Mandy’s Sexcapade: the GloryHole

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“GloryHole” is a quasi-prelude to the “Sharing My Wife Amanda” series, but can be read as a standalone. This story is the first idea I ever had for Literotica, and I hope you enjoy it.



Amanda and I recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, and it’s easily been the greatest 9 years of my life. I adore the ground that she walks on and love her more than life itself.

It’s not an exaggeration to state that Amanda is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Standing at 5’6″, she possesses silky straight black hair that flows to her hips. Yoga, regular gym workouts, and running 10+ miles every week bestowed an athletic physique onto her, including a V-shaped upper torso, toned arms and legs, and killer abs, but doesn’t detract from her feminine curves. Men—and many women— are instantly mesmerized by her perfect 34C breasts and incredible, sculpted ass. Her brown, slightly almond-shaped eyes give her a decidedly exotic countenance. However, Amanda’s adorable freckles are perhaps her sexiest trait of all.

But her physical attributes pale in comparison to her intelligence and compassion.

Before we married, Amanda and I were completely different people. From a physical standpoint, my future wife was still stunningly beautiful and equally kindhearted back then although she wasn’t quite the exercise fanatic that she is now. Nowadays, she looks like a fitness model, but she was quite slim with approximately 15lbs less muscle almost a decade ago. Currently 31, Amanda still gets carded whenever we go out, but when she was 22 she was always mistaken for a teenager.

Of course, Amanda still possessed her perfect tits and incredible ass even back then!

We were so much more innocent in our younger days.

Unbelievably, I was the first man Amanda ever slept with. That’s still difficult for me to fathom since she could’ve had any man at any point in time, but we didn’t experience our first moment of intimacy until we dated for six months. She was so inexperienced, and being the first to be with her left me with a strange sense of guilt as well as with a profound, endless joy.

Over the years, my wife became progressively more adventuresome in bed yet the sex was still relatively tame. We generally stuck to traditional missionary, but if Amanda was feeling especially daring then she’d allow me to penetrate her from behind doggy-style. I always longed to fuck her in more creative and acrobatic ways, but never wanted to make her feel uncomfortable.

Adding to the mild disappointment that I kept secret, though Amanda could suck cock like a porn star, she was unwilling to swallow. In fact, she wouldn’t allow my cum anywhere above her neck— in her mouth, on her face, and definitely not in her hair. I sarcastically referred to this area as her “No Fly Zone”. But Amanda typically finished my blowjobs by jacking me off on her chest, and the sight of her amazing tits glazed with my semen was more than an adequate consolation prize.

Furthermore, as much as I begged Amanda for anal sex, she would always crinkle her nose at the mere mention. Along with those aforementioned breasts, my wife possessed an incredible ass, and it’s with no shame that I admit that I’ve been wanting to nail it ever since I laid eyes on it.

There were other, more sexually deviant acts that I wanted to perform on Amanda, but I kept them all to myself to be the straight-laced husband whom she desired.

I never blamed Amanda for been so conservative; hell, it took five dates for our first kiss! But my wife was so pure, and I adored her for who and what she was. She was perfect in every way, and I didn’t want to change a single thing about her.

But things did change.

For the past several years, we happily enjoyed an open marriage, and invited so many people into our bed— sometimes separately, sometimes together— that we lost count [refers to the “Sharing My Wife Amanda” series]! Most people would never be able to understand, but it expanded our horizons and strengthened our marriage to the point where it was now unbreakable. Equally as important, it allowed Amanda to experience pleasures in ways that I, her husband and a mere single man, couldn’t give her. Along with her personal safety, nothing was more important to me than her happiness.

Even if that meant allowing her to sleep with other people.

Though we didn’t start enjoying an open marriage until fairly recently, the seeds were planted almost a decade ago.

And I still shiver when I recall the turning point.

9 years ago…


My newlywed wife Amanda and I strolled hand-in-hand down the sidewalk of Amsterdam.

We had flown out of Center City immediately after our wedding, and landed in our honeymoon spot only few short hours ago. We were jetlagged but too excited to nap or remain in the hotel room. My gorgeous wife was a hands-on sort of person, so we didn’t bother booking any tours. After a quick fuck followed by a romantic bath together, we got dressed Starzbet and ventured into the city on our own.

