Sammy Jo Tries Team Building

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Hello there, it’s me again, Sammy Jo, here to tell you about yet another big night. And believe you me, this one is hot and embarrassing to own up to. I honestly do not know how I did what I did. If my mum ever finds out I will be toast!

Here goes then. Last time we spoke I’d just had my second night with Heather, over seven years after my first. That was a couple of months ago now. By now Fridays had become a regular thing. In fact we’d done five out of eight and I’d nearly always stayed over well into Saturday, if not well into Sunday.

The sex, by the way, just got better and better. Officially we shared workloads. In practice I did a lot of receiving and fucked Hev on the rare occasions I got chance.

Okay then, maybe “rare” is the wrong word to use. Maybe I got as much as twenty per cent of the chances. Maybe even twenty five per cent . . .

But hey, everything we did was brilliant. I wasn’t complaining about boring old workloads.

On the day in question I had been included in a “Team Building Event”, along with three girls who worked in my department and another twenty colleagues from elsewhere in the bank. The event was being hosted by a company who specialized in that sort of thing and had the massive, mostly wooded estate to prove it.

Yes, it was an outdoor team building event. In early autumn in the UK! Waterproof clothing was advised.

I’d been assured the activities were varied and fun. It was far better to spend a Wednesday going wild in the country than behind a desk, everyone said. Iffy weather aside, I didn’t doubt that they were right. It sounded good. My anticipation was more centred on later activities, though, ones that did not depend on a dodgy climate. Come to that, I had never anticipated anything more.

The bank had very generously booked a nearby inn for a hearty meal and drinks afterwards. They had also booked rooms for anyone willing and able to overnight (meaning those lucky folk without kids or other such commitments).

The good news was that Heather was also attending, to represent the main board, demonstrating their commitment to the cause. She was in charge of the purse strings for the day, obliged to stay through and was most definitely overnighting. More to the point, she’d bagged the best room and expected me to join her in its king-sized bed for “something out of the ordinary”.

The bad news was that WYB had bagged a load of twin rooms and expected me to share one with my co-worker, Lindy. I had every intention of visiting Hev’s bed but wasn’t sure exactly how I could manage to do that without Lindy knowing.

Still, I thought, where there’s a will . . .


That Wednesday dawned bright and sunny. I travelled up to North Yorkshire with my three close colleagues, Jo driving and me in the back with Lindy. The fourth co-worker, Alison, sat in the front passenger seat and chattered every second of the way. She was, if you ask me, more than a little over the top. Even so, there was a holiday feel in the air; the mood in the car was great. We were bonding already.

I won’t burden you with too much detail about the activities, but they were infinitely better than the activities found behind a desk. The two dozen of us were continually split into teams of four (two male and two female, usually). We did quad biking, foot golf, an amazingly addictive bobsleigh push-start and an assault course. As a finale and best of all, we divided into two teams of twelve and had quasar warfare in a large expanse of woodland.

Perhaps needless to report, Heather’s team won everything there was to win and she set all the fastest individual times and best scores. The guys did their utmost to beat her but, quite honestly, nobody came close. Not that she was arrogant about it. She was competitive with an irresistible smile and always had words of encouragement for members of her current team. Her leadership qualities shone so brightly it was dazzling to watch her.

I can’t begin to describe the impact that session had on morale. If Heather contributed immensely then so did the organizers, the estate itself and the effort everyone put in. The constant switching of team-mates worked too. I must have been teamed with all of the other twenty-three at one time or another and all of them were as upbeat as me.

Feel good factor or what!

My claim to fame was in the warfare game. After the rest of our team was wiped out I went on the run with our blue flag, protecting it in a last ditch sort of way. Meanwhile, vanishing amongst the trees like a Vietnam veteran, Hev outflanked the opposition and very sneakily captured their red flag while they were concentrating on mine. Okay, so technically I did get caught and massacred, but not before she’d claimed the glory for our side.

VCs have been awarded for less.


The meal featured a lot of alcohol. It did for those of us overnighting, anyway. Then, when the folk with commitments hit the high road, the rest of us hit the public bar . . . big-time.

No, we hit the free for bursa eskort bayan WYB bar big-time!

Conscious I had some sneaking about of my own to be doing, I moderated my intake. That wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Drinks were flowing freely. There were fifteen of us left but the ample booze budget was for twenty-four. Every time a glass was emptied Hev was ordering a refill. It was next to impossible to dawdle. And later on, when the landlord started opening champagne bottles with his sabre . . .

