Oiled for Sex

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There were three of them at the Club, all black, good looking, and nicely hung. One of them hit on me, and I let him buy me a drink while we chatted. After the conversation turned to sex, he asked me if I was interested in sucking him off, along with a couple of his friends, who had all been watching me as I danced. I said sure, but only if they were all hung at least eight inches. He assured me that they were, and soon I was crowded into the booth between them, and the guys on either side of me pulled my hands down under the table to see for myself. I slid my hands into their pants and gently stroked them, and as they began to come up, I smiled.

“Oh, yes,” I said, in my best bedroom voice. These are very nice. I think I’d like to do more than blow you. Can we go somewhere more private?”

They took me to a local motel, and told me to take off my clothes. I thought they might like the thong and stockings I was wearing underneath, but they just smiled, and said they wanted me completely naked. I soon saw why.

As I slipped my stockings off of my legs, one of them produced a bottle of baby oil while another pushed the beds together and pulled the sheets off. I was pulled to my feet, and they began to oil my body from head to toe, especially working it up between my legs into my crotch. It felt good to have their hot hands eagerly fondling me like that. A thick, heavy leather collar with a steel ring was fastened around my neck, and then I was led to the bed.

I sat down, and swung my legs seductively onto the bed, and waited. All three began hurriedly pulling off their clothes, and I was soon surrounded by three lovely, hard black cocks. Jerome and Tyrone knelt next to my head, while Malcolm pushed my knees apart and up and situated himself with his cock close to my ass.

Tyrone took my chin in his hand and turned me towards him, immediately guiding his cock past my lips. At that same moment, Malcolm took my asshole. I moaned, and spread my legs as far as I could to give him room to work. I felt his hands on my knees as his big cock pumped smoothly into my well-oiled snatch. Jerome began pinching and rubbing my nipples as his friends took their turns with me. Tyrone kept my chin up, forcing me to look up at him while he fed me his meat. I didn’t have to do anything at first but keep my throat relaxed while he fucked all the way into the back of my mouth. Jerome’s fingers kept up their pressure, and Malcolm expertly fucked me in the ass, and I just laid there and let them have their fun.

Tyrone didn’t last very long. I could taste his precum on my tongue long before he suddenly straddled my chest, pulled his cock from my lips, and blew his semen all over my neck and face. Roaring with his orgasm, he let me take his dick in my hand and milk the load out into my mouth.

I sucked out his hot cum, flicking my tongue across the head of his dick and gently pulling his foreskin until he pushed my hand away and rolled off of me. Immediately Jerome drew my head over to him, and I opened my mouth wide to take his cock. He was rougher than Tyrone, holding my head in his hands and pulling me on and off the cock while he barely thrust. It was hard to time my breathing to his coincide with his thick cockhead blocking my throat, but I managed as best I could until he was ready to shoot off.

The two of them worked me over for quite awhile before Malcolm’s cock began to swell inside my stretched hole. His thrusts slowed a little just before he forced my legs back against my chest and erupted inside me. His steamy come felt so good inside me, and I could feel it lubricating him as he continued to pump me for several minutes. Before he finished in my asshole, Jerome came in my mouth, spewing his load without pulling out. I gulped his hot sauce down as it rushed over my tongue in waves, his cock pulsing violently with each shot.

By the time they finished, Tyrone was up again. They rolled away from my glistening body to make room for Tyrone to move in and roll me onto my hands and knees. Working deliberately, he pried my asshole open with his thumbs before moving in for the kill. When he did, I let out a long, slow sigh of pleasure as he fully penetrated me with his long, muscular penis. He pushed in until his balls pressed again fully against me, the hairy sac swinging back and forth.

He ran his hands over my body, slick with oil, pumping my ass with long, smooth strokes. He felt so good in there. I bucked back against, picking up his rhythm, forcing his cock so deep into me.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I squealed. “Fuck me, oh yes, just like that. Keep fucking me.”

The other two sat nearby, watching intently and stroking their cocks. I could see they were beginning to get hard again already….this could be a long night!

Tyrone lasted a long, long time this round. He screwed me for what seemed like an hour, pausing only long enough to shift his position or pull me fully back up onto my knees. I was getting weak and really mardin escort warm inside from the intense sensations of this man’s handling of my asshole.

