Lust Spells Us Ch. 01

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It was getting dark as Kim made dinner. She wanted to surprise her love with a nice evening. She knew he loved cooking but she wanted to do something romantic for Karl tonight. The lights were dimmed with candles being the only light and he was due home any moment.

She didn’t even hear the door open or his footsteps but she did feel his arms around her waist and his lips tickling her neck.

“what’s this dear?” he asked softly

“I…I just wanted to… something sweet.” her voice trailed off.


“I can’t breathe.”

He laughed in her ear and let his hands wander her stomach under her apron.

“Your naked Kimmy?”She could feel the lust in his voice.

She nodded slightly, his voice arousing her; and his hands went up to her hardening nipples. Kim leaned her head against his shoulder.


His hand crept to her pussy, stroking it with his index finger, soft and sweet. Slipping a finger in her warm wet pussy, Kim thrust slowly, moaning softly at the feeling.

“That apron looks really sexy on you Bunny.” he whispered, şişli escort slipping another finger in, fingering her; his fingertips of his other hand tracing her nipple in circles.


He chuckled again as he pressed his body against her rear, his dick she loved so much making a noticeable appearance in his dress pants. His voice floated in her ear, his words making her pussy wet, causing him to finger her faster.

“Mmmm you know I loved fucking you in public Kimmy. I loved seeing and pleasing your beautiful tits, cumming on them.”

Each word made her inhale sharply and her pussy dampen further. He took his fingers out and slipped them in his mouth, tasting her sweetness. Karl flipped her around gently and kissed her with such passion she could hardly breathe even more. What was he doing, trying to kill her of lust?

Her soft lips met his as his tongue invaded her tongue in her mouth.

Exhaling hard, she thought ‘Damn he tastes wonderful. Mmm that’s nice.’

She didn’t notice his pants and everything below the waist was off until she kağıthane escort felt his beautifully errected cock rubbing on her pussy.

Kimberly was in his hands and they both knew it. She wouldn’t stop him if she could. She thrust on his cock as she sucked on his tongue in length, her hands running up his shirt she was now unbuttoning.

“Would you like it in the pussy or ass my dear?” He asked sensually, words drawn out; when she was done tasting him.

“Pussy…please. She begged mildly.

“Very well.” Karl seemed pleased at the answer and even more pleased when he felt the cool air making the pussy juice on his cock cool. It was pouring out of her. He kissed her, holding her hips with both hands. He lifted her to sit on his countertop and leaned down for a moment to take one long lick of her wet pussy from back to front.

“Ahh. Mmm. Kim moaned.

“Dear you taste delicious.” Hearing the lust in his voice was enough to make her moan aloud.

“You like when I lick your pussy?” She knew he was smiling even with closes eyes.

“God yes.”

“Good.” fatih escort

And then he was inside her. Just like that. Her tightness made him moan loudly in the quiet condo. “Your tight pussy always amazes me darling.”

Kim didn’t speak. She let both hands rest on his shoulders as he rocked her back and forth, thrusting faster; in and out of her pussy; deeply. She began moaning, getting louder each time he entered her completely. Kim thrust his dick loving how it felt. It was bliss. Simple bliss.

They both could feel the room get hotter, the moans getting louder and Karls thrusts getting faster even still.

He was close to cumming and they both knew it. He put one hand over her mouth and the other under the side of her apron; gently squeezing a breast.

When he came Karl moaned a litle too loudly. Kim on the other hand was almost screaming, thrusting on his dick at an incredible speed. God nothing could compare to his warmth of his cum that overflowed her pussy and landed on the counter. It never failed.

As soon as her body relaxed it colapsed into his chest. She was breathing hard and they met lips again, Karls dick still inside her.

“You might want to catch your breath. We still have a lot of work to do,” He said with a wink.

“I know. I cannot wait.”

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