Amanda was an art aficionado and couldn’t wait to visit the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum. She was as open-minded and intelligent as she was beautiful, and loved all things that pertained to foreign cultures. So as we strolled through the city, my wife admired the antiquated architecture, including the stepped gable facades and Gothic style of the surrounding buildings.

Further away from the hotel and the heart of the city, we came across a several canals interconnected by a network of beautiful bridges. The buildings above the canals were impressive looking rowhomes that appeared fit for royalty. Together, it provided an extremely romantic vibe.

As Amanda and I passed this section of the city, however, the area became gradually seedier, and by pure happenstance, we entered an area that Amsterdam, along with its canals and museums, was renowned for.

The Red Light District.

We unexpectedly found ourselves in a place where half-naked women were gyrating in large, storefront windows that were outlined in rose-colored neon lights. Sex shops, porn theaters, and legal brothels were everywhere now, and the number of people around us exploded exponentially.

I looked nervously at my prudish wife. However, her head was on a swivel as she soaked in all the lascivious sights and sounds with a look of wonder.

“Mandy, are you ok?”

“Of course, babe. This place is amazing!”

I wasn’t that expecting that response.

She pointed at a store that was selling exotic lingerie, evil-looking sex toys, and pornographic videos that was borderline illegal in the United States. “Let’s check this place out.”

Did my sweet and innocent wife actually want to venture into a sex shop? I couldn’t hide my surprise. “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” Then she threw me a wicked expression that I had never seen before. “Maybe we can find some toys to play with later.”


We were giggling like children as we hurried out of the sex shop. I carried a small brown paper bag that contained our purchase, and tucked it away in my pocket.

“I can’t wait to use this on you,” Amanda murmured in my ear.

I was instantly hard.

We continued down the crowded sidewalk and intended to double back at the next intersection when the sound of loud music assailed our ears. Soon, we noticed several nightclubs that had just opened for business. The sun had barely begun to set, and the nightclubs were only sparsely populated. But off to the side, we noticed people lining up in a nondescript alleyway. In fact, the line was so long that it snaked for 2 blocks, and there was nothing to indicate what they were waiting for.

Amanda pointed. “Where do you think they’re going?”

“I have absolutely no idea.”

She pursed her lips in thought, and that was an expression I had seen countless times before. “Hmmm… no signs…. no one handing out flyers… the other clubs are dead, but this one already has a line a mile long. And it’s in a dark and creepy alley.” Amanda grinned. “Come on, let’s go!”

My prim and proper wife was full of surprises today. “Um, Mandy. You know these people are probably trying to get into some weird club where they torture all the patrons, right?” I was only half-joking.

Amanda laughed, and it was a reassuring sound. “Babe, haven’t you ever wanted to be daring? We’re thousands of miles away from home. If we’re ever going to try something crazy and spontaneous, now is the time!”


Amanda and I ventured into the dark alley.

The front of the line ended at 2 large cellars doors, and it was difficult to determine what lay below. Manning the entrance to this mysterious place were two bouncers who resembled— at least in my opinion— stereotypical European gangsters from a movie: they were large and muscular, tattooed, pale-skinned with bald heads, and dressed in dark gray slacks and black leather jackets.

Amanda approached them to get a better look, and I trailed somewhat uneasily.

As we drew closer, the bouncers weren’t simply admitting whoever was first in line, but screening them carefully. And their criteria was fairly obvious: perhaps 7 out of every 10 people whom they granted entry were young, attractive females; the men who were allowed inside ranged from young to extremely old, but they were all well-groomed and extremely well-dressed.

The people entering the building were from all nationalities.

One of the bouncers pointed to someone in the crowd, and gestured to the cellar doors with a curt motion of his head. Immediately, an old man wearing headgear that resembled a turban exited the line. His tan, weathered skin contrasted sharply with his bushy white beard. He suddenly stepped aside, and his companion appeared from the crowd. Like the man, she appeared Indian or Middle Eastern, but was perhaps 4 decades younger with even darker skin. However, while the man wore what Starzbet Giriş appeared to be some sort of cultural outfit, the woman wear a short, blood-red cocktail dress that fit her lithe body like a glove, highlighting her long arms and legs. She had thick, lined eyebrows and long black silky hair with chiseled facial features that were perfect. I estimated that she stood at least 6’2″ and was already 6 inches taller than the older man, but with her heels she absolutely towered over him.