“Ahm cummin’,” he finally said. His penis drilled deeply inside me, he paused for a moment, and then began to pound me ferociously, shaking the whole bed.

Oh, God, Oh my God!” I blurted out. “OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!”

I heard him growl when he began to cum. He shot it all inside me, still pumping fast and furious, even picking up speed a bit as his balls emptied their juice up my puckering hole. I shook my hips from side to side, trying to help him finish so I could take a break from the action. As he finally began to slow down, he smacked me sharply across the ass and pushed me off of his long cock. I fell face down on the bed, breathing heavily, his cum trickling out of me and down my thighs.

Quickly I felt a set of hands on my back. I heard a chuckle as the hands patted my ass, and then rolled me over to see Malcolm climbing on top of me, with Jerome standing by. Tyrone soon came to stand on the other side of me. Malcolm straddled my legs, then leaned over me and kissed me tenderly on the mouth, his lips and tongue searching wetly for just the right spot

like all black men do. I put my hands around his neck and pushed my tongue up to meet his, and we shared a deep, hungry soul kiss. With his hands on my shoulders, he kept his tongue in my mouth and rolled over onto his back, pulling me on top of him. Still locked into his kiss, I reached down between us and grabbed his cock, feeling how swollen and stiff it was, and guided it up to my asshole. Pushing down with my hips, Malcolm punctured me again, driving deep into me at such a beautiful angle that I broke away from our kiss with a gasp.

“UHHHHHH,” I groaned. He kept me pulled down against his chest, but his mouth went for my neck while he pushed and rocked me effortlessly up and down his shaft. I suddenly felt very exposed and open, impaled on his cock as I was. His kisses and touches on my neck drove me wild, and I just closed my eyes and relaxed in his arms. I never felt the other guys climb onto the bed, until I felt another set of hands on my waist.

It was Jerome, because when I barely opened my eyes I could see Tyrone waving his oily-wet dong near my face. I was about to open my mouth for him, when I felt Jerome’s cock pressing into me above Malcolm. My eyes flew open wide with the realization that they were about to Oreo me.

“Oh, please guys, no,” I sputtered, but by then I really had no choice. Malcolm had grabbed my wrists and was pulling them behind my back, holding me helpless, and Jerome’s cocking began pushing, probing, looking for a way in. I tried to relax, letting him find my sweet spot. I was oiled so well, and stretched out from already having taken two cocks, so once Jerome found what he was looking for, the tip of his cock caught on my puckering lips, and he gave just a little push, popping it in.

The sudden feeling that coursed through my body from the massive chasm that had just occurred between my legs was too much. I couldn’t scream, couldn’t cry out, all I could do was gasp and shudder on top of Malcolm’s chest. My breath was completely taken away. I had never been double penetrated by such big cocks, and the feeling was indescribable. It was painful, sure, but just the thought of being able to please two men with my tight ass at the same time was very erotic. I was stretched wider than I ever thought possible, wider than I thought I ever wanted to be. But here I was, literally caught from behind, pinned between two very sexy, experienced black men, being ridden to new heights of ecstasy. It was incredible.

Jerome worked himself into me, crowding my poor asshole with meat. Once he was in, Malcolm let go of my hands, and I wrapped them behind his head and just held him while they screwed me. The cocks alternated strokes so that I was fully penetrated at all times. I just closed my eyes and made the best of it, and eventually I felt my backdoor begin to conform to their size, and the pain was replaced by a taut, dull ache. Soon it actually began to feel enjoyable. They weren’t rough with me, thank God. They seemed to understand what I was going through. My eyes were closed the entire time, but my mouth was open in a perpetual moan of lust. Malcolm occasionally pulled my head down and kissed me, stifling my moans. His thick, puffy lips engulfed mine, and his tongue snaked deep into my mouth.

When his tongue wasn’t probing my mouth, Tyrone’s member was. As soon as Malcolm’s mouth left mine, my head was turned to my left, and Tyrone’s cock went in, and I found myself servicing three guys simultaneously, without using my hands. My little body was accepting all three of these monster cocks at the same time.

They fucked me until they each came again, Malcolm and Jerome up my ass, Tyrone in my mouth. Ty’s load was very thick and bitter tasting, so I marmaris escort swallowed it quickly. I knew I was going to have his aftertaste in my mouth all night. As his sperm slid down my throat, Jerome began to come, and within seconds Malcolm came too. Having double the load spew into my ass at the same time was an awesome feeling, and it made me come, too. I felt my penis jerk on Malcolm’s stomach, and then I felt a warm stream of cum spread out over us.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed. “You’re making me cum! You guys are making me c-c-CUM!”

