Sexual Feelings Ch. 01-03

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Chapter 1: Intro


“Yes Sir, of course.” I tried to speak as silently as possible. Being 2 a.m. the phone call came quite unexpected and my husband Jack was sleeping.

“No problem Sir, I’ll make sure to get there in time.” How am I ever going to explain I’ll be away at least a few days? And that near hours before departure. I end the call and look up. My auburn hair is all messy form sleeping. Rubbing into my eyes I make a mental checklist.

•Tell Jack you’ll have to go to the capital for an emergency meeting.

•Make sure he arranges a babysitter for Lily.

•Make a list for the mall.

Jack and I have been married for 6 years now; I was 20 when he proposed on a trip to Paris. It was super romantic and 6 months later we were married. It had been a little rushed because 3 months into our engagement I’ve found out I was pregnant.

Walking back from the ensuite to our bed I straighten my nightgown.

While slipping under the cover and turning to my side, back towards Jack, I feel him turn towards me.

He places his strong hand on my leg and snuggles closer.

“Who was it?” His kiss to my neck told me he wasn’t really interested and had alternative motives.

“My Boss…” I reply as his hand slides up slightly and with his hand my silken nightgown.

Due to the phone call I’m not really in the mood for this and I’m about to stop him when a thought accrued. This could put him in a good mood and make it easier to make him accept the situation. I never used my body to get what I wanted and the thought of doing so gives me a tingling sensation.

Pushing back my hips into his loins confirms my suspicion, he’s hard. His hand slides up further and I feel his fingers playing with the waistband of my thong. Another kiss in my neck, slowly grinding my hips I feel him pushing his hips forward.

“Hmm.” the sound is faint but he noticed. His fingers close around the waistband and slowly pushes it down. I lift my hips to allow it to pass under me as I feel my thong slide over my butt. My thong is only half way down my leg as his hand slides up and under my gown towards my breast. As he touches the underside of my b-cup boobs I start to feel my nipple harden. It’s more the urge he’s showing than his touch but the entire act is driving me crazy. I feel the heat building in my body, I want to feel him inside me.

I reach behind my back and push his boxer down, his cock springs free and I feel the tip of his member slide between my buttocks. I tilt my hips in an effort to get his member at my entrance.

As he pushes forward impatiently his tip brushes past my labia. I inhale in disappointed anticipation as a chill run through my spine.

Again, shifting my hips in combination with Jack’s second attempt I feel a warm moist pressure parting my labia.

A gasp followed by a moan as I feel him invading my body. Slowly he rocks his hips, the motion only makes me want more but our position doesn’t allow deeper penetration. I lift my leg to give him more access but I’m obstructed by the thong that’s still around my legs.

Jack pull out of me as he understands what I want but as soon as I’m about to remove my thong he pushes his hand underneath my hips and pulls me up. Being slim it’s near seconds before I’m on all four and he’s behind me. This time he’s less gentle as I feel him place his member at my entrance grabbing both my hips and slamming in completely. I gasp as his hips hit my bottom, his member buried completely inside of me, stretching me slightly painful but pleasant.

As he pulls back, I brace myself by burying my face into a pillow, wrapping my arms around it.

Again, he slams into me while pulling me back and I met out a muffled scream “aahn!”

encouraged by my reaction he keeps going at the same rate and I feel a pressure building inside my abdomen, my pelvic muscles start to contract and I feel Jack speeding up his movements.

I turn my head to speak. “no, Jack.” The pounding inside me prevents me to speak full sentences. “Don’t.”

He pulls me tightly to his hips as he pushes inside all the way. Damn to late! I feel his cock pulsing and shooting his load deep inside of me. The feeling nearly sends me over the top. “Don’t stop!”

Obeying my order, he start to pump into me again, only not with the same velocity and power. But it’s enough to send me over the top, the pressure explodes and waves of pleasure ripple over me. “oooh; Jack.” It’s not as mind-blowing as I was expecting but it was enough.

I feel his member going flaccid inside of me and he pulls out. The slightly burning feeling of his cum inside of me isn’t unpleasant and I feel some of it leaking out of me.

As jack falls on his back besides me, he asks “what did he want?” of course now is the moment to ask me this.

“I need to be at an emergency meeting Monday evening.” I reply slightly irritated “In the capital.”

“Kate. That’s a 6-hour drive and I’ve got an important project Monday morning. Ordu Escort And its Sunday” He sounds slightly irritated.

