Cum Junkies

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It all started out when I met my girlfriend Sherry at a strip club, she was an exotic dancer and she worked the back room too. That is where I first saw her, she was down on her knees sucking a young mans cock all the way to his balls. I couldn’t believe a woman could suck that much cock down her throat. See, I have a very large cock and know woman has ever sucked the whole thing into her mouth before.

But this man’s cock was as big as mine, if not bigger so I waited my time and set up an appointment with her. The first time we laid eyes on each other we feel in love she started sucking me and I thought my eyes was going to be sucked out of my head. My cock started spurting cum deep in her mouth and throat she kept sucking and licking till she had all my cum in her mouth.

She looked up at me, and her mouth and tongue were coated in cum she was running her tongue around her lips and cum was rolling around in her mouth. She looked at me and said; kiss me lover, I didn’t know what to do I have tasted my cum a little bit, when I am real horny while I am looking at a dirty magazine jacking off. I thought, What The Hell it’s my cum so I raised up and our lips met and we started swapping cum between us.

I loved the taste the first time I tasted it. We kissed for a long time and when we was done she said that she has tried to get a lot of men to kiss her after she has sucked there cock and none of them would except me. She ask me if she could buy me a coffee after she got off work. I told her I would pick her up after her shift. I was on my way home to shower up and I couldn’t believe I had met such a wonderful woman, I also couldn’t believe I manisa escort ate my own cum.

When I started thinking about it my cock got hard I told myself if I jack off I have to eat my cum. Guess what? I jacked off and I ate my cum this time it was a lot richer, I guess because it wasn’t mixed with Sherry’s saliva. I thought to myself; why haven’t I been eating all my cum over the years. Well I picked up Sherry and we didn’t make it to the coffee shop; we ended up in my bed and we have been together ever since, that was 6 years ago and many loads of cum has been eaten since then.

The problem now is that we have her sister Candy living with us now and we all have a loving relationship. Candy loves cum as much as Sherry and me, and I can only produce so much cum a day. So what I have been doing is to fuck one of them and shoot a big load of cum in there pussy and let the other one suck it out it looks like I cum a lot more because it gets mixed with pussy juice and both of them like to eat pussy. But I have been getting left out, it seems like all they want me for is to produce sperm for them to eat.

So Candy had a good idea! She has a boyfriend so she was getting all of his cum too. So one night after she had been out with him she came home and I noticed cum leaking down her panty hose she told me to come into the bedroom she had a treat for me. I went into the bedroom and Candy was spread out on the bed her cunt full of cum. Candy said I know you haven’t tasted another man’s cum but hear is your chance too! I hadn’t had any cum to eat in about a week and Sherry was saying if I didn’t eat it she was going too! I dropped down kütahya escort on my knees and started licking the cum off of her leg and to my surprise it tasted better than my own cum.

I started sucking up all of the cum and looked over and my wife was licking some of the cum that had leaked out of her sister’s asshole, it looked like Candy had brought home two loads of cum one in her cunt and one in her asshole. Sherry and I was trading cum and licks all over Candy’s pussy and ass I bet Candy cum three more times before we was threw. After that night things changed a lot Sherry seen that I didn’t mine eating another man’s cum and it made her horny as hell thinking about me eating cum from another cock.

When we would be having sex in the heat of the moment she would be talking about me sucking a cock and getting cum straight from a cock. I never thought anything about it till one night Candy had two of her boy friends over and we all got drunk and Sherry pulled me into a corner and said she would like to see me suck one of there cocks while she sucked the other one. I was getting horny and Sherry was talking dirty to me saying things like when they both cum in our mouths we could share their cum together.

When we went back into the bedroom Candy had both of their cocks out, sucking both of them at the same time. Sherry looked at the one guy, his name was Dave she said Dave do you mind if my boyfriend sucks the cum out of your cock Dave said he didn’t mind it if he got to fuck my husbands ass after the blowjob. Sherry told him that he could fuck my ass after I sucked his cock. Dave came over to me and slapped his big cock up against malatya escort my cheek I reached up and grabbed his cock and balls and started sucking and licking.

In know time at all I was swallowing a huge amount of cum and I didn’t share it with any one. That made Sherry mad because she still hadn’t made the other man’s cock cum yet, so I went over to where Sherry was sucking his cock and started working my tongue up this guy’s asshole. He shot his cum down Sherry’s throat in no time at all. Then I looked up at Dave and he had a raging hard-on, Candy got the KY jelly and was finger fucking my asshole, loosing up my anal cavity for my first real cock.

She took the head of Dave’s cock and was massaging it up against my anal opening, rubbing it back and forth and I noticed it was slowly going in my ass. It hurt like hell for about 5 minutes then it started feeling good and I caught myself fucking back on it. I was moving my ass against his foreword strokes and I could feel pre-cum leaking out of my cock, when Sherry crawled under me and started sucking on my balls and cock. In no time at all I felt her mouth full of cum and Dave’s cock kept on fucking my whore ass, all of a sudden his cock swelled up and pumped load after load of hot thick cum deep in my ass.

Sherry pulled Dave’s cock out of my ass and replaced it with her mouth licking the outer ring of my asshole. She was lapping the cum out of my asshole and loving it I looked down at her and she had almost her whole hand up her pussy masturbating. We all sucked and fucked each other till we went to sleep. After that night we started hanging out at XXX-rated movie houses and sucked all the cocks we could get are mouths around. We love to eat cum and people love to feed it to us. (if any of you people that read this story gets horny taste a little bit of your cum tonight while you masturbate) E-mail me and tell me how it tasted to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32