They all laughed as I bucked and wiggled wildly between the two men. When Jerome pulled out, I felt a gush of hot semen run down the backs of my thighs and onto the mattress even though Malcolm was still up me. I was so exhausted, I couldn’t raise myself off of him, but he softly kissed my mouth again, then gently rolled me over onto my back. I just laid there for several minutes, trying to get my breath back before they all got hard and wanted a piece of me again.

Thankfully, they rested awhile longer this time. I laid on the bed wearing nothing but a leather collar and surrounded by three black men who had just fucked me so well, their cum in my ass, in my throat, and all over my face, and we chatted like nothing was out of the ordinary. Eventually, though, their cocks were hard again, and I was rolled onto my back and pulled to the side of the bed so my head hung over the edge.

Malcolm stepped up to my face first.

“Easy, baby,” I implored him. “Go real easy.”

I tipped my head back until my throat was in line with my mouth, and then I opened as wide as I could, careful to keep my lips over my teeth. His cock in his hand, Malcolm put the tip of it into my mouth, then hooked his thumbs inside my cheeks. With his fingers pressing on the sides of my mouth, he slowly slid his hot cock, sticky with his cum but wet with our sex, right down my throat. He pushed it in until his balls were laying on my forehead, and my nostrils were filled with the scent of him. As he eased himself back out, my legs were spread and lifted over someone’s shoulders, and I was entered again. I felt my thighs being squeezed tightly, and while Malcolm carefully deep throated himself in my mouth, the cock in my ass began to pound me savagely. Each thrust slid smoothly but deeply up my bunghole, smacking sounds coming from between my legs caused by the guy’s legs hitting mine. My God, did he ever fuck me hard. Only his hands on my thighs kept him from ramming my face forward onto Malcolm’s prick, impaling me to death.

He was groaning with each thrust. He must have really been enjoying what he was doing. To be honest, I was enjoying it, too. He was slamming into me awfully hard, but he lasted longer than I thought he would. When he finally came, he pulled his cock out of me and came all over me. His cum shot clear up to my tits.

Then he dropped my legs, but they were immediately picked up again, and the other guy drove his dick inside me. I was so loose now, and so wet, that they didn’t have any trouble

wedging their big beefsteaks into me.

The fucking I got this time was slower, but no less hard. I was so hot for them that it was getting hard to breathe again, with Malcolm’s huge member filling my mouth. I have to admit, though, Malcolm was an expert at deepthroat, and I loved having his cock so far into my mouth that I could actually taste his balls.

The guy between my legs gave me a slow, deep, wonderful fucking, the kind that makes my toes curl with lust. He was caressing my thighs as he fucked me, and it was driving me so crazy that I knew he was going to make me cum soon if he kept it up. Of course, he did. Malcolm’s hands were now around my throat, holding me in position for his thrusts. The stud between my legs kept going in and out, in and out, in and out, until I began to shake with the orgasm that was building inside me. Finally he took me all the way, my legs going rigid in his arms while my cum flowed out onto my stomach. This was followed up by the man inside me, who pumped me harder and faster , his cock swelling inside me, his come blowing up my ass with incredible force. I felt him heaving inside me, his cock twitching with each spurt, until he finally relaxed. When he finished with me, he pulled the cock out of my sopping wet hole and let me legs drop onto the bed.

Now it was Malcolm’s turn, but he was in no hurry. He must have been enjoying himself, but me jaws ached from trying to stay open and relaxed for him so he could fuck my mouth at will. I did the best I could, fighting my own gag reflex, and I was eventually rewarded by another amazing load of Malcolm’s cum, this time blown all over my face. He used his cock like a mop and smeared the semen all over my cheeks and lips before he moved away from me.

I was now covered and filled with their sperm. They sat back and looked at me, smiling and laughing about what they had just done.

“Ya’ll nevşehir escort evah git fucked by three big black dicks at once?”

“Sure,” I said, ” but you guys are something else. You’ve all got such fantastic cocks! I could go for this more often.”

“We be up fo’ dat, ain’t we, fellas? Tyrone said. The others agreed and laughed.

