Old Joe was Part of My Growing Up

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A fairly innocent short story about a young girl’s holiday experience, meeting a much older man, and finding that she was attracted to him. Life is full of coincidences.


My heart was thumping out of my chest, and I was almost running back along the towpath. Clutching my camera I could feel my panties wet with old Joe’s spunk, and I couldn’t believe that I’d let him fuck me.

Every morning I’d been out photographing anything and everything. It was my passion, and I was off to college to do a photography course at the end of the summer.

Mum had decided, to hire a small cottage on a farm by the canal for a weeks holiday on our own, before I left for college. She was a single mum and it had been difficult bringing me up alone after dad had left.

I hadn’t been the easiest of kids to bring up. I’d been bullied a lot at school, partly because of my ‘size’ and partly because of a sizeable birth mark on the side of my neck. I’d grown my hair strategically to hide it most of the time, but my extra weight was more difficult.

Apart from the bullying it meant that boys were pretty alien to me. Not many took an interest, and I’d only lost my virginity in a frantic one minute involvement on a friend’s sofa. Billy, the one boy who’d decided I was available, did not perform well, and I was left wondering what it was all about.

But now I’d just had a wonderful orgasm, and at eight thirty in the morning I was hurrying back to mum.

It felt crazy. Joe was over sixty, not the image of a seedy old man, but quite a fit, gnarly, nugget of a man whose life experience had made me feel on top of the world.

But would mum suspect anything? My crotch seemed to be getting wetter as I approached our cottage, and I was holding my thick thighs together as I came in through the kitchen door.

“Get some good pictures Emily?” mum asked as she sat eating toast. “You look hot, is it that warm out yet?”

“Yes, I did, I’ve been rushing back, I thought it was much later, I’d forgotten my phone, so I wasn’t sure of the time, do you mind if I get a shower before I eat?”

“There’s absolutely no rush today. Do you mind being left alone for the morning, I really want to go to that little museum we saw, the one that’s got a collection of Victorian clothes, and I know you’ll be bored to tears?”

“That’s fine,” I said, relieved that I could gather my thoughts, “you go ahead, there’s plenty to photograph round here.”

The shower felt great, but I had to wash my panties under the tap and hide them to dry under my bed. I looked at myself in the mirror. What Joe saw in me I wasn’t sure, my belly was too large, my ass was broad, but I did have rather good boobs. “He must be a boob man,” I smiled as the thought took me back to him sucking my nipples as he fucked me.

When mum left I’d already decided to return to Joe’s narrowboat. I’d promised to return the next morning, but his face lit up as he saw me walking along the towpath.

“Emily! What a surprise, how come you’re here, I wasn’t expecting to see you again today?”

As he held my hand to help me aboard, I told him mum had gone to the museum, and I had the morning to myself.

I watched him make coffee, and admired to way he was so independent and self sufficient in his narrowboat. When he placed the mug in front of me he leaned forward and looked serious.

“Emily, I’m sorry about earlier, I’ve been worried about what happened. I half expected your mother to arrive here, threatening me with the police!”

I chuckled, half embarrassed. “It was me, I guess, I’ve flirted a bit too much over the last couple of days. I don’t regret it, I told you, it was almost like taking my virginity.”

“Jesus, little one, you make me sound like a bit of a predator, preying on young virgins. You’re a wonderful young lady, intelligent, sparky, voluptuous, sexy, and I couldn’t resist you!”

I blushed, my face was bright red, but it felt wonderful to have those things said. No boy had ever remotely flattered me in any way.”

“Gosh Joe, you’re embarrassing me now!”

I stood up in front of him, and I had to look up at his face, just below the roof of the cabin.

It felt quite natural to kiss him, his weather worn face was attractive to me, his rough fingers were actually quite thrilling when I felt them on my skin, and I did feel them as he cupped my face.

“Can we do it again?” I whispered, “I don’t care about the age difference, I just like you.”

The words seemed quite naive, but his reply thrilled me.

“Go through there and get undressed, I’m afraid I haven’t made the bed yet.”

Nervously I kissed him quickly again, and made my way through to the bed in his cabin. I discarded my t-shirt, jeans and panties, and took off my bra. I slipped under the crumpled duvet, and smelt the aroma of his manliness on the pillow.

I looked over the edge of the duvet as he entered.

“Emily, I won’t say this again,” he paused, “actually I might, but please let me look at your body, it’s wonderful. It excites Escort Yeşilköy me.”

As he was speaking he was unzipping his shorts, and I could see his erect cock in a bulge in his underpants.