“I know Jack but it’s really important. It’s something about a virus spreading and I really need to be there.”

“Fine.” Jack said with a tired voice ” I’ll arrange a babysit for Monday” his eyes closes and he drifts to sleep.

Chapter 2: Coming home


I wake up, becoming conscious of my surrounding I turn around and look at the clock. 10 AM.

Kate is already gone and must have left me sleep. As I shift, I become aware of my morning wood. The feeling brings me back to last night. What an amazing fuck that was! I never thought she’d let me fuck her. She just had a call from her boss and clearly wasn’t happy about it but I guess I’ve released her tension.

I reposition my throbbing cock and get out of bed. Walking toward the kitchen I spot a note on the counter.

Lily is at Eva’s you’ll have to pick her up at 4PM. Eva’s mom was kind enough to ask her step daughter to babysit. She’ll join you when you pick up Lily.

Don’t forget to prepare the guestroom!! Groceries are already done.

I’m passing by the office and drive through to the capital. See you Monday night.

Love you xxx

She’s so sweet, a little controlling but other than that, I can’t complain.

As instructed, I go to the guestroom and make up the bed. Check if the television got signal and check the Wi-Fi signal in the room. The last part was more professional malpractice than necessary.

working as an IT-consultant I like everything to work fine.

being done in the guestroom I walk to the bathroom to get ready. Taking a hot shower, trimming beard and pubes, towelling myself dry and dressing up in a jeans and shirt. I grab a bite in the kitchen and jump onto the lounger to watch some television.

I glance at the clock 2.30PM, time to get moving. I get into my Audi S5 and start driving towards where Eva lives. Traffic was mild so I arrive 10 minutes early.

Ringing the bell Eva’s mother opens the door. I’m greeted by a woman in her early 40’s. “Ah you must be Jack? I’m Greta, nice to meet you.”

“Hi Greta, indeed I’m jack. I’m here to pick up Lily and your stepdaughter?” I smile politely saying this.

“yes, let me just call them, Lily darling your dad is here.” Her voice gently. Turning towards the stairs she shouts “Olivia! Are your ready! Lily’s father is waiting!” It’s more like screaming and I almost feel sorry for the girl.


I hear my stepmom shouting. Why can’t she just for once just tell me something instead of always shouting? I never understood why Dad left mom for this bitch? Probably because he knocked her up and gave me a baby sister. I hated it when I heard. I was 12 at that moment and didn’t want a sister. Let alone a half-sister, mom and dad divorced and 6 years later I’m living in a broken home. I hate it!

I got up from my bed and grabbed my backpack checking it one last time. Toilet bag, underwear, pyjamas, extra set of clothing, laptop, phone charger.

“Olivia get the fuck down here!” My stepmom screams. Again?

“Yes! I’m on my way!” I scream back. “Bitch.” The last word was more of a whisper but it felt good to say it.

I close my backpack and put it on my back, pushing up my glasses I start walking down the stairs. I get a first glace of the front door where Lily’s dad is standing. I stop dead in my tracks but quickly recover and keep moving. It was only a split second but by the frown he’s making I see he noticed. At the door stands the most handsome man I’ve ever seen! Night black messy hair, a stubble, piercing blue eyes, a jawline that gave him the look of an ancient Greek god, an athletic build. My hart skipped a beat just looking at him.

I greed him politely, “hello mister baker, I’m Oliva.” I lean in clumsy to kiss him on the cheek but before my movement is well in action, I rethink it. Lean back awkwardly and extend my hand.

A split-second smile tells me he noticed what I was about to do and he gently takes my hand. “hi Oliva, please call me Jack.” A quick glance from my side tells me he can’t be older that in his early 30’s. His eyes are piercing mine and I look down, breaking eye contact.

“Alright, let’s get moving.” His voice gentle but certain I’m compelled to follow the ‘order’ instantly and start walking outside. On the driveway stands a black sporty car. It looks expensive and I’m about to take a seat in the back with Lily. He questionably looks at me and says. “You can sit in the front you know, I don’t bite” another smile and I turn bright red.

“of course, sir, I’m sorry.” I reply with a shaky timid voice.

He laughs out load this time “Don’t be.” He replies as I take my seat.