Well, saying no wasn’t always an option.

It was a great evening, though, one worthy of following such a marvellous afternoon. I spent most of it at the bar, chatting cheerfully with whoever came for the next refill. That way I got to chat with everyone, usually on the subject of what a wonderful time we had had. Yes, we all agreed, good old WYB!

At one stage, waiting for my next conversation to arise, I noticed Hev at a table, talking to a guy called Chris Wood-something. Chris wasn’t a director but he was high up the management tree. They seemed sober and serious so I assumed they were discussing bank business and thought no more of it.

Instead I thought about my female colleagues. I was still a relative newcomer at the bank and did not know everyone’s preferences. Or rather, I hardly knew anyone’s preferences. At that precise moment there were seven of us females left to overnight. Excluding Hev and me, it seemed likely the other five were straight.

But they were all fit, I decided. I would if they would, without exception.

And I was sharing twin beds with one of them!

Speak of the Devil, I caught up with Lindy around ten o’clock. She hadn’t been moderating at all and was the worse for wear. She’d been going drink-for-drink with Jo and Alison, who seemed a lot more practiced at it than she was. Another hour and she was clearly ready to turn in. Being a good roommate I escorted her upstairs, said I was going down for a nightcap and left her to sleep it off.

Out in the corridor I called Hev on her mobile.

‘It’s me,’ I said. ‘When are you coming to bed? And what’s this out of the ordinary treat?’

‘I’m in my room already,’ she said, ‘why don’t you come and see for yourself?’


A major surprise awaited me when Hev let me in, securing the door behind us. There were three bottles of champers (all of them neatly sabraged open) sitting in a line on the dressing table. And there was a bloke, sitting on a chair, sipping from a flute.

‘This is Chris Woodhead,’ she said brightly. ‘Chris, this is sexy Sammy Jo. Isn’t she lovely?’

Chris was a good-looking guy in his mid-forties. He was also the Chris Wood-something I’d seen talking with Hev earlier. And he’d been on our team for the quasars. He’d been one of the ones quickly wiped out.

I stared at him, doing my best not to gape.

He grinned at me and said I was lovely indeed.

‘Chris knows you’re not interested in men,’ Hev went on. ‘He’s here to watch me and you. It’s one to tick off your bucket list.’ She laughed. ‘There a couple I’d like to tick off for myself tonight, but we can discuss those in due course.’

I was staggered. And maybe I’d had more alcohol than I’d realized, because I was a bit intrigued. I opened my mouth and nothing came out. Smiling into my eyes, Hev handed me a full glass.

‘It’s good for shock,’ she said, ‘and it lessens your inhibitions.’

Now, in amongst all that fucking we’d been doing, we’d done a lot of talking; dirty talking, to be brutally honest. I knew the sorts of things Hev’s mind was capable of. And she knew the things I had on my bucket list.

Yes, she knew I fantasized about performing for an audience.

I’d just never meant an audience of one . . . and a male one at that. I’d meant in the lounge at an all-girls orgy, something like that; something almost respectable and not nearly as kinky as this.

So what should I do? Running out on Hev might mean the end of our relationship, and I certainly didn’t want that. It would also be cowardly and as full of inhibitions as you could get. And after all, it was a kink to one of my most lusted after fantasies . . .

I swigged my drink straight down. That worked. Well, it brought me back the power of speech.

‘No touching,’ I said to Chris. ‘Do you understand?’

‘I won’t come within a yard of you without express permission,’ he replied.

I turned to Hev. ‘Okay,’ said I, ‘but we’re doing equal shares.’

She nodded agreement, her emerald eyes gleaming. ‘Strip,’ she commanded.

‘Item for item,’ I said undoing buttons.

Now I must confess I was getting more excited by the minute. It’s thrilling enough knowing sex is about to happen, isn’t it? Add in all the little extras and I was close to cumming right then. Doing my best to ignore Chris but very conscious he was there, I removed my blouse.

Hev followed suit.

Then I removed my skirt and you get the general idea. Even taking our time about it as we did, we were soon bursa otele gelen eskort bayan naked and kissing on the bed. Then, thinking Hev might be less hurricane-like with somebody watching, I went down on her.

She came three times, saying all the usual words and making all the usual sounds, making me hope the room was soundproofed. From there we graduated to a little sixty-nine before she took her turn to go down on me.

