Sexy Physical Therapy

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I open my eyes as I glance around the recovery room, trying to comprehend just what has happened to me. I am lying upon a stretcher with cold cereal placed in front of me. After consuming the cereal, I call for the nurse and eventually a nurse arrives and asks, “Can I help you?” I ask her, “What has happened to me?”

She quickly glances through my medical records and tells me I had surgery on my back. Therefore, that explains the pains and strange feelings I get every time I move my back. Just then, the patient transportation workers arrive to take me up to my room. They prepare me for the wondrous, fun fulfilled journey by placing an extra pillow behind my head, covering me with extra blankets, and setting my medical records by my feet, then whisking me away like a used prop in a magic show.

The trip was horrendous, it seemed like we hit every corner and obstacle in our path as we hurriedly move through the hallways like a racecar at the Daytona 500, almost “flattening” people along the way. Finally, we arrive at our destination, still wondering how I survived and why they did not install seatbelts and air bags on the stretcher.

Briefly, I feel like a side of beef as they transfer me from the stretcher to the hospital bed and then covering my head with the sheets and blankets, as if I was DOA (Dead on Arrival). After they leave, I remove the covers from my head and breathe a sign of relief, thinking that the torture was finally over.

However, the feeling was short lived as the nurse on duty came into my room. Looking like she had some kind of “rod up her rectum”, she utters something but the only thing I could vaguely comprehend was the word “Vitals.” I raise my arm so she could take my blood pressure. As she fills up the bladder around my arm, it almost cuts off the circulation to my hand, and then rams a digital temperature probe so far into my mouth I almost choke on it. She quickly scribbles down the results and then storms out of the room like a raging bull at a bullfight. By this time, I am thinking, “Which is worse, the surgery or the recovery?”

Next, the food service worker walks into my room with my dinner, carelessly places it on the table, moves it in front of me, and then casually walks out of the room. I cautiously remove the packaging from each item on the tray and apprehensively examine its contents. Some of the items looked remotely edible and the rest of the items I can only describe as “BIOHAZARD.” After reluctantly eating what I thought Ordu Escort was safe, I scan through the TV channels, trying to keep my mind from leaving me completely as boredom begins to set in like rigormortis.

Suddenly, I begin to feel my leg shaking and someone calling my name. I open my eyes from a well-deserved slumber, only to gaze upon the face of a beautiful woman. She had long blond hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes, that if you gazed into them long enough, it would melt your insides like butter on a skillet, and a warm inviting smile that could make any man all “warm and fuzzy inside.”

The sight of her lovely face and voluptuous body sends shock waves all over my body, but fortunately, I had enough “self control” to suppress them. She mentions that she would be my nurse for the night and call her if I need anything. Then she cheerfully smiles and walks out of the room. I shake my head and pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. Finally, I drift off to sleep again after reluctantly suppressing the never-ending pleasant thoughts that raced through my mind like a warm breeze, gently caressing my face on a beautiful spring day.

The next morning, I awaken to the sounds of a horde of people walking and conversing all around my room, as if somebody scheduled an idiot convention in my room. Finally, the ringmaster of this medical three-ring circus comes to me and introduces himself as the chief physical therapist. He briefly describes what physical therapy I will be receiving in order to get me back on my feet and walking “normal” again.

After listening to what he had to say, I contemplate if I should just jump out the window now or try to endure the torture that they call “physical therapy.” With deliberate and meticulous thought, I decide to endure the rigorous torture because not only I wanted to walk again but also I wanted to gaze upon the face of that beautiful nurse I had met the previous night.

With each passing day, my physical therapy strengthens me physically, while the stimulating conversation with my nightly nurse strengthens me in ways I cannot explain. With each passing dialogue, our friendship grows stronger, while the affection in her eyes seems to flourish like flowers upon a beautiful tropical island.

Finally, after what seemed to be forever, my doctors decide to release me. I was ecstatic that I was leaving, yet a little heart broken that I had to leave my beautiful nurse behind. That night, when Ordu Escort Bayan she came on duty, she quickly stops by to see if I needed anything and says that she would be back to talk to me.

