Motorcycle Anal Dyke Ch. 02

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This is a story about male submission to his Massage therapist mistress and her two girls. Parts of the story are drawn from real life experiences. It is written in first person from my point of view as a male slave. In the story I am in my 30’s. I stand 6 foot tall with a handsome face, a swimmers body, with an ass that both men and women want, sensual brown eyes and long brown hair drawn in a ponytail. I serve Mistress Sandra and her two servants Kim and Gloria. In Part one I lost my anal cherry to Danielle a biker dyke who surprised me with her own cock. Part two is another initiation into bisexuality.

I was so turned on from my initiation into bisexuality I wanted to share more of my beach experiences after the initiation. After my initial shock when I sobbed uncontrollably on the beach all the ladies consoled me with such sensuality I soon forgot my sore freshly fucked butt. The ladies had scented soaps and creams to ease the pain of my body from the shock of impalement. Beth and Rita the two blond lesbians welcomed me into the fold by using their bodies like human wash rags. Standing in front and behind me, they coordinated with each other by rubbing their soapy naked bodies all over me, sandwiching me between them as they washed me. I was astonished how they gave me the royal treatment after my anal rape introducing me into their bisexual world. The other women ignored us as they frolicked and grabbed each other in the waves. It was exciting to see all the naked femmes in the water. Beth and Rita were getting me turned on as they rubbed their breasts all over my body. Concentrating on using their nipples and clits using my body as a masturbation mechanism the girls were moaning as they gave me the most erotic washing I had ever received. All three of us could hardly stand up we were so sensually aroused.

Beth and Rita called it quits wishing to retire to their towels turning me over to my slave sitters. Calling to Kim and pointing to my erection, Beth looking ashamed, ordering her to take care of my stiff thing. Kim grabbed Gloria from the surf and they led me by my erection back to their towels. Kim and Gloria wanted to screw me flat on my back so Kim ordered me to lie down and serve them with my body. By now no one cared to watch us have sex, being already satisfied with tingling orgasmic pleasures from each other tongues. Kim and Gloria worked for Sandra and were subject to her kinky whims so using me for their own pleasure was just part of the job. They were told to fully exhaust me until my balls could not spit a single sperm cell more. These ladies could do that too having used me many times before! Kim poured coconut oil on my erection and sat on my cock sliding all seven inches into her pussy. Gloria faced Kim and smothered me with her salty ocean wet pussy. Leaning forward the girls embraced and began kissing wildly.

I was almost smothered in pussy as Gloria forcefully pressed herself into my face. Ignoring me as she kissed Kim she kept squirming on my tongue as I licked her. I had to lift her off my face to take a precious breath. Kim was using her well trained vaginal muscles to knead and squeeze my cock so I would not lose my erection as they kissed. We formed a triangle of love moving together in a lustful new form of sensuality. My own feelings of being a man returned to me as I was awash in pussy both around my cock and my mouth. I had the two best women on the beach making love to me giving me a renewal of my sexuality. I grabbed Gloria around the waist and pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her hot hole making her kiss Kim all the more harder. Kim was sucking on Gloria’s tongue fellating it like a cock. Gloria was moaning as her tongue was lavishly sucked oriental style. Kim knows how to make a woman orgasm just from kissing alone.

Gloria had to pee again. Shifting her pussy back so her pee hole was over my mouth she gave me the signal with a gentle tap on the side of my head. I pursed my lips around her pee hole and began sucking. The girls stopped kissing and Tipobet Kim was beginning to fuck my cock rising up and down on me purely out of boredom. Gloria fed me a mouthful of pee and patiently waited for me to swallow. I was thirsty but salty urine with a tint of ammonia did not satisfy me. I sucked and swallowed until her bladder was empty then Gloria made me lick her clean and I continue orally pleasing her. Kim was concentrating on making me come again. Frantically stroking her clit and squeezing the life out of my cock each time she bore down on me. I was licking Gloria’s clit as fast as Kim stroked hers. Just as Kim cried out Gloria let loose with her orgasm, grabbing my nipples and pinching them sending me over the top shooting come from my sore balls. For the third time today I was ejaculating deep inside Kim who loved fresh hot come in her pussy. Kim had such well trained vaginal muscles she could work the come from my cock first by squeezing my cock then by working the fluids all the way into her cervix for safe keeping. Kim felt that having fresh come absorbed in her body keeps her sexually healthy.

