Quiet Please Ch. 02

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When I woke a few days later after a particularly poor night’s sleep, I should have been frustrated and irritable. However, as I made my way downstairs I was anything but. It was now only three days until the Melbourne Open began, and today I had to travel into the city for orientation. I was buzzing with anticipation.

I noticed the post-it on the fridge door as I reached for my morning class of milk. ‘Good luck today honey, meet you at Richmond at 6. Mum and Dad xxx.’ A smile crept across my face again as I remembered my folks were leaving on their anniversary trip after work tonight and wouldn’t be home for ten days.

I’m a responsible young adult, rarely drink and even rarer do I ever find myself in serious trouble. I guess that’s why my parents are more than happy to leave me to my own devices for a few days, and have done since I turned sixteen. Truth be told, I wasn’t excited to have the house to myself to throw parties and let loose; I was mostly looking forward to some alone time. Pretty sad for an eighteen year old!

After breakfast and a quick shower, I dressed in some jeans and a simple, purple shirt and began the walk to the train station. Another positive about my parents’ trip, I got free use of the car while they were gone, but for now I jumped on a pretty quiet Friday morning train.

The ride in was peaceful, I read a little as the journey took nearly an hour. As we pulled up to a station halfway to the city, I happened to look up and see a poster-board for the tournament. I smiled for the umpteenth time today!

“Funny book?” I turned my head to the direction of the question. Sitting opposite me was a young woman, I guessed in her early twenties. I realised I had no recollection of her sitting down, I had been totally oblivious to my surroundings for the journey this far.

“Erm, not exactly,” I blushed, a little embarrassed at the real cause of my happiness. After a moment’s silence the shame left me and I explained my feelings.

“Very cute! I’m Beth,” the woman smiled as she reached across to shake my hand. For the rest of the journey we exchanged small-talk and laughed. It was a very pleasant start to the day. It was a good while into the conversation before I noticed how attractive Beth really was. She was petite, like me, with pale skin and bleached blonde hair. But it was her eyes that held my attention most; they were so big and a beautiful shade of blue. She was very pretty.

While I was admiring her, Beth proceeded to explain she was in her last year at uni, studying Anthropology. She made some joke about wasting time studying while she figured out how best to make her millions. She laughed nervously, and I could tell talking to strangers wasn’t something she did often.

As the announcement came over the system the next stop was Richmond, I said goodbye to Beth and got up to leave. I placed my bag on my shoulders and started to head for the doors.

“Wait,” Beth said as she reached for my arm, “a few of my uni friends are going out for drinks tonight, and I was wondering if you’re interested…you’re more than welcome to join us.” She nervously brushed her hair behind her ear, and looked away as she spoke. This girl was too cute!

“I’m not really a big clubber,” I replied, never one for new people, or drinking. But after seeing the disappointment on her face, I couldn’t help but say I would think about it. The smile that swept over her in that moment was beautiful, and she hugged me as she handed me her phone escort number and sat back down.

I hurried through the doors and onto the platform, waving to Beth as the train pulled away. The sun was out now, and I had a spring in my step as I made my way towards the tennis complex. My mind however, was not on tennis, and I was confused as to why.

For weeks I had been unable to think of anything but this moment, but now, the butterflies were in my stomach for a different reason. Not because I was approaching the courts, but because I realised I had just been attracted to a girl who wasn’t Amanda. My body tingled when it also hit me, that same girl had given me her phone number.

The next few hours inside the arenas were incredible. My mind was now at last, well and truly fixed on tennis, and the tournament that would begin in three days. After a quick tour, we were separated into groups, experienced ball people, and those who were new at it. The drills we did were fun, and helped to break the ice. I met lots of people, and in this environment found myself much more at ease than usual in social situations.

A couple of younger girls seemed to stick with me all afternoon, which I didn’t mind. In fact, it made me feel quite proud. After the drills, we were taken to meet the tournament director and a few lines-people, to go through the etiquette, rules, expectations and finally a few practice scenarios.

