playing with herself through her panties. Lil one moves to the other boot and licks and kisses it. When she gets to the top of boot, Jill grabs her hair and brings her between her legs.

“Smell my pussy slut. Do you smell my arousal?”

“Yes Ma’am, you smell wonderful.”

“Would you like to taste your Mistress?”

“Oh yes Ma’am, very much.”

Jill pushes her away and stands. She reaches under her skirt and slips her panties off. She goes to lil one, who is now kneeling up.

“Open slut.”

Lil one opens her mouth obediently. Jill stuffs her wet panties into lil one’s mouth and pats her on the head.

“Take those panties and suck all of my juices out of them like a good little slut. Are you happy now?”

Lil one nods. I can tell that she is not as pleased as she thought she would be. I like that Jill is pushing her buttons. I can see the frustration beginning to show. But deep down I know that lil one will persevere because of her never ending desire to please.

“Go and tend to my bags slut, make sure that you put all of my clothes and toyds away properly. I will be up shortly, be ready for your first lesson.”

With that lil one nods her head, and pops up and scurries off as ordered.

Jill and I discuss in more detail about what had happened in the past few months. I explained that lil one’s old Master had been abusing her, often letting other men abuse her as well.

Jill asked why I couldn’t continue her training, and I told her that I had witnessed her old Master beating her unmercifully with a cane while she had a butt plug made of ginger in her ass. Even telling her now, I cringed inside. This is not what our lifestyle is all about.

Jill has often given me shit about my not taking in another submissive after my first passed away from cancer. She knew me well. She told me that she felt that I was one that needed the training not lil one.

“She’s an eager to please lil slut. I bet she can suck your cock all day and never complain.”

“Well, you’re right about that, but she seems bent on being used as a pain slut, and you’re the only one I trust right now to take her there.”

“I guess you’ll eventually join in?”

“I will when it feels right. Until then you have carte blanche, for her, as well as, for me.”

She stands and we kiss.

“Then I’d better get to work,” she says with an evil smile.

Chapter Two

(Lil One’s POV)

I was able to get all of Mistress’s clothes and toys put away. She really has some very sexy things. She had one large bag full of just toys and equipment for training. I can’t wait for her to use them on me. I feel that I need this, as I haven’t been much use to Master since he rescued me.

My mouth is watering from her panties in my mouth. I have never really been around many women, so this is something very different for me. But I am excited and look forward to being able to prove myself to Mistress and to Master.

I am kneeling in the presentation position when Mistress comes into her room. My nipples are pebbled and juices are flowing in anticipation of her training.

She moves around me again, inspecting my posture. She touches me as she goes around. He hands are soft, but her long elegant fingernails tickle my skin. Starzbet Giriş She reaches in and retrieves her panties from my mouth.

“So tell me about yourself slut. How long have you been in the lifestyle, what kinds of training have you had, what are your limits?”

“Yes Ma’am, I have been a submissive for three years, although I think I have been since as far back as I can remember. I used to daydream about it as a little girl. I have primarily been a pleasure slave but my last Master…used me as a pain slave…”

“I came to Master for training and he ended up saving me from my old Master, as he was abusing me. My limits are no cutting, permanent marks…or blood.”

“Very good. Do you have a safe word?”

“Yes Ma’am, its yellow for when I’m getting overwhelmed and I need a break. Red for when I need to stop.”

“Very well. I understand that you have been abused in the past. I will not, nor your Master be abusing you in any way. We will challenge you and test your limits. Is that understood slut?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Then I will offer you this training collar. It is a symbol of our relationship, me as your Mistress and you as my submissive. Do you accept all that it entails?”

“Yes Mistress, I humbly accept your collar.”

She fastens the collar then clips a leash into the O-ring and leads me to the training room. It is across the hall from her bedroom. I crawl on my hands and knees behind her. I have some difficulty keeping up, as she tugs harshly on the leash.

Mistress leads me to large padded table. She has me lay atop it, while she fastens my cuffs to the corners. I am spread eagle in tight restraints. She runs her fingernails down my body. My pussy drips in anticipation.

She teases down my thighs, to my feet. I struggle as I am ticklish. She slaps my inner thigh and this brings me back to focus. Her hand moves up between my thighs. Inching towards my open sex. I can feel that my labia is splayed wide, needing to be touched.

She moves her hand past my pussy and onto my stomach. Again her nails scrape along my hip bone and up the sides of my breast. I try not to moan but a small gasp escapes. She circles all around my hard and aching nipples but not touching them. I’m in real trouble here. She knows how my body works, and is using it against me.

Just when she has me on edge, she stops and moves away from me. Because I’m restrained so tight, I can’t turn my head and see where she’s gone. I wait patiently until I hear the clicking of her heels.

She comes to my side and is holding a large lit candle. I seen this before but never felt it.

“What are your safe words slut?”

“Yellow for slow, red for stop Ma’am.”

“Very good.”

With that she dips the candle over my belly, and hot wax trickles down and land on my skin. It is hot at first but quickly cools and becomes hard on my skin. She moves the candle and deposits more along my thighs.

She trails it up towards my open sex but stops just short. My legs are trembling, not with fear, but with excitement. My body is begging to be used. The candle comes up to my breasts. She pours some on the tops of them. It burns on my tender flesh but feels wonderful.

My hard nipples are next. The hot wax sears them, causing them to peak even harder. They are aching with need.

“What do you say slut?”