“Look, that’s what you do to me!”

I stared as he slid his underpants off and his cock stood out growing harder. I was almost transfixed, I remembered it inside me earlier that morning, but this looked larger and more imposing.

“Gosh,” I couldn’t swear, but would have.

Quickly he stripped off his shirt and exposed his wiry body.

“Now are you going to let me see you?”

I had no choice, he pulled back the duvet and stood looking admiringly.

“Mmmm, you’re a very sexy young lady!”

I giggled.

“Do you think that’s funny Emily?”

“Yes, first I’ve never been called sexy before, and secondly I’ve never been called a lady!”

Joe knelt on the bed beside me, and put his hand on my arm.

“Emily, we probably don’t have much time together, I won’t abuse your trust, now kiss me again.”

“WAIT!” I said in a panic, “the windows!”

Outside a couple were wandering past, apparently looking at us in bed, but without any reaction.

Joe laughed out loud, “Don’t worry, the windows have a ‘one way’ film on, we can see out, but no one can see in!”

I relaxed, but still said, “God, I’m not sure about that!”

In fact I found it quite thrilling. Joe slid his hand to my breast, and the hard skin of his finger tips ran over my nipple. I was looking up at him, nervous not to make the wrong move, but I could feel his hardness against my side.

I knew Joe was trying to build my confidence, and he gently took my hand and placed it on his cock. Awkwardly I curled my fingers over the top. I saw his eyes half close, which encouraged me, so I squeezed it, and began to feel the shape of it. There was a small amount of clear liquid seeping from it which fascinated me. I smoothed it over the head which made Joe sigh. When he groaned even louder I became braver. I started to massage it up and down.

“Let me lie down beside you,” his voice was soft and calm. When he kissed me again, and I could feel his whole body against me, I began to become aroused.

That morning when we’d had sex it was rather more hurried, I’d really goaded him into fucking me. I’d given him the cheekiness of a young teenager, telling him he was past it, and when he’d taken me, I’d been almost shocked by my body’s reaction, and came quickly. His apology afterwards was so regretful, and I’d had to reassure him it was what I’d wanted. Now I wanted it even more.

When his hands smoothed over my breasts and travelled downwards, I opened my thighs as a signal to show my willingness for him to go further. I was unprepared for what followed. No one had licked my pussy before, but when he lifted himself down the bed, and put my legs over his shoulders I offered myself to him. I was wet, very wet.

My first reaction was to cry out with a long, “Ohhhhhh,” before I allowed myself to enjoy what he was doing. I was relaxed, free, it was so new, so good.

Whenever I masturbated at home I took it slowly, and I would build to an orgasm, but so often the tension of trying to do it quietly took the edge off. This with Joe was going to be explosive and so it proved to be. When he went from the rhythmic lapping of his tongue to the gentle sucking of my clit I heard myself gasping, crying out.

“Joe… JOE!” I couldn’t hold back.

The orgasm seemed to start from my toes upwards, my thighs tightened together, squeezing Joe’s head. It didn’t stop him, and when my whole body began shaking, and my cries got louder, he redoubled his licking and sucking.

“Oh… oh… OH… OHHHH!” I was oblivious to anyone out on the towpath, the noise they might have heard could only have been one thing.

When Joe lifted himself up, I could see his smiling face smeared with my pussy juices.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said rather stupidly.

He beamed as he wiped his face with his forearm, and pulled himself up towards me. My legs were still splayed wide and I could feel his stiffness against the inside of my thigh. I wanted him inside me again, even though I’d just cum.

“Is it too soon little one?” he asked gently.

“Please, I want you again,” I replied, spreading my thighs even wider, and edging my body downwards attempting to push my pussy nearer to his cock.

He lifted himself onto his elbows and shifted his body enough to let me feel his cock between my pussy lips.

“Yes, go on,” I muttered.

In one long slow movement he slid all the way inside me.

“Awwwwwwwwww… oh that’s feels so good!” I wanted him to know everything about me.

I reached out to hold onto his skinny shoulders, and I was feeling the few grey hairs on his chest brushing my breasts, as he began to move.

At home I had a small vibrator hidden under my bed, and mostly when mum was out, I pushed myself beyond one orgasm. Joe moving inside me so soon after he’d brought me off was just the same. I was already in a state of high arousal, and I Yeşilyurt escort met each thrust of his hips with an upward movement of my own.

Masterfully he seemed to build a rhythm between us, and we were soon both moaning, groaning and sighing to the sound of the wooden bed slats creaking.

