My Friend’s Slutty Indian Wife

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Big Tits

I woke up sweating. My heart was pounding faster than it should’ve been considering I was sleeping.

This was the second night in a row and she came to my dreams both times. We were on the verge of having what I can describe as an intense, drunk and regrettable encounter. Regrettable only because it was Taboo. Taboo only because it was my best friend’s wife.

Over the years I got to know her as a friend and as my friend’s wife. We went out together, we drank together, basically hung out and made merry. I was always inclined to believe that she reserved something for me. Something she didn’t harbour for the rest of the posse. What it was i just couldn’t put my finger on.

One thing I did figure out though was that whenever she posed for pictures, she always managed to create the perfect orifice with her lips and on closer inspection, I could always see her tongue and the wetness of her mouth. For some reason I associated that with hyper secretion of saliva and in my head I lustfully thought how good it would feel to have that wet orifice around my cock.

I always imagined what it would be like to kiss those lips, and fence that tongue with mine. The wetness of her mouth, the taste of that hastened breathing as our bodies got excited from all the inappropriate touching, fondling and squeezing. Just the very thought of how wrong it was enough to get my dick in a semi erect position.

All of this was just in my head I kept saying to myself, and that it can never get out to anybody, especially not her husband and most importantly her. But I would be lying if I didn’t linger a bit longer than the regular hug would let me. Just a second more to get that whiff, to pull her closer, to feel her cheek rub mine, and to feel her breasts compress against me .

?I would’ve stopped it if I felt restraint, but more often that not, she would lean in for it just as though it was normal. But it wasn’t. Mainly because she didn’t share the same intimacy of hug with the others that she did with me. No one noticed and if anyone did they would’ve passed it on as nothing more than just the fondness we had come to develop for each other through the years.

She has met my girlfriends from the past and she knew my nature and my take on dating. It was more casual than any of the others in the group, and she knew I liked to have a good time, and maybe also that I liked to show someone a good time. I’m not obnoxious but I don’t restrain myself from expressing myself when it comes to views about women, sex, relationships, lust or even unnatural sexual practices such as anal foreplay and the real deal. So she knew what I was like, because I made no attempt to conceal it.

The hugs continued, and occasionally so did the ‘linger’ period.

This one night, we met for a casual joint, the whole bunch. She didn’t happen to be wearing a bra, probably because she was going to sleep right after. The chilly night air had rendered her nipples stiff which she covered by crossing her hands. But when I met her and leaned in for the hug, I barely had to pull her to me. In fact it was more like she pushed herself onto me, and boy could I feel those tits through her thin fabric cotton shirt. When she drew back, she had the sheep-iest smile on her face, like she knew she had done something to throw me off guard. And off guard I was, for that feeling transcended into a semi hard on that she knew off only too well.

Now I knew that something was amuck and that night for the first time I masturbated with her in mind. The next time I saw her I couldn’t see her in a light befitting a best friends wife. I kept going back to that night and everything I thought of her.

We went out drinking that night. The whole group. And she looked exceptionally ravishing. Her blue dress arriving just shy of her knees. This occasionally allowed me to have a sneak peak of her panties whenever she attempted to sit or unfold her legs when she reached out for her drink. How perverted was I, making the best of these peeks to make a collage in my head of what her sex looked like. I restrained myself by walking across the lounge to the bar opposite just to gather my thoughts. The alcohol didn’t help only acting as a promoter for such lust to prevail so strongly.

When the time came and the bouncers ushered us out of the Pub, stranded until her husband brought the car around. After convincing him to let a sober person drive he took the back seat with his wife and who better to warm the next seat but me. We had a rather long Uşak Escort drive home and the alcohol had taken its toll on everyone. Her husband was soon nodding off to an inebriated slumber, the kind that only made you feel worse once you woke up. She held his hand while he slept as we drove along. She and I were having a great time, giggling like a bunch of drunk teenagers. She kept placing her hand on my chest as she laughed as though to push me away but sometimes grabbed the lapel and pulled me closer. I could smell the alcohol off her breath and Im sure she could too, and we both knew that nothing that was to happen would be made with a clean and clear practical backing.

“Can I give you a compliment?” I whispered. She nodded and I drew my lips closed to her ears and exhaled “I think you looked really sexy tonight. Especially with those legs of yours”. I couldn’t believe what I was saying. This was Taboo. She giggled and whispered back, “Is that all that appeals to you?”

“How about the way your lips glisten in the moonlight? And how good I can only imagine they taste?”

She smiled an evil smile as she railed her lips with her tongue. Drew close to me, close enough for me to assume that this would seal the deal. Instead she took her index finger and ever so slowly placed it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it completely dousing it in her saliva. What felt like an eternity later, she removed her finger and slipped in right into my mouth. I could taste the thick slime on her finger and I could feel the blood rushing to my groin as my dick grew instantly to what I would call, full mast.

The hired driver suddenly interrupted the heated silence in the car as we had arrived. The rest of the posse had yet to come and probably would take at least 15 minutes considering how difficult it is to hail a cab on a bustling Saturday night.