Apart from one boy tripping and getting covered by the canvas used during rain delays, everyone was more than happy with the show we had put on. They provided us with snacks and after a final meeting, handed us our schedules and equipment lists.

Though it had been nearly six hours, I felt it had flown by. As I left the buildings, I walked to the street to wait for mum and dad to pick me up. Louise and Rachael, the two sixteen year olds from the meeting walked with me on their way to the station. We laughed and checked schedules to see when we could meet up next week, disappointed that it wouldn’t be as easy as we’d hoped. As I saw mum and dad pulling over, I said my goodbyes and jumped in the back seat, grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, somebody looks happy,” dad said. “I didn’t think your parents going away would be reason to get this excited!”

Mum leaned over and playfully swatted his arm. “So, how did it go honey? Tell us everything.

The ride to the airport must have been over an hour. I honestly couldn’t say, as I had blathered on about the afternoon, refusing to omit the smallest detail. Credit to my parents, they are great listeners, and take great interest in my passions. They never once interrupted, and seemed genuinely pleased for me. Perhaps they were thinking of their upcoming escape from my motor-mouth!

As we pulled into the quick drop-off section, I hugged them both and said yet another goodbye for the day. I jumped into the driver’s seat, and began the long drive back home. The first time I had driven to the airport, I was a wreck. But I had been given multiple opportunities since gaining my license, and considered myself a bit of a pro now. Sitting in a huge queue, waiting to get onto the freeway, I didn’t even lose my temper.

On the drive back, I thought about the day I’d had. The tennis was incredible, and it had never felt more excited than I did at that moment. Only a few days and it would be a reality. Just then, another thought popped into my head. Beth. I realised how I wish I had someone to talk to about her. bursa eve gelen escort My feelings, what I should do about her invite tonight. But I didn’t. Mum and dad were away, and I didn’t want them stressing about me during a relaxing break, and Mandy, well, I wasn’t ready to tell her all the stuff that goes on in my head when it comes to girls!

I resigned myself to the fact I couldn’t face crowds or clubs tonight, and even if I could, was Beth interested in me in that way? And let’s not even start on what the fuck would happen if she was, I wouldn’t know where to begin! In the jam, I pulled out her number, and messaged Beth a sincere apology and declined her invitation. Although my phone beeped in reply almost immediately, traffic was moving again and I left it unread until I got home.

When I got back in the house, I flipped my phone open and got a pleasant surprise. The message wasn’t from Beth, but from Amanda, whom I hadn’t seen since dinner a few nights before. It just read, ‘call me. Mandy xxx’.

The thought of telling her all about my day and hearing her reaction got me all excited, and I dialled her number straight away, putting it on speaker phone as I walked into the bathroom. Of course, she answered as i sat on the toilet.

“Hey Nat, how’s it going?” She asked in her bubbly voice that made me warm. “What’s that noise, where are you!?”

I turned red when I realised she must have been able to hear me peeing. “I’m not sure you want me to answer that,” I replied sheepishly.

“Eeeewwwwwww! Gross!” She yelled, as I howled with laughter. “I hope it’s a number one or I’m hanging up,”

“Ok then,” I joked, “I’ll have to call you back.”

“Yeah right,” Mandy said, “Like you’d ever do anything that naughty.”

“You might be surprised,” I said, doing my best to flirt with her as I finished up and left the bathroom to lay on my bed.

“Anyway, I just wanted to tell you some news,” Amanda began, once again oblivious to my efforts at playful flirting. Her ‘news’ as it turned out, was just more gossip from work. Someone did something-or-other to someone else. I got myself comfortable on my bed, realising yet again Mandy had no intention of asking how my day went and that this one-way conversation could go on for some length of time.

I was angry. Of course I would never let her know that, as my conscience wouldn’t allow me, so I filled in my side of the conversation with the odd ‘yeah’ or ‘uh-huh,’ as was warranted. About ten minutes later, my phone beeped again. I casually opened a message, forgetting the one I had sent Beth earlier. Her reply completely changed my train of thought.

