Maintenance Night

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Why does a maintenance night thrill me so much? I know that by the time I go to sleep I will be sore in every place imaginable. You see, my HoH does not just maintain my bottom, he maintains my bottom, my nipples, by mouth, my anus, my pussy. I don’t work on Wednesdays, so every Tuesday night is Maintenance Night, whether I want it or not. Actually, my wants have nothing to do with this night, and for that I am also thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong minded, independent woman. I work around 50 hours a week and manage a busy household. I don’t take shit from anyone. Maybe that’s why I love Tuesday nights so much. It’s all about him and I can simply be his woman. He likes routine, so this is what we do. I always wear a dress or skirt and heels on Tuesday nights but never underclothing. Once I forgot and kept on my work clothes. He cut them off me and used a wooden spoon on my bottom right here in the kitchen! Then I had a full maintenance. I will never make that mistake again.

1. I prepare a lovely dinner. Tonight – steak with baked potato, salad, candied carrots and a chocolate pie for dessert.

2. While I set the table and plate the dinners, he arranges his “tools” in the “guest” room. Now, we have never allowed guests to stay in this room – except for those who share our lifestyle. We just call it that for all our vanilla friends. In actuality, it is my discipline room.

3. We enjoy dinner then I clear off the table. Then, Starzbet he warms my bottom by having me bend over the table and spanking me with his hand.

4. We proceed to the “guest” room and he proceeds with the maintenance.

5. He carries me to bed, makes love to me, and I sleep in his arms.

6. Wednesday morning he again makes love to me, this time with a bit more force and dominance, usually both my pussy and my anus, then leaves for work while I recover.

So, tonight when he followed me into the kitchen while I was plating the steaks, I was confused. I know better than to questions him. He kissed me and hummed. Then he opened the refrigerator and took out a large finger of ginger and began to peel it. My eyes widened and I looked at him, shaking a bit. I was frozen in place.

“Bend over,” he ordered. I did so and he inserted the ginger. The burn didn’t start right away, but I knew it was coming.

“There,” he said. “Now let’s eat dinner. You’ll keep that in until we reach the guest room, won’t you.”

“Yes, sir,” I answered, squirming now that the oils were beginning to burn.

By the time dinner was over and I had cleared off the table, I was almost crying. He, naturally, was in no hurry. As usually, he had me bend over the table and began my warm up spankings. Finally, he told me to go to the room. Wiping a few stray tears away, I did so.

Once in the room, he sat on the bed Starzbet Giriş and pulled me over his lap. He removed the ginger, but the burn continued, as I knew it would. Then the real spanking began. Within minutes I was kicking and crying. He said nothing, simply continued his rhythm. From my position, I could see the clock. He made sure I could always see the clock so I knew how long he administered to me. Five minutes passed. Then ten. I was beyond tears now. The longest he’d ever spanked me was 8 minutes. Finally, he stopped. My ass was on fire and I knew I’d have trouble sitting for days.

He flipped me over and held me while I sobbed into his chest. I need these tears to release all of my built up stress and fears. I need him to hold me to reassure me of his love and care. He kissed me then had me sit on the edge of the bed with my hands behind my back. He tied them there. My bottom burned from his hand but I could feel myself becoming calmer, softer, more feminine. He blindfolded me so I could focus more fully on his touch alone.

He flicked my nipples, indicating his intention to “maintain” them as well. He tugged, pulled them until I cried out. Then, he clamped his teeth on first one then the other, biting hard, chewing my tender buds. Again, I cried out and tried to move away, which earned me a harder bite.I felt a coldness clamp on my nipples and a very cold chain dangle against my belly. The tweezer Starzbet Güncel Giriş clips. He could make these as tight or as loose as he chose. I was begging him at this point, but for what I wasn’t sure.

“Kneel,” he ordered.

Now I knew for what I was begging. I heard him unzip his trousers. He guided himself into my open mouth. I sucked on, kissed him, licked him, worshiped him. His cock, his body, his voice, were the center of my world and all that mattered was pleasing him. He guided me, grasping my hair. I wanted to cradle his balls, but with my hands tied I couldn’t. He tugged on the chain connecting my nipples and I squealed, but did not stop sucking him. I needed him to be pleased. I needed his taste. He tugged harder and tears ran down my face, beneath the blindfold. He knows my needs. I felt him grow even bigger and heard his ragged breathing as he gave me the communion I desired. I lapped up every drop I could, crying now, not from the pain but from the pleasure.

He release my nipples and the blood rushing back into them shot a flower of pain through my body. He helped me to stand.

“Find your way to the bedroom. I’m leaving the blindfold on,” he explained. “Lie on your stomach on the bed. Because tonight, I’m going to fuck your ass. I’m going to cum in it and then plug it. Then, you will sleep. In the morning, I’ll make love to you,sweetly, softly. Only after I’ve cum in your lovely, wet pussy will I release the plug.”

I gasped. I had never been plugged for more than an hour or so.

“You do this without complaint, and it will please me greatly, but if you need me to stop, just say so,” he told me softly.

I leaned forward to kiss him and walked without complaint to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32