God I couldn’t stand not having my hands all over her body and my tongue down her throat. We boarded the elevator as her husband leaned to one corner to maintain balance. 15 storeys we had to ascend. She slowly backed up onto my crotch and slowly gyrated her bum on my already hard cock. I grabbed her waist and thrusted my pelvis into her. She gasped while we grinded in the elevator. I needed to inhale her drunk breath. I was getting off on how wrong yet how risqué this was. We hurried out the elevator as she fished her keys out of her clutch. We entered the house as she grabbed her husbands hand and guided him to the bedroom where she left him to slumber.

She closed the door to the bedroom on her way out and leaned against it and gave me the stare that snapped me away from morality.

“How long do you think the others will take?” I asked.

“At least a good 20 minutes I guess” she replied.

I walked over to her until I was just inches away from her body and put my arms around her waist. I could feel the heat emanating out of her.

“You know how wrong this is right?” I said.

“Im too drunk and horny to care right now. And besides no one else will know. We take this to our graves! Now, about how good my lips tast-“

Before she could finish that sentence, I pushed my face into hers and kissed her. A second later I could feel her tongue separating my lips and probing my mouth. Our tongues swirled in harmony as our spit provided lubrication for them to continue their dance which became more furious with every passing second. My hands became extremely fidgety and moved all over her back as one held her head in place to facilitate the growing heat that was emanating from all the friction our lips and tongues were creating. It was not intimate, or suave. It was an animalistic, primal pleasure that was fuelling every thrust my pelvis threw at her and every joust her tongue threw at me.

My groping hand found her well rounded bottom as it grabbed her cheeks. She lifted her left leg as I ran my hand up her calves, up her thighs, dragging her dress up with it until there was only her panties between my palm and her ass cheeks.

“Get rid of them!” was what she managed to muster as she pulled away from my mouth, gasping for breath from the non stop snogging.

I grabbed the elastic lining and pulled with a might that proved too much for the thin fabric her thong was made off. The sound of her panties ripping with every pull just fuelled her horny state of mind as her breathing became heavier, sending waves off her drunk breath into my mouth. After successfully disrobing her supple ass, Uşak Escort Bayan I cast her panties into the surrounding darkness of the living room in a trajectory completely unknown to either of us. We didn’t care. We just needed our fix of fucking right then and there.

“Lets go to the guest bedroom” she said as she grabbed my hand and led the way. She threw the door open. She grabbed me by the lapel of my shirt and pushed me as I stumbled onto the bed on my back. She then took the straps of her dress and pushed them over her shoulders and with one swift ballet like wriggle brought her dress to her ankles. The small crack in the curtains allowed the moon to illuminate enough of her glorious breasts for my mind to go into a lustful frenzy. God how could I have been separated from this sexy minx for so long!

Her nakedness just made me realise that I had all my clothes on. I quickly got rid of my pants, getting annoyed as they caught onto my feet and took an additional 3 seconds to kick off, sending it in a trajectory again unknown to our lust laden minds.

She got on top of me as our members met for the first time, our first concoction of pre cum, both hers and mine. She smeared her juices on my cock as she grinded her hips. It was too much for me to comprehend and i was on the brink of an orgasm. I couldn’t end our session on such a poor note, it would prove disastrous for our drunken minds to get around.

I grabbed her waist and tossed her off me and onto her back and spread her legs. Expecting me to penetrate her pussy and give her a fucking to remember, I then said, “Remember when I said I couldn’t imagine how good your lips taste?”

“Aha!!” she said perplexed by this unbecoming conversation.

“Well I wasn’t talking about the ones I just kissed!”

Before she could contemplate on what it meant or what I was going to do next, I dived in between her legs and started licking her warm clit. It tasted so salty, pungent and viscous as I lapped it up like a thirsty predator finally receiving his bloody prey.

“What are you doing?!?” she yelped as her legs immediately closed in to resist any more defiling of her leaking pussy.

“I never let anybody go down on me!” she said further as her legs broke the contact between my mouth and its new prize

I grabbed her legs with both my hands and forcefully separated them as I renewed my subscription to her previously uneaten meat. I lashed out and reached in to my tongues maximum reach, taking in all her different tastes and smells, relishing her nasty wet pussy as it oozed out more of those juices which I happily lapped up.

“Oh my God, stop it! stop it now!! Aaaah fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming baby! I’m going to fart!” She yelled. Im sure her husband could hear her pleasurable moans in the next room if he was in half a state of cognition.

Her attempt to disconnect my lips from hers was futile as I kept digging in. Her mind exploded with an orgasm, the might of which was felt as her lower body squirmed and contracted as her thighs almost squashed my head like a watermelon with too many rubber bands around it. She involuntarily left out the air stuck in her pussy as she sent out one fart after the other, as the heavy set, salty air entered my mouth.

“What are you doing to me!! I almost blacked out!!” She said as she gasped for air, her sweaty stomach shining in the moonlight.

