Lyn Chooses To Be Punished

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The next morning I made a cup of tea with the kettle and things that had been left in the room. Lyn was asleep still. I showered and sat in an armchair across from her reading an old magazine I’d found by the bed.

She stirred and sat up.

‘There’s a cup of tea there, not long made.’

‘Thanks,’ she said. ‘Come over here..’ I sat on the edge of the bed beside her. ‘You smell nice.’ she murmured.

‘I showered.’

‘Without me?’

‘I didn’t know you’d want to.’

‘No. You can shower again maybe later’ she smiled. ‘Come back into bed, please. I want to tell you a bit more of my story and then, if it excites you, you must tell me when you want to have me. OK?’

I nodded ‘May I say ”make love”?’

‘Yes, I’m sorry. ‘Of course you can.’

The young weaver of tales began once more to entrance me:

‘Well, the next morning I went downstairs to the kitchen to make a cup of tea for Ben and me. I went down naked, knowing nudity would now be an everyday thing for me. I felt comfortable with that and was not fazed to find Dave in the kitchen clearing up from the night before. He was naked too.

He looked at me. ‘You look radiant,’ he said.

‘Thanks,’ I said. ‘You were superbly satisfying for me last night, Dave,’ I said quietly.

‘You were glorious for me, too. I can’t wait to do it again, if you’ll have me.’

‘You know I belong to you all now, don’t you?’ I said looking at him and feeling my nipples harden before his gaze.

‘Yes, but I will always check first, I promise,’ I won’t just take, unless Ben tells me to.’

‘Dave,’ I began almost in a whisper as I stood before him, ‘ I would like to find out what it’s like to be beaten.’

‘Yes??’ he hesitated.

‘I want to have a proper family beating in front of you all to find out what it’s like because whenever anyone talks about it I get very turned on imagining it being done to me.’


‘Dave, I’ve told Ben how I feel and I’ve told him I will choose you to beat me. I think he was surprised, so I reminded Ben that he had beaten Case twice so it wouldn’t be that wrong if I was beaten..[I paused and picked up courage to continue]… by someone else I love.’

‘I will be honored when you decide.’ he came over to me, put his hands on my bare hips and kissed me lovingly on my lips, probing my mouth so our tongues entwined, more in love than in passion.

‘I responded to him. He touched my breasts and nipples and very lightly fingered my cunt lips. I cupped his cock and stroked it. We were at ease with one another. I picked up my cups of tea and went back with my news to Ben.’

I said to Lyn: ‘Do you like being beaten?’

Sometimes. It’s not something I need regularly like Case and Gail who spank each other as part of their sessions together. A desire creeps up on me, quite unexpectedly, and I know I want to be punished, really beaten, not spanked. It can be twice in a month and then perhaps not for another year, it depends when the yearning comes. I didn’t like being beaten by Andrew. These days I only allow a few very special people to hurt me like that. Just a few. Those who know me very well, in every way you can imagine.

‘But would you do anything I desire, if I asked?’ she smiled that lovely smile she smiles so much.

‘If you asked me to spin the moon, I’d try my best.’

‘I’ll let you off that one. I’d like to tell you another tale, however…. It tells of the first time I was given, or ”donated” as Ben liked to call it, to someone other than his own family. With his parents and sister possession was mutual, shared and part of every day life. That was the wonder of it, the fact that I could be with any of them and no-one commented or questioned, however frequently it happened. This, however, was to be different and I was more nervous. I told him so. As it turned out it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

‘I will do whatever you wish but I will be much more apprehensive, Ben,’ I said.

‘That will make the thrill of being given even more intoxicating and fulfilling in the end,’ Ben explained.

I was far from convinced but I told him that from when we first started talking about such things I had committed myself mentally to the exploration of my desires and to doing anything sexual he asked me to as long as I was not damaged in the process.

‘I want you to meet some friends of mine tonight,’ he continued. ‘We were at school together. He’s married and lives with his young wife and child. He didn’t go to college as she got pregnant and he stood by her and went to work at the hypermarket in Norwich. He’s done very well though and I think he has no regrets. Kirsty and I went out together once.’

‘Did you sleep with her?’

Ben smiled. ‘No, just a feel and a fumble. I’d have liked to but she wanted Matthew.’ Ben put his arm round me. ‘Nothing may come of it, you know.’

That evening Gail dropped us off at the end of the lane leading to Matthew’s and Kirsty’s place. We walked the last hundred yards and Ben rang the bell.

