Liz and John Solve Their Problem

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Liz is getting very frustrated. She has been married to John for four years now and there are things in their marriage that are not quite right. They’ve bought a house with help from both their wealthy parents. John has good job and they could easily manage without Liz’s wages. Liz wants to start a family but she knows that you cannot do that until she irons out the problem within the marriage. They’d not lived together before marriage unlike many couples these days and due to John’s religious beliefs there was no fucking allowed before they got hitched. John was a virgin when he met Liz whereas Liz had lost her virginity to an older neighbour when she was eighteen and was active sexually with a number of boyfriends after that. John had never asked the question and is unaware of Liz’s sexual history.

Liz had not expected that there would be any problems with their sex life after they wed as there was quite a lot of playing around in the early days of their relationship.

“John darling, would you like to see my panties?” Liz would say as they sat in John’s car. They would often park in a favourite spot in a quiet lay-by on a country lane.

“Yes please.” John would mutter in a low voice, embarrassed.

Liz would lift her bottom off the seat, pulling her short skirt around her waist giving him a full view of what she wore underneath. This would never fail to cause John’s penis to rise.

“No… please… please don’t.”

Ignoring John’s comments Liz would unzip his pants and take him out.

“Keep looking at my knickers sweetie, you know you like to look. I’ve worn my pink ones cos I know they’re your favourites. When we’re married I’ll walk around the house naked or just wearing a nice pair of panties. You’ll like that won’t you dear?” Liz jerks his cock up and down as she speaks. He’s a bit small but very aroused.

“Mmmm…” John is groaning and nodding at the same time. After a few minutes he spurts into a tissue Liz has put out for him.

John is a Roman Catholic and goes to mass every Sunday. He feels guilty about his sexual arousal and discusses his behaviour with the priest in the confessional. The priest asks him to say a number of ‘Hail Marys’ telling him he must try to avoid this kind of thing in the future. But whilst they are still single he still finds himself taking Liz to the secluded lay-by regularly.

He lived with his mum until he was married and frequently masturbated to pictures of women wearing skimpy underwear that he found in her catalogues. She always left a few around the house. If his mum caught him pulling on his penis she would spank his bare bottom telling him it was a filthy habit. Secretly she was excited by her son’s wanking enjoying looking at his little cock. She kept all her old catalogues over the years from time to time providing him with different pictures for him to lust over. As an only child in a one parent family he is naturally still close to his mum. She still phones and visits frequently. John remembers fondly that in the days when they lived together she wasn’t shy about showing him her body, sitting carelessly in chairs showing her panties or wandering around the house half dressed. She would deliberately wait to put her nylons on until she came downstairs and fastened them to her suspender belt in front of him. This gave them both pleasure.

On Sundays John told the priest everything even revealing how his spankings produced an erection. At the same time as granting him absolution the priest could never condone his lustful behaviour leaving John confused and guilty. Somewhere along the line he came to look upon full sexual intercourse with a woman as unnatural and unpleasant. He’d not thought much about it in the run up to their wedding day perhaps hoping it would be resolved easily.

Their wedding night sets the pattern for things to come. After a wonderful day paid for by Liz’s parents they fall into bed slightly inebriated. They are in a hotel bedroom in the hotel where the reception has just taken place. They are both exhausted but get under the covers naked and begin kissing and cuddling.

“This is it, the moment we’ve been waiting for.” Liz presses her breasts and hips against her husband’s body. “Hey, come on big boy, I need my husband inside me.” She’s noticed that his penis is partly filled with blood but still dangling down. She strokes it gently wanking it as she has done many times before but with barely any change.

“I know I’ll get my panties.”

Liz climbs back into the bed and begins stroking his member with her knickers. The cock rises but shrivels again when she takes them away.

“Why don’t you put them on darling?” she says desperately seeking out a solution. She notices his cock jerk a little at her comment and spots him blushing.

“What?” John looks at her pretending surprise as if he’s never considered wearing a girl’s underpants in his life. Truth is he’s used it as a masturbation fantasy and worn panties several times.

“Come on darling. Try it for me. Can’t you see? I want you to fuck canlı bahis me. Touch my cunt darling, I’m all wet for you.”

“Okay, anything for you.” He draws them up his legs and feels again the divine sensation of silky smoothness around his cock and balls.

