Lisette’s Education Ch. 05

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7 o’clock found me standing in the sitting room, dressed in the white lace underwear Max had left for me, and a pair of high heels borrowed from Cindy. I was more nervous than I’d ever been before in my life. Cindy had changed into a black leather bra, black g-string and a pair of tight black leather shorts, and she looked fantastic. I heard the sound of Max’s bike pulling up outside, and soon after, the sound of his key in the lock. He came into the room and looked me up and down without showing a flicker of emotion.

‘Hi Cindy. Have you explained to her where we’re going tonight?’

‘Yes, Max, I’ve explained, showed her some pictures and got her clean in the way you wanted me to.’

I could not believe I was hearing this- my boyfriend had instructed Cindy to give me an enema, to prepare me for this party. And now she and he were discussing me as if I was not there.

‘She has been very good. I think she will perform wonderfully tonight. She might be even better as a first timer than I was.’ Cindy gave me the briefest smile and then turned to greet Ricky who had just come through the door. I wondered when Max had given him keys.

Ricky gave Cindy a deep lingering kiss, and sat down next to Max.

‘Fetch us beers,’ Max ordered me. Blushing in embarrassment I went to the kitchen, feeling their eyes on my practically naked bottom.

I came back from the kitchen with the beers to find that Cindy had joined the two guys on the couch and they were watching a video. I handed the beers to them and turned to look at the screen. For a moment I could not quite work out what it was seeing. Then I realised that the girl on the screen on her knees being roughly fucked by another girl wearing a strap-on was horribly familiar. Cindy had filmed our session that very afternoon without telling me. Now they made me watch my own degradation. Max and Ricky ordered more beers but sent Cindy to fetch them this time. I knelt on the floor at Max’s feet, blushing furiously as each scene unfolded.

‘Have you got the tape from the bathroom camera?’ Max asked Cindy on her return.

‘Yes-its on top of the TV.’ Cindy replied.

Realising what that meant I was even more embarrassed. Ricky was finding the sight of his girlfriend fucking my ass very exciting and had pulled his cock out of his jeans.

‘Lisette- suck his cock for him,’ Max barked without taking his eyes off the screen.

‘Max…’ I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

‘I won’t ask again. Do it or I’ll have him fuck your asshole right here and now.’

I knelt between Ricky’s legs. His cock was huge. I looked nervously towards Cindy, and to my horror saw that she was kneeling between Max’s legs next to me, her fingers unbuttoning the flies of his jeans.

‘That’s right, girls. Get busy. We’ll want to have plenty of stamina when we get to the club tonight so you girls can swallow our loads now. First girl to get a mouthful of come gets twenty bucks.’

‘Twenty?’ said Ricky laughing, as he wound my hair around his left hand. ‘Ten would be more appropriate.’

With that he pulled my face firmly down towards his cock. Glancing left I could see Cindy slurping at Max’s big fat cock. It was a good sight and it spurred me on. I resolved to savour the naughty, sluttish feelings and ignore the alarm bells and confusion. I gave my whole attention to making Ricky come. I used every trick, stroking his balls, teasing the tip of his cock, flicking at it with my tongue. I gently stroked his asshole while deep throating his enormous length. My jaw ached and I could hear Max getting ready to come next to me. In a final bid I wet my index finger and slid it into Ricky’s arse at the same time sucking him fast and hard, my free hand working the shaft of his cock. It was too late as I heard Max grunt and gasp.

‘Swallow it you slut,’ Max said a little unnecessarily as Cindy hungrily sucked up the last drops.

‘That’s it, that’s right. Yes. Oh, fuck that’s good.’ Ricky forced his cock deep into my throat so that I gagged and nearly choked on the enormous load of very thick very salty sperm now filling my throat and mouth.

This seemed to be the signal for us to leave. The video and TV were turned off to my relief before we’d got to the bathroom scenes. But Max pocketed both videos. I was told to put on an overcoat to cover my underwear, though Cindy went as she was. We all climbed into her car and set off into the night, music blaring from the radio and my heart pounding. What had I got myself into? Where was this going to end? My boyfriend was sitting in the front seat discussing with Cindy how they thought ‘she’, which was me, would cope with the club.

‘She’s very flexible, Max. She took my medium strap on in her ass quite easily, and she’s not afraid of ass-to-mouth stuff. Licked her own dirt off it like a good girl.’

‘Good. How is she at licking pussy? There’s going to be a few wives there tonight.’

