Meeting Jimmy

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She smiled up at him as he swung his bag over his shoulder. After a year’s wait she was having a rough time believing he was really there. A few photographs and telephone conversations can never prepare you for the real thing she realized, but he was more than good looks and a voice now. Now, he was undeniably a man, of the type she found incredibly attractive. She walked beside him through the concourse and out of the airport, heading to her practical little car. She looked at him again and found herself staring into his dark, brown eyes.

“I hope you don’t mind, I know you’ve been sitting for 3 hours now, but it’s so early, and such a nice day..”

“Just tell me, silly girl! Don’t blubber.”

She smiled hesitantly up at him, “I thought we’d drive to Banff right away.” She hastened to add, “But if you want to stay here then that’s fine too. I’m sure we can..”

He caught her chin in his hand and bent towards her. “Hush! Hush, Baby. I don’t care what we do or where we do it. I only want to… “

“Oh! I want to… ” she said with him but all she was going to say was forgotten as his mouth met hers. His kiss was everything she’d dreamed, his lips moved soft and fluid against hers. She felt a rush of joy as she let him touch her heart and free her soul from all the nervousness building since he’d called and told her he’d be with her soon. She was lost in his touch and when he drew back, she was glad to see he was as breathless as she.

The kiss had taken him by surprise. He hadn’t planned it, but as he watched her speech, he had felt drawn to her, her lips were so soft and full looking. He tasted her, so sweet beneath his mouth. He reluctantly straightened.

“I want to talk to you and watch you smile. Smile again for me!” She let her lips lift at the corners and felt the heat of a blush as his hand smoothed a stray strand of hair back behind her ear.

They walked together into the bright sunshine of November in Calgary, loaded his bag in beside hers in the trunk of the car and settled in for the drive west. The tall range of mountains rose larger and larger and their conversation moved smoothly from one subject to another. It seemed as if anything could be said without prejudice or embarrassment. As the kilometers rolled away they talked, affirming their belief that they matched nearly perfectly, their humour, ideals and dreams in parallel.

Soon they were driving over the feet of the massive backbone of the continent. They passed the gates into Banff National Park. He was smiling from ear to ear. She grinned back as they drove toward the townsite of Banff. They drove down the picturesque streets. Eventually, she parked the car in front of an old hotel. She turned to look at him. “I’m positive you want to use a washroom as much as I do. Let’s check in here, freshen up and then we can have lunch.” She moved to get out of the car and he gripped her arm.

She knew what he wanted to say. She couldn’t believe they hadn’t discussed it before, but in the way of all creatures, as soon as they’d felt uncomfortable they’d backed off to a place on less shaky ground, so now, they needed to air it. Her pulse fluttered at her throat, he watched it fascinated and then tore his eyes away and looked into hers.

“Carrie,” he smiled gently, “Let’s be easy on each other. Two rooms I think?”

“Thank you.” she responded in a rough exhalation. She hadn’t realized she was holding her breath. Again, she felt the tug on her heart when she understood that he sensed the best thing for them both. Who knew? Maybe two rooms weren’t going to be neccessary, but now, neither of their dignities would suffer bruising if they were.

They checked in and as he opened the door to his room, Carrie stopped him with a touch on his shoulder. “Jimmy,” she hesitated as if she thought better of what she was going to say, “I’ll see you in thirty minutes.” She reached up on tiptoe and kissed his cheek. He groaned and turned his face against her lips. They shared a deep exploratory kiss. She held onto him as her knees buckled. “You know I want you so, Jimmy James? Don’t forget that. I want us to be perfect.”

“I do too, my lil Squeaker girl,” he called her by the pet name she’d told him her family used, “And when it’s time, we will be. I promise.”

They parted and entered their rooms. Both leaned against their doors, breathless and shaken by their need. He was almost crowing with happiness. She wanted him! He grabbed his bags and as he unpacked his toilettries he grinned when he grabbed the box of condoms he’d brought. He hoped that he’d have a chance to use them.

Her heart was racing, the relief she felt as he’d smiled when she told him how much she wanted him was stunning. She grinned to herself as she turned to sort through her things. She felt a little brazen as she strategically placed the condoms on the shelf beside the bed. Her stomach growled and she realized how long ago breakfast was.

