New Boyfriend

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My sister Karen and I had been enjoying the pleasures of each other for at least two years when she announced that she had a boyfriend and wouldn’t be needing the services of my cock any longer. I was a little pissed but we had a great “last fuck.” I had been fucking my girlfriend for the last few months so I wasn’t going to go without anyhow. Her boyfriend it turns out was a kid named Brad who I had seen around school, seemed like a nice enough guy, I just hoped he’d be able to satisfy sis. I started checking around and found out the word was this guy was into both girls and guys, that gave me an idea.

Karen dated him for about three months before I decided to get involved. I knew she was fucking him because I had been quietly taping them with a video cam I had hidden in the heat vent in her room. Each time I knew she was in there with Brad I would start the cam remotely and watch on the TV in my room as they got it on. The guy was good, I’ll give him that. His cock was about 7-8 inches long and was nice and thick. Karen used all the tricks we had taught each other to please him, she sucked him dry, let him fuck her ass, tit fucked him all with wild abandon. Brad asked more than once where she learned all her sex tricks but she always put him off by telling him it was “her secret.”

Finally I couldn’t watch any longer, I needed to get involved. pendik escort Brad and Karen were going to be at the house Saturday night so I made sure I would be there too. When they walked in they stopped by the family room to say hi before heading upstairs. Brad’s eyes widened when he saw what I was watching on the television. There, in living color was Brad, his cock sliding into my sisters ass. Karen gasped but then smiled at the sight of his hard 7 inches opening up her anus. She got a lusty look in her eyes and sat down on the couch next to me. Brad stood watching himself, his cock obviously growing hard in his jeans, mine was doing the same thing. When he shot his load in my sisters ass, cum spurting out of her hole, he finally stopped watching and glared over at me. “What kind of shit is this?”

“Are you some kind of pervert?”

“No Brad, just a brother who’s watching out for his little sister”

“I just wanted to make sure you were making her happy, is he sis?” Karen smiled and answered by getting up off the couch and pulling her tank top off. “It’s okay Brad, Frank has seen me naked before.”

Brad looked surprised but the sight of my sisters tits was more than he could ignore. Karen got to her knees in front of him and let her hands unzip his jeans and pull them down around his ankles. “Would you like me pendik escort to take care of this Brad?” she purred as her hand closed around his cock and tugged at it gently. On the screen the action mimiced what was happening in front of me, Karen stuffing her mouth full of cock. Brad just closed his eyes and let Karen take over. I needed to get in on the action, my cock was ready to explode just watching her mouth work its magic.

I pulled off my clothes and moved behind my little sister. Without missing a bit she let me pull her panties down and slide her skirt off her legs. There was my sweet little sister on her knees with her ass in the air, her mouth full of cock. “Hmmmm you taste so good Brad, I want to taste your cum, give me your sweet cum honey.” Brad was lost in the moment as Karen’s tongue licked him from the bottom of his shaft to the tip and circled his engorged head. Her lips opened and closed around his thick cock with loud slurping noises. Karen’s fingers traced the outline of his swollen balls and cupped his sac in her fingers, squeezing them each time she sucked his sex.

I let my fingers slide between Karen’s legs and found her cunt. She was already wet, and my fingers slid easily inside her. The feeling of my fingers probing her made her suck all the harder on Brad’s cock and his moans made me believe he pendik escort was enjoying himself. I pulled my fingers from Karen’s sopping pussy and slid between her legs on my back.

“Oh god Frank put you tongue inside me, I need to feel it eat me out.” Brad looked down when he heard Karen and could see my face between his girlfriends thighs. I don’t know if he cared but he just kept filling my sisters mouth with his 7 inches and telling her “suck it Karen, suck me down.”

It was our first three way and I could tell be the way Karen acted she was turned on completely. She lowered her cunt lips to my mouth and as I watched Brads’ cock slide in and out of her lips I let my tongue do the same to her. My lips were covered with her sweet sticky juices as Karen ground her hips into me. I watched as Brads balls tightened up and groaning became more intense. Karen’s hand stroked his hardness faster now as he neared his climax. Karen was nearing her orgasm too and I waited in delight for her to cum on my face. Brad and Karen climaxed together, Karen swallowing as much of his hot jism as she could while she pressed her cunt lips onto mine.

My face was already wet with her juices when some of Brads’ cum dripped from my sisters lips onto me. When she had finished licking Brad clean and sucking him dry, she moved herself down my body so that she was laying on top of me and licked his cum from my face. Then she kissed me letting her tongue explore my mouth and sharing his cum with me. Brad sat down on the floor and watched in surprise, it wasn’t the last surprise he would get that night.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32