Pretty Boy

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Big Dick

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Pretty Boy

Humming a tune to himself, Cassius tried to focus on washing the dishes, despite the bop and shake to his buttocks as he hustled to get the work done. Quite, he knew and understood that the quicker he cracked on with things the easier it all would be done when the boring housework was done, but it was hard to do that on a Saturday afternoon where the laziness of the day crept up on him in a sultry sunbeam. There were games to play, TV to watch, a mate to love when he came home. Couldn’t the chores wait?

It was not to be though as the red panda had to keep on, soap suds flowing up his arms as his paws worked merrily away. It was not so bad, not really, even if he would have rather have been sprawled out somewhere more comfortable, the old radio set next to the sink having come from his parents’ house, once upon a time. A relic, it still got access to the stations that he was interested in, although the song that came on at that moment most certainly was not one for daytime radio…

“Do you like the way I flick my tongue, or nah?

You can ride my face until you drippin’ cum,

Can you lick the tip then throat the dick, or nah?

Can you let me stretch that pussy out, or nah?”

Cassius grunted and shuddered, ears pricked, the rounded curves of them twitching. Wow, that was something different! But who was the singer? It wasn’t something that he was going to delve too far into at that moment, huffing through his nostrils as his paws slowed, the number of dishes in the sink decreasing more and more with every passing second.

“I’m not the type to call you back tomorrow,

But the way you wrap around me is a prob…

Ain’t nobody tryna save you, baby get that paper,

Probably got a lotta other bitches owe you favours.”

“Yeah…” Cassius hissed through his teeth, thick tail swishing. “I get that…”

Though he was not a panda who was into that, the roughness of it all and taking control in his own paws. He was used to being on his knees, whimpering and whining for attention, the words of the song slipping through him like water between his fingers, soaking and winding, present for a moment in the purity of the sensation.

“Pussy so good had to save that shit for later,

Took her to the kitchen, fucked her right there on the table.”

He didn’t hear the next bit of the song, imagining that he was on that table, the round, wooden one that had been a purchase that he and his mate had decided on. It was Killian’s decision, ultimately, but he’d had a hand in it and there was nothing that he wanted more than to be pinned over it, snarling and whining and gripping the edges just to keep himself in place. Despite his jeans, his cock fought to rise, thickening up hard and full, bowing out through the front of the fabric as his hips worked and gyrated — though to what means, he could not say, as it was hardly as if he was imagining himself being in the bottom position at all.

“Yeah…” He muttered, water slopping over the edge of the sink as he pressed up to the unit. “You got this…got me… Make me wet, make me sweat…”

Some of the lyrics seeped into his speech, even though Cassius was, very much a male — and so was his partner, of course. But it didn’t matter as he imagined him spreading his legs, not minding whether he had a pussy or a tail hole down there to be fucked, as long as he was able to be used and abused, a hole to be taken, his lust rising, throbbing, pulsating with run-ragged desire.

“You gonn’ run it for these hundreds, girl or nah?

Show me is you really ’bout your money, girl or nah,

Don’t play with a boss, girl take it off,

Take it for a real one, you gonn’ get it all.”

The dishes could wait. He needed something, something more. Heaving a breath, he leaned over, arching back, his tail raised and lifted. His tail hole could not be exposed through his jeans and yet they were tighter than ever, his paw tentatively undoing the button and the zip, allowing his bulge just a little bit more freedom in the stylish boxer-briefs that, of course, Killian had had him by. As his hips worked and his arse was exposed, however, need driving him on in a moment that he had not before known was his to claim, little did he know that he was giving Killian, the lynx lover in his life, quite a show…

Killian licked his lips, peering around the corner of the kitchen door with a lustful, predatory gaze. Coming back from the gym, he was more than a little fragrant but he warranted that that was something indeed that would go down well with Cassius in the moment, his brown, shaded fur not unduly ripe but musky and masculine. His black ears twitched, catching Cassius’ moan, and his lips curved into a smirk, his short tail twitching and flicking wantonly. ordu escort He’d never let go of that part of being feline, not when it was so nice a feeling to stalk such hapless prey. And, truly, the red panda that he had taken to be his mate was the most hapless of them all.

“Is you really about your money or nah?

Can you really take dick or nah?