A tall blond young man opened the door and greeted us: ‘Hi, it’s great to Starzbet see you! You must be Lyn! Come on in.’ I mumbled thanks but couldn’t get a word in; Kirsty took me off to the kitchen and welcomed me more quietly. She chatted easily about her plans to get back to college in a few years’ time. She was keen to finish ‘breeding’ as she called it with a smirk, whilst still young but wanted another couple of children first.

Kirsty wore snugly fitting jeans and a top that molded itself to her full figure. She had quite large firm breasts and her nipples pushed subtly into view. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra tonight but suspected she normally did.

‘Could you open a couple of bottles of wine from the rack, please, Lyn,’ Kirsty asked. ‘Matthew gets them from work at discount. The soup’s just about ready.’

We ate early and had a pleasant meal laced with wine and chat. Ben had chosen friends that I liked immediately. Kirsty and Matt touched each other a lot and that encouraged Ben and me to show our affection too.

Time moved on and Ben phoned home to say we were going to sleep over at Matthew and Kirsty’s. It was Friday night and Matthew had this Saturday off. We talked about how we met and I made it clear we were lovers.

Kirsty joked about going out once with Ben. I still fancy you, you know,’ she said. There was a silence and then Matthew said:

‘Shall I tell them?’

Kirsty said ‘Yes, yes please. I’ve been on the verge all evening.’

Matthew told us that he had always told Kirsty, from when they first went out, that he wanted to watch her with other partners. At first she had been very shocked by this, almost disgusted by his perverted thoughts. Gradually she found herself day-dreaming about being watched by Matthew as she fucked with some other man. This turned her on and they often shared these fantasies in bed as they made love.

After Kirsty’s first child her fantasies eventually returned but different and ashamed of herself she had eventually told Matt how they had evolved:

‘If we swap with another couple then I won’t use any protection. I want you to let me have my second child by a lover,’ she had announced.

Matthew went to bed that night in shock. By the morning he had calmed down and he quizzed Kirsty about her feelings. Eventually they agreed to look out for a man she would like to get pregnant by and who would also have a partner attractive to Matt. They had no expectation that Matt would get this woman pregnant.

‘I would really like it if you got me pregnant, Ben,’ Kirsty said simply. ‘There, I’ve said it!’

I was very aroused by the thoughts Kirsty prompted in my mind and I wanted to get my clothes off as I was missing the nudity that was second nature to me now.

Ben looked at me and I smiled. Looking me in the eye he said, quite firmly, ‘You will give yourself to Matt for the night, Lyn. You will total with him as fully and hard as you would if it was me. Do you accept?’

I held his gaze and said nothing for a moment. ‘I’m surprised you ask, Ben. You know I will always obey you.’

‘Matt, I donate Lyn to you for the night. Do what you like with her as long as you give her back safe in the morning,’ Ben declared. I could tell he was proud to own me.

Matt came over to me and put his hands in my crutch, massaging me firmly and positively. Through the thick denim he pressed with his thumbs up into my cunt. I loved it and moved back and forth in rhythm to him. ‘Go on,’ I said.

Kirsty watched and then pulled her top over head spilling herself into Ben’s groping hands.

‘Are you sure about this, Kirsty?’ Ben double checked.

‘Of course. It’s what we want, what we’ve wanted for a long time. I want to watch Matt too, you know, see him doing it. I want him to enjoy some stolen fruits.’

I undid my jeans and Matt pulled them off me. I too pulled my top over my head. I was free and willing to be used. Used, not made love to.

Ben fucked Kirsty whilst Matt took me from behind and abused me as I had told him I wanted him to. He was clearly very excited and he pushed rapidly into my rear, entering me quite roughly. He began to thrust hard and I responded. It was divine to be taken this way. And it was divine for me because I was being done because I was following Ben’s command. I shrieked as Matt started to grunt and blast his cum into me. I came noisily and then relaxed in Matt’s arms. We watched Ben being wanked by Kirsty until he was hard again. He cunt fucked her again. Kirsty was without inhibition as she writhed with Ben.

Matt was attentive and I realized he could enjoy me but still respect me. I wasn’t his lover but I could become his friend. He held me tight and kissed me sensitively.

‘May I do you again and come in your cunt Lyn?’ he asked.

‘Of course. Ben gave me to you for the night. You can do what you like to me, Matt.’

‘No, I want to know if you would like me to fuck you and let me come inside you. I might want to do it several times before the morning,’ he smiled naughtily. ‘I know I can because Ben has given you to me but I really do want to know how Starzbet Giriş you feel.’

I looked at him and raised my arms to pull his face to mine. I kissed him with my arms around his neck.