They met and decided to walk the couple of blocks to the cevizli escort main street. She settled in beside him as his arm draped her shoulders. She looked up at him and her eyes imprinted every curve of his lips, every twinkle in his eye and every lift of his brow. He looked down at her and caught her gaze with his own. He could lose himself in those brown eyes, he thought. He stopped and wrapped her tightly against his chest.

“Tell me again that you want me, Carrie! I loved hearing that from you, because it makes me braver about wanting you, too. I want you next to me, with me! Oh God! Girl!” His mouth covered her’s with deep passion and she responded magically to him. She pulled away from him as she heard her stomach voice it’s displeasure at the long wait for food. Giggling, they turned and walked with more purpose to lunch.

They found a restaurant and even though it was probably delicious, the food was forgotten as soon as it passed their lips. They seemed to never tire of talking. As her hunger for food was satisfied, Carrie had time to consider her other hunger.

She watched him and when his eyes met hers she leaned over against his side in the booth. Her hand found his thigh.

He ran his finger tip slowly over the skin on her face. He passed lightly over her eyelids, tickling the lashes and then down her temple. She sighed softly as he traced her lips. She playfully nipped at his finger and he moved it away and then cradled her jaw in his hand.

Her tongue tip darted over her dry lips. He kissed her and her hand drifted up his leg to brush over his zipper, landing at his waist. She felt him lurch as she did it and she smiled through his kiss. He caught her lip playfully in his teeth as he growled softly at her.

“Carrie, if you’re intending to make me insane you’re doing a great job.”

She whispered, “I can’t stop. You’re more than I ever dreamed.” Her lips moved closer to his ear, “You’re so sexy!” she breathed.

She smiled as she pulled back to look into his eyes. He was blushing and smiling at her compliment. “Let’s get out of here! I need to get you alone Carrie Jean. Come with me?”

She gulped and nodded, her words seemed to have been swallowed, replaced by her heart in her throat. She drew a stuttering breath, “Yes,” after a pause that seemed an eternity, “I’m with you.” She seemed to float as they made their way back to the hotel.

He looked down at her, “We should have had lunch in the hotel, we’d be in my room by now.” He reached down and slapped her ass lightly, “C’mon, let’s hurry!”

“Oh my God! Jimmy!” she giggled at his eager honesty and took off running. “Well? Are you coming,too? I can’t wait forever!” He caught up to her easily and grabbed her by the waist, sweeping her along with him.

They blustered into the hotel and through the lobby. He pulled her down the hallway and into the stairwell where he stopped on the landing and pulled her against him. She stretched up and wrapped her hand around the back of his neck. “Say no now if it’s not to happen, Carrie. I can’t promise I’ll stop once we’re behind locked doors.” His eyes mirrored hers, revealing all the jumbled emotions that had them both so tightly strung since the day before.

She kissed the corner of his mouth, tenderness flooding through her. Her breath caught and she blinked back a few tears, “Yes, Jimmy. You won’t stop, baby. I won’t be able to let you.” She deepened the kiss, pouring into it, her anticipation, all of the need that had grown over the past months and the heat that the morning’s contact with him had fanned to a furious blaze.

The moved up the stairs together and he looked at her as he used the key card. “Last chance?”

“No chance.” was her reply and they moved into the room together and the door swung shut.

He caught the tab of her zipper in his strong fingers, tugging her jacket open. His hands slipped onto her shoulders and with a push her coat fell to the floor. Jimmy drew his fingers down over her arms and tugged her against his body she lifted her lips to his kiss and he met them.

Just their lips and his hands on her arms, the only contact they were making and yet, she was aroused beyond belief. Breaking from him, she opened his coat and removed it, letting it fall to their feet as well. Her fingers then found his shirt buttons, she unfastened each one.

Her hands stroked his smooth skin and she moaned. His shirt was pushed off his shoulders and was trapped by his cuffs. He smiled as he slipped the buttons free and then the shirt landed on the carpet, too.

While she watched him remove it, she stepped back and gripped the hem of her t-shirt. When his shirt fell free she pulled her’s up over her head and with a smooth shrug of her shoulders and a shake of her head, she was out of it.Her eyes locked with his. His gaze was magnetic, holding her in strong lines of force.

She watched as he swept over her skin with his erenköy escort look. Helplessly, she reached out to him. He moved to her and her hands caught his shoulders and she pulled herself up. His hands cupped her buttocks as he lifted her.

