Naturally New Zealand – Beth

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It was the barking dog that woke her, but the morning song of the lark hovering high above soon soothed her as she drifted in the light wispy dawn of sleep. Beth lay in the pleasant dreamy fog while the autumn morning brightened, sunrise silhouetting the charcoal trunks and twigs of the old twisted willow trees by the creek.

The rising sun creamed dawn’s sky, paling the few stars sprinkled across its vast kingdom, before finally snuffing out their bright beauty.

Sunday’s paper delivery shattered the peace. She listened unseeing, as the driver moved through the gears. First always went smoothly, second slipped in too slowly as the engine revved, third catapulted the vehicle over the road bump and fourth never quite arrived in time to be useful. Without alteration in speed, a muscular arm heaved the plastic wrapped newspaper. It usually landed dead centre of the concrete driveway; the driver then spun his car back down the road, fourth gear finally slipping in on the southern side of the bump.

Opening her eyes brought the reluctant realisation the day had definitely progressed. Yawning, she stretched then dressed with efficiency and left the warm confines of the cabin.

Immediately struck with the cool early morning chill, she quickened her pace, adjusted her breathing, then focused on the well-worn path before her. Beth ducked through the rear of the section then extended her pace as her shoes crunched through the leaf litter on the edge of the ancient woods. Escort Bahçelievler Glancing down, she wondered if the shoes would hold their own for the walk. The seams were only vaguely holding the sole to the upper, but she had yet to feel the wetness from the woods seeping through.

A tui replaced the lark. Its loud clear song woke the lethargic forest from its late slumber as the sun brought droplets of dew to life. When the sky pinked, the dew glistened becoming a myriad of sparkling diamonds on the long lean necks of voracious dancers as a cool breeze wound its way through the densely packed forest.

It took half an hour to reach the clearing. Beth sat on the flat rock by the river’s edge to catch her breath. For all the noise the morning fauna made, she knew she was alone.

Opening the topmost buttons of her blouse, Beth smiled as she felt the sunlight whisper across her skin. With gentle fingers she undid the remaining buttons, pulling the material apart to allow sunlight’s smile further entrée to her body. Her skin heating, she undid the front opening of her lacy bra feeling the scratchy material fall away.

Sliding her shorts and panties down she shivered as she lay back, the rock’s sharp edges spiked into her buttocks. The rock still contained the coolness of the night, chilling her back as she lay against it deepening her breathing and relaxing. As the morning breeze blew in a sensuous slipstream around her, Beth’s Bahçeşehir escort nipples hardened. She moaned softly, loving the churning anticipation building within. Her molten core ran freely sending spine tingling thrills in a direct line from sensitive nipples to her innermost warmth that swelled with need.

Beth closed her eyes as her palms massaged the prominent tips with a steady rhythmical motion. Squeezing her breasts brought delightful sparkles playing behind her eyelids. Breathing quickened and one hand wandered, gliding over her body eventually resting low against her dark curls. She pinched her nipple between finger and thumb, but it was when she twisted the nipple that her back arched off the rock. Soft moans grew animalistic in need and the incessant throbbing of her labia increased.

Her fingertips played in their nest, curling and twirling her hair before a single stiffened digit moved lower slipping in her honeyed juice. She touched her clitoris only to discover the sensitive spot already hardened and aching for a harsher touch. Slowly, Beth slipped her finger inside, into that warm wetness that so begged for release. Instead of release, the tension built.

Her tongue moistened suddenly dry lips and his image loomed above her. He hadn’t been around for years, but the longing was only increasing. The tongue tracing around her mouth caused her lips to tingle. She slid her finger out of its dark aching cavern, found Bakırköy escort bayan her clitoris and teased it with light feather strokes.

A lone tear trickled down from the corner of a closed eye. One hand held its peaked prisoner firm and she rubbed with intent, feeling the tautening muscles shrinking with tension. The sparkles cascaded behind darkened eyelids as her lungs clenched in agony. She stopped breathing as with lightning speed her finger pressed and rubbed her engorged pleasure spot. Screaming her release startled a flock of brightly coloured rosellas from their morning reverie.

Green, red and yellow waves of colour sprinted through the sky as the birds chattered their song of fright, shattering the peace of morning. She bit her lip, tasting blood as she climaxed hard, her body shuddering and twitching from the force of the orgasm. She let her arms fall to her sides on the rock, welcoming the coolness against her heated skin.

As her breathing settled back to its regular pace Beth realised the droplets of dew, that had earlier reflected dawn’s life on the ferns, had now dried. Enjoying the sun’s warm caress on her body she relaxed, still drifting on waves of pleasure.

Reluctantly, she stood, adjusted her clothing and eased her body into muscle stretches before walking along the path by the river. A rainbow trout flashed past, its colours shimmering in the water.

“Hey, Beth!”

Her head snapped around at the shout from across the river. He stood there, arrogance emanating from his pores as with legs firmly apart and arms folded, he grinned.

“Thanks for the show.”

Anger spun her around propelling her feet into a run. The flames of autumnal liquid ambers licked at the edge of the forest as she sprinted home.

The wanderer had returned.

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