The exotic-looking woman was absolutely beautiful.

Together, she and the old man disappeared down the cellar doors.

One of the bouncers— the larger and more evil-looking of the two— suddenly glanced in our direction. Amanda and I instantly recoiled, both of us assuming that we were about to get admonished.

But to my surprise, he pointed at my wife and then at the cellar doors!

As Amanda and I stared at each other, the bouncer gestured again; this time, more impatiently.

“What is this place?” I asked.

The men looked at each other and snickered, but didn’t respond.

“Let’s go,” she urged. “I wanna see what’s inside!” I wasn’t about to disappoint my new wife, the love of my life, so I nodded, gripped her hand tightly and moved forward. Everyone waiting in line glared at us jealously.

As I came to the cellar doors, I stared down. There were metal stairs that descended into darkness. I was about to lead Amanda down when the other bouncer placed his palm squarely on my chest; his arm was immovable.

In broken English, he stated, “She goes. You stay.”

I was about to argue, but Amanda interjected, “He’s with me.” She then made a gesture indicated that we were together. The bouncers studied Amanda for an exorbitant amount of time, then looked at each other again before nodding.

They hastily waved us through, and we descended into darkness.

The stairs ended in a dark tunnel. The air was heavy and musty, making it difficult to breathe, and it was silent except for the echo of our footsteps. The tunnel ran for about a hundred feet and was lit by tiny lights spread in intervals that made the distance appear even longer. However, at the end of the tunnel was a bright light and metal door manned by another menacing-looking bouncer.

Trying push my growing unease aside, Amanda and I approached him.

The man commanded us harshly, “Hands up.”

We complied, and he hastily frisked me first. But when the bouncer turned to Amanda, he deliberately took his time, his large hands heavy on her body as he groped her breasts and ass, and between her thighs… all under the pretense of searching her for concealed weapons, of course.

The man’s touch was inappropriate and invasive, but strangely sensual…

… and why was I experiencing a pleasant throbbing between my legs as I watched?

To Amanda’s credit, she stood proudly and didn’t flinch while practically being molested. When the bouncer finally finished, he opened the door and gave her a final, sinister leer as he let us through.


Immediately, Amanda and I were bombarded by a deluge to our senses.

The heavy bass of trance music reverberated in our skulls, and the stench of sweat, alcohol, and other things that we preferred to leave unknown assailed our nostrils. But it was the stimulation to our sense of sight that nearly floored us.

The interior of the club was comparable to the size of an enormous warehouse. A large square bar was positioned directly in the center, with each side long enough to accommodate 5 bartenders. Even more remarkable was the sea of bodies that packed the entire area, shifting as one large mass without detail or distinction. While the interior was not overly bright, my eyes still teared as they adjusted to the light. Large, elegant chandeliers hung down from the cavernous ceiling, and interspersed among them were large circular structures that resembled metal globes.

It took me a moment to realize that these globes were actually cages.

There were 10 of them hanging at irregular intervals throughout the vast hall. And inside each of them were men and women gyrating to the trancelike music. These people were dressed in what I could best describe as BDSM outfits: leather lingerie, corsets, fishnet stockings, chains and chokers, harnesses, cuffs, and other exotic items that I couldn’t even begin to describe.

One caged man, a tall muscular AA built like a god, wore a tiny thong and a blonde wig. Unlike the others, he wasn’t dancing, but merely whipped himself with a cat-o-nine tails.

“What the fuck?” I muttered.

Someone suddenly bumped into me. When I turned, I came face to face to with a beautiful blonde who was roughly my height. Her hair was long and curly, and she possessed full lips with black lipstick, and deep blue, mirthful eyes with black eyeshadow that gave her a decidedly Gothic flair. She wore a barbell in one eyebrow and sported a tongue ring, and a thin chain connected the piercing Starzbet Güncel Giriş in her left earlobe to the one in her nasal septum.

The blonde was also naked from the waist up, clad in black crotchless panties with matching stockings and evil-looking thigh-high stiletto boots.

