My Best Friend’s Mum

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A short story from a long time ago.


With a long drawn out groan, and a final gasp, I pumped the remaining spunk out over my knuckles and onto my lower body. I’d ‘edged’ for as long as I could, but I hadn’t cum for several days and just needed some relief.

I’d been lying there on my back listening to Dan and his mum leave for the dentist. Once the front door had slammed shut, and the car had driven off, I put the box of tissues within easy reach, and set about reducing my normal early morning erection.

Dan was a school mate, we’d just left our final year at sixth form, and we were both going to uni in September. I was stopping over for a few days while my parents were having a ‘break’ in Norfolk.

Dan had been my best friend throughout secondary school, and he and I had often stopped over at each others’ houses.

When his mum, Sally, went through a messy divorce, Dan had wanted some support, because I’d gone through a similar thing when I was much younger. However, we’d formed a bond, and were making the most of our summer together before we went our separate ways.

Mopping up the mess in a bunch of tissues, I grabbed my towel and made my way to the bathroom. Having flushed them away, I set about taking a shower before going downstairs, having breakfast, and waiting for Dan and his mum to return.

It was a great summers’ day outside, the birds were singing, the sun was out, and I was relaxed after my ‘wank’, as I padded back to my bedroom.

I almost jumped into the air when out of a bedroom door stepped Dan’s mum.

“Fuck!” I couldn’t help the expletive, I was holding the screwed up towel in front of me, “God, I’m sorry, I thought you’d taken Dan to the…..”

My words drifted away as Sally smiled and replied, “My car wouldn’t start, so Dan’s grandma’s taken him, I’m the one who should be sorry, I should have made more noise to let you know I was about.”

I realised straightaway that she must have heard me masturbating, there was no way that she wouldn’t have.

Standing there naked, clutching a towel in front of me, facing my friend’s mum, who was dressed in a short dressing gown, was embarrassing in itself, but her having listened to me cumming was enough to make me flush bright red.

“You go and get dressed, and I’ll go down and make some toast, I’ve embarrassed you enough.”

In my haste to get back to my bedroom we did that thing people do when you step the same way to pass by someone. I went to the right, Sally went to the left, then both stepping the other way we bumped into each other, before both apologising, and finally going our separate ways along the corridor.

In my bedroom I took a deep breath. Dan’s mum’s perfume was deep in my nostrils, and in that split second something stirred.

Sally Nicholls was an attractive woman who had always been ‘Dan’s mum,’ to me at least, until Dan and I had got drunk together last year, and we’d had a silly conversation about older women. He’d asked if I’d fuck our school principal, a woman in her late fifties, and we’d both ended up agreeing that we might!

The conversation got even sillier when we went through a whole list of teachers, until Dan suddenly said, “Would you fuck my mum?”

In the drunken state we were both in, I replied, “Yes, definitely, how about mine?”

Dan said ‘yes’ too, and we went on to list all the other older women we knew.

However, I’d had thoughts about Mrs Nicholls before, and now faced with that mornings’ awkward situation, it made my cock react.

Sally Nicholls was a red head, auburn hair, with just a hint of freckles below her eyes. I knew that she Escort Sarıyer was forty five years old, and she still had a body that a woman, or girl, my age would have been proud of. She wore ‘tops’ which often showed a little cleavage, and she had a slim waist with a backside that any guy would lust after.

“Snap out of it,” I told myself, and got dressed in my usual shorts and t-shirt. Telling myself that over again, I went downstairs to try and navigate the awkwardness.

“Here, I’ve made some toast and coffee, if you want orange juice there’s some there. Do you want any jam or marmalade?”

Sally hovered around the kitchen as I sat on a stool at the breakfast bar.

“No, I’ll just have some toast and spread,” I replied quietly.

When her back was turned I couldn’t help taking in the view of her rear. Her long auburn hair was roughly tied in an elastic hair tie. She was wearing a multi coloured, short, silk dressing gown, that showed half her thighs above the knee. At the front it was crossed over, with a waist band tied in bow, and the neck showing just a hint of cleavage.

I quickly looked away when she turned around, and continued to put spread on my toast.

Whether it was deliberate or not, she did two things that unsettled me, given what had happened that morning. Firstly, she sat on the opposite side of the breakfast bar, leaning forwards on her elbows so that her dressing gown neck gaped open slightly, and secondly, she seemed to stare at me so that each time I looked in her direction she was ‘holding’ my gaze. I kept looking away, somewhat shyly, but each time I looked back, her eyes were fixed on mine.