“Joe, I don’t want this to end,” I tried to say it normally, but it became a disjointed plea.

“Emily, my dear Emily,” was all he replied.

Desperately I tried to prolong the pleasure, but my orgasm came with a rush. My hefty thighs bucked up and down and almost threw Joe off, as I shouted his name.

“Joe… Joe… JOE!” I cried, just as I had before, and then I heard him grunt, he thrust as deep as he could go into me, holding himself there as he ejaculated. The feeling of a cock jumping, and jerking within me was wonderful. A warmth inside me told the story of his semen filling me.

I sighed as he moved to lay beside me, leaning just far enough to kiss me briefly on the forehead. I was totally relaxed then, I felt no fear of pregnancy, he’d made that clear the first time, and so I relaxed in the afterglow.

“You know this can’t continue,” he brought me back to reality.

“Yes I know,” I replied sadly.

Once you get to college you’ll find someone, I’m sure.” His voice was sad.

“Where are you going?”

“It’s a college in Birmingham, I will have to live away from home.”

“Birmingham? Hmmmmmmm,” it was an odd response, Joe had a smile on his face. “There’s a bit of a marina there, just built for narrowboats!”

I rolled over and punched him playfully, “Stop teasing me.”

“Well, you never know.”

Nothing more was said, I had to get back to the cottage before mum got back at lunchtime. I told Joe that I’d see him next morning on my photographic walk, and sadly, I reminded him there were only two more mornings.

“Was the museum interesting?” I asked when mum arrived back.

“Yes, I’m glad I went, did you do much?”

If only she’d known!

“I wandered around the farm, and went further down the towpath,”

I was still glowing from my morning.

“Talking of the towpath, I thought we’d go to that pub further down for our meal tonight, it looks like staying fine.”

“Yes, that would be cool,” I replied, knowing we’d have to walk past Joe’s boat, and I’d have to be careful if he was around.

We spent the afternoon driving to the local supermarket to get the last few things needed for our few days left. Then in the evening, even though we were walking a fair way, we got dressed up, me in a skirt and blouse, mum in a pretty, floral print summer dress that showed her figure off. How I was envious of her body.

When we passed Joe’s boat there was no sign of him, in fact the canvas awning was all zipped up showing he was out. I was pleased in a way, although I’d already decided to acknowledge him, I was going to tell mum we’d said ‘good morning’ a few times when I’d gone out to take photos.

The pub was lit up with coloured lights which reflected in the water of the canal. Several groups of people were at the outside tables. Mum had phoned that morning to book a table and we were soon sharing a bottle of wine and ordering our meal.

The inside of the pub sounded noisy with laughter, and we were glad to be outside where the warmth of the day was exceptionally pleasant for an evening in England.

I wasn’t used to drinking a lot of wine, mum wasn’t driving so she did order another glass when we’d finished the bottle, both of us became very jovial.

As mum was paying the waitress with her credit card, a whole bunch of people, mainly men, came out of the pub door. I recognised Joe’s laugh, but couldn’t see him at first as the waitress was standing in the way, but when she moved, and he suddenly said, “Dawn… Dawn Williams… is that you?”

Mum looked startled at first, I was perplexed.

“Er yes… yes! My god it’s you, what are you doing here?”

Joe looked round at the group of friends, and shouted, “I’ll see you, I need to talk to this lady.”

“Joe!” mum looked both shocked and pleased, “Emily, this is Joe Richards, he worked at PDU with me for many years. My god Joe, what are you doing now?”

“Ah, the young lady photographer, we’ve said hello a few times in the mornings. I live on one of the narrowboats back along there.”

I nodded, slightly embarrassed, and my mind was working overtime, taking in the apparent coincidence.

Mum was in full flow wanting to know all about the intervening years.

“Look, you’ve finished your meal, come back to my boat and have coffee, where are you staying?”

“In a cottage, on ‘Home Farm,’ yes, thank you, it’s on our way back anyway.”

Joe and Mum walked side by side along the towpath, Joe had a torch with him, and it wasn’t very far, with me following on behind.

I could hear the barrage of questions coming from mum, and it appeared that Joe and her had worked together at her insurance company for about fifteen years, from just before I was born until six years ago.

When we got Zeytinburnu escort bayan to Joe’s boat he quickly unzipped the awning and got the lights on before helping us both on board. The familiar surroundings made my heart beat faster as I remembered the morning’s activities.