Eye to eye, they kissed. Her eyes, rimmed by long, sweeping lashes sparkled happily as they explored each other’s taste. He probed her lips with his tongue. Tasting the sweetness of the soft drink she’d sipped at lunch. As he deepened their kiss she moaned.

His skin felt like silk against hers and she couldn’t stop exploring him. She pressed close to him. Her breasts flattening against his chest. His hands were as hot as flame on her skin as he let her slip back onto her feet. He cupped her lace clad breasts as he bent to her lips once more. Her arms wrapped around his neck, his kiss leaving her unsteady.

“No, don’t!” she pleaded when he drew back from her.

“‘S’okay, okay.” he whispered. Taking her hand he guided her to the big bed. He sat on the edge of the mattress and she stepped between his knees. His hands stroked down her back, causing her to arch fluidly into his touch, like a cat wanting every possible instant of contact from his caress. His mouth closed over her nipple as his fingers unclipped the bra. His breath was so hot on her sensitive breasts that she could feel it through her lingerie. He pulled it slowly down her arms, his eyes locked on what was being revealed.

Groaning, “Carrie! You’re beautiful.” He looked up at her just as his mouth tickled her skin, watching the intensity of her desire. Her head fell back as he drew her nipple in and suckled her. He ran his tongue over the little bumps on her areole as her passion tightened her skin. His murmurs of enjoyment harmonizing with her’s as he moved from one pink peak to the other.

When his hands pushed her pants down over her hips she startled briefly, not knowing when, exactly, he had unfastened them. She felt rather than heard his chuckle as his kisses moved lower onto her stomach.

“Nuh uh! My turn now!” her finger hooked under his chin as she made him look at her. “You’re gorgeous, I want to see you!”

“Then you will!” he pulled her down onto the bed beside him as he braced his upper body above her. He kissed her quickly and then stood up. She watched his muscles move beneath his golden brown skin. He walked away from her, kicking her clothes out of his path and then turned to face her.

She admired him. His arms nearly as big around as her thigh. She felt very feminine in the aura of his maleness. He grinned lazily at her as she watched from the bed. Her breasts perfect round globes that he could still feel and taste on his tongue, rising and falling with each one of her breaths.

She watched as he unbuckled his belt. His hands drawing her attention to the bulge at his zipper. He pulled the leather free of the belt loops and folded it. Snapping it together and making her jump at the noise. He laughed. “Nervous?”

Mesmerized she could only nod, making him laugh again. “Not nearly as nervous as I am, Carrie! No way!”

He turned from her and she murmured appreciatively. His shoulders were very broad and his waist and hips narrow. Her palms tingled, watching but not touching. She felt her insides melt as his pants fell from his hips, his ass a mass of strength and sex. He spun and walked to the edge of the bed.

She felt pinned to the mattress by the heat of his gaze. His desire plainly announced by the tent in his boxers. “Watch, Carrie. Look at what you want to see, baby!” He slipped them off, only briefly snagging on his erection. When he straightened she slipped backwards in surprise.

“Oh God! You told me! I know, but oh my! Jimmy!”

“Shut up, Carrie!” he was almost blushing,”You did know!”

She grinned up him. She got up onto her knees and moved forward. She kissed his chest just above his heart and looked up at him. “I know and I know I want you.” With that she reached down and took hold of him. He was heavy and spilled over her palm. She looked up, “Now, baby!”

He pushed her back by her shoulders and stretched out on the bed beside her. Her skin was like liquid honey, he loved discovering her responses to his petting. His lips sought her’s once more and he kissed her. His fingers caressed and squeezed her breasts until he held her nipples and rolled them between his finger and thumb. With a ragged breath he brought his lips to her turgid tip.

She moved beside him, pulling his head to her breast and moving her thigh so that she could feel the hard, length of his aroused cock against her. Her throaty moans encouraging him. His lips tugging at her nipples seemed to tug a response from her core. She could feel wetness on her panties and tried to move away from his embrace to get rid of them.

He held her firmly, “You’re not going anywhere, Carrie.” and he sucked her nipple further into her mouth.

“No, esenyurt escort I’m not.” she surrendered. Her moans of pleasure filled the room.

Jimmy left her nipples, dragging his tongue along the sensitive skin around the bottom of her breast. He kissed his way down her shapely tummy. When he reached the elastic of her panties he drew back to look at her. She stretched sinuously under his gaze. His fingers hooked into the flimsy cloth and pulled them off her, his hands caressing her legs every inch of the way.

