Letter to a Lover

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Written on a whim this morning, after finding inspiration in a few old stories I had written but never posted.


10am. I’m sitting at work, and was just thinking of you, and the things I wrote you, and the things you wrote me. I start to squirm in my seat as my body begins to tingle with desire. I continue reading an erotic story I had started a few days ago, and it quickly brings me to picturing fantasies with you.

I want you to dress me up a slutty as you want me, and collar me. Hold my leash, and bring me anywhere you want to go, dressed for your entertainment. Bring me to a bar, where everyone can see how much of a dirty girl I am, but you won’t allow anyone to touch because I’m yours. I want you to whip me with the leash until it leaves red welts across my chest, thighs, maybe even ass. I want you to make me call you “Mistress”, or “Ma’am”, or “Sir”, or whatever name that would please you and demonstrate my submission to you. I want you to punish me when I forget to call you by that name. In public, or in private. But you should know that punishments are sometimes equivalent to rewards for me, and I’ll sometimes misbehave just to get a spanking.

I want you to drag me by the leash into the bathroom, where everyone knows what we’ll be doing. I had never thought of bathrooms as erotic places until a few years ago, when a partner of mine showed me how intimate a setting it can be. I want you to lock us both into a stall and push my against a wall, kissing passionately while you unzip your pants. I want you to pull of your pants and your boxers, if you’re wearing any, and push my to my knees in front of you, so that I can pleasure you with my mouth, with your leg over my shoulder. I you to grab my hair while you hold my mouth to your sex, while I gasp any moan my pleasure Starzbet into your swollen clit. Suck and lick your pussy, slurping up all your juices while I make you cum all over my face. Reward me with another kiss and go clean up, but don’t let me clean my face so that everyone can see that I was a good girl and made my mistress cum.

When we get home, I want you to strap on a cock, and I’ll get on my knees again. I know it doesn’t sound like it would be any fun to have someone suck your fake cock, but if you can imagine it, it’s a completely thrilling and erotic thing to force a submissive to suck you off before you fuck her. I would keep my eyes locked on yours while licking around the tip of your fake cock, only taking a little bit in my mouth at a time, until you grow impatient and thrust yourself into my throat and grin as I take it all. Get your cock coated in saliva to prepare for you fucking me, although at this point I’d be so wet I don’t need it.

You’d tell me to kneel on the bed, facing the headboard, and you’d cuff me to the bed posts. On my knees, pushed forward just enough to expose my sex to you so you can take me from behind. You’d crawl up behind me and rub the head of the strap-on along my slit, letting it push against my opening but also grind against my clit, causing me to gasp and squirm as I try to push myself against it, trying to rush the sensation. You’d slap my ass and call me a bad girl, and move away. I’d whimper and struggle against the handcuffs and beg for you to fuck me. You’d ignore my pleas, and go into the drawer where we keep our sex toys. You’d tell me, in a sinister but playful voice, that we’re going to be trying something new tonight. You’d tell me to close my eyes, and I would hesitate for a moment but close them as instructed. I’d Starzbet Giriş feel the press of a blindfold covering my eyes, and I’d frown slightly. “But, blindfolds aren’t new.” You’d swat my ass again and tell me that’s not the new part.

After a few moments of silence, I start to get nervous and squirm. I can hear the click of a lube bottle being opened, and then I feel you behind me, and have a moment to wonder what you’re doing. Then I feel you slide the tip of your finger against my asshole, and I gasp at the sensation of the cold lube. Anal play isn’t new to me, I’ve experimented with it before, but it’s not something that we’d ever done. You slip a finger inside of me and I moan and relax against the sensation. You moan quietly. “You’ve done this before.” I nod. You fuck me slowly with one finger and then slip a second one in, stretching my ass to prepare for something bigger. I moan, loudly, feeling the pleasure building in my body. Just when my clit begins to tingle with the need to be touched so that I can orgasm from the pleasure, you withdraw, and I whimper at the loss.

Before I can be too disappointed, I can feel you press a toy against the hole that you just withdrew from. It’s bigger than your fingers, and I brace myself for the sensation. You slide it in, slowly, and as it pops into place I realize it’s a butt plug. I relax against it and you slap my ass again, causing my muscles to tighten against it. I cry out at the shock, and I can almost hear you grinning at me. I hear a click, like the press of a button, and the plug in my ass starts to vibrate. I moan at the shock and pleasure of it, and instinctively push myself back towards you, like an offering. You position yourself between my legs as you had earlier, and I feel the press of the strap on between Starzbet Güncel Giriş my legs again. You brush the tip of it over my now even more swollen sex, teasing my slit and my clit at the same time, until I begin panting and begging. “Please, oh! please! I need to feel you inside me. Please! Finger fuck me, fuck me with the strap on, I don’t care, just please please fuck me!” you oblige by quickly burying the strap-on cock all the way inside of me in one, long thrust. I cry out at the sensation of being completely filled, and you comment on how tight my pussy is with the toy in my ass.

You slowly pull your hips back and thrust into me again, in and out, in and out with long, sure strokes. I push my body back against yours and whimper as I beg you to fuck me harder. After a few minutes (that would feel like hours), your thrusts begin to get harder, faster. My body begins to tighten around you and we can both feel the orgasm building up, and you keep fucking faster and harder until I’m on the brink of exploding on you. I can feel the orgasm pressing against me, but I need clit stimulation to come, so it’s a strong, fiery teasing to have you fucking me so good when my body is begging me for release, and you denying it by not touching my clit.

I begin to beg incoherently to be allowed to cum. You grab my hips and pull me hard against your cock, and then grab my hair with one hand as you snake the other hand to play with my clit. You pull my head back with my hair and growl a command at me. “Cum for me, slut.”

Within seconds, I do, bucking and writhing against all of the sensation as my entire body tenses with the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had, that seems to go on forever.

When it subsides I’m left panting. You remove the plug, and undo the handcuffs and pull me back into your lap before removing the blindfold. You smile down at me and I weakly grin back up at you.

“How was that?” You would ask, as if you don’t already know my answer.

“That was…perfect.” I purr out, and fall asleep with you petting my hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32