Can I bring another bitch or nah?

Is you with the shits or nah, or nah?

Or nah, or nah?

Would you ride for a singer or nah?

Would you die for a singer or nah?

Would you lie to a singer or nah, or nah?”

Cassius sang along with it under his breath, his voice hoarse and raspy with need. He could not have held back even if he tried and he ground his teeth together, grunting out his desire. He wouldn’t complain about another bitch, no, as long as he could take that dick! It was further than any words that he may have said out loud would have gone but the song tricked him into wanton abandon, twisting and grinding, thrusting and humping as if his life depended on it.

Killian’s eyes locked on, glittering with need, muscles drawing tight. If Cassius was not one to make the first move (well, to be fair to him, he didn’t know that Killian was there!), it would be down to him. And there was little a kinky cat like him could do to hold back when such a thick arse was raised and jigged in his direction, every single little move that the red panda made luring him in, a target for him to sink his rapidly hardening cock into.

He advanced, Cassius none the wiser, his back to him, sunshine streaming in through the kitchen windows. They could have done with something dark and sordid but the contrast, at least, highlighted the russet notes in the red panda’s fur, white lines and black markings drawing definition.

“I’m a freaky-deeky lover wanna hit you from the back and other ways.

That you have never experimented under the covers.

Roll around the bed with me is something you don’t just discover.

If you wanna get with me you gotta keep it on one hundred!”

Cassius growled and tipped his head back, eyes closed — if not he would have seen the lynx there, ready to pounce, need up and thrumming through hot and heavy.

“I’mma make you scream my name,

I’mma make you glad you came,

Oh, oooh,

I’mma make you scream my name,

I’mma make you glad you came.”

“Are you really, princess?”

That wasn’t the song! Chuckling throatily, Killian held the red panda against him as he pressed up behind, catching him off-guard and unawares as the song played on, the radio crackling with the shift of bodies (it really was just that old). And there was no possible way for the red panda to miss the grind of a very familiar cock under his tail, pressing through his undergarments, the thin barrier of fabric suddenly seeming far too thin for any measure of protection as he heaved and gasped, eyes wide.


The song played on, a backdrop to grinding lust that, suddenly, had become a start reality for both of them. Hissing, Killian nipped and bit at the back of Cassius’ neck, catching fur and skin and even drawing a sharp drop of metallic blood. As the red panda groaned, crumpling forward over the kitchen counter in abject submission, he purred and licked his lips clean. But Cassius’ legs no longer seemed even able to hold him up, grunting and begging with little grinds and jerks of his body for what Killian and only Killian could give him, lust rising above all else.

“You gonn’ run it for these hundreds girl or nah?

Show me is you really about your money, girl or nah.

Don’t play with a boss, girl take it off.

Take it for a real one, you gonn’ get it all.”

The lynx spun him about, putty in his paws, a smirk on his lips.

“You gonna be my slutty princess then?” He breathed, though there was a rasp in his tone that hinted at more. “You think you’re like the whores in this song? My pretty boy… You’re a good girl, aren’t you?”

Whether or not there were actual whores in the song or what did not matter as Cassius groaned, wanting to be such, legs quivering, threatening to buckle. Lips crushed to his and he submitted to them willingly as he allowed Killian’s tongue in to invade his mouth, claiming and delving deep, stroking and curling sensually up against his. But the paws and claws on his shirt threatened something rougher that stoked his need up more and more, wanting to drop, unbuckling Killian’s belt, getting that cock out into his paw…

Oh, fuck yes…

“Is you really ’bout your money or nah?

Can you really take dick or nah?

Can I bring another bitch or nah?

Is you with the shits or nah?”

He’d be his bitch. He’d be his bitch all fucking day long as Killian bore him back against the counter, head swimming, pounding, slipping deeper and deeper, losing his grip on reality. He just needed that cock — only that cock.

“Or nah, or nah

Would you ride for a singer or nah?

Would you die for a singer or nah?

Would you lie rize escort to a singer or nah?”

Killian bore him down, breaking the kiss in a lustful growl, eyes fierce and ears quivering, even if the only sounds that there were to catch were all in close proximity. He knew that the panda would do as he bid and, like a true pretty boy, Cassius’ knees hit the floor, cock out and yet woefully untended to. Yet he could not expect to be treated nicely. After all, he was the bitch there and, damn, did Killian fucking know it too!