“Wow! What a difference.” Liz expresses her delight and lays back legs apart. John moves over her, fingering her secret place which is fully prepared for what is to come. He slips his erect cock out of a leg hole in the panties but as he tries to push forward his erection disappears.

“Oh, no, not again.” Liz can’t conceal her disappointment. She goes into the bathroom pretending she needs to pee. She sits on the toilet lid and cries a few tears. Her sexual desire has not gone away and remembering how her new hubby responded to wearing her panties she manages a brief orgasm with her fingers which helps to relieve some of her sexual frustration.

Back in the room she cuddles with John.

“It’s okay darling. There’ll be plenty of other occasions. You were bound to be tense on our wedding night. Now, you’ve fingered me to orgasm before haven’t you dear? Why don’t you help me out this time? It’ll make us both feel better.”

She notices that John is still wearing her panties. “Perhaps I can do better than that.” He has a determined look on his face. He moves down the bed quickly and taking a knee in each hand gently pushes her legs apart burying his head between her legs. This is one variation of sexual play that the couple have never tried but what John lacks in experience he makes up in enthusiasm and it’s not long before Liz is bucking and wriggling through another more intense and enjoyable orgasm.

But his inability to fulfil his husbandly duty does not go away. Liz misses the feel of a cock inside her, but worse than that she now desperately wants to be a mother. Marriage counselling does not solve the problem and whilst she loves John and has no problem with his panty fetish she is left wondering if they are going to end up a childless couple.

Their life carries on in a normal way until John has to inform one of the managing directors of his firm that he’s done a terrible thing. He knocks on the man’s door shaking in his shoes.

“Come in John, what is it?”

“I’ve just crashed into your car on the car park sir, my foot slipped off the brake onto the accelerator. I’m very sorry sir.”

“You damn fool. You’d better show me how bad the damage is. The wife only bought it for me last week as a birthday present.”

The director’s new sports car appears to be a write off. He’s so angry he can’t speak but marches John back to his office and picks up the phone.

“Hello is that security? Can you come to my office immediately and escort John Sanderson out of the building. We are terminating his employment.”

“I can’t have idiots like you working for this firm. I’ll get Human Resources to do all that’s necessary. You’re sacked. Now get out of my sight. You can wait in the corridor for security.”

“Please sir, I know it was a stupid thing to do and I’m really sorry. Can’t you reconsider sir? I’ll do anything you want to get my job back. I’ve always been a hard worker.”

“You’ll do anything eh? Well, that’s quite a rash statement young man. I’ll give that some thought. But in the meantime you’re sacked. Get out.”

“Oh no, after all you’ve done for that firm.” Liz says when she hears. “Dad and mum will help us out and no doubt your mother can give us some money but there’s not many firms taking staff on at the moment.” John can see that Liz is devastated with his news.

“I told him I’d do anything to return to work. He did say he’d think about it. Your friends with his wife, Cheryl through the Women’s Institute aren’t you? Can’t you get her to make him change his mind?”

“Well friends is putting it a bit strong. We’re both on the committee but she’s President and I’m just the minutes secretary. I’ll try, darling, but don’t bank on it doing any good.”

Cheryl invites Liz round to their house for a chat. The director answers the door taking Liz by surprise, she’d expected him to be at work. Liz is wearing her sexiest outfit, a skimpy black dress and her most expensive black stockings. She’s hoping to charm Cheryl into submission.

He shakes her hand. “Hello Liz, come in, don’t stand on ceremony, call me Andrew, I’m pleased to meet you.” He holds her hand slightly longer than necessary and her knees buckle a little.

She immediately feels a strong connection to Andrew, he’s extremely distinguished and quite charming. He’s also very handsome and younger than she expected.

She’s at a loss to know what to say. Does he know why I’m here? She follows him through to the living room.

“I expect it’s W.I. business isn’t it? Don’t mind me, I’ll be in my study, I often work from home if I’ve no appointments. I get more done without interruptions and it means I get to see my lovely wife more often don’t I dear?” He manages to wink at both Liz and his wife at the same time. He turns 3d slot oyunları and leaves the room. Cheryl notices that Liz has coloured up a little.

“Hello Liz, sit yourself down, no, use the armchair, it’s more comfortable.” She gives Liz a searching look. “He’s something else isn’t he, my Andrew, you two have never met before have you?”