As he made the coffee he asked questions back at mum, and it became clear that they had used each other for support during both their divorces. There was lots of laughter, and reminiscing, and Joe was very careful to talk to me in a considered way, asking me about stuff he already knew the answer to, like where I was going to college, and what I was going to study.

We’d been chatting for over an hour before they decided to swap phone numbers and email addresses. Mum was still slightly under the influence, and Joe helped us both off the boat and lent mum a spare torch for our walk back to the cottage.

Once we were out of earshot I said, “My god mum, that was so bizarre, fancy meeting him!”

“Yes, I couldn’t believe it, he was my team leader for five years before he left.”

We stumbled our way along the last footpath back the cottage, and flopped down in the armchairs.

“So he was quite close, why didn’t you keep in touch?”

“A long story, but his wife was a bitch, she accused us of having an affair, anyway when they got divorced, she kept the house, and he bought the narrowboat. By that time he’d met someone else so I kept out of it.”

“And did you?”

“What? Keep out of it, yes, today was the first time I’ve seen him since he left PDU.”

“No, I meant have an affair?”

My blood ran a little cold when I saw mum blush.

“No, not really. Will you think I’m awful if I tell you I slept with him once. You’re old enough to know now, and it was after your dad left us.”

“No, you’re not awful,” I croaked, “I’m glad I know, he seems a nice guy.”

In my mind I was saying to myself, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Joe had slept with both me and my mum!

“I didn’t realise you’d met him on your morning walks?”

“We only said ‘Good morning’ as I was walking past.”

My thoughts were still racing, “Will you see him again?” I asked.

“I doubt it, maybe I’ll just keep in touch.”

I could see mum’s mind was turning over too.

“Anyway mum, thanks for the meal, I’m gonna go to bed. Tell you what, I’ll return Joe’s torch in the morning.”

“Are you really going to get up early, I’ll be sleeping in, I’ve drunk too much tonight, yes please take it, and thank him for the coffee.”

I had to set my alarm to make sure I’d wake up, I showered and got my camera, phone and Joe’s torch, and set off. The weather was dull, and a light mist hung over the canal. Joe was sitting at the rudder with a mug of coffee in his hand. He grinned as he saw me, and stood up. I handed him the torch, and he opened the hatch for me to enter.

“Well, well, well, young lady. What a surprise that was, fancy you being Dawn’s daughter!”

I snorted, “Yeah, and fancy you fucking both my mum and me!”

He saw how uncomfortable I was, and put on a serious face, “Emily, it was way back, both your mum and me had been through pretty emotionally fraught divorces, and we just had one of those weekends where we ‘let go.’

“Hmmmmm, I guess so, but it makes me feel awkward.”

“Shall we give today a miss?” Joe looked hurt.

“NO! I didn’t say that,” I couldn’t help a little giggle, “I want my education to continue!”

“You’re a naughty girl!” He was smiling broadly, “so do you want to see my lesson plan, or will you be asking the questions?”

In my mind I was getting braver by the second.

“I think I ought to try something new.”

“And what’s that?” Joe looked inquisitive.

“Stand up,” I said with authority, and reached for his belt. Unbuckling it, and sliding down the zip, Joe murmured his approval.

When I pulled the trousers down to his knees, I could see his underpants with the bulge of his cock beneath. Gently I hooked them down and his cock revealed itself in a semi erect state. I glanced up at his face, and he simply said, “it’s all yours.”

Delicately I took it it between my fingers and held it up towards my mouth. I edged towards it, and took it between my lips. It was almost hot, anyway it was very warm, and it felt spongy on my tongue.

Magically, it seemed, it began to swell and get harder. I heard Joe groan out loud, “Oh Emily!”

As it stiffened it was too much to take it all in, so I just began sucking the head. Joe’s groans became louder, and I saw him start to grip the edge of the table next to where he was standing.

“God Emily, you’re a fast learner.”

I had seen an occasional porn video of women giving ‘blow jobs,’ and so I did what I thought was right. I actually got a kick out of being in control.

“Emily, you’re gonna have to stop, or you’re gonna make me cum,” he said quietly, but when I continued his voice got panicky.

“Emily! You are definitely gonna make me cum.”

I had not intention of stopping. With a groan of resignation, I suddenly felt Joe’s cock swell in my mouth, there was a vague taste of something before it jerked, and my mouth felt full of his spunk. It carried on jerking, with more and more warm liquid filling my mouth until it was overflowing down my chin. I had to swallow, and still more came before I pulled away with his cock still oozing semen onto my jeans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32