“Or nah?

Or nah?”

The song may have been over but the lust that was to come most certainly was not as he moaned and opened up wide for the treat of his partner’s dominant cock, the aching rod thrusting for his mouth.

“You want me to ride your face until you’re dripping with cum?” Killian hissed mockingly, thrusting and grinding into his lover’s muzzle as if he truly was nothing more than a hole to be fucked, used and abused as he wanted. “You think your little pussy is tight enough for me?”

That shouldn’t have turned Cassius on as much as it did but he moaned around the lynx’s shaft anyway, luxuriating in the drooling tip, how it crammed roughly into the back of his throat. It triggered his gag reflex, of course, but, somehow, that made it even better, hacking and gagging and striving to be a good little princess for him, someone who could really take a dick like a pro and all of his cum too!

Yet it did not seem that he was destined to take all of that cock right there and then, the heaving mass of meat pounding his muzzle as if Killian needed no further warm-up at all. The lynx snarled and leaned over him, urgent in his strokes, words spilling from his lips as if they simply could not be contained.

“Princess, you need to learn your place,” he hissed, juddering with the intensity of it all. “Little cock-whore… This is all you need, isn’t it? Getting off to songs like this while I’m not here…” He grunted, eyes closed, glutes tight with the exertion of driving as deep into Cassius’ muzzle as was possible. “You’re just a whore needing to be fucked.”

There was no question in it and Cassius would not deny it either as he groaned around that cock even as it was removed from his mouth. Killian’s fingers hooked wickedly into the corners of his lips as he yanked his head back, forcing the red panda to look up at him, his mouth as wide as a whore’s would be before the treat of dick. Whining, Cassius pushed forward but the pressure at the corners of his lips drove him back. He only needed to be shown his place, the little bitch, and Killian smirked cruelly as he sucked back saliva in his mouth, rolling it around his tongue. There was one way to show him.

And it was a way that Cassius had never experienced before as a fat glob of spit landed smack bang in his mouth, pooling over his tongue and drooling over the edge of his dark lips where a little had gone astray. Shuddering in revulsion that, strangely, came hand in hand with a dose of trembling lust, Cassius whimpered but obediently stayed right where he was, knees pinned into the floor, cock harder and throbbing more desperately than ever.

“Hah…” Killian rolled his shoulders back, wiping his mouth off with the back of his paw and then smearing what spittle was left over Cassius’ mouth, so cutely spread open. “You like that, don’t you, princess? Maybe get you dressed up in some nice pink panties too… They’d look fucking fantastic around your ankles.”

He didn’t have to moan. Killian knew how he was feeling and the lynx knew just how to treat his he yanked him up and spun him about, manhandling him, groping him, treating him as a toy to be used. If he was a toy, he was one that was put away broken in the best of ways, the panda grunting and heaving, struggling for breath as his chest tightened. Yet Killian was the one who took control as he slammed him down over that very table that he had been fantasising about, though he was not going to come out of it worse for wear as he snarled and tightened, wanting to fight back and then…the fight simply slipping out of him.

He was the bitch. He wasn’t meant to fight back. And Killian knew it too, cock throbbing, drooling pre-cum as if it was the last fuck he’d ever get, fingers digging viciously into his partner’s shoulders.

“Can I stretch this pussy?” He hissed mockingly, grinding against Cassius’ ass-cheeks. “Or maybe…”

Pulling back, he acted quickly, another spray of saliva flying through the air as he splattered the red panda’s tail hole messily with his disgusting offering. It was not so gross when in one’s mouth, of course, but there was something about the act of spitting that had the lynx hissing and twitching, cock pulsating for the grand event that he was so desperately wanting. It would not act as lube but they could go as hard as they liked with enough patience, pain not being the name of the came as the tip of Killian’s cock nuzzled up to that tail hole in an intimate kiss that was due to become a whole lot rougher and coarser in but a few moments.

That moment, however, sakarya escort lingered, wrapping itself sensually around them and drawing them together, two lovers in the heat of something that could have been too much to some and yet was perfect for them. And that was okay too.