I glance sideways to Olivia; her whole attitude just screams timid and nerdy. She got a cute face, a slightly upturned nose but again in a cute way and glasses that are slightly too big for her face. Her blond Ordu Escort Bayan hair is in a tight ponytail. She looks slim but you can’t really tell because her way of dressing in jeans and hoodie. Starting the engine, I shift to reserve and pull out of the driveway. On the way home she’s silent but I catch her a few times sneaking glances at me. She must like how I look; it gave me a flattered feeling although I don’t really know why I’d be flattered by her.


As we arrive at Mr baker’s place, I notice how huge the place is. It’s about 3 times the house I live in and it looks super modern.

We go inside and he shows me around telling me what is where. I’m completely speechless as we enter the backyard and I see an infinity pool looking over a beautiful mountain sight.

“Earth to Olivia?” His voice is gentle. I look up and see Mr Baker smile at me.

“Sorry Mr Baker.” My voice is shaky and I start blushing. I feel frustrated. Why am I so damn shy?

“Don’t be, and it’s Jack, come on I’ll show you your room.”

We go up the stair and I’m guided to ‘my’ room. Its bigger as the one I’ve got at home and it’s really cosy, it even got a television! I can’t help smiling due to the happy feeling coming over me.

The rest of the day went by uneventful. I played with Lily in her room and Jack cooked dinner. It was surprisingly good. we chitchatted a little during the meal. The more I’ talked to him the more I’ve got at ease and by the time it was around 8pm I was more comfortable around him than I’ve ever been around a man.

“Jack, would you mind if I took a shower and got into something more comfortable?” It took me a while to ask this question but it’s really warm today and I need to get out of this hoodie.

He smiles and replies. “Not at all, make yourself at home.”

I walk up the stairs to the guestroom, right after entering I pull my hoodie over my head and push down my jeans. Glad to feel cooler air on my skin I open my backpack and take out my pyjamas.

Skipping across the hall in my underwear is pretty exciting. Jack is still in the kitchen so it should be safe. Once in the bathroom I close the door, unclip my bra and push down my laced panties.


Deciding to check on Lily one last time for the night, I walk up the stairs. Lily’s room is at the end of the hallway next to ours. So, walking toward it I pass the guestroom right, bathroom left, our room right and lily’s room left again. The ensuite is the part behind our room and the end of the hallway.

Walking past the open door of the guestroom I see Olivia’s clothes scattered around the rooms floor. Passing the door, I see her night wear placed tidy on the bed. I can’t help but smile about the contrast. She’s so adorable. I walk on and hear the shower stop running, she must be done. I walk on and check on Lily, she’s a sleep soundly. Off to my room for a quick pee and back down. As I’m about to exit my room I see Oliva crossing the hallway wrapped in a towel. There’s little hiding her figure now and it’s to die for. It’s slim and her light complexion fits her blond hair perfectly. I don’t know why I keep standing still half behind the door looking straight into hers. As soon as she’s inside she drops her towel. Completely nude now she takes the shorts and bends over to put it on. My cock is instantly hard and throbbing. She lifts her leg in an almost sensual manner and the torsion of her body gave me a peak of her perky breasts, A-cup, I guess. B at most. My cock twitches, I know what I’m doing is wrong but I just can’t stop watching the show in front of me. Who would have thought the nerdy girl had so much hidden underneath that nerdy look. She takes her top of the bed and puts it on. Again, the movement is graceful and almost sensual. I guess the show’s over and decide to take a shower myself. I quickly retreat into my room before she notices me.


Entering the living room Jack is nowhere to be seen, so I decide to go outside for a moment and enjoy the beautiful sunset at the pool. I sit down in the louche and enjoy the Last rays of sun on my skin. After a few minutes I hear Jack behind me. He’s dressed in a sweatpants and t-shirt, his hair wet. Guess he also took a shower.

He sits down in front of me and asks. “Fancy a drink with the view?” his eyes are gentle and there’s something in them that wasn’t there before, the shower must have put him a good mood.

“Sure, whatever you’re having is good.” My voice steady for a change.

Jack stands and walks away, a few minutes later he’s back with 2 bleu drinks. “Blue Lagoon, I don’t know your tolerance so I’ve made them weak.” He says while handing me the drink.

I usually don’t drink but there needs to be a first for everything, right? “thanks.” Smiling back at him. I take a sip. Its sweet and sour at the same time and I really like it.

“hmm that’s really good jack.”

After about an hour of chitchatting the conversation became more personal. Escort Ordu We told each other about our self and I noticed his eyes following every move I make. I never had gotten any attention from a man and find it pleasant. The attention stirred something inside my loins and a pleasant tingling occurred in my chest.