Gloria slowly got up off my face and walked forward so Kim could kiss her pussy. Kim knew exactly how to lick Gloria to another multiple orgasm with the velvet touch of her tongue. Kim was still nursing on my cock with her vaginal muscles refusing to let me go soft even after ejaculation. Gloria was already moaning loudly and gyrating her hips as Kim licked her sensitive clitoral area. Looking around the rest of the ladies had leisurely strolled back to their towels and paired off to three sets of 69ing lovers. While I enjoyed the view Gloria wildly came so hard she fell forward pushing Kim off my cock. Eying my still stiff erection Gloria clawed her way forward and swallowed my cock to the roots and bit down so I could not deflate the blood from my cock. Kim licked her way back to my genitals and began nibbling my balls. I was getting treated to a double sucking that was a trademark routine to get me to come again for my owners.

I knew now that Sandra wanted my cock limp for my next meeting with Danielle. I was going to be tested and fucked with no incentive or male hormones left in my balls to make me hard. I laid my head back and allowed the girls to suck me dry. I had no choice but to accept my fate. I watched Beth and Rita eat each other into a horny frenzy. I loved watching lesbians eat pussy it was like a loving concert in motion. After coming three times I thought that there was nothing left in me to spurt out. I eat a good diet that Kim says that that especially helps me replace my sperm and makes it taste better. I felt my sex organ was working overtime today producing sperm and precome as if I was going to impregnate everyone on the beach. Kim and Gloria kept sucking me. Kim pulled my balls by the chord with her teeth from my body which helped me from coming too soon. Gloria loved sucking cock; whenever someone needed fellatio Sandra called on Gloria to suck them off.

If anyone could keep me hard Gloria could. Sliding her mouth up and down on my cock gently scraping the shaft with her teeth I was able to sustain my erection and was getting that special tingle in my groin to begin giving her more come. Kim was sucking and licking my balls making them tingle magically enticing them to give up every last sperm to Gloria’s throat. My sperm was owned by the women in my life and when Sandra ordered me milked the girls made sure they sucked it all from me like greedy come sluts. Watching Beth on top of Rita begin to come and squirt come all over her face triggered my own reaction to begin squirting what was left of my own come into Gloria’s throat. I counted six good squirts before my balls began to painfully ache in Kim’s suckling mouth. I cried out and tried to fight off my fellators but they held on sucking my cock and balls for all it was worth.

With the girls still sucking my genitals I heard the roar of Danielle’s bike driving up. I could see Sandra riding Tipobet Giriş in only her bikini bottoms on the back. Running to our blanket Sandra wanted to see us badly. Gloria opened her mouth and allowed me to finally slide free showing Sandra a load of come coating her tongue. Sandra cursed telling Gloria, “Swallow it bitch!”

Kim spat out my swollen balls with a pop that sent me into painful spasms doubling up in a tight fetal position. “Get him up Kim and let’s see him perform for me now!”

Kicking me in the ass Sandra told me to get on my knees. Grimacing from the pain in my balls I slowly rose to my knees. Standing in front of me was Danielle smiling. I could see her semi erect cock outlining her black silk panties. Kim and Gloria grabbed my arms holding me in place. Sandra smiled and ordering me with a nasty smile, “Suck Danielle hard so I can “personally watch you lick dick for me.”

Danielle yanked her panties down revealing her huge cock. It was almost as big soft as when it was hard. She took it in her hands and began rubbing her plum size glans all over my lips spreading precome all over my face. Grabbing my ponytail Danielle forced her cock into my mouth. “Suck me hard bitch I am so looking forward to opening your tight hole again for mistress!”

I tasted her cock which was fresh with pussy juices making me suspicious that Danielle had just fucked Sandra. Danielle saw my inquisitive look, “Don’t worry even though I filled mistress pussy with come I have lots more for you as well,” boasted Danielle!

Sandra grabbed my discarded belt from the towel, doubled it up and smacked my bruised butt hard demanding, “Suck Danielle like I trained you or I will beat you ass right here and now!”

I spit out Danielle’s cock and begging, Mistress Sandra if I may have my hands free so I could perform as trained?”

Sandra agreed, “Let him go girls,” preferring to see me voluntarily act this time for her.

I tried to disconnect myself with the fact that I was sucking a real cock and worked on Danielle stroking her shaft with one hand and massaging her balls with the other and at the same time licked and sucked around her sensitive glans until she was rock solid in my mouth. I could tell by her balls that Danielle had plenty of come left for me. The dull pain in my own balls reminded me that there would be no erection this time which was Sandra’s desire.

Once Danielle was hard Sandra quickly ordered excitedly, “Danielle fuck him on his back…girls hold his legs in a wide V so Danielle has easy access to his asshole!”

All the other women on the beach were disconnected with us busy with their own pleasureful pursuits. I could only see Sandra standing over my head and Kim and Gloria holding my legs high in a V and Danielle holding her huge cock with a grin waiting for mistress to tell her to begin. Sandra threw Danielle some KY jelly, “Lube your cock and his asshole good …..I don’t want to lose my prize ass the first day of his Grand Opening!”