Some time passes, then she discreetly enters the room, quietly closes the door and pulls the privacy curtain. She seductively walks over to my bed, and then starts to slowly unbutton and remove her multi-colored blouse revealing a white satin bra that had roses covering the nipple areas. My blood pressure starts to rise as she slowly bends over to remove her white pants, exposing silky white panties that had a pair of luscious red lips on each ass cheek and a set of cherries nestled appropriately in the crotch area.

She motions for me to stand, places her warm and inviting arms around my neck, lovingly gazes into my eyes, and then passionately kisses my lips. The way she kissed me just blew my mind. I kiss her back just as passionately as I wrap my arms around her and draw her near. My heart starts to race as her body brushes up against mine. The feeling of her soft yet firm ass and her hips rubbing against mine, combined with her slowly hardening nipples protruding through her bra rubbing up against my chest slowly drives me insane.

I slowly advance down her neck and then move from one shoulder to the other, strategically placing gentle loving kisses like an experienced surgeon as I remove each bra strap. I lead her to the bed, remove my Johnny coat, and then passionately French kiss her while I sensuously brush up against her exquisitely refined body.

Continuing to caress her soft, subtle skin with passionate kisses, I slowly advance down her chest while hearing a soft whimper as I lick her nipples with the tip of my tongue through her silky satin bra

After removing her bra, I cup her breasts into my hands and then give the space in-between them a long loving lick, as if I was licking an ice-cream cone on a hot summer’s day. Then continuing in spiral motions, I sensually kiss and lick her skin until I reach her fully ripened nipples, while she begins to comb her fingers through my soft, well manicured hair. She releases a soft gentle moan as I start to suckle on her nipples like a newborn baby, gently tugging on the tip and teasing it with the tip of my tongue as I slowly withdraw.

I continue to slowly advance down her beautifully sculpted torso, caressing her skin with my fingertips and loving, passionate kisses only to pause to gently Escort Ordu lick around her navel and flick the tip of my tongue inside.

I move in-between her legs and begin to caress the top and sides of her thighs with my fingertips while slowly moving up her inner thighs with loving kisses and licks that are more intent. The aroma of her womanly fluids almost numbs my senses like a powerful anesthetic as I reach her groin. I begin to forcefully yet sensually lick up one side, move across her pubic hair, then down the other side.

She moans deeply as I slowly lick one side of her hardening vulva then the other through her now well-moistened silk panties. She whimpers as I slightly part her swelling lips with the tip of my tongue, moving slowly but steadily from the bottom to the top.

I remove her completely soaked panties, and then gently part her swollen libido with my fingertips. In circular motions, I begin to lick her fully swollen clitoris. The taste of her sweet honey makes me yearn for more. The way she was moving her hips and moaning, it seemed like she was going “crazy.” By this time, my “oral thermometer” has risen into “feverish territory.” I begin rubbing my penis up one side of her fully hardened vulva, all around her pubic hair, then down the other side. After slightly inserting my cock head into her, I start to rub one side and then other side of her fully hardened clitoris.

We passionately French kiss as I slowly thrust my hardened tool into her, moving a little deeper with every thrust. Our bodies begin to move in unison like a well-choreographed erotic dance, gradually moving faster and faster with every movement, while the passion in our eyes rages like an out of control wildfire. Soon, the way she was moving and the tingling in my aching tool was telling me we were ready to climax.

Suddenly, without warning, she arches her back and digs her nails into my upper back as her love muscle clamps down on my exploding manhood like a vise, squeezing every ounce of cum out as we climax together.

After recovering from the sexual bliss, we passionately kiss and lie down for a quick rest. Soon, she quickly redresses and helps me put my Johnny coat back on, and then with a very appreciative gaze and a loving kiss, she says “Thank You.” I fondly return the gesture, lie back down and slowly drift off into sweet, blissful slumber.

The next morning, after consuming what they call “breakfast”, I get dressed and watch the morning news until the nurse on duty arrives, so she can describe my activity and medications upon discharge. As I sign the discharge papers and start to leave, I cheerfully reminisce on the wonderful care I received from that beautiful nurse. I do not think I will ever forget her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32