Shower Fun

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Big Boobs

I hear my wife’s voice calling to me from the bathroom. She is upstairs showering. I just sat down to enjoy a beer after working in the yard all day. Figures, she probably needs a towel or forgot the shaving cream. I take a good pull of my beer and go up to the bathroom to see what Cara needs.

I opened the door and ask what’s up. We have one of those glassed in showers so I get to see her in full. She has her back to me, but boy does she look good. At 40 years old she still turns me on like I just met her.

Standing at 5, 4 with her beautiful brown hair midway down her back. I look her body over and feel a rising within. Looking at her nice full ass and perfect sized breast to match just mesmerizes me.

I give a try and ask, “what’s up did you call me because you need help washing your back?”

“Haha,” she responds, “funny but no that’s not why. But I think you will be happy all the same.”

She turns around and she has something in her hand. I try making out what it is, and just as it registers she slaps it against the glass wall of the shower. It’s a dildo, a large one, about 9 inches and it looks nice and thick.

She begins to talk to me, “I went to use your phone the other day to check something on the net. When I pulled it up I saw you had been looking at dildos.”

As she spoke she is slowly stroking the dildo as if it was a real cock.

“I started exploring and found you had also watched some porn of two guys and one girl, as well as some girls just using dildos. You have a lot of very naughty thoughts going on in that head. Is this something you want to see?”

I blush not knowing what to say. It is true, for some reason I do fantasies about my wife with me and another guy. It is strange to admit that but I do. I don’t think it is something I want to happen for real, but in fantasy form it really turns me on.

I am a good lover, definitely get her to cum and be satisfied, but I am by no means a super stud that leaves her crying out in ecstasy, yearning for more. I’m a 41 year old 6ft guy weighing 175 pounds. I am fit but not ripped. I also have a 7 inch cock when hard. Like I said, I satisfy, but don’t leave Cara crying out for more. I just don’t feel like she is at all passionate for me.

Cara for her part swears I’m enough for her. But I just think she doesn’t know what she is missing. We have a great marriage and we love each other for ever. But I always allow the thought in my head that she is missing out on so much more.

So I often will fantasies about Cara using a dildo. I think the thickness of a large one would set off orgasms in her that she has never felt before. So the one she is slowly stroking at this moment is what I have looked into buying but never actually did.

It is actually a 9 inch silicon, and rather thick, but not to the point that there is no way it could actually belong to a man. It is sized real enough.

Cara continues on, “So all those naughty videos, geez you are crazy. But it also kinda got me hot. Why don’t you take your clothes off and watch me take this dildo. Sit on the floor just outside the glass so you can really enjoy it.”

Holy shit I think to myself, is she really going to do this. My wife is sexy and turns me on like no one else, but she is fairly conservative. She just does not like to talk about fantasies or what gets her hot. That is part of the reason I have this fantasy. I just think she can be so much more, sexually, it is just that I don’t bring it out of her.

I look at Cara in disbelieve, and she in turns gives me a sexy smile and makes a big show of stroking the big toy. She is enjoying teasing me, and I in turn am enjoying her new found confidence.

I take my clothes off and sit where Cara said too. She smiles at me and blows Van Escort me a kiss. She then turns around and slowly takes the dildo in between her folds. Rubbing the thick head up and down her entrance, teasing herself into a delicious frenzy.

I watch mesmerized as Cara teases her entry. I don’t even notice but I am slowly stroking myself. Cara however does and looks down at me.

“You really want me to fuck this big thing don’t you? Are you imaging it like I am? Attached to a big, young, strong stud. God I can see his muscles glistening with hot soapy water, his cute but confident smile looking at me knowing he is going to please me like no one ever has. God I want him to take me so bad. Tell me to push down on it, tell me to take this stud and cum all over his monster dick. I want you to tell me to do it.”

This can’t be possible, there is no way this is Cara speaking. She is too timid. My cock is like stone as I slowly rub myself and tell Cara what she wants to her. I tell her to push down and take that big cock into her.

She gives me a wicked smile and pushes back on it staring at me over her shoulder as she does. She slowly takes it into her an inch or two at a time. The thickness of it a foreign feeling to her. She gives me another look, giggles, and then thrust down on it hard. She immediately has about 7 inches of it stuffed inside her. She slaps her hands against the wall across from her and starts grinding back on the big toy.