“Thank you Mistress”

“Very good. Are you ready for some on that slutty pussy?”

“OH yes Ma’am, please.”

“Such a slutty response.”

She pours the wax slowly and it trickles on my vulva, then onto my wet and open labia. The pain is intense but I feel my pussy juice flooding.

Mistress used her nails to flick off the dried wax, then coated my lips again, this time she hit my clitoris. I thought I was going to lose my mind. The pain was so intense, but oh did it morph into pure pleasure.

“Mistress, may your slut cum please.”

“Most certainly not. You will never cum before your Mistress.”

With that she brought her hand down onto my engorged clit. She slapped my open sex several times. While it did hurt, it only heightened my arousal.

Mistress continued to cover my body with wax. It was an intense sensation. When she was finished with me, she took a long riding crop and used it to whip the dried wax from my body.

By the time she was finished, I was a white hot ball of molten lava. My entire body was singing to her ministrations. I wanted so badly to cum. I’ve begged several times, but she doesn’t even respond to my questions.

I’ve thought about safe wording but realize that its just me being needy. So I refocus and let Mistress take me where she wants to go. She unhooks me from the table, still touching my body at all times. Her touch has become a comfort to me.

“Kneel slut.”

“Yes Starzbet Güncel Giriş Ma’am. thank you Mistress.”

She clips the leash back into my collar. We end up back in her bedroom. Where she has me run a bath for her. When she’s finished, I dry her off and dress her for sleeping.

When she sits on the edge of the bed, she pulls me between her thighs and has me service her. This is something I have been thinking about since she arrived. I also know that maybe I will be allowed to cum after she is satisfied.

I want to take my time and really show Mistress how much I appreciate her training, but she has other ideas. She grabs me by the hair and forces my face into her wet pussy. I have a hard time licking her. She grinds on my face.

Finally she eases a bit and I am able to use my mouth to please her. I found that she likes to have her clit sucked hard while I use two fingers inside her. Her G-spot is very sensitive and I’m able to give her several orgasms. My face is soaked with her juices. After she is done, she wipes her wet juices off with my hair.

When she is finished with me, she tells me that I will be sleeping at the foot of her bed tonight. I have been sleeping with Master since I’ve been here. I assume that I will not be cumming tonight. I crawl to the foot of her bed and try and make comfortable. She smell of her juices make me ache to cum. Its going to be a long night.

Chapter Three

I slept fitfully last night because I was still very horny. Mistress woke me early to service her pussy again. Then she sent me to Master’s room to service his cock. Then I was to meet Mistress in the play room across the hall from her bedroom.

When I arrived, Mistress was dressed from head to toe in vinyl. She had me put on a leather hood with holes for the eyes and mouth. She strapped me to what looked like a pommel horse from gymnastics.

I was made to straddle it, with my arms and legs cuffed to the legs. My head and ass hung off each end. Mistress asked for my safe words and I told her yellow and red.

Mistress began slapping me with a crop. She started on my legs and worked up. At first they were fairly soft but they grew in intensity. She did place a few very hard slaps on the sides of my hanging breasts. I was whimpering through it the whole time.

Mistress pressed the crop against my open sex. I was trying to push back against the crop when she started slapping my ass again. My whole body was singing to her ministrations. My legs were shaking with the rush of endorphins.

Mistress placed heavy clamps on each of my hard nipples. Then she attached weights to each clamp. Then she took a heavy flogger and lashed my back. She started slow and warmed my skin up. Then she started hitting me harder. I asked to cum twice but was not allowed.

Mistress let me cool down some then came around to my head and had a very large black strapon. She forced me to suck the phallus. Mistress was merciless. She told me to wet her cock because she was going to fuck me until I begged her to stop.

She then moved behind me and enter my sopping wet pussy. She strokes were deep and ruthless. She slapped my ass until it was burning hot. Then she came back around to my mouth and had me clean my “slut juices” off her cock.

This happened several times. My nipples were sore from the weighted clamps. Each time she was fucking me, they would pull because my breasts were swaying from the pounding she was giving me. I was so overwhelmed. My niples and pussy was on fire. Mistress still was not allowing me to cum.

When she was finished, she left the strapon embedded in my pussy. She called Master into the room. She uncuffed me and told me to get down. I had to hold the strapon in my pussy without letting it fall out. It was very difficult because I was so wet. My kegels were so tired.

I fell to my knees before Master. I was told to beg to service his cock. Master dick was throbbing from seeing me this way. He put his hand on the top of my leather hood and guided his fat cock into my mouth hole. I slurped and suck his cock like my life was counting on it.

He didn’t last long because he had not had much play time with me since Mistress arrived. He came down my throat. It felt like gallons of cum. I swallowed and swallowed but still had some run down my face and onto my breasts. Mistress rub it all over my breasts and told me that I would wear it the rest of the day.

When all this was through, the strapon slipped out of wet pussy. Mistress had me pick it up with my mouth. Then she strapped my worthless ass 20 times with a big leather strap. Even with all of the punishment, my pussy and clit were throbbing. Mistress still forbid me to cum. I knelt in the corner of the great room for the rest of the day.

When it was time for bed, I service Mistress’s pussy again and was told to sleep at the foot of her bed. My body was racked with pain. My needy cunt was so close to cumming all day. I didn’t think I would be able to sleep again tonight. Mistress told me to plan for much of the same tomorrow.

To be continued…

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