‘You are very nice, Matt. That was a lovely thing to say.’ I looked at Ben and said: ‘I hoped we’d end up together by the end of the second bottle of wine. I want to feel your beautiful dick spurting into my cunt.’

Kirsty said we’d have to sleep together all four of us in their double bed. They only had one double bed. We’d also have to be a bit careful we didn’t wake young Timmy, she told us.

‘Let’s go to bed,’ said Matt. We crept upstairs and closed the door. I stroked Matt’s cock and watched as Ben sucked on Kirsty’s ample breasts. Matt made love to me much more gently this time and instead of being used as a gift it felt more like I was enjoying a friend. Although he was physically aroused it was much longer until he came. When he did he whispered in my ear that I have the most beautiful body he’s ever seen. I came in his arms and fell asleep as his juices slowly ran from me. I think we dozed a little. Kirsty kept Ben busy. Some hours later I stirred as I felt Matt pushing into me again and I realized he must have been doing this for a while as I was quite wet. I felt a hand and realized Ben was also there behind me and was gently rubbing my wetness into my rear hole. Ben whispered: ‘Enjoy, darling.’

Matt pulled me onto him and made it clear he wanted to enter me. I helped to drop myself down onto his cock. Then I suddenly understood what Ben had meant. Ben pushed my head and back forwards to partially expose my glistening rear. Very slowly and carefully so as to not dislodge Matt he pushed my favorite cock up into me. I could feel them both as they started to move in time together. I knew this would soon blow my mind apart and probably tear my body to pieces too. I couldn’t keep anything back and it must have only been one or two minutes before I whispered in fitful spasms: ‘I’m going to fucking come!’ I trembled and arched my body. Ben pushed me down hard to be sure they both stayed inside me. I felt Matt start to come as he tensed, began to calm, then started jerking his cum into my cunt. This made Ben come too as he fucked his sperm into my ass.

Kirsty was watching us and smiled lazily: ‘What a waste of good material she said,’ grinning at Ben.

It was about 3 a.m. We drifted back to our temporary partners and slept. I know Ben managed to service Kirsty another couple of times before we left. Matt and I worked out very satisfyingly, for us both, in the shower in the morning before breakfast.

‘It may have started as a donation but it became something much better. Kirsty did become pregnant by Ben, but it took a couple of months of enforced celibacy for Matt, relieved whenever possible by visits from me and Ben. Three years later I returned the compliment and Matt fathered my second child.’

‘Did Ben make you do that?’ Alan asked.

‘No, that was my idea,’ Lyn murmured in my ear. ‘Fancy another shower?’

We made simple uncomplicated love in the shower and dried each other off. I made us both a coffee and we sat in two faded armchairs that seemed to be living out their retirement in our bedroom.

Thank you, Lyn, you have made me very happy.’ I told her.

‘Do you want me to go?’ she asked, a fleeting look of pain crossing her face.

‘No, of course not. You just look so fantastic sitting there letting me admire all of you so openly, I just wanted to thank you.’

‘Thank you, then, for listening for hours to me,’ Lyn answered, smiling as she touched herself and proudly opened her legs a little wider. I took it as a sign of consent and trust that we were together now.

‘Tell me about the day you were beaten for the first time, if you’d like to, Lyn,’ I suggested.

‘I will, but on one condition,’ she said.

‘What’s that?’ I asked.

‘I will probably get very turned on by telling you the tale, as we sit watching each other. If I do I want you to promise to do whatever I tell you. Agreed?’

‘No jumping out of windows, I presume,’ I laughed a little nervously.

‘No, nothing you won’t ultimately enjoy, I promise.’

After a couple of days with Ben’s family when the number of sexual interludes in my life had settled somewhat, I understood how happy I was. I usually had some form of intercourse each day with at least two members of the family. It wasn’t planned, we just did things when we wanted. I loved the freedom of spending most of the day in the nude. I got Ben to take some posed pictures of me in the garden. Nothing pornographic, you know, just glamour shots. It was fun. Gail and Case joined in. I was reborn as ‘Bobs’ to the family, a name I love.

One afternoon Ben and I went for a walk. I told him how happy he had made me and he reminded me how proud he was of my willingness to participate fully in their lives. I reminded him of my wish to be beaten. He promised to arrange it. Just thinking about it made me wild with desire and I asked Ben to take me home and ravage me. He opened a gate into a field and Starzbet Güncel Giriş took my hand. A grassy bank seemed nice and dry and he pushed me down, unzipped me and pulled my jeans off.

‘Spread yourself.’