“Oh fuck this feels good. I feel so full right now.”

She continues to grind down on it as I sit and watch. A piece of glass separating me from her. So close yet I can’t touch her. I’m not sure if there can be a more pleasurable torture to me.

I watch amazed as she comes off it and then drops her sexy frame back down on it. The lips of her pussy pull at the toy with each move off. Each time a moan from deep within her lets me know how much she wanted this.

Cara continues to pleasure herself on the massive toy for a few more minutes. I am shocked she has not orgasmed yet. She is enjoying this. And I watch as her head drops in lust with each push deep within her. Her fingers curl up into a fist as she tries to accommodate the size of this toy.

I watch in awe as my wife pleasures herself. She looks back at me And then bends over completely and grabs her ankles, as she does she falls back on to the rest of the massive toy and fully engorges herself with it, letting out a loud yelp as she does.

I sit on the floor inches away as I watch her beautiful ass slap up against the glass, showing off her sweet pussy and inviting asshole to me. I put my hands up on the glass, desperate to touch her.

Cara knows I am feeling for her touch. She stands up and slowly removes the toy. She then turns around and kneels in front of it and licks it from the bottom all the way to the head.

I can’t take it anymore. I stand up and entered the shower. The hot water feeling fantastic as it hits my skin. Cara immediately turns her attention to me. She grabs the soap and washes me down. Her hands rubbing my body feel extraordinary. She trails her tongue across my neck, face and chest. Greedily kissing me as she drops lower and lower down my body until her face is eye level with my cock.

She wastes no time and takes me into her mouth. Her mouth, so warm and inviting, works wonders on my cock. She takes me deep into her and slowly drags her lips off me. She is taking her time, knowing if she goes quick I will cum.

She continues to work on me for a few minutes, licking my balls and then running her tongue up the entire length of my shaft and taking me into her mouth. I am in ecstasy.

She stands up and asks if I like that. I respond by grabbing her face and laying a deep passionate Van Escort Bayan kiss upon her. She can taste my hunger.

As we are kissing I slowly walk Cara backwards until the toy is rubbing against her opening again. I reached around and place it at her entrance and she pushed back on it, allowing it to invade her insides once again.

Watching her face as it penetrated her is so erotic. She has a look of pure lust as she bites her bottom lip. Her hands grabbing at my body. I slowly move my hands down her body and on to her hips, all the while making out with her.

Grabbing her hips I push her back and forth on the massive toy, she scratches her fingers down my chest and they come to rest on my cock. She starts to stroke me and I already feel like I could explode.

All of a sudden she screams out, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Tim this cock is awesome! I am going to explode on this stud! You were right the thickness is like nothing I expected.”

It takes all of me not to cum, but Cara does and does hard. I grab her hands and pull them off my cock. Knowing if she continues to stoke me I will erupt .Cara cums on the big toy like I have never seen before. She continues to scratch my chest and her breathing is barely controllable.

She calls out in between breaths, “Oh my God I’m cuming, I’m cuming on this big dick. Holy shit I wanted this.”

We stare into each other’s eyes and lust burns through us. I let her come down from her orgasm and then boldly tell her,

“I’m going to lick you as you fuck that big tool. Let go and enjoy. Cum for us again.” And with that I drop in front of her.

“Us”, she responds, “boy you are saying all right things. I am so turned on right now. Go down on me and pleasure me as I take more of this stud.”

She grabs my head and pulls my mouth on to her clit. I greedily start to lick and suck on her. The view up close is amazing. With each motion of her body pulling on and off the dildo my tongue brushes with it. I feel Cara’s leg tremble and I know she is having another orgasm. She does not usually have multiple orgasms but tonight she a different woman.

I love this woman and her passion gives me confidence as I start to speak.

“Yeah that’s it baby. Cum on my tongue. I know you like it. Cum for us. Let go and just release yourself to us.”

Cara is so turned on, she grabs my head and continues with her new found voice. “Lick my pussy baby, that feels so good. You look so good kneeling before me. Ughh, do you like to watch that cock invade me, so close to your face. This stud is fucking me like I never been fucked, I fucking love it.”