Behind the woman was her male companion. He was dressed a full latex bodysuit with a mask that covered his entire head save for 2 small holes for his nostrils and an opening for his mouth, which was stuffed with a red ball gag. His body was slender, almost feminine, and I wouldn’t have even known he was a man were it not for the penis that jutted out from a hole in the crotch.

The man obviously couldn’t see and his wrists were handcuffed behind his back, so the blonde was leading him by his huge erection.

“Verzeihung.” Though there was a naturally harsh inflection, the blonde’s tone was surprisingly polite. However, I merely gaped at her and tried not to stare at her outfit… or her magnificent breasts.

The woman repeated the word, but when Amanda and I didn’t respond again, she simply laughed and dragged her companion away.

We stared at them as they melted into the crowd.

“I think we’ve entered the twilight zone,” my wife muttered, and she instinctively gripped my hand tighter.

I tried to make light of the situation. “See, Mandy? I told you this was the type of club where they torture everyone!”

Her eyes involuntarily drifted back to the man who was whipping himself. “Indeed.”

“Come one, let’s get the hell out of here.”

I started to turn, but Amanda stood rooted in place. “Let’s look around,” she suggested.

I was shocked; this contradicted her prudish personality. “Are you sure?”

Amanda nodded and grinned once more.


Before we could go any further, a bouncer dressed in a skintight black t-shirt and black slacks guided us to a coat check. We had to relinquish our cellphones as there were no calls or pictures allowed in the club. My wife thought nothing of it but it left me slightly apprehensive.

At first, since everyone appeared nicely dressed, we thought the blonde and her mysterious companion were an aberration. However, as Amanda and I pushed our way through the crowd, we began noticing more and more people dressed in wild BDSM attire.

Ahead of us, a beautiful Asian woman wearing an elegant black dress and high heels was dragging a chain. 2 men and 1 woman, all naked except for diapers, crawled behind their mistress on their hands and knees, each one connected to the chain by a shackle around their necks.

To our right, 3 petite girls dresses as fairies, wearing wings and carrying wands with glittered sprinkled all over their lithe bodies, were hugging each other and engaged in a three-way kiss.

To our left, a man wearing a brown leather loincloth and a strange-looking harness across his chest strutted confidently through the crowd. Like the blonde’s companion earlier, he also wore a ball gag, but this one had a huge dildo protruding from in.

Amanda took it all in curiously.

Getting relentlessly jostled by the throng of partygoers quickly got old, however, and we retreated to a dark corner of the club, where we were somehow fortunate enough to find an unoccupied cushioned bench. Amanda and I gladly sat down, and she continued to study the people around us. My wife was inquisitive by nature and particularly enjoyed observing human interactions.

An attractive couple suddenly plopped themselves down next to us. The man wore a suit with his tie loosened and shirt partially unbuttoned while the woman wore an elegant dress. I was about to greet them politely, but they paid us no attention as they started to make out like horny teenagers.

“Oh,” Amanda murmured in embarrassed.

I was sitting less than 6 inches away from them. The woman was straddling her man as they continued to kiss. But then she slowly slunk onto her knees and spread his legs apart. I wasn’t entirely sure what was transpiring until she unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis, and began to enthusiastically give him a blowjob.

The man threw his head back and moaned loudly as the woman bobbed her head furiously. She was sucking him so loudly and zealously that it was as if a real life porno video was unfolding before us. And it was very difficult to look away.

A sudden touch startled me as Amanda, who was sitting on the other side of me, stood up and sat across my lap so she could join me in watching the couple. There was a mixture of amusement, curiosity, and shock etched on her face.

My wife then turned to me, and stared deeply into my eyes. For the billionth time, I was awestruck by her flawless beauty and her adorable freckles, which I considered her sexiest physical trait despite her perfect 34C breasts and amazing ass. I fiercely pulled her towards me and we kissed passionately, and everything around us seemed to melt away.

Amanda tasted so good… she felt so good…

We made out next to the couple, who were still going at it energetically. The woman suddenly murmured and gurgled as she pressed her face forward into her man’s crotch, effectively deepthroating him. As the angle of her head changed, her long hair cascaded over her face.

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