“I don’t know what’s up with my car, I’ll call the AA later when Dan gets back. I guess he and grandma won’t be more than about an hour, the appointment was for 9.15, it was lucky she wasn’t doing anything this morning.”

She hesitated a moment, then chuckled, “Well lucky for me, unlucky for you.”

It was a clear reference to the ‘incident,’ and I went bright red again, looking down into my orange juice while she stared at me, waiting for an apparent reaction. When I didn’t say anything, she added, “It’s ok, I’ve caught Dan a couple of times, it’s something boys do… but you know that!”

When she saw how my embarrassment multiplied, she stood up.

“I’m going to get a shower now, you relax, I’ve embarrassed you enough, don’t worry about the dishes, I’ll do them when I come down.”

As she left the kitchen, she squeezed the top of my arm, as she passed.

I took a deep breath and poured a mug of coffee, while sitting on my stool looking out over the garden. I heard the shower get switched on, and could just imagine Sally in the cascading water, soaping her breasts, her body, and her pussy. I wondered if she shaved down there.

But then to my utter amazement I heard another sound, a moan, which then repeated, and got louder. I left the kitchen and went out to the bottom of the stairs. There was no doubt about it, there were more quieter sounds, and then one much louder cry that went on for several seconds.

I waited and then a few minutes later the shower was turned off, and I hurried back into the kitchen, gathering my thoughts.

It must have been deliberate, an exact copy of what I’d done, this was Sally blatantly teasing, and it excited me a lot!

I sat back on my stool wondering what Sally would say when she reappeared, but then I heard a car pull up outside, and Dan came in through the back door.

“All good?” I asked.

“Yep, ok for another year, you been up long?”

“No, your mum’s in the bathroom, I’ve just had breakfast.”

Sally came down into the kitchen, Silivri escort bayan and without a glance she asked Dan about the dentist.

“Yes, he says I’m ok until next summer.”

“Do you want fresh coffee, I’ll make some, I caught Jim on the hop, he thought I’d gone with you, but he’s had his breakfast, do you want anything before I put the dishes in the washer?”

“No thanks.” He turned to me, “do you want to come up to my room and play some stuff?”

I followed him out of the kitchen, and finally Sally caught my eye, and smiling, mouthed, “Snap!”

For the rest of the day my mind kept returning to Sally’s teasing. Was she serious? I’d known her for years. Yes I’d lusted after her for a while now, but thought it was just teenage fantasy. She was my mates’ mum, what would he say if he knew what had happened?

Later the AA man had been, and the car was towed away to a local garage for some electrical fault. It meant that as we sat around the table that evening Dan asked me if I minded if his grandma took him next morning to sort out his bank account for uni. With Sally’s car in dock it was the only solution.

“The appointment’s at 9.30, you can come if you want to, but it’s all pretty boring?” he suggested.

Sally interrupted, “I don’t expect he wants to hang around twiddling his thumbs, he can have a lie in, I expect you two will be up late again tonight.”

That was the moment I knew. I glanced in Sally’s direction, and there was just a hint of a smile as she caught my eye and quickly looked away.

“Ok, yes, I’ll stay behind, it’s not going to take long is it.”

The rest of the evening we spent in Dan’s room playing ‘Pacman,’ not turning in until after midnight. When I finally got into bed I couldn’t get off to sleep for a long time, wondering and fantasising.

The birds woke me up, and I was wide awake as Dan left. As soon as he’d gone I waited. I was waiting for a signal, but when nothing happened, I strained to hear anything at all. I hadn’t realised that Sally was already downstairs, she’d got Dan’s breakfast, so when I heard her collecting dishes I hurriedly dressed and went down myself.

“Sleeping in? I couldn’t hear any peculiar noises today!”

Was it a smile or a smirk, it didn’t really give me the signal I was hoping for. Yes it was trying to embarrass, but it confused me.

“I didn’t realise you were down here already?”

I sat at the breakfast bar. Sally was already dressed, in a loose summer dress. I was disappointed, no short dressing gown, and no hint of cleavage.

She sat down opposite me, and looked at her tiny wristwatch.

“9.15, they’ll be at least an hour, probably longer if I know grandma.”

