Finally Lovers…. Ch. 04

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Big Tits

I stroke across your face. You smile down at me. You still have the scarf in your hand and I take it from you.

“My turn“ I say. I cover your eyes with it and make you sit down on the couch. First I take your shirt off. I slip it on me, buttoning two buttons in the middle. Slowly I let my fingers brush across your chest, playing over your muscles. I touch the tip of my tongue to your nipple, watching it harden. I suck it in, letting my tongue play around it. Then I trace a trail over to the second one and repeat the procedure. I lick lower. Down over your tummy. Circling your bellybutton.

I settle on the floor between your legs. Slowly I undo your belt…the button…the zipper. I nuzzle into your lap. You can feel my hot breath through your boxers. You are hard from the game you played with me. I start nibbling at your shaft through the fabric. I hear you moan lightly. I move your cock, so he is straight, but don’t take the boxers down. Your cockhead shows over the top. I lick across it gently. You suck your breath in at my touch. I circle around the slit at the top. Then I dip the tip of my tongue into it.

I can taste saltiness. I kiss it and then let my tongue circle around pendik escort the sensitive part around the head. My hand pulls your boxers lower. Showing me more of your shaft. I let my tongue trace a vein down to the bottom. Kissing my way back up again. I turn around and look what you brought from the fridge.

The table is full with strawberries, champagne, cream, honey and slowly melting ice cubes. I grab a cube and touch it to your skin. You jump at the coldness. I run the ice cube over your nipples. Along your chest. The melting water dripping down. My hand is running up and down your hard shaft as I am doing this. Once the cube has melted I grab a strawberry and let it go the same way. This time letting my tongue follow it, licking the juices off. Then I take the honey and slowly let it dribble onto your cock. It runs along the shaft. I put the honey away.

I lean forward and suck the head into my mouth. My hands on your chest. I can feel you tense up. Slowly, gently I suck more of your shaft in, tasting the sweetness of the honey on your soft skin. I can feel the cockhead knock against the back of my throat and I stop. My mind starts racing. Will you fit? Can pendik escort I take you all? My breathing gets faster. I let you slide out again. My mind racing. I decide to go for it. I want to give you the pleasure no other women ever has. Slowly I suck you in again. More entering my mouth. I take a deep breath as I feel you hitting my throat.

I swallow and move forward. Your cock slides into my throat. My whole body is tensed up and I can feel yours is too. I lower my head more into your lap, till I hit your tummy with my nose. Your cock deeply embedded in my throat. I can hear your growling. Your hands come to each side of my face. Holding my head where it is.

“God…. don’t move love…. please don’t move“ you say huskily. My tongue plays along the underside of your cock. My breathing heavy. The sweetness of the honey mixing with the taste of your skin. Sweat is all over your body. You ease the grip on my head and I slowly start moving up. Your cock rubbing in my throat. I pull up just so much that you don’t leave my throat. Then I push down again. My head starts bobbing in your lap. Sucking. Tasting. You slide in and out. Never totally leaving my throat. I hear pendik escort your moans. It triggers the fire between my legs.

Your hands never leaving my face. I move up again and you slide out abit. I tease with my tongue. Not moving back down again. Your body cant take this long and you buck your hips your. Slamming your cock back into me. Both of us moan out. I can’t believe how good you feel in me. I get more adventurous and let you slide out to the head. Sucking it hard. Then I move down again. You hit back into my throat. I repeat this a few times. You guide my head with your hands. My hands move across your chest. I let one slide up your inner thigh. Caress over your tight balls. I cup them in my hand. Squeezing gently.

My head keeps going up and down. Your grip on my head gets harder as you start moving your hips. Your moans get louder as I feel your cum rising up your shaft. I move my head down. Getting you deep in me. Your hands cling tightly on my face as you shoot your cum into my throat. I start swallowing. Feel it running thickly down me. You thrust up again and again. Till your cum stops coming. I take it all. Then I slowly let you slide out. Sucking all the way up. Cleaning the cum off you.

Your hand still on my face you pull me up. I sit on your lap and you hug me close to you. I can feel your heartbeat. You are soaked with sweat and your breath is going way too fast. I kiss your jaw line and wait for you to calm down….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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