He lowered his face down and lightly kissed her mound. Staring up at her shaved sex, his fingers opened the delicate petals of her labia. “Oh Carrie, babe. Pretty, pretty pussy.” Her clit stood proudly at the apex of her folds. Her inner tissues shone hot pink and wet. He could deny either of them no longer and pressed a kiss to her sweetness.

She raised her hips off the bed to his questing tongue. She could feel the agile muscle dipping into her opening, then rasping over the highly sensitive bundle of nerves at her clit. He pulled and sucked at her noisily and she was soon reduced to a single need.

“Oh God, Jimmy!” She dragged his name out in a lusty cry as she came.

Every muscle in her body seemed strung out as tight as it could go. He had to feel her around him! He moved to her side and brought her to him. Holding her and stroking her hair.

She looked up at him with lust filled eyes. “I need you, baby.” her whisper caught in her throat, “Oh Jimmy!” She grasped his swollen erection and moved over him. She sat on his thighs and brought his cock up against her belly. It almost reached past her belly button.

Blushing she looked at him. “Where are your condoms?”

He smiled and reached onto the shelf at the bedside. Tearing the package open and bringing out the latex, “Shall I?”

She took it giggling and rolled it onto him. He heard her sigh.

Catching her nervousness, he said, “Carrie, look at me! I won’t hurt you baby. Never. You control it, but baby! Do it soon.”

She looked him in the eye as she raised to a squat over him, his cock caught in her fist and pointed straight up at her pussy. She moved him between her lips and stroked along her slit, bumping her clit with the head before, at long last, nestling him at her opening.

He grit his teeth for control as she lowered onto him. He watched her face as she adjusted to his size. Then, his eyes inexorably drawn to their joining, he noticed her thighs trembling. He brought his hands beneath her hips and took some of her weight. She panted and smiled at him.

“Kiss me, Carrie.”

She leaned forward and gave him her lips, stretching her legs along his. He was still inside her as she licked his mouth. He captured her tongue and they deepened the kiss.

He started to rock her on his prick. Her satin insides held him tightly even as her wetness let him slip through her opening. She moaned and started to move in concert with him. Slowly, she took more and more of him.

Soon he was pistoning his cock in her body. Eagerly, he asked her, “Do you want me to fuck you now? Tell me, Carrie! What do you want?”

She could only gasp in response. He rolled them over so that he was above her. He looked at her face and saw her pleasure. She kept pace with him and as he pushed into her he felt the strong contractions of her orgasm.

“Jimmy! Don’t stop!”

The hot lahar of her release, a pyroclastic flow down the slopes of her exploding need. She trembled beneath him, just as the earth shakes after such an eruption. He slowed. Kissing her while her passion retreated.

He was moving erotically. His long, slow strokes stirring her maleable flesh, now sinking in, parting the silken glove of her vulva; now drawing out, the wet pocket of her interior seeming to hold him. She felt bereft at the retreat of his cock, her tissues closing together, seeking some vestige of his presence. He gloried in filling her, his manhood coaxing her yeilding sex to take more. Their fucking taking her again. She could feel the rapid rise of her need.

“I’m cumming! Oh God!” She felt like she was melting around him, moving as close as she could get in their joining. Her muscles rippled along his shaft. So tight together he could feel the heat of her cumming.

“Oh, Carrie! I’m gonna cum!” Jimmy’s ejaculate seared as it boiled out of him, his balls drawn up so tightly against him. She felt him push forcefully into her as his shouts and growls came victoriously out of his mouth.

Carrie pulled his lips to hers and took his cries of pleasure into herself. “Mmmm. Yes! Jimmy! Yes!”

His tremors lessening he raised up on his elbows and looked down at her. “Wow, Carrie!” his mouth covered hers in a glad caress.

She stayed wrapped tightly around his weight, “Wow is right, Baby. I feel like I’ve waited forever to share that with you.”

He rolled away from her and she sat up, watching him as he walked to the bathroom, disposing of the condom. She licked her lips as he returned to her side. She welcomed him with a kiss as he stretched out. She sucked his lips as her hands moved to tease his nipples.

Carrie stroked him. Her kisses wet and warm as she moved down his body. Her fingers closed around him. She played her tongue over the sculpted contours of his body.

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