Meeting Her Owner

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She was nervous. It was their first meeting. They had played online for months and she’d snuck phone calls to him when her husband wasn’t around, but tonight was the night. Her palms were sweaty in anticipation as she looked at the clock.

Only 7:30. He’s not going to be here for a half an hour, she thought.

She looked over everything to make sure it was perfect for him. All the toys he’d sent for her were displayed for him on the bed, her pussy was shaved just as he’d requested, and her body was lightly perfumed in the fragrance he sent. Time moved quickly and she disrobed, taking her place were he would expect her, on her knees in front of the door, her knees spread wide and her ass touching the floor. She made sure her back was straight and her eyes were downcast. Now all that was left was waiting. The minutes passed slowly and he back was starting to hurt… where was he?

The door finally opened and her heart skipped a beat. She fought the urge to look up at him wanting to please him so badly, knowing she was not to move until commanded to do so.

He walked around her slowly, an she could smell him. The manliness of him. Finally he said, “Rise slut.”

She rose quickly to her feet, her heart beating quickly. She was embarrassed by her nakedness, but she kept her eyes towards the ground, not wanting to displease him. She could feel his eyes on her as he circled her. She felt his hands on her body and a moan escaped her lips before she could stop it. She hadn’t been given permission to speak and was afraid of the sound she made. As if in answer his hand squeezed her nipple enough to sting, and his hand reached behind and smacked her hard on the ass… just once. He kneaded her ass then, manipulating the flesh, making her knees weak.

“On your knees slut… Sahabet look at me.”

As she fell to her knees before him she looked into his eyes and smiled, knowing he was everything she needed him to be. He smiled back, and they laughed a little together as they fumbled with his belt.

She took of his pants and his boxers and folded them neatly beside her before turning her attentions back on his cock. She licked him all the way from the tip to the base, and took his balls in her mouth. She moaned with him inside her mouth and was happy when she saw his knees buckle slightly. She teased him for a little longer until he took his hair in her head and guided her mouth onto his cock. She moved up and down slowly, savoring the taste of him, so grateful for his presence. He began to move his hips slowly and she put her hands on the back of his ass and looked up at him as he thrusted into her mouth. Strands of spit fell from his dick to the floor as she sucked him, and he watched her lose herself in it, her eyes closing and twisting her mouth on his cock.

He pushed into her harder, feeling himself sliding into her throat. He saw her muscles contract and felt her gag, smiling. He was pumping quickly now, but shallower, and her put her hand on his cock to protect her throat from his advances. He fucked her face harder, using her. Her mouth was tight on his cock like a pussy and he closed his eyes and savored the feeling.

Finally he could his balls tighten and she moved against him faster, sensing he was close. Suddenly her pulls out of her mouth and she whimpers at the loss of him. He pumps himself furiously and begins to cum on her face. Her mouth opens obediently as he cums on her. When he’s finished he snaps his fingers and she takes his cock in her Sahabet Giriş hand and cleans his cock off in her hair.

He lifts her up and tosses her on the bed. “Get on your hands and knees.”

“Yes sir,” she says meekly, still tasting him in her mouth.

He mounted her from behind and entered her quickly, smiling as she gasps. He fucks her hard, watching her tits shake as he enters her. He pulls her hair back hard and smiles as she cries out. She bucks back at him and he slaps her ass hard… watching the red marks appear on her ass almost immediately. The pain excites her and she moves against him faster. She falls to her elbows and pushes back hard. When he’s close to cumming he pulls out of her and snaps his fingers and her mouth is on his cock again. She hates the taste of her pussy, but doesn’t complain. He cums for the second time and she swallows it all, sure to wipe it in her hair as she finishes licking him.

“Get out of my bed, whore,” he says, trying not to smile.

“Of course, I’m sorry Sir.”

As she gets out of the bed and falls to her knees he says, “I need to piss.”

“Of course sir.”

She crawls towards the bathroom and he walks behind her, everyone in awhile pushing on her naked ass with his foot. She has to lift her hands off the ground when he pushes her forward with his foot to make sure she won’t fall to the ground when he stops. She doesn’t time it right and falls, her hands not able to brace her quick enough.

“Hurry up slut.”

She finally makes it to the bathroom and crawls into the tub taking her place on her knees, where she knows she belongs. He takes his cock in his hand and begins to piss on her, coating first her stomach and tits, and then her face… she keeps her mouth open Sahabet Güncel Giriş like she’s been trained and spits when her mouth gets full. When he is finished, he turns and goes back to the bed, taking a novel from his briefcase. She sits there for nearly an hour, the piss still pooled in the bottom of the tub, cold now, shivering. She tries not to breathe deeply, her cunt on fire, smelling the piss in her hair and on her skin. He finally comes into the bathroom and complains of the stench. “At least pull the plug from the tub you nasty cunt.”

She does and he climbs into the tub with her, standing. She pulls the curtain shut and turns on the shower water, making sure it’s the right temperature before she sprays it to where he can feel it. She washes herself, and he watches her do it. When she is clean she starts to clean him, starting with his hair and working her way down. When she gets to his waist she falls to her knees as she has been trained and continues cleaning him, the water splashing in her eyes. She rubs down his body, paying special attention to his cock until he pushes her away from it.

When she is finished she turns off the water and steps out to get a towel. She wipes herself down quickly and holds another towel out for him. She dries his body until he pushes her off of him and walks towards the bed. He lays on his stomach with his arms folded and she knows what he expects of her. She goes over to him and begins to massage his shoulders, working her way down his body. When he is finished with that he pushes her off him and points to his cock. She takes his soft cock into her mouth and looks up at him, keeping ti warm fro him.

“Be a good little cock warmer for me slut.”

She smiles around the cock in her mouth and looks up at him. He picks his book up again and starts to read. She looks down on the floor and sees all the toys he still hasn’t even touched yet and shivers. A few minutes later she feels his cock get hard, snaking it’s way into her throat. She gags, he smiles, and they both know that it is going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32