‘Hey, sorry to hear you can’t make it. Hopefully some other time? Beth x’.

If i had gotten this at any other moment, I probably wouldn’t have even replied, let alone dared to write what I did. But Amanda had upset me, knowing I had my tennis meet today, and my parents had left, yet not even asking me how my day was.

I’m not sure you can make someone jealous if they have no feelings for you, and are unaware of yours for them, but that didn’t register at the time. My fingers were already typing out my message to Beth.

‘Actually, I have a free house this weekend. If you’re interested, you could come by? Nat x’.

A few minutes later, Mandy had said she had to go to bed and hung up. It was then my mind could focus again. Now, thinking clearly, I was feeling sick. I had just görükle escort invited an older, attractive stranger to my house, where we would be alone. What was I thinking!? Hoping it wasn’t too late to cancel, I grabbed the phone and desperately searched for an excuse. A new message however, stopped me dead in my tracks.

‘It’s a date gorgeous, see you tomorrow xxxxx’.

My heart skipped a beat. I pushed the phone far away from me, and rolled onto my side, needing comfort. What an idiot Nathalie. As my mind raced, I noticed other thoughts cropping up, other feelings too.

I felt the familiar warmth between my thighs, and the idea of being alone with a beautiful woman didn’t seem so bad after all. I rolled onto my back, raised my hips off the bed and slid my pants and undies down my legs. The touch of my fingers, gliding down my thighs, and calves confirmed my need for some attention.

As I slid my hands under my shirt, I began massaging my breasts through my bra. I closed my eyes, picturing the girl whose hands were working their magic on my chest. Her beautiful face was looming over me, I sighed as she placed her soft hands under my bra, running her fingers over the firm flesh of my bosom. My lips reached up to kiss her, my hands nestled in her beautiful blond hair.

My eyes opened, and I jolted upright in my bed. My breathing was fast and heavy, my hands were motionless as they cupped my breasts. Beth. This was it; the first time I had thought of anyone else, anyone other than Mandy while I was pleasuring myself. I couldn’t help but laugh, coming to this realisation right now, only I could manage to do that. I laid back down, feeling the moment had passed as I lifted my shirt over my head and reached for the blanket.

Yet, as I lay under the sheets, the fabric brushed against my still erect nipples, and i knew I wasn’t going to escape my urges quite so easily. I closed my eyes again, sliding my hands back towards my breasts, pinching lightly at my nipples. I arched my back and turned my head to the side, expecting to see Beth’s blond hair on the pillow beside me.

One of my hands moved lower, grazing my trimmed pubic hair, sending pulses all over my body. She kissed me now, her beautifully soft lips caressing mine once, twice. Then her hands moved to my cheeks, and she brushed my eyelids closed and moved south. I breathed heavily as I imagined her kissing her way down my body, slowly; her hair trailing over my neck, chest then stomach.

Suddenly, as her tongue found my naval, her finger worked it’s way to my throbbing pussy. My hands were doing her work, one gently stroking my stomach and hips where she was softly kissing; the other was moving up and down my moist lips. I groaned, loudly knowing no-one was around to hear it. My fingers, now perfectly wet, found their way to my clit. I knew it wasn’t going to take much to send me over the edge, and as my finger rubbed small firm circles over my aching button, I grabbed on to the sheets with my now free second hand.

I grit my teeth, as a powerful rush of electricity shot through my body. I thrust into the girl’s hand, finishing myself off as I moaned. Feeling adventurous, and incredibly horny, I allowed her to raise her fingers to my mouth. As the sweet, sweaty scent reached my nostrils, I tentatively parted my lips to taste myself. I rolled my tongue around her fingertips, sucking them deeper into my mouth.

“That’s it babe,” I imagined the girl say, “so you can be naughty!”

My eyes shot open, and there she was sitting on my thighs, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Her brown hair, smooth olive skin and huge, sexy breasts. She was stroking her nipples as she smiled down at me, looking so fucking hot. Mandy. Apparently, my subconscious wasn’t willing to let go just yet.

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