I climaxed at least three times myself, on top of several orgasms I’d already had. And then we took turns to trib, really going at it, playing that clapping game again.

(I still don’t know the name of the song but “Rose Royce” keeps coming into my head. It could be one of theirs.)

We did lots of other stuff as well: kissing; caressing; fingering and so on; just about everything a spectator could have expected, really. At one point, while Hev was back down on me, I snatched a glance at said spectator. If I’d hoped to catch him jacking I’d have been disappointed. He was still in his original position on the chair, fully dressed and watching. Seeing me look his way he grinned and nodded appreciation.

‘I’m cumming,’ I told him. God knows why, I certainly don’t!

He nodded again and kept on watching.

I came as volcanically as ever.


Later, much later, Hev suggested I might want to watch her and Chris. I didn’t want to but I played along, not wanting to seem like a piker, taking the onlooker’s place there on the sidelines and the opportunity to guzzle more free bubbly.

I’m not going to describe what they did together because I don’t expect it will be of interest. I will just say he fucked her tenderly and then she fucked him like a wild woman. And I’ll admit that his staying power was impressive. Even with Hev hammering away on top of him he kept going for simply ages.

‘Next item on the list,’ she said when she was done. ‘Sammy darling, please get my strapless toy. You’ll find it in that travel bag over there.’

We’d been doing a lot with strap-ons during the last month or so. I assumed she wanted to show off our expertise and went to fetch it without demur.

‘Put it in,’ she prompted. ‘You’re doing the next spell of shagging. And bring the lube while you’re at it.’

I assumed that meant she wanted it up her ass. That was a little unusual but not unheard of.

(I hasten to add that it’s not unusual for her. I’m an anal virgin when it comes to taking, and trust me, I’m staying that way!)

‘Here,’ I said, passing the lubricant to her.

Chris was still on his back on the bed beside her. She surprised me by lubing up his still erect and rather large cock.

‘Gently does it,’ she said, ‘no sudden movements.’ Then, surprising me anew, she climbed onto him in a reverse cowgirl sort of a way, easing his lubricated dick into her anus and lying back on him.

‘Come on, Sammy Jo,’ she invited, ‘all aboard who’s coming aboard.’

That time I nearly did run. Double penetration wasn’t on any list I was every likely to have. And in this sort of a threesome! Surely this counted as having sex with a man! Leastways it did for Hev; I wasn’t so certain about me.

Standing open-mouthed, I did my best to persuade myself I would be doing no more than aiding and abetting.

‘Please Sammy Jo,’ she implored, ‘don’t leave me like this. I need you.’

Determined to stay inhibition-free, I took a step forward. Hev burst into a grin that would have put a Cheshire cat to shame. Perhaps she’d doubted me and it was relief. Or perhaps she knew her particular cat was about to get the cream.

Her legs were widely spread. Filled with disbelief yet again, I nervously got onto the bed and tried to work out the best approach. Straightforward missionary seemed to be a bit precarious; I could very easily fall off. And between us we could also squash the guy underneath.

‘Just go for it,’ Hev said.

I wasn’t as cavalier as her but got a shift on. Eventually I settled for a mostly upright position: one foot dug into the mattress with a more or less straight leg; my other leg bent at the knee; both my arms fully outstretched, supporting my upper body away from hers.

Hev obviously approved. She immediately took hold of my artificial cock and guided it straight into her pussy.

‘Yes,’ she sighed, ‘nice, nice, nice.’

I soon approved too. There was plenty of leeway for me to thrust from the hips, driving deep into her. Her words of encouragement were music to my ears. At her urging I went ever deeper, ever faster.

Meanwhile Chris stayed still and, for once in her life, so did Hev. They seemed content with his full penetration, happy to let the motion of the bedsprings (inspired by athletic little me!) do all the intimate anal stimulation.

I fucked her like that for a long, long time, doing all the vigorous vaginal stimulation. And yes, I got just as much satisfaction out of it as she did.

Yes, even if I was within a yard of a man, bursa eve gelen escort even if my bent leg did occasionally brush against his thigh, I got just as much satisfaction out of it as Hev did.

To be completely honest, I probably enjoyed myself more than the other two did put together.


Ultimately Hev asked me to stop . . . which was a first. Not that she was exhausted or anything. No, she considerately wanted to finish Chris off. She did that by raising herself upright again and bouncing on him for a minute or three. That was all it took.