‘Not bad-and keen to learn. I think she’s genuinely bi.’

‘Did you canlı bahis tell her about the initiation?’ Max asked ominously.

‘Not really…I thought you’d want to. Or keep it for a surprise?’

‘Yes-I don’t want to panic her.’

I looked at Ricky. He was rolling a joint and did not meet my glance, but he said softly: ’don’t worry Lisette. You’ll be fine. You look wonderful and you’re going to have a wonderful night.’

He finished the joint and lit it, took two deep pulls on it and handed it to Cindy in the front.

‘I wouldn’t smoke any just yet-might make you feel a bit weird and you’re going to be, well quite busy when we get there.’

We were out of town now, in the suburbs where the rich people lived. After a while we turned into a street lined with yet another row of huge houses and Cindy parked the car.

‘Here we are. Cindy, you take her in. Ricky and I are going to go to the liquor store. Get her ready but don’t let them start until we get back.’

I stepped out of the car, wobbling a little on the heels.

‘Leave the coat,’ Max said through the car window. Blushing I took it off and felt cool night air on my skin. I looked up and down the street, praying no passers-by were going to come along and find me in heels and lingerie standing on the sidewalk.

Max grinned at me and gave me a wink, as Ricky stuck the car in gear and pulled away from the kerb. Seeing his wink I wondered if maybe this was all an elaborate joke at my expense. OK, so he’d sat there and ordered me to suck another man off, but then I had already had wild sex with that man’s girlfriend. I had to admit the idea of a foursome with Ricky and Max and Cindy was very exciting indeed. But surely this whole Ultimate Club thing was not really going to happen.

Cindy rang the doorbell, and squeezed my hand. I had the urge to turn and run despite my sneaking feeling that this was all a big joke.

A tall middle-aged woman with long straight jet black hair opened the door. She was wearing a silk evening gown. She smiled warmly at us both, greeting Cindy with a kiss and a pat on her backside and turning to me, looking me up and down.

‘Hmm, so this is the new girl. She looks lovely-the guys are going to go mad for her. Have her turn around for me, Cindy.’

‘Turn around, Lisette. Show Mrs Caitlyn your ass. Hands on the back of our neck.’ I had heard that tone on Cindy’s voice before-when she was dominating me at home earlier that afternoon.

Standing on the doorstep facing the street and feeling this stranger’s eyes on my backside I felt excited and scared at the same time.

‘Hmmm, yes, that is very nice indeed. Thank you Cindy-you can take her into the basement now. Max and Ricky joining us later?’

‘Yes, Mrs Caitlyn. They’ve gone to the liquor store. They said they’ll be with us soon-they asked that you not start until they get here.’

‘Fair enough, I can see why Max might want to witness her initiation…a bit better than last month’s isn’t she?’

‘Yes, Mrs Caitlyn.’

‘Well, in that case take her through to the kitchen, then go on downstairs. I’ll look after her until the boys get here.’

I followed Cindy through the hallway. There were some watercolours on the walls and the floor was beautifully carpeted. The air smelt of vanilla, and from somewhere I could hear the gentle murmur of a drinks party in progress. The kitchen was very modern, stainless steel everywhere. Cindy gave me a parting kiss on the cheek and left me alone. I shivered. This was getting a bit weird.

Mrs Caitlyn came into the room. She looked at me for a moment and then spoke to me for the first time.

‘Sit. There.’ She pointed at a chair. I did as she said. She came towards me and said, almost to herself, ‘We’ve got five minutes to kill, so why not before she gets all messed up?’

‘Sorry? ‘ I said

‘Nothing, dear. Now, I am sure Cindy has taught you all the basics. We will be starting your initiation downstairs soon so would you please?’

As she was speaking she was hitching the skirt of her dress up to her waist. She wore no panties and her completely shaven pussy was suddenly exposed a few inches from my face.

‘Lick it. And make it good.’ She put her hand on the back of my head and held my hair with a strong grip. Without pausing for thought I leant in to her and reached out to touch her labia with my tongue. I found her clit and worked my tongue around it in a circular motion. My hands rested on her hips, and I leant down to run my tongue along the length of her pussy.

‘Oh yes. Good girl. Concentrate on my clit, yes just like that…good…harder, that’s it, just there….good girl…..oh…yes.’ And she came, clamping my mouth to her pussy with her hand.

She pulled my face away from her, and began smoothing the dress down over her hips and legs.