Probably due to the alcohol doing its job I got bolder. I’m about to call it a night. I get up and I notice his eyes following once again. Adjusting my clothes, I see him glancing at my belly as I lift my shirt up to straighten it. I turn around, bent over and pick up the glass that’s standing next to the louche. I just feel his eyes burning on my ass. Another rush of warmth goes through me.

” I’m going to sleep Jack, good night.” this time I’m bold enough and give him a peck on his cheek. I walk inside wiggling my hips. By the time I’ve put the glass away and was at the stairs I was nearly running. Oh my god! He kept looking at me and I actually gave him a peck! I reach the guestroom and storm inside. Closing de door, I jump into bed. the attention Jack gave me really turned me on and I need some release. My hands begin roaming over my belly, one hand traveling up to my hard-perky nipples. I squeeze them.

“Gasp.”, my other hand travels along the waistband of my short. I can’t believe Jack actually kept looking at me, maybe he was even turned on by me! Rubbing my legs together to increase pressure in my loins. I massage my breast and cares my belly.


I pull off my shirt and toss it aside, I use both hands to massage my breasts and pinch my nipples. “Ahnnnn.” My moans are soft and I try to keep silent. My hands travel down my body and I push of my shirt. Sensually as if Jack would be watching, I push it down all the way to my feet, pulling up my legs to push it over my small feet and slowly sliding my hands back up at the inner side of my legs. The whole time I see his face before my closed eyes and as my thumb brushes over my bare pussy a moan escapes my lips. “Aghhmmm Jack.”

I begin rubbing my clit imagining Jack is kissing me, slipping his tong in my mouth, sucking my nipple and licking my labia.

“Hmmm.” I increase speed and use my other hand to circle my entrance.

Imagining how Jack would edge me, how he would be the first to penetrate me. My breading is ragged and I’m squirming. Biting my lips as I near my orgasm. I imagine how Jack would fuck me.

Everything becomes black before my eyes, Waves of pleasure ripple over me setting my entire body on fire, my legs slam shut and a scream escapes my lips “Aaaaahhhhnnnn!”

Again, some blackness before my eyes and before I know it I’m drifting to sleep, my entire body going limb while small spasms shoot through me.

Chapter 3: Lockdown


Huh, did I hear something? Walking up the stairs toward my daughter to check if she’s ok, I open the door to her room and see her sleeping peacefully. Certain I heard something I decide to check on Olivia. The babysitter my wife arranged because she has to be at an emergency government meeting tomorrow morning and I’ve got an important project to attend in the morning.

I knock on the door lightly and wait. No answer, I open the door and look inside the room. I’m starlet at the sight. Oliva is on the bed completely naked. Her shirt is tossed into the corner and her short lay besides her. She’s on her back, one hand cupping the top of her bare pussy the other on her slightly toned flat belly. My cock stirs and is instantly painfully erected.

My gaze travels to her chest and I see her small perky breasts slightly moving by her deep breathing, nipples clearly erect. By now my cock is throbbing.

Unable to stop myself I step into the room towards her. A smile on her sleeping face, she must have gotten a massive orgasm to fall asleep in this position. As I come closer it takes every ounce of strength inside me not to touch her. I take hold of the bedsheet and cover her up instead. I feel her body radiating heat. I need to leave now! As I walk out of the room and close the door. I see her shift in her sleep, take hold of the cover and hear her faint voice.

“Hmmm Jack.” A spasm in my loins, I need some release.

Once in bed I shove down my sweatpants and grab hold of my shaft. Thinking about how I’ve seen Olivia dress up after her shower in her room. How I tried to look up her loose shorts on the terrace. The way she moved as if she’s was enjoying my attempts to sneak a peek. Her body draped on the bed her naked form fully exposed to my lustful eyes.

I exploded, rope after rope of sticky cum shooting through my member. Splashing onto my belly. Completely spend I feel satisfied, but guilty, I just orgasmed thinking about the 18-year-old babysitter instead of my wife. I clean myself up and fall asleep, again my thoughts start to drift towards the beautiful nerdy girl a few rooms down the hall.


I’m awoken by Jack’s voice calling my name through the door. “Olivia? Are you awake?” His voice gentle and sweet.

“yes, I’ll be out in a second” as I move, I feel the sheet brushing my nipple. I’m still naked! Oh my god! Memories coming back to me, I’ve must have fallen asleep after my orgasm last night. Did I cover myself?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32