Liz flops down into the chair, it’s very low and she self consciously draws her legs tightly together realising that her knees are higher than her waist and she may have shown a bit too much leg.

“Er no, we’ve not met before.”

“Relax Liz, it’s okay, I’m on your side.” She leans back in her chair drawing her skirt up above her knees in a languid way and opening her legs ever so slightly. “You’re a bit outside your comfort zone aren’t you dear?”

Liz relaxes her knees a little. “Yes, more than a bit actually. As I said on the phone John’s very upset about losing his job.”

“Can I get you a drink? I’m having a whiskey. What’s your poison?”

“Oh I don’t know, a glass of wine would be nice.”

“No problem, there’s a bottle open. I hope red’s okay?” Cheryl fills a large glass without waiting for a reply. Her plan is to get Liz a bit squiffy.

“Oh that’s too much. Thank you.” She takes a large gulp and tries to think of what to say. She gives up and waits for Cheryl to say something.

“First of all, I do want the poor boy to get his job back. He’s a mainstay of the company for one thing and Andrew knows it. Without John the company could go down. They’d need at least two men to replace him but I doubt if we could find anyone who has your hubby’s skills. The problem is all about Andrew’s pride. He said your John was sacked and can’t go back on it. He’d feel he was showing weakness to John. He’d be giving in, backing down. It would take a lot more than grovelling to allow him back.”

“He told your husband he’d do anything and he meant it. He loved working for your company. He was always saying so.” Liz takes another generous gulp from her wine glass.

“Good, well I had an idea and I put it to Andrew. It took me a bit of persuading but I was appealing to his baser instincts. He’s a typical man, plenty of baser instincts. I know what sites he looks at on the computer so it gave me ideas. It now depends a lot on John. And you of course.” Cheryl swivelled her legs until they were pointing towards Liz and opened them unselfconsciously showing a generous view of her long shapely legs.

“I hope you are fairly broadminded, my dear.”

“Yes, I am, I’m not sure about John though.”

Something makes her open her own legs wide in a brazen attempt to prove her attitude to sexual matters. Cheryl makes no secret of what she is staring at and has a wicked gleam in her eye. Liz loses her nerve and puts her knees together hastily pulling her skirt down again.

“Mmm that was nice.” Cheryl says smiling broadly.

“I often wear pale blue panties myself. Don’t be shy Liz. Drop your dress off your shoulders dear. Let me see the cleavage you show with your bra on. Andrew will want me to tell him everything.”

“I’m not wearing a bra. I don’t need one.”

“All the better, let’s see your tits dear, you’ve gone this far.”

Liz blushes, takes another big gulp of wine then drops her dress to waist level.

“Aren’t they beauties, my dear? Now put them away, we wouldn’t Andrew to walk in and see them, not this time anyway.”

“Now where were we? Oh yes, you see Andrew wants the maximum humiliation for John. Something he’ll never forget. The question I put to him was; ‘If John knelt down in front of you and gave you a blow job would you give him his job back?’ Andrew wasn’t sure at first but when I persuaded him with other incentives he finally agreed to do it. His last words on the subject were; ‘But he’d better be dressed appropriately.'”

“You mentioned other incentives?” Liz may be intoxicated and shocked at the proposal but she’s followed every word. Cheryl outlines the further part of her plan smiling when Liz seems unfazed. They are both learning about each other and the meeting ends in laughter as Liz mentions John’s fascination with panties.

At the door Cheryl huggs Liz then gives her a kiss full on the lips. Liz finds herself putting her arms around Cheryl’s back and pulling her to her, kissing her back. Cheryl’s hand moves down between Liz’s legs and rubs her pussy through her clothing. Their new relationship is an unequal one and they both know it. If Cheryl had pulled her dress up and fingered her Liz realised that she would have allowed it. It isn’t that she wants to be finger fucked but she, is willing to accept any indignity to get her hubby’s job back. The rubbing and kissing continues for over a minute then they brake apart. Liz’s taxi is at the bottom of the drive. She’s arrived by car but is in no condition to drive.

Liz didn’t tell John beforehand about her visit but she puts this right when they are lying together in bed later that night.

“I took your advice klasik slot and had a word with Cheryl, sweetie. There is a way to get your job back but you might not like it. Cheryl and your boss have come up with an unusual request. He’ll reinstate you if you are prepared to completely humiliate yourself in front of them both in private around at their house.”