‘I see you’ve met my wife.’ I jumped out of my seat and turned to find a tall grey haired man watching us from a doorway on the other side of betwoon the room. ‘You must be the new girl. How splendid.’ He came closer and gestured at me to turn around for him.

‘You really shouldn’t, darling,’ he said to his wife as he turned me again to face him. ‘We do have rules for new girls -and boys-don’t we?’

‘Yes, Gabriel,’ she answered in a far meeker tone than she’d used before.

‘What are we waiting for?’ he was looking at me with a curious smile on his handsome yet aged face.

‘My boyfriend,’ I began to say but she interrupted me.

‘Do not speak to the Master unless he specifically asks you to.’ Then to her husband she said: ‘Max and Ricky …they want us to wait until they get here. This is Max’s,’ she added indicating me.

‘For now she might be,’ he replied, running a hand across my chest, tracing the upper edge of the half-cup bra. His finger teased my nipples where they peeked above the bra. He looked into my eyes to see if there was a reaction. I felt dizzy as he suddenly pinched one of my nipples between forefinger and thumb, squeezing hard and twisting it painfully. For some reason I knew I should not cry out. I winced and tried to pull away. He held me, finding my other nipple with his free hand and again pinching me painfully. “For now she is, but we will be taking temporary possession of this one. I think she has definite potential.’

His wife gave me a look with- I thought- a hint of resentment.

Then the doorbell rang.

Ricky and Max came into the kitchen. They unloaded dozens of bottles of beer and a few of wine into the fridge. Max asked the Caitlyn’s what they thought of me.

‘Very nice, Max, you’ve surpassed yourself,’ Mr Caitlyn replied. ‘I would like to discuss terms for her to stay here for a few days.’

‘Whatever you say, Mr Caitlyn. Shall we see how she performs this evening and arrange terms after we’re done with the initiation?’

I was surprised by how respectful Max was to this man, and stunned that he should be blithely agreeing to leave me in this scary couple’s clutches.

‘Let’s get you downstairs, now,’ Mrs Caitlyn had come up behind me. She put a leather collar around my neck and clipped a chain to it. Giving it a yank she dragged me towards the doorway her husband had emerged from.

‘Wait,’ she said, pushing me up against the wall as Max, Ricky and Mr Caitlyn filed past us and went down the stairway the door concealed. The murmur of voices was louder now.

I heard Max and Ricky saying hello to some people, and then Mr Caitlyn’s voice was raised and all talking immediately stopped.

‘Tonight’s new girl is Lisette. She belongs to Max and will be subject to the usual rules of initiation. Those ladies who wish to participate please come forward now. The rest of the ladies please take your seats. Gentlemen, please prepare. Madame will now bring the new girl to us.’

Mrs Caitlyn jerked on the chain again and set off down the stone steps. We turned a corner and suddenly the lighting became much brighter. I was led into the middle of a room; people stood and sat all around the edges. The lights were so bright I could hardly see their faces, but when i could I realised most of them were wearing masks. Otherwise they were dressed ‘normally’-a mixture of suits and shirts, jeans and vests. There were a few women sitting in a row of seats on a raised area to one side of the room, one of them was Cindy. Mrs Caitlyn took the chain and clipped it to a ring set into the stone floor of this basement and then went and joined her husband and the others. Next to where I stood there was a leather-covered bench. It had leather wrist and ankle restraints attached to it. There was a murmur -of appreciation I hoped- as the assembled crowd-there must have been 40 people in total in the room-discussed my appearance. The men and women gathered around me were all beginning to peel off their clothes. A slender woman in a maid’s outfit gathered the clothes and took them through a curtained doorway. Everyone was wearing black – leather, rubber, silk or lace, but all black. In the white underwear I stood out and felt even more exposed and vulnerable than I did anyway being chained to the floor. Soon I was surrounded by about 25 men and 5 women all dressed in underwear. Many of them were masked. One of the women, a tall statuesque black woman, was topless; a few of the men were actually naked. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on me.

I tried to find Max’s face in the crowd but couldn’t. I looked towards Cindy but she was talking to a stunning brunette sat next to her.

Suddenly Mr Caitlyn’s voice rang out in the echoing basement and silenced all the murmuring.

‘Slave girl Lisette- tonight you are welcomed to the Ultimate Club. You will answer to the command of every man and woman here. They will call you Slut. You will obey- without question or hesitation-whatever they order you to do. We have a strict rule of Ladies First here, so the first part of your initiation betwild will begin with what they want.’