And I must also admit; although I won’t describe it, watching his cum trickle out of her was a thrill.

Then he announced it was time to go. ‘We’ve got that meeting tomorrow, he said, ‘I need to be off by six.’

‘You haven’t shagged sexy Sammy Jo yet,’ Hev protested.

‘She doesn’t want me to, remember?’

‘She may have changed her mind. So how about it, Sammy Jo; is it yes or no?’

I sneaked an eyeful of Chris’s groin and I confess I was tempted. He’d been thorough and tender with Hev, so thorough and very, very tender . . . and it had been a long while since my marriage came off the rails.

And he was still hard as rock!

‘A promise is a promise,’ he said an instant before I made my third rash decision of the night.

We watched him dress in silence, probably admiring him for different reasons.

‘One of the better evenings,’ he said as he left. ‘I wish I’d filmed it but, of course, I’m above such caddish behaviour.’

‘More like you fancy an encore sometime,’ Hev observed.

‘I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. Night, night ladies; don’t do anything I wouldn’t.’

It may amaze you but we carried on without him. Hev said she owed me a big fucking (well, she used the word “shagging”; she can be earthy enough without swearing and rarely says “fuck”) and trust me, a big shagging is exactly what I got.


When Hev gave me chance I had a good go at her tits. In my opinion they had hardly been paid any attention so far and deserved half an hour of skilled munching. Hev seemed to agree with me in that, but she caught hold of me when I started to slide lower.

‘Word of warning,’ she said, ‘in case you didn’t notice, Chris didn’t use condoms.’

I had noticed and didn’t care. I’d tasted men’s cum before and it wasn’t poisonous. And I wasn’t going anywhere near her asshole, where he’d most recently fired. It had been ages since he had fired where I was going. And she’d cum a lot herself between then and now; traces of him would be sparse.

‘Let go,’ I replied.

She did and I ate her pussy good and proper. Hev (possibly visualizing me drinking semen out of her) climaxed often and hard. Tasting her familiar tang and convincing myself any saltiness was just sweat, I went on and on and on.

And I focused almost all my attentions inside her. For once her clit got hardly a look in. Not that she complained. No, she didn’t complain at all. She did, however, finally ask me to stop. Again! Two times in one night!!

‘I haven’t had enough,’ she said, ‘but I have to be off before six. I’m due in the same meeting as Chris.’

‘Yeah, yeah,’ I said jokingly, ‘any excuse. Anything but admit defeat, that’s you.’

I got off the bed and retrieved my clothes from the various places I’d artistically discarded them.

‘Chris was right,’ she remarked, watching me, ‘tonight was one of the better nights. And you were quite magnificent.’

‘Why thank you kind lady,’ said I, sketching a bow.

‘I don’t mean performance-wise. Well, not exclusively; I mean the way you played along. You took everything in your stride and hardly batted an eyelash. I think it’s time we took our relationship a little further.’

I stopped buttoning my blouse and stared at her. ‘I thought you didn’t do commitments.’

‘I don’t. And I’m not proposing we cohabit or swear oaths. I’d just like to see more of you. Do you want to make it every Friday night without fail?’

‘Does “Friday night” include Saturday?’

‘I don’t see why not, unless one of us has another pressing engagement. Let’s say Friday is on without exception, Saturday and Sunday get played by ear.’

‘Okay,’ I said, not pausing for consideration ‘Every Friday it is.’ Then, frowning, ‘What do you class as “pressing engagements”?’

‘The usual sort of things: crisis at work, my dad’s birthday, lovers who can only do weekends . . .’

I should have seen that coming. I laughed shortly and stepped into my shoes. ‘We’re allowed to have other lovers, are we?’

‘Of course we are. But not on Friday nights; Friday nights are now sacred, starting tomorrow.’

‘Okay,’ I said. ‘I’m mature enough to handle that. Is it appropriate to ask how many others you currently have on the go?’

I really wanted to know. Apart from saying commitments weren’t her thing Hev had been cagey about naming names. Here was a chance to find out what I was up against.

‘I’ve a few I see now and again.’ She did her Cheshire cat grin again, making me suspect “a few” to her might mean “lots” to anyone else.

No, I didn’t “suspect”, I was absolutely positive.

‘Do the chosen few include Chris?’ I wondered aloud.

‘They do sometimes. He’s married, you see. I try not to do married but every year or so he finds a new way to make me stray.’

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