I stand up again and tell her to get off the toy. She looks at me with a wondering look, like maybe she took the talking too far. Truthfully it is a turn on, but it definitely made me jealous to hear her utter the words, “fucked me like I never been fucked.”

I suddenly have a strong desire to prove her wrong. I take the dildo off the glass and suction it lower down on the glass close to the floor. Cara looks confused but allows me to do whatever it is I have in mind.

“Come here my little vixen. You are quite the sexy girl tonight, and I love how verbal you are being. I tell you all the time you need more, and I’m glad you opened up and got to experience it, and I got to watch. But now I must have you. I’m going to fuck you, not make love.”

She looked into my eyes and started passionately kissing me, sucking on my tongue. She came up to breath and said,

“Go for it tiger.”

I know the sex we are about to have is going to be intense. Though I felt like I could come a few minutes earlier, I now feel like a different person. I am in a zone of sorts. I know my wife is expecting me to fuck her, and fuck Escort Van her well. And that requires staying hard long enough to do the job.

I grab Cara and place her arms around my neck, I then lift her up, and in a husky voice just as I place her on my cock I tell her, “I’m going to more than go for it, get ready to be fucked.”

And with that we start doing just that. I am pumping in to her and she seems to really want it. Our breathing is heavy and I look up and see Cara watching my cock as it enters her.

I do the same and speak between my erratic breaths. “You like that dick don’t you. You love to watch it pump into you don’t you, Tell me how bad you wanted this.”

Cara seems all too eager and responds,

“Yes I wanted this, just keep fucking me, oh my god it feels so good. Fuck me, don’t stop, I love watching that big cock of yours fill me.”

I continue on and my legs are getting weak and my orgasm is getting close.

I place Cara’s feet back on the floor and pull out from her. She looks into my eyes and just drops in front of me to service my manhood. I can’t believe how sexy she is being. I could explode right now but hold off, wanting to fulfill a fantasy while I have the chance.

I tell Cara to get on all fours and take the dildo again. She looks up and explains, “I don’t have much left. You and this big guy wore me out.”

“Don’t worry.” Is my response, “I don’t have much left either. But you saw my phone, I have fantasized about you on all fours getting taken as you pleasure me for a long time. I want to watch you this way.”

She gets down and slowly takes the big cock into her again. She lets out a big breath of air. “Is that what you want. To see me on all fours as I get taken. Oh god Tim this stud is so big. Come her I need your cock.”

She is saying all the right things that will guarantee that I explode within minutes. I walk over and kneel in front of her. Cara takes my cock and gently takes me into her mouth. She looks up into my eyes and I can see how bad she wants to pleasure me. This, right now is for me.

Cara works her body on both ends, And the sight is unbelievable. Her big ass pushes back on the big toy and devours it into her, then she comes off it and takes me deep into her mouth.

I have thought of this fantasy for some time and to actually see it happening is just to much for me to handle.

I let out a primal howl and tell Cara I am going to explode. She surprises me one more time. She pulls me into her and then pushes a finger deep into my ass.

I immediately explode like I never have. The sensation is like nothing I ever experienced. My cock twitching and jumping inside Cara’s warm mouth. I feel like I may never stop coming.

Cara also starts cuming and she is trying to scream out, but I am stuffed inside her mouth. I push her back one more time and the big cock pushes into her to the hilt. At the same time I fall out of her mouth. She absolutely looses it. Her body seems to come undone as she orgasms. She is shacking and can not control herself.

She calls out, “fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m cuming, I have never orgasmed like this ever. Oh my fucking God.”

I smile at her and wonder where my orgasm went. She does not swallow but I think this time she did. I fall back and lay against the wall. I pull Cara to me and we are both spent, as the now Lukewarm water falls down on us.

I roll Cara off me and stand and shut the water. I grab a big beach towel and Cara’s robe. She is still laying on the floor. I wrap her up and lift her up. Kissing her on the head.

“I love you baby,” I tell her, “and all the effort you put into our relationship. That was the hottest thing we ever did.”

I carry her into our bedroom and pull down the blanket. placing her in the bed, I then lay next to her. Cara curls up into me placing her head on my chest.

“I love you,” she says as she trails off to sleep. Leaving me thinking about how hot and sexy what we just did was. And how in love I am with this woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32