When Liz has explained what he has to do John sits up in bed and goes red in the face.

“What? I can’t do that Liz. You told them it’s impossible didn’t you?”

“Well, no. I said I would discuss it with you. It’s your decision. Take your time. Don’t reject it out of hand. Think of it as something a bit kinky. Whatever you decide is fine with me. To be honest the whole idea has made me a bit horny. They’re a weird couple.”

She then starts telling John about what happened between her and Cheryl. As she is describing it she hugs John and kisses his neck, ears and nipples. She notices his penis was thickening and begins to stroke it.

“Cheryl wants to be there and watch you do it sweetie. She’s really into it. It was her who had the idea. She had me going too. I was totally under her control. If she’d asked me to strip off and go to bed with her I’d have let her fuck me. Maybe to help you get your job back but I was enjoying her attentions, my cunt was gushing with my juices just like it is now.”

She puts her hand on the top of John’s head and pushes him down the bed. She manoeuvres John into the sixty-nine position. John has a stonking hard on stiffer than she’s ever seen it and she takes it in her mouth. He’s never let her suck him before but now he welcomes it resulting in the most enjoyable sex they’ve ever had.

A few days later John is knocking on Andrew and Cheryl’s door. His knees are wobbly and his knock rather pathetic. Cheryl opens the door immediately as if she has been standing right behind it.

“Where’s your bag?”

“What bag?”

“With your women’s clothes in. Didn’t Liz say? He wants you dressed for him. We’ll have to improvise. There’s not much time and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Quick, into the bathroom. You can wear my clothes. We’re about the same size.” She grabs her handbag with her makeup and drags John into the bathroom.

John watches dumfounded as Cheryl unzips her dress and steps out of it. His penis begins stiffening as he sees the suspender belt and stockings.

“Come on John! Strip those clothes off. Your hair will have to do. It’s a good job you wear it long.” John begins kicking off his shoes and pulling down his trousers and underpants feeling embarrassed about his erection.

“It’ll save time if I dress you.” Cheryl, buck naked, is all businesslike. “Let’s get the suspender belt on first. Now the stockings, that’s it.” He pulls the panties up himself feeling the familiar sensations. Cheryl fits him into the bra, then the dress. John stares at himself in the bathroom mirror. He’s never tried fully cross dressing but it feels and looks incredible. He has a sudden realisation that he is comfortable in drag. He is more relaxed now, happy even. Cheryl begins to make up his face with her lipstick and eyeliner and John unselfconsciously takes in her nakedness. He is no longer worrying as much about the ordeal to come, his cock still ramrod stiff.

As they leave the bathroom Cheryl grabs a long coat from a peg in the hall tying the belt tightly around her waist. She opens the living room door.

“She’s ready for you now darling.”

They enter the room.

“What have we here?” Andrew is sprawled on the couch. “Is this the admirer you told me about? Come in, come in, don’t be shy.”

“Yes darling. She’s called Shirley. Shirley wants to show you how much you mean to her. Don’t you Shirley?”

“Yes sir.” The answer is barely audible. Totally embarrassed he tries to get away with a nod hoping he doesn’t have to say any more.

“What did you say? Speak up.”

“Yes sir.” This time it’s louder but higher pitched, more like a girl’s.

“Good girl. Now kneel down in front of me and take it out.” Still sitting, he plants both his feet on the carpet, legs open and John kneels as ordered and unzips him. Fishing his cock out takes a few seconds, even half aroused John notes it is larger than his when fully erect.

As he takes it into his mouth and begins to suck he sees that Cheryl is taking pictures. He pauses, considering refusing to go any further. He knows the damage has already been done so he lifts the cock which is rapidly growing and begins to suck it again. Andrew’s hand goes behind his head encouraging him to swallow beyond the circumcised head. The taste isn’t too bad. John takes it in further. He’d thought he’d be disgusted but it’s okay, in fact his own cock is still hard. The hand pushes him to take more until it’s entering his throat, he gags at first but finds he can cope with it. He’s totally engrossed in what he is doing now, forgetting everything else. Building up speed he’s soon sucking fast and furious and can tell that Andrew isn’t far from spurting. Andrew’s hand stays firmly in place behind his head so inevitably John feels quantities of spunk squirting into him and he’s forced to swallow most of it down. Unexpectedly he finds Andrew’s semen rather tasteless although creamier in texture to his own.

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