“Yeah,” Jerome nodded. “The way you take my meat up yo ass is just right.”

We rested and talked for awhile. One by one, they all went to take showers, but they didn’t want me to take one. They said they wanted me ‘all juiced up’ just the way they had me.

After awhile, Malcolm fell asleep on the other bed, and the other two guys oiled me again from top to bottom. While Tyrone watched from the chair, Jerome got on the bed next to me, and leaned half way on top of me, his leg between mine. We French kissed and necked for awhile, our hands exploring each others’ bodies. Tyrone was soon on the bed with us on the other side of me, and they traded my mouth back and forth between them. Black guys always like to use a lot of tongue and lips, and these guys were very horny. I was licked and sucked and kissed all over my face and neck, and their fingers found their way up my tender, dripping snatch.

Jerome rubbed my slit. “Get up on yo hands an knees,” he ordered. I pulled away from Tyrone, and rolled over into position for him.

He got behind me, forcing my legs out wide, then turned my collar around so the ring was facing him. Hooking his finger into it, he pulled my head back and up, arching my back, then sank his ebony snake up me from behind.

“Yes, oh yes! Oh Jerome! Oh baby yeah, fuck me, please fuck me just like this. Bury that bone in me.”

When Tyrone stretched out beneath my head, Jerome let go of the ring, and Ty pulled my head right down onto his cock, which he was stroking. He pushed my head down onto him, not hard, but just enough to show me how he wanted me to suck it. Twisting his fingers in my hair, he guided me until I picked up the tempo he liked, then he let go and let me bob up and down his black meat.

I really liked sucking these guys. Actually, I like sucking all black men. I’m not sure why; if it’s the way the veins look, the black cock/white lips contrast, or if it’s the taste of their semen. I just know I like it. Whenever I saw a black guy in a Club that I was attracted to, the first thing I always thought about was getting my mouth around his cock. More often than not, I went home with him, or at least with a load of his jizz in my stomach.

Jerome pushed me onto my side, and Tyrone held my ankle up. Their cocks never left my body. I felt comfortable with them, and I liked the way they made me feel. I felt so sexy.

I loved the way their hands roamed over my body, squeezing my nipples or my ass, caressing my neck, or pressing against my stomach while pushing into me from behind. They were excellent lovers.

I was quickly reaching orgasm again. It was obvious to anyone who went to bed with me after the first time – I’m very vocal and active. With Ty’s dick down my throat I could only moan, but I sucked him harder as I approached, and my hips were bucking backwards onto Jerome. I heard them laughing again, and they talked dirty to me and coaxed me right over the edge. When I started cumming, my whole body bucked and convulsed between them, and Ty’s cock slipped out of my mouth as I let out a long, lusty, satisfied groan of pleasure.

Tyrone leaned down and kissed me hard on the mouth. I was feeling so hot, I didn’t even open my eyes or stop moaning when his tongue slipped over my lips, I just sucked wildly on it while kissing him back. Jerome was still pounding himself up my backdoor and squeezing my thigh, which he had pushed up against my chest. He felt so good.

When Ty pulled back, I begged him to cum in my mouth.

“Please give me your cum, baby, I want to taste you now!” I said. “Let me suck it. Please! Let me suck it for you.” Jerome’s strokes were beginning to get deeper, and his cock harder.

Tyrone smiled, and stepped up to my mouth again. I reached out for his penis and pulled him into my mouth, closing my lips tightly around the head and sliding down his length. I wanted him to come as quickly as I could. I wanted to taste his hot spunk as it flowed out of his balls. He held my face between his hands and let me blow him frantically, until he let out a deep groan, and he drained his balls into my mouth. I parted my lips just a bit this time to let him see his cream spill over and drip down my chin.

He kept the cock in my mouth and began to pump again, slowly, just letting my lips and tongue work his shaft for awhile. Jerome was still bashing away at my backdoor, that long, slippery cock gliding in and out of my wet snatch with ease. I was so dilated and relaxed by now that the sensations of his cock were almost drowned out by the pleasure of tasting Tyrone’s spunk, but when he drove it deep, as he was doing now, I could definitely feel him! He was making me squeal now, crowding every inch of it up my ass until his ballsac rubbed my leg. Tyrone was moaning, too, since he was getting the full effect of my gasps for breath along the length of his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32