I did as I was told and pulled my sweater high to reveal my breasts to him.

Ben pulled his cock out and jammed it into me.

‘Do it!’ I urged him, ‘do it now, hard, really hard.’

Ben was pumping me really fast and I struggled to match his rhythm and fuck him back. It was glorious, pure sex. We both came suddenly and collapsed onto each other.

On the way back he repeated his promise to arrange for Dave to beat me. ‘If you are sure. Once he starts he won’t stop even if you beg and scream. We will all make sure of that, so you must be sure in your mind, Lyn, that you really want this.’

‘I need to explore my limits. I need to know and, yes, I will accept it without begging for it to stop.’

‘You are allowed to beg, Lyn,’ Ben said. ‘You just need to know that no-one will take any notice.’

I squeezed his hand and he put his arm round me.

‘I love you,’ he said.

That evening when we were sitting around in the lounge watching a video, Ben announced that I would be beaten at ten o’clock the following morning. I would receive twenty full strength strokes.

‘Lyn has chosen to be beaten by Dave,’ he said. I hope you will all be there.’

‘Clare asked: ‘What have you done, Lyn?’

‘Nothing, Clare. Whenever anyone tells me about being beaten or how and why they were beaten I get very turned on. I want to know what it’s like and I want to experience what you’ve all done before.’

Ben and I went to bed and I lay awake becoming anxious as I thought about the following morning. I was a little scared of the pain I expected to feel but I wasn’t thinking of changing my mind and not going through with it.

We all had breakfast as normal and I helped clear the table. Dave said I should be in his and Gail’s bedroom at ten o’clock.

‘Fine,’ I said. I sat in my room and read a book, constantly looking at my watch. One minute before ten I closed my book, got up and went to keep my appointment. Dave, Gail, Clare and Ben were standing, naked of course, round a very large linen box. It was about three feet high, three feet wide and four feet long. It had a curved, hinged lid that was smooth and I realised immediately that I would be placed across it to be beaten.

Dave had a large plastic black slipper in his hand. For the first time I realized that even a modest spanking with this would hurt considerably. No wonder Clare said I would remember every beating for the rest of my life in every detail, every second of it. I was terrified.

I looked at Gail and she must have read the fear in my eyes. ‘You can change your mind, you know. The family will never ever force you. We’ve only been beaten, remember, when we agreed we deserved it and asked for the punishment to be carried out. Why not wait until you do something to warrant a beating, Lyn?’

‘No, I want to be punished. I want to be like you all. Please hurt me now.’

Dave spoke: ‘Lyn I want you to place yourself over the box with your head pointing to the bed. You should be able to reach the bars of the bedstead if you need to brace yourself or to hold yourself steady.’

I moved into position and lay exposed. Dave resumed: ‘If you prefer you can stretch your arms out and be held by one of us. Mostly we hold the bars. You must understand so I will repeat this for a last time. I won’t stop once I’ve started. I won’t be nice or soft with you; it will hurt and it will shock your body. If you want to sob, sob. If you need to scream, do so. By all means scream you can’t take any more or whatever you like but I won’t stop. You will be held until I finish if you try to get up. The rubber sheet around the box [which I hadn’t noticed] is because you may wet yourself. If you feel you are starting to pee, don’t worry, it’s quite normal. I think we’ve all done it. I’ll still love you if you change your mind. Are you really sure about this, Lyn?’

Firmly and confidently I answered: ‘Yes, I am. There are two things I wish to ask before you start.’

‘Go on.’

‘Will you enjoy beating me, Dave?’

‘Yes,’ he said softly. ‘I will enjoy it very much.’

‘And will you use me as I lie here afterwards and then carry me to a bed and fuck in my other place as well? I want that to be your reward for granting my wish to be here this morning.’

‘I doubt if you will be able to or want to, my dear Lyn. Shall I start?’

I began to form the word yes as the slipper crashed down onto my backside. I screamed instantly as loud as I could. ‘I can’t do this, I thought. I can’t bear this, what have I done?’

The second and third crashed into me. Pain shot through my body and round my brain.’ I swore to myself. I would not beg I told myself. I knew that I wanted to show them I was strong. To my surprise the next few blows seemed less painful as my cheek became numbed. I also realized that only one of my arse cheeks was being hit. I tried to count but kept losing count as the shock of the next blow rained down on me. I felt the pain was holding me as if I was in a vice. I couldn’t breathe. I heard Gail say: ‘Relax, Bobs. Try to relax, it hurts less.’ I found solace in the pleasure I hoped Dave was experiencing. I howled and howled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32