Seduced by Youth Ch. 02

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I was woken up early the next morning, with Laurie still in my arms. She was still naked, and I was still only wearing my shirt. She was trembling and sweating. She was yelling “No, please don’t!” in her sleep. I knew that she was having a nightmare. “Laurie.” I whispered into her ear. Laurie opened her eyes.

“Eric.” She answered.

“You were having a nightmare.”

“It was terrible. It was about my foster father. He raped me on my eighteenth birthday.”

“That bastard.” I hollered. She started crying on my shoulder.

“He said I was a worthless slut that was only good for one thing. When I put up a fight, he beat me, that’s how I got the bruise on my face. I had other marks, but they healed over in the past week. I called the police, but because of my history as a run-away, they didn’t believe me.”

I held her closer to me. “I believe you.” I replied.

“My foster mother called me a lying whore in front of the police officers. After the officers left, my foster parents told me I had five minutes to get the fuck out of their house. I was able to pack one change of clothes when they busted down the bedroom door and my foster father swung a golf club at me, hitting me in the back of the head with Van Escort it.”

I put my hand on the back of her head, and I felt a large bump on it. I was beginning to get furious at how anyone could treat such a beautiful young lady with such evil.

“The next thing I remember was waking up on the side of the street with just one change of clothes in my back pack and a note pinned to my shirt that read ‘LYING SLUT!’ I knew if the police did not believe me about the rape, I would be wasting my time reporting this to them.”

I kissed her gently on the forehead. “I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again.” We fell back asleep.

When I woke up again, I was on the bed alone. I figured Laurie was in the bathroom, so I would give her some privacy. Then I saw her back pack and got an ideal. I pulled out a pen and a sheet of paper and opened her back pack. I checked the tags on the clothes in it and wrote down the sizes. I checked her shoe size as well and wrote that down. Later I would go shopping and buy her some new clothes as a late birthday present.

Suddenly, I heard her coming towards the bedroom. I slid the slip of paper under the mattress, so as not to ruin the surprise. I laid back down on the bed, Van Escort Bayan pretending to still be asleep as she opened the door. “I cooked you some breakfast.” she said softly. I opened my eyes and noticed she was wearing the robe my ex-wife left when she walked out on me. I sat up as she handed me a plate with pancakes on it. She also had a bottle of syrup with her.

“You didn’t have to go to the trouble of cooking me breakfast, Honey.”

“It was no trouble, Dear.” she replied.

“Aren’t you going to have some?” I asked.

“I already ate.” She smiled as she poured some syrup over the plate of pancakes. While I ate, I noticed that she wouldn’t look anywhere except my crotch. I was still naked from the waist down, and she seemed to enjoy looking at my cock.

After I finished eating, she removed my shirt. She then removed the robe and poured some syrup over her breasts. She climbed on top of me and guided my head to her breasts. I started licking the sweet syrup from her sweeter breasts. She started moaning as her nipples started hardening in my mouth. I knew there was no way of hiding the fact that my dick was beginning to harden from her, since she was sitting on top of it.

She stood Escort Van up and poured some syrup over her ass and bent down. She placed her ass just inches from my face. She grabbed a hold of my dick and started stroking it. “Lick my virgin ass.” she begged.

I stuck out my tongue and licked her ass. I was surprised how sweet her ass was, and it wasn’t because of the syrup. I grabbed her hips and plunged my tongue into her asshole. She started moaning loudly as she stroked my dick harder. I could tell from her tightness that she has never had anything thicker then a pencil in her asshole.

She pulled away from my face. “I want you to fuck my ass.” she moaned as she knelt in front of me. I knelt behind her, hesitantly.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked. She turned her head, smiling at me.

“Yes.” she begged. “I saved my ass for you.” I guided my dick to her asshole and slid it in as Laurie moaned louder and harder. Her ass was tighter then I thought. “Cum in my ass.” she cried. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out long in her tight asshole.

Suddenly, I felt my dick spasm as I shot my cum deep into her ass. Laurie let out another moan, this one with pain in it, not just pleasure. I thought it was just due to the fact that her ass was too tight for my dick, until she collapsed and rolled over onto her back.

I looked at the blood flowing from her lip as she licked it up. “Don’t worry, sweet heart.” she informed me, “I just bit my lip.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32