Danielle sensually rubbed her cock with lubrication smiling at me looking deeply into my eyes speaking to me with her soul. I was almost hypnotized by the whole magic of the scene. Taking another dollop of jelly she gently pushed her lubricated finger into my asshole. I actually was looking forward to being taken again. Sandra was already rubbing her pussy. Looking up I could see fresh come seeping from her vaginal slit. Gloria and Kim were also stroking themselves with one hand and grabbing my ankles with their free hand. The whole atmosphere around this scene was sensually erotic, with freshly fucked and licked pussies, the smell of come, and a stiff dick ready to act on Sandra’s orders. Sandra dropped to her knees straddling my face and settled down on my mouth so I could suck her. I was about to be cuckold again as I was fucked. Eating another person’s come from Sandra seemed like standard love making since she enslaved me. As soon as Sandra felt me push my tongue into her pussy for a taste Tipobet Güncel Giriş of Danielle’s come she moaned demanding, “Push that hard cock all the way into my slave’s willing asshole Danielle!”

I could not see but all the girls let out a squeal as she took her cock in hand knelt down and wiggled her glans into my anus. Immediately I felt the warm slide of a nine inch cock fill my anal canal. This time it was easier because there was a huge load of come in me to help lubricate my hole. The come from mistress pussy was drooling out of her hole into my mouth; I suspected she was just freshly fucked just before she arrived. Wiggling her pussy back and forth over my mouth Sandra cursed me, “Get that tongue back to work boy or remember the strap!”

As soon as I went to work on Sandra I felt Danielle begin to pull her cock from my ass and push it back in, beginning her slow fuck to bisexual pleasure. I tried to squeeze Danielle’s cock each time she withdrew to give her maximum pleasures. Each push into me with Danielle’s pile driver she forced my tongue into Sandra’s cunt. Gloria and Kim were moaning loudly as they both diddled their clits. This was only my second time today to get passively fucked and I already liked it. Danielle liked it too and was panting and loudly and cursing like a Harley chick should. The other women on the beach began to gather around and were chanting for Danielle to give it to me harder. They all were clapping in rhythm of Danielle’s cock fucking my asshole. Sandra was rubbing her pussy all over my mouth almost smothering me. I had to move my face side to side to sneak a fresh breath of air. I was panting loudly moaning from the pounding my ass was getting.

I could not see anything but the whole crowd was sexually turned on. Sandra began to come and was pulling on my dick which was already magically hard again from the prostate massage I was getting from Danielle’s cock. I was going to embarrassingly shoot another wad wastefully in front of my friends and my mistress competition. I was hoping if I shot my load all over myself that Sandra and Danielle would see and smell my orgasm and join me so I could get up and escape to the ocean. Suddenly I felt Sandra stretch forward over me and swallow my seven inch cock whole. Danielle was still fucking my ass which drove my own cock deeper into Sandra’s throat. I sensed all three of us were almost ready to shoot. Danielle grabbed my legs freeing the girls to finish masturbating themselves pushing her cock all the way into my well fucked ass. Danielle cried out and began filling me with fresh come spurting shot after shot from the plum sized head of her cock. I counted a dozen squirts that were so intense I was getting cramps in my colon almost as if I were on the receiving end of an enema. Suddenly I realized that Danielle was pissing into me like a fire hose actually giving me a golden enema. Just then Sandra began to come squeezing gobs of Danielle’s come from her freshly fucked pussy into my mouth. Crying out Sandra managed to squeeze out more of her own pussy come which tasted sweeter than the come. Kim and Gloria cried out as well as they frantically frigged their clits till they caught fire and burned into a communal orgasm.

Danielle was squealing and boasting that she was hosing her man so I would never forget my grand opening yelling, “Take that my bitch… I am looking forward to more of your tight ass soon!”

Sandra wanted to get into the act and began pissing into my mouth forcing me to swallow and gulp down her pee to keep from drowning. Danielle was still pissing in me with controlled spurts now, as if she were filling my whole body with her essence. Kim and Gloria saw Sandra’s eye contact and pushed their pussies close to me and began pissing all over my cock and balls. Sandra had to get off me to keep from getting sprayed herself, which she hates. Once everyone squirted their last drop, Danielle slowly pulled free of my ass. I tried to squeeze myself shut but I was already leaking. I ran naked to the woods first to relieve myself then with a red face ran to the ocean to clean myself off.

Danielle, Sandra, Gloria and Kim met me in the surf greeting me with big smiles. Sandra kissed me passionately breaking the kiss reminding me that this day was my first of many.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32