I wasn’t sure what to say.

“I don’t think we’re doing much later on, at least not this morning,” I replied.

“Do you want any toast, or can I put the rest of these dishes away?”

“No thanks, I’ll just have some orange juice, if I may.”

I watched as Sally opened the dish washer, and gathered up the few plates on the breakfast bar. I couldn’t help my eyes following her, despite my disappointment that her teasing was going nowhere. And then she bent over. The summer dress rode up, revealing the back of her thighs, and when she turned around she knew I’d been looking.

Closing the dish washer she came back to the breakfast bar, sitting opposite me. Just like the day before she sat leaning forward, staring at me. There was no cleavage to tease me, but her smile and her eyes told me more.

“What would you say if Dan fucked your mum?”

I was stunned, Sally knew the question would have that effect, and smiled.


“I’m Topkapı escort not sure, I’ve never thought about it,” I stuttered. I knew that reply didn’t hack it, “It depends if I knew about it I suppose.”

“If you didn’t?”

“Then it probably wouldn’t matter… if she didn’t mind.”

The image that the question conjured up seemed so bizarre, but of course I knew where this was going.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

I was squirming on the stool now, and my breathing was tight. Strangely my cock stirred, but that was more Sally’s eyes boring into me.

“Errr.. yes…,” I replied, almost croaking, and looking away.

“Look at me,” Sally made me look up.

“If I told you I’m not wearing any panties this morning, what would you say?”

I was now finding hard to breathe at all, my heart was beating out of my chest.

“Would that excite you?” Sally went on, smiling broadly, but speaking in a low voice.

I could only nod.

“Then come round here.”

I almost stumbled, as I got up from the stool. I didn’t rush, I couldn’t, but when I got to Sally, she stood up, her eyes still looking at me. However, my eyes were avoiding hers. As she gently held my upper arms in both her hands she said again, “Look at me.”

I looked, and the eyes were wide, and full of desire. I could at least interpret that.

She pulled me closer, and I wasn’t sure at first what to do with my arms. When she kissed me, the novelty of her lips against mine triggered my own desire as her tongue flicked forwards, and over mine.

“Nice?” she asked, but before I could say anything we were kissing again, and this time I pulled her towards me.

I could feel my cock fully erect, almost bursting out of my shorts, pressing up against her body.

Everything happened fast. Still kissing, Sally fumbled between us unclasping my belt, unzipping me, and in a few seconds had freed my cock, and was gripping it, massaging it to its hardest.

Somehow we shuffled the short distance to the marble top beside the sink. Pulling her lips from mine, she was now breathing quickly herself.

“Lift me up… just fuck me Jim.”

With my hands under her ass I lifted her the few inches up onto the work surface. As I did so she spread her thighs and the short summer dress rode up. Everything was just right, my cock found her pussy, her pussy was soaking wet, and she pulled me towards her.

“OHHH FUCK!” she groaned out loud, and it spurred me on. I shoved deep inside her, right up as far as I could go, and I started to fuck her.

I panicked a bit, wondering if Dan would come home and catch us, I wanted to get it done quickly. It seemed Sally wanted it hard and fast too. She was saying over and over again, “Fuck me Jim, fuck me,” and “Go on, harder, harder.”

A carton of orange juice was knocked over, and my knees were banging against the cupboard below. It didn’t seem to matter, we were in another place.

It took me by surprise when Sally gasped out loud, “God, I’m cumming!” It wasn’t something I’d thought would happen. She suddenly began to pant rapidly, and each breath brought a high pitched stifled cry.

When she moaned, “OHHHHH…! FUCK… FUCK… FUCK!” her body seemed to convulse, and her thighs on either side of me sort of shivered. Thank god I was close too.

Sally had slumped forwards, and was catching her breath when my cock erupted inside her. She felt it and groaned, I grunted, and jerked continuously deep into her cunt. When I’d finished we breathlessly clung to each other, holding each other up, until my shrinking cock slipped from her pussy.

We both looked up as I helped her down, and we stood there looking at each other.

“This is our secret Jim, please, don’t tell. It’s probably very wrong.”

I was silent for a moment and just said, “Yes.”

Suddenly realising, she said, “Jesus, look at this mess, go and shower, I’ll clear this up before they get back.”

In a daze I went upstairs trying to make sense of it all.

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