The five women moved to the front of the group gathered around me. The statuesque black woman made the first move, walking around behind me she suddenly spanked my bare buttocks so hard I cried out.

‘Bend over, slut,’ she said in a deep husky voice.

As I obeyed I noticed she held a string of golf ball sized beads in one hand.

‘Slave, come here and lick the new slut’s anus,’ the black woman said to a masked blonde standing a few feet away. The slave knelt and pulled the g-string to one side and without hesitation began licking my ass vigorously. She was clearly experienced as her tongue pressed into me powerfully. I felt so humiliated bent over like this with a huge audience watching. There was a soft buzz of anticipation among the watchers.

‘That will do slave. Out of my way,’ the black woman said.

She spanked me again, harder than before.

‘Spread your cheeks, slut,’ she ordered, and I reached back to spread my ass. I felt cool air on my wet anus, and shuddered as a wave of desire and shameful lust swept through me.

Suddenly I felt something being pushed against my asshole. I gasped as my anus was forcefully dilated around one of the beads. The bead popped into my rectum eventually.

‘Shit, that hurts, please stop,’ I pleaded.

I received several more violent spanks.

‘Shut the fuck up slut,’ my tormentor said, to murmurs of approval around the room. ‘Slave, take off your knickers.’

The blonde stood in front of my face and peeled off the black silk bikini panties she was wearing.

‘Stuff her mouth with them,’ came the order from behind me, and the panties were pushed into my mouth. They were damp and the smell of the slave’s arousal filled my nostrils.

‘Show the slut your butt hole, slave.’

The blonde turned around so that her bottom was a few inches from my face. She bent forward and parted her buttocks giving me a view of her shaved pussy, glistening with wetness, and her pink puckered anus. From her anus a nylon cord dangled, and I realised what was about to happen to my ass.

Sure enough immediately I felt the same rough pressure as the black woman forced another bead into me. I gasped and moaned into the panties filling my mouth. More vicious spanks rained down on my buttocks. Then another bead which I took in silence.

‘That’s better.’ She reached to my face and pulled out the panties.

‘Slave, let her see you expel a bead.’

I watched in shocked amazement as the blonde bore down on the contents of her rectum. Slowly at first a black bead began to force its way out through her anus. Then it popped out, to hand on an inch of cord as the blonde’s puckered asshole closed again. I could smell the musky odour of her bowels and could see from the smears on the bead that the blonde had not been given the enema preparation that I had.

‘Suck that bead clean, slut.’

More murmurs of appreciation from the crowd. I could see some men were masturbating nearby, and a woman somewhere was panting with increasing urgency.

I forced myself to take the bead in my mouth and roll my tongue around it, cleaning the slave’s shit from it. I felt a delicious thrill at the sheer filthy degradation of this. As if sensing this, the black woman shoved two more beads into my rectum in quick succession. I now had five beads lodged in me making me feel extremely full.

The black woman moved around and roughly shoved the bead I had just cleaned back into her slave’s bottom.

‘On your back on the floor, slut,’ she ordered.

Moving gingerly, wracked with a desperate urge to empty my bowels, yet restrained by a fear of the pain of being stretched so wide by the beads, I lay on my back on the cold stone floor.

My tormentor peeled off the black leather shorts she wore and quickly squatted over my face.

‘Lick my pussy, slut,’ she ordered.

I ran my tongue over the dark folds of her labia, which were surrounded by a neatly trimmed pubic bush.

‘That’s right. Lick my pussy and make me come.’

I found her clit and circled it with my tongue. She pulled my breasts out of the bra and her fingers were twisting my nipples as she rocked on my busy tongue.

Then I felt an extraordinary sensation in my bowels. She was pulling steadily on the cord. I felt like I was doing a shit in full view of an audience. The counter currents of humiliation and excitement were almost unbearable.

She kept pulling and then suddenly stopped, her breathing ragged as she said:

‘That’s right. I’m coming now you filthy fucking slut. I’m coming.’ And with that she pulled the last three beads from my anus in a rush.

I cried out my shock and pain into her wet pussy.

There was a ripple of applause from around the room as she stood up. She pulled on her shorts again and went to her slave, handing her the beads she had used on me, ordering her to clean them with her tongue, slapping the blonde on each breast for good measure. My eyes met the blonde’s through the mask she wore. I saw a glimmer of the depravity and exquisite submissive lust I myself felt.

It was the beginning of an incredible night.

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