I raised my head with the most sheepish smile I could imagine I had and said, “You tell me, you almost squashed my head like a frikkin watermelon!”

“Will you fuck me already! And don’t even think about kissing me with those lips! I’ve been dancing all night!” She yelled.

“Wheres the fun in that!” I said coyly as I mounted her and rubbed her pussy with the head of my dick. At this point in time, I was so aroused, the vein on my dick was popping and creating a bulge she was sure to feel once I penetrated her.

At that very instant, her phone started ringing. “Oh my God it must be them!” she said panicked.

“So answer it” I said with a sheepish grin.

“Like this?” She retorted.

“Do you have an option?” I said as I slowly pushed my dick into her just an inch and back out again teasing her.

“Ok don’t do anything funny, seriously!!” She said hurriedly.

“I will be on my best behavior.”

She answered the call and almost initiated a normal unstressed conversation, when I suddenly thrusted my full length into her.

Her eyes exploded and her jaw Escort Uşak dropped as she received my dick with almost no resistance.

She slapped me across my face with my dick still buried to the hilt in her dripping, warm pussy.

I smiled as I slowly pulled out halfway before sliding it in, slowly creating a rhythm while she struggled to have a conversation. Her breathing became heavier as she pushed me away with one hand while holding the phone with the other.

I was having too much fun and the taboo- ness of our act just added to the fire.

“No I’m just feeling a little sick. He’s in the kitchen I think!

I grabbed the hand holding me back as I pinned her down and propped her left leg on my shoulder allowing me to enter deeper into her naturally lubricated depths.

“Ok I gotta go!” she said as she cut the call and tossed the phone aside.

“You fucking prick!! She could’ve caught onto us!” she yelled.

“Everyones too sloshed tonight to pay attention! Now can I fuck you right or are you going to keep stalling till everyone gets here?” I remarked.

“You’ve got 5 minutes you fucking perv. Do me right and I might take you up on a retainership,” she said coyly.

With one hand pinning her down, I bent forward to arch her back as I pummelled her into the bouncy mattress. Giving might with every thrust, each time trying to reach deeper inside her, completely filling her pussy with my swollen member.

I tried leaning in to kiss her and she responded by turning her head, trying to avoid contact with my lips.

“Im not kissing you after you ate me whole! God knows what you lapped up you filthy fucking perv!”

– “Have you ever cum that hard ever? You tasted delightful baby!”

My dick was just slipping in with ease, killing the silence with sounds of our splotching, heavy breathing and her moans even though she tried to restrain herself.

“I wanna cum in you!” I said with pure disgusting lust driving my sensory aids.

“Don’t even think about it!”

“You’re such a fucking slut. I know how horny this gets you,” I said, speaking into her ears.

“And you’re a fucking perv!” She said right back to me. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled my ear to her mouth.

“Fucking perv! Is that all you got you F-U-C-K-I-N-G Perv” she said as she bit down on my ear almost crunching its cartilage. She then stuck the thick of her tongue straight into my ear coating its walls with her spit.

“Fuck that hurts!” I exclaimed. But it did the trick. I was so wound up after her tongue ejected my ear, I sprung my dick right into her, feeling the inner most depths of her oozing sex.

“Grab onto something” I said to her before coming all the way out and thrusting it back into her darkness.

She gave me that horny smile as she grabbed the bed post as I kept thrusting her hard, shifting the bed on its pinnings.

“Fuck me! Harder! Harder!” she moaned.

Beads of sweat dripping from my brow, down my neck as I defiled her pussy. Her tits bouncing to and fro with my constant jabbing.

She was so hot with her hair spread across her face and onto the pillow. Her slender legs pointing straight up as her feet dangled in the night air, her toes curling up next to my face as she kept oozing out her fluid, wetting my balls as they slapped her while I humped her to exhaustion.

“Im gonna cum!” I blurted out.

“Cum in me!” She moaned.

“I wanna to feel you cum in me” She confirmed.

I could feel my pent up orgasm make its way through as it shot out deep into her pussy. I stopped my pelvic rhythm to feel my dick contract and expand as I kept sending gushes of my cum in diminishing amounts.

We stayed conjoint for a while as my dick throbbed in her pussy. Coated with my cum and hers.

“I can’t believe what we just did!” I said, bringing us back to reality from the lust laden world we had just been in.

“Well don’t, because it didn’t happ-” she meant to say as the door bell rang.

Ding dong!! It rang as our heads were ringing from the fucking we just had.

“Oh shit!!” We said unanimously as we scurried around in the dark for our clothes.

“Go get the door, let me get dressed!” She said in panic.

I sprinted to the hall and got the door, to receive the drunk hoard as they barged into the house.

“What took you so long?” One of them asked.

“I should be asking you that!” I retorted immediately.

“Why are you so flushed?” The other asked.

“Lil too much to drink” I lied openly. Hoping they wouldn’t smell my breath reeking of pussy.

I noticed her panties near the sofa as I carefully moved across the room and brushed it under the couch with my foot as we casually enjoyed the rest of the night.

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