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I had just begun a relationship with a man. Everyone at work calls him Sodium, the nickname I had given him. Just like the element, Sodium is a shiny white metal that is extremely reactive and explosive when mixed with water, yet when mixed with chlorine gas, that same metal reacts to form the most essential spice of life: Salt. And acting very much like the element, which is a good conductor of both heat and electricity, his touch can send millions of pulses through my nerve endings. His presence is so strong that I can sense his entrance into a room without ever seeing him. When I look into his blue eyes, they sparkle with a devilish danger. He has a smile that’s warm enough to melt the polar ice caps, and each time I see him, my heart skips a beat. At 6’2″, he appears to intimidate most others, yet I feel comfortable in his shadow. One cannot help but notice how sensual his forearms are, and how the veins on the backs of his hands roll whenever he talks about anything with a passionate tone. He looks good dressed up, dressed down and maybe even undressed.

Which is why I planned this special weekend to the last detail, beginning with a quiet dinner Friday evening, and ending up in my aunt’s little beachhouse at the lake Sunday morning. I planned to have him dressed up for dinner by 7, dressed down for the short trip to the beach by 10, and then completely undressed for me by midnight. We had reservations at a quaint little place on the bay where privacy was as much a part of the service as the exquisite food. I had arranged for the maitre d’ to seat us at a cozy table in the corner. A vintage bottle of Merlot would be chilling on ice. I spent the afternoon shopping, so that I would be able to look my finest. The new skirt I picked out showed just enough hosiery to be tantalizing but Zonguldak Escort tasteful. And I sized it a bit smaller to show off my firm, yet rounded butt.

And just as the moment my plan was going to be set in motion and become reality, I received an emergency call to return to the environmental lab where I worked. There had been an accident on the highway, where a truck transporting contaminated oil overturned on the road. The spill was contained, but the Department of Environmental Resources needed immediate confirmation that the environmental damage was minimal in order to reopen the highway to traffic. I was the only chemist they could depend on to analyze the samples. My boss declared over and over that he owed me one. Boy, did he ever! I was extremely disappointed that my well-made plans were unraveling before my eyes, but a little part of me deep inside was thrilled to have Sodium see how valuable I was to my company and what an asset I was to my community. He not only understood my frustration at this untimely event, but he even offered to keep me company while I ran the tests.

“Dinner can wait,” he said.

“But I’m not sure how long I can,” I replied.

I set off to work as quickly as a horny girl could, while still in a skirt and heels, moving on a slippery linoleum floor. Test tubes, pipettes and solvent were a blur. One way or another, we were still getting to that beachhouse on time. Naturally the samples would not be so sympathetic to my desires. Nothing was going right. I didn’t know whether to burst out crying, or slam the whole sample batch against the wall, when I felt the warm breath of Sodium on the back of my neck.

He smelled wonderful. A curious blend of Old Spice and mentholated shaving cream? I couldn’t tell for certain. Zonguldak Escort Bayan As he kissed the back of my neck and ears ever so softly, he told me that I looked so hot and exciting to him in my navy blue lab coat, safety glasses and latex exam gloves. He wanted me to analyze him. He was just the distraction I needed to clear my head. The back of his hand stroked my cheek as he kissed my forehead, then my eyelids, my nose and my mouth. His tongue licked at my lips, circling them, while he occasionally gently sucked on first my upper and then lower lip.

Knowing that this was delaying my plans further, I sent him to my desk and gave him the computer to fool around with. It’s amazing what a little motivation can do to help a person finish a difficult task. As I was standing at the bench working up the samples, Sodium approached me from behind, silently getting on all fours. He began to lick my legs right through the hose, starting at my ankles, working up to the backside of each knee, and then down again. “My God,” I thought. Once reaching my knees, he continued to lick me all the way up to my butt. Up and down. Then he licked across to the other side and back down that leg to my knees again. He slid his head up under my skirt, pressing and sliding the sides of his face against my inner thighs, rubbing with his nose and occasionally nibbling on my butt cheeks. He licked until his tongue was dry and began to feel like sandpaper.

Noticing the change in my breathing and the scent of my wetness beginning to seep through my lace panties, he began to run both of his strong hands up and down, inside and outside my thighs. Just when I got into the rhythm of his touch, he would reach from behind and rub my mound, running his palm all the way up to my Escort Zonguldak stomach and then back down again, sometimes just stopping his fingers on my clit and pressing hard against it right through the hose and panties.

I could barely stand. My knees were about to buckle. It was then that he stood up, fully erect, behind me. His arms cradled me as he whispered, “My little buddy and I want you right now.”

All I could do was nod my head in agreement. His legs spread mine further apart and as he gripped and tugged at the crotch of my pantyhose, he said, “Jesus, are these things your chastity belt?”

“The last thing I want to be is chaste with you,” I panted as I handed him a pair of scissors from my labcoat pocket. “Cut them.”

“But these panties,” he growled, “let’s leave them on.” He bent me forward, resting my upper body on the benchtop. He pulled my panties over to one side exposing my waiting pulsing opening. My wetness, without panties to contain it, was now beginning to flow slightly down my thighs. A wiggle of my butt was the only signal I needed to give him that I was more than ready for him to enter me. It slid right in. My urgent gasp got Sodium even more excited and he pulled out just to the tip of his shaft and thrust himself deep inside me. I wanted to scream with delight.

He told me to: “Go ahead. Scream. I want you to beg me to make you cum.” He said he wanted it to be so good that is was going to hurt to sit. His strength and power scared me a bit, but excited me more. As soon as I began to thrust my pelvis forward and back, Sodium dispersed his chemical contents into me, as he couldn’t contain himself any longer. It felt as though an ocean were flowing fully up inside my quivering vagina. The thrusting and pumping continued until after both of our orgasms had ended, guaranteeing that both of our fluids were a homogeneous mixture.

He slumped over me on the bench. Neither of us could move. Breathing was laborious, as if there was not enough oxygen in the room.

“Let’s go to dinner,” he said, “and then I want to eat you for dessert.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32