His cock ground in, spreading Cassius open, and Killian bore down on him with a ragged snarl, chest heaving. More, he needed more, needing the little princess under him to give in, to submit. Yet Cassius was submitting, had already done so, wanting nothing more than to be exactly where he was, huffing and panting, his jaws hanging open just to snatch an extra bit more air into his lungs. His tail hole squeezed around his lover’s cock and he bore back as much as he was able, pressing and grinding, huffing and panting. And, still, there was only so much that a lone red panda could do in the face of so much force, trying to claw at the table, curl his fingers around the edge, hold himself in place. Killian’s snarl ripped through him and he moaned in turn, any sounds of lust that he may have made lost in the din of being pounded, fucked until he could barely think straight, his entire world taken up by that driving, craving, aching shaft.


Cassius’ ears twitched and Killian’s tongue half-lolled out — he wasn’t a canine, after all! — fluttering and curling, saliva pooling in the indented centre of it. Yet it was not something that he would hold back from as he hammered in, letting his drool splatter out messily, even sucking more into his mouth all over again as he relished in it, messing up the red fur beneath him as his cock cave an even mightier throb than usual, pulsating with raw, turgid desire.

But the lynx could not stop until he was done, chest heaving, claws digging in, biting into skin. The cuts and marks would only later be found and layered over with a sweeter kind of attention, kisses soothing and whispers teasing to softer pleasure, but, in the moment, they were only there for the harsh coarseness of it all, the seedy underbelly to love and romance that, at that time, had no place between them.

They needed it. Cassius needed it. Hell, Killian maybe needed it even more than him. Grunting in the back of his throat, the lynx threw his weight behind his thrusts, tensing his glutes (as sore as they were) for that extra bit of push, head floating and wavering on the edge of ecstasy. Yet that was not an edge that he was at all obligated to hold back from, his pleasure coming first and foremost. It was not as if Cassius, after all, would not enjoy what he had to deliver and his rough, driving thrusts had the panda whimpering like a real whore in a brothel, tail twitching, working, his cock surely throbbing with raw, pulsating need.

He couldn’t stop it from coming, the curling rise of heat flush in the pit of his stomach, and the first shot of cum poured slickly into his lover’s tail hole before he was in his right mind again. But that was all not to be needed as Cassius whimpered under him, Killian’s hips working, driving, slamming in all the way just so that he could feel how tight that hole was around him, as taut as that of a virgin even though he knew that his partner was far from that.

Cassius whimpered, head spinning, pounding, lustfully all the while. Oh, it was all he needed and words dripped from his lover in a raw, ragged gasp, hips working and his own need, as yet, not to be sated. The pour of cum into him could not be felt but he imagined that he could, his fur soaked around the edge of his hole, clinging and cloying with the seed of his partner. It was right where it belonged, after all, and there could be no more perfect place for it

“My dirty little princess whore…” Killian groaned, head rolling back even as the words spilt lustfully from his lips like heady liquor. “Dripping with…ungghhh…my cum…”

His words didn’t have to make sense and Cassius, truly, was barely with himself as his legs trembled with the strain of remaining braced, tail forced up by Killian’s arm. The lynx was not yet done with his slut, however, as he drew back, pumping and squeezing his emerging cock with one paw as he forced out the last delectable dribbles of seed over Cassius’ buttocks, marking him with his seed. Maybe he’d have him keep it on him for a while longer too…just so that he remembered who he belonged to.

It was all fun in play.

Cassius whined, a high-pitched, plaintive note, as Killian’s fingers eased into his tail hole — not that he was not already stretched enough to so very easily take such digits. The lynx’s claw tickled carefully over his tail hole, the very edge of the strained ring, as they pushed in, adding a teasing third, and he could not help but moan out long and loud, begging for it, needing his hole to be filled. Oh, please don’t let him go without!

Thankfully, of course, that was not what Killian had in mind, rolling his shoulders with a luxurious hiss as he spread Cassius’ buttocks for his attention, showing off that drooling, lustful hole for his eyes and his eyes alone. His fingers shoved deep, curling up against that sensitive patch, seeking it out, inside his submissive and Cassius’ howl and groan, broken in their execution told him that he had more than hit the right note. As if it was hard to